Shady Grove Pharmacy
15225 Shady Grove Rd #101, Rockville, MD 20850, United States

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What a WONDERFUL, CARING pharmacy. I am so happy that my parents have switched from one of the large chain pharmacies to Shady Grove Pharmacy. From our very first visit, we knew that we were in excellent hands. Sheila (a wonderful pharmacist) along with all of the other skilled pharmacists and assistants gave us such a warm and caring welcome. Not only are they the kindest people you will ever meet, they’re also extremely efficient. My parents never have to worry about going without their medicines again because of the all-too-common mistakes made by the large chain pharmacies. Before switching to Shady Grove Pharmacy, my mother was without her medicine for 4 days because of a careless mistake made by the chain pharmacy. They didn’t seem to care when they sent her away without her daily prescription. In pleasant contrast, when my father walks into Shady Grove Pharmacy for his prescriptions, everyone behind the counter waves and says hello to him. It’s such a wonderful neighborhood atmosphere. It’s great that their prescriptions cost the same and in many cases less than the chain pharmacies but what’s most important to us is how we’re treated. If there’s a question about our prescriptions, Shady Grove Pharmacy calls the doctor and makes sure that they have an answer. Shady Grove Pharmacy takes excellent care of my parents and I’m convinced that they put love into their prescriptions. It may sound funny but I truly feel that it’s the love and caring that Shady Grove Pharmacy adds to their prescriptions that helps to make my parents feel better, along with the care of their excellent cardiologists. It’s also great to have the pharmacy in the same building as my parents’ doctors. I can’t say enough about Shady Grove Pharmacy and I highly recommend them. We’re so very grateful to have found them.

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Found this place on Google maps, and decided to give it a shot. This was my first time here and I had brand new insurance, yet I was in-and-out with all my prescriptions filled in alittle over 5 minutes. Great service and nice people too.

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Shady Grove Pharmacy is hands down the BEST Pharmacy out there. Sheila, Mary and Geoff take customer service to a whole new level of EXCELLENCE in an industry where customer service is often non-existent. When I call for a prescription they know me by name, remind me of scripts that are coming due for refill, never give me a hard time about last minute requests, and even deliver right to my door.I personally recommend them to everyone I meet without hesitation because no-one deserves the abuse you endure at the big chain pharmacies when there is such a wonderful customer oriented experience with Shady Grove Pharmacy.Emily R.

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Sheila the manager is wonderful and sets a tone for a truly customer-friendly experience. This is your caring hometown pharmacy that is just so lacking in todays world of big-box impersonal wait-forever pharmacies. The service is quick and full of heart. Cannot praise this pharmacy highly enough. ❤️❤️❤️

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I was feeling horrible a few days ago and went to the doctor twice within a 24 hour period. I received several prescriptions, and was in no mood to make a stop at the pharmacy close to my house.Shady Grove Pharmacy was directly next door to my doctors office, so I thought I would get my Rxs filled there to eliminate that need.Immediately, when I walked in, they treated me like family. As they saw I was in distress, they bent over backwards to accommodate me in any and every way possible. This pharmacy literally made me feel better even prior to filling my prescription!I was so happy and impressed with their compassion and professionalism, and I IMMEDIATELY transferred all of my Rxs over to them, despite the fact that the drive is twice as far. Shady Grove Pharmacy is top notch, and well worth the drive, if necessary.Thank you, once again, guys! You have well-deservedly earned a client and a friend for life!

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This is a wonderful pharmacy with great service and staff. It was my salvation after the Montgomery Village Pharmacy closed. The atmosphere is nice and you dont have to wait forever to get your Rx. You can even relax on the sofa while waiting. Im transferring ALL my prescriptions to this pharmacy!

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I second everything all the others positive reviewers have said. My only complaint is that their hours are too limited (9-5, M-F). I would use them more if they were open later and at least one day on the weekend. Another big plus is that they fill compounded prescriptions fast. Safeway takes at least a week, and I think they outsource compounding.

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When I first started coming as a patient the owner I believe who is the pharmacist is very nice. Yet the staff and the pharmacy techs. Are extremely rude and inconsiderate. They lack of customer service has made me leave this pharmacy.

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This is the kind of pharmacy that most people could only wish for. The pharmacist and her technician worked very hard recently with my insurance company when my doctor abruptly changed dosages - I just know other pharmacies would have given up. This proactive staff actually cares about your wellness, i think its because the owners work there on a daily basis. FIVE STARS!

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Sheila and Geoff run the best pharmacy in town.A true gem! I highly recommend! Great customer service and they always have your refills ready!

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Great experience here. Wonderful and helpful staff. They got me some discounts even though it was my first time buying here. Thanks and will be coming back.

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Great service and knowledgeable staff!

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Courteous, fast delivery, and better price for my daughters eye drops than the mail-order pharmacy I used in California.

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They were not very helpful. I have been picking up my medicine from here since I can remember, but today, when asking for my name and birth date, they said my name didnt mach up with the date. Then they said I wasnt in there system! Normally Shady Grove was fine, but recently their service has been horrible!

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I posted a review here years ago and just have to say here again, these guys continue to provide great service even after they continue to grow.

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Support your independent pharmacy! Excellent and friendly customer service- everybody knew me by name by my fourth visit. They take the time to answer my questions. And the prices are as low as any of the big, unfriendly chain pharmacies.

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This place is my favorite because their staff always has everything organized, they are all super nice people, and they put every other Pharmacys wait time to shame!

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Hey man who was the first time in the morning