Optum Primary Care
2929 Coors Blvd NW, Albuquerque, NM 87120, United States
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BEWARE All I can tell u is beware of CESAR RODRIGUEZ at this location very horrible almost killed my partner on several occasions. Refuses to talk to patients refuses to return calls gives out wrong meds please BEWARE. DONT go to this location BEWARE

Review №2

I want to start with specifying that Dr. Heredia is a good primary care physician. Probably one of the friendliest I have had here in NM. The problem is the staff and the institution. They messed up the coding for my labs back in July of last year and charged me and the insurance company for incorrect services. They admitted that it was their mistake, but 10 months later and they still have not fixed it. I kept getting reassured that they would fix it and get back to me, but that never happened despite contacting the staff over and over again. When my insurance company contacted them to have them fix the issue, they were told that there was no mistake, despite telling me differently multiple times. The company sent my bill to collections. I paid the bill, and now they are telling me that it will be reimbursed, but that is yet to happen. Every time I call, they act like they have no idea what is going on. If it was not that Dr. Heredia is a pleasant guy, I would sue this company for all the time they have wasted for me and messing with my credit. I may still. If you want good customer service and good medical care, stay away from Optum.

Review №3

BEWARE. I had something similar happened to me as the guy who posted a few months ago right below me. I went in for an annual wellcheck visit. With Dr Heredia. He mentioned during my visit that I looked overweight. We also casually chatted about some health items but there was nothing diagnostic. Well, lo and behold when I get the bill I have a $325 bill (my annual visits have always capped at the co-pay -- $30). I contacted Optums billing department, and they explained that the coder had interpreted Dr. Heredias notes as four diagnostic topics. Which is either very sneaky or very ignorant on the coders part. However, upon requesting a panel review by Optums medical board, the doctor AND the board stood by the coders interpretation.When I tried to call Dr. Heredia he would not return my phone calls but he would have two assistants call me back. They would say We dont know what to tell you. Frustrating. I was told I could contact him through the patient portal and so I sent him an email. One month later and he has not responded yet.Im in the process of fighting this through my insurance now.If you want to pay platinum prices for a basic annual well check visit that involves a popsicle stick on your tongue and stethoscope listening to your heart, thats all, really -- book your next appt at Optum!Seriously, this has been a considerably defeating experience all the way around. You trust these medical professionals and you expect reciprocation. That just did not happen at Optum.

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Terrible staffing. Called to schedule my daughter an appointment the lady was very rude. Lacked customer service skills in all aspects and poorly represented the hospital. I’m definitely reconsidering having my daughter be seen here any further and this will only be her second time. Wow what an awful experience. You need to really reconsider who you hire here.

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I have struggled to get my prescriptions every month. If it wasn’t for Geo the clinic manager I wouldn’t have my medications. I call him every month now and I get my medications on time that my doctor can’t seem to get me on his own. He and the women up front are the only nice people there. The other doctors are to busy to notice you. Nurse that takes tempature before you go in and gives masks is also nice. I like the safety steps they take to only take a patient in one at a time. Other Optum clinics to crowded.

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Each doctor I have worked with has been wonderful.

Review №7

This establishment refused to honor my Dr.’s appointment as I was in uniform. I was advised that I would need to reschedule my appointment for a day in which I am off. I got off work at 300 and was expecting to see the Dr on my way home as I have always done. My last two appointments, I was asked to help the Dr “fix” traffic tickets in which I said I could not do as I work in a different county. Not once, but twice... so I waited two weeks for this appointment and now have to wait until January for my next... 🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️

Review №8

I’m disappointed that they have removed the morning person that was Disinfecting things and cleaning around I’m disappointed because COVID-19 still exist and to remove that person it seems quit bizzare because we are still in a pandemic !!

Review №9

RETURN YOUR PATIENT CALLS/MESSAGES! The entire staff at this location is so lazy and needs to learn the meaning of patient care or just close your office down! Beware, they are a total nightmare to deal with, even if you can ever actually get ahold of anyone!

Review №10

I really like the concept of the clinic on support when it was Davita. All offices were in one clinic including ultrasound and quest for lab work. I’m a nurse and I work for Presbyterian but have my husbands health insurance so I tried going here. Sure the building is nice and clean and the check in staff is so kind. The doctors and medical assistance however are not. I needed a refill on my sleep medication and I was treated so awful. Like I was a drug seeker. I have never been treated so disrespectfully as I have here. I am embarrassed that some of these people are in the medical field. They are unprofessional, unfriendly, and honestly not competent. It’s worth the wait to find a primary care provider somewhere other that optum health clinics.

