iSmile Dental Associates
22 N Washington Ave, Bergenfield, NJ 07621, United States

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Great place! It was my first time there. They took me at my appointment time and the staff was very nice and pleasant. The dentist explained what needed to be done before starting my procedure. I will definitely go here again without hesitation and would also recommend this place to everyone.

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I am writing this review based on my cleaning at this office. I have gotten my teeth cleaned here three times. For my last two cleanings I had no complaints with Dr. Chang and a gentleman hygienist. I felt it was thorough and received a complimentary cleaning kit afterwards. Today, it was a different provider. Although she was nice and gentle with my teeth, it was not the same deep cleaning I expected from this office. I still see stains that is usually removed whenever I get my basic cleaning. There was no difference from before which is disappointing. It was the quickest cleaning Ive ever received. I also did not receive any cleaning kit this time around. They either forgot or ran out of supplies, but that is another thing that is standard in most dentist offices. Fortunately, my insurance covers the cost of cleaning because it is not worth the price to pay out of pocket. I would suggest you request for those two above that I mentioned or go somewhere else for a cleaning. I am unsure if I will come back.

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Her office lacks adequate parking for patients, and her waiting room has a LOUD television playing some trashy TV programs. Her assistant even asked me if I had DENTURES in my mouth before proceeding to take an X-Ray, despite having perfect teeth. I advise you to find another place with a pleasant waiting area and a more professional staff.

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[Updated based on the owners response]Highly disappointed in the way owner responded and shifting blames! Like I said in my original review, I called to confirm my 9am appointment and if youre saying theres no record of it, then I would like to understand how do you keep track of confirmations? Is it written in your appointment book, you have a system that indicates it was confirmed? And shouldnt your office then have called to cancel my appointment which never happened? When I went in that morning, I identified myself and said was there for my appointment then if you were only taking emergency patients, why didnt the receptionist say so instead of making me wait 30 minutes to ask again when Ill be seen!The fact that youre saying my personal experienced review is malicious business-harming review says enough about your practice and you as the owner. I wouldve taken this as an opportunity to identify where theres room for improvement and have instead shared how to improve the practice! And I said that Ill maybe return because I didnt want to discredit your expertise for the sake of poor customer service but I sure WILL NOT be returning and YES there are other doctors out there who are caring and skilled. So speak only for yourself!![Original] I had an appointment for 9am this morning and I arrive on-time at 8:57am. They asked me to fill out the checklist and service consent form due to COVID-19 and took my forehead temperature, which was expected and appreciated that they were doing their due diligence. Im waiting in the waiting room to be called but its dead silent in the back and it looked like the dentist wasnt in the office. I was the first patient so I continue to wait and the clock is ticking and wait until 9:30am to ask the receptionist how much longer itll be before seeing the dentist. Then she says she just received a text message from the dentist that were going to have to reschedule!! So I said WHAT?! I waited for 30 minutes and she tells me that the dentist isnt here and we need to reschedule only after I initiate the question of when I can be seen?I, I (typically shouldnt the office call to confirm???), called yesterday to confirm our 9am appointment which they confirmed. Sure~ someone will think its just one off experience and the dentist really had an emergency. But this isnt the first time that I had to wait long. My prior appointment was in February 2020 at 9am again because I work and usually get the earliest appointment possible, and the doctor walked in at least 10 minutes after the appointment time. If they cant be ready to take a patient on-time, then they shouldnt schedule appointments for that time. As much as their time is valuable, so is mine!!! If the patient is late for an appointment, they wont hesitate to threaten you with late/no-show fee and will tell you that youll have to reschedule so why is it that when the dentist is late, I just have to accept it as is! And the dentist didnt even bother to personally apologize back in February or this morning despite the fact that she called the receptionist while I was right there!As for their service, I had cleaning and filling done before and they were average service. They asked if I wanted to reschedule for next Monday and I didnt. I dont know if Ill return! Maybe Ill give them another shot! If I do go back at all and for another 9am appointment, Ill update my experience. And Ill be sure to post this same review elsewhere so people looking into this dentist will know not to make 9am appointments!!

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This place never disappoints me I even started bringing my toddler here.

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Always a pleasant experience.

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Professional. .Very good dentistHighly Recommend☆☆☆☆☆

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