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I don’t know who the lady is there disenfecting in the mornings but she does absolutely nothing

Review №12

Saw Dr. Gilberto Heridia for a complete physical examination. I’m almost 69 years old and had not had a physical for 10 years. He listened to my lungs. Spent the rest of the time preaching to me about becoming a vegan and runner. He did not:listen to my heartsee the weird thing, possibly cancer, on my lipcheck my thyroidlisten to my bowel soundspalpate my abdomencheck pulses in my extremitiescheck my glandscheck my balancecheck for mental sharpness and memorycheck to see I’m up-to-date on vaccineslook in my mouth, throat, eyes or earsask if I was experiencing any problemsI messaged Dr. Heridia through the patient portal, but he never responded.Then I contacted the site administrator who set me up with a different doctor and told me a dr. , who apparently deals with criminal actions like Dr. Heridia’s, would call me within 72 hours to discuss the situation with me. It’s been a week. No followup.I have given Optum every opportunity to solve the Dr. Heridia crime situation before I went public, and they have chosen to ignore it. If I had not been very knowledgeable about what should happen at an exam, I would have walked out thinking everything was okay.The only positive is that I saw Dr. Cesar Rodriguez, who was professional, thorough, and listened. I left with referrals to PT, ENT, Radiology, the lab for chems and bloodwork, dermatology, and a pneumonia vaccine. Everything Dr. Heridia missed after spending an hour with me.In my experience, treating yourself is preferable to seeing Dr. Heridia. At least you know what’s bothering you. Dr. H doesn’t give a damn.

Review №13

I have been waiting for my appointment for at least 45 minutes. Went to the nurses station and was ignored by all staff as they all turned away and didn’t ask if I needed help. Seems like our healthcare system has completely lost their compassion and have inherited a complacent attitude when it comes to actual patient care. Don’t work in the medical field if you don’t actually care about people. I hope I never have to come to this place again...

Review №14

I’m sorry I changed locations now. The call waiting time is mind numbing yet once you reach the front desk they are generally helpful and polite. The trouble seems to start when you need a question answered by someone in the back office. They take forever to return a call or never call you back, if you call again they are abrupt and snotty and most of the time they screw up your requests. I will say the physicians that I’ve seen all seem knowledgeable and have a caring manner.

Review №15

Nice staff always friendly. Fast. Some labs done in house, saves money. Short wait times.

Review №16

Ive always had good experience here, they see you quick and dont make you jump through hoops.

Review №17

Dealing with a billing issue is a nightmare, apparently they are not allowed to make an outbound call to the insurance company. I was the middle man trying to get the insurance and davita to communicate.Prescription refills has been so frustrating multiple times my prescription has been sent to the wrong pharmacy then I have ask the location where I thought I was picking up the medication to have my medication transferred. When something is not covered they fax it to davita and they never reply back to my pharmacy. I have to call davita and explain myself over and over again all while out of medication.

Review №18

Generally very pleased with all services.Wait time on phone calls is a little slow.

Review №19

Really nice. They do thier best to see you right away.

Review №20

Everyone there is great from the front desk to the doctors.

Review №21

Awful reviews for a reason! God forbid you are 5 min late to your appt. and the dr will not see you. Go elsewhere.

Review №22

This clinic is horrible. They can’t keep doctors for anything. It takes days to get a call back and longer to get prescriptions refilled. No wonder they keep being bought and sold they are horrible!

Review №23

Avoid this doctors office. I cant speek for the entire company but this office is motivated by profit only, nothing more nothing less, They refuse to help you with fmla paperwork and god forbid you see a doctor other then your assigned one as they will make you come back to your assigned one so they can make a extra buck.

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The hold on the phone is unbelievable. 30min, really do you want people to go in.

Review №25

The wait on the phone is crazy ridiculous. No one ever picks up.

Review №26

Hold time on phone very bad at least 20 min.. Wait time 30min past scheduled time..bad bad bad bad bad

Review №27

This place is horrible! I waited on hold for 15 minutes and no one ever picked up. I called their corporate office in Colorado, and they couldnt locate this office. This organization is completely incompetent.

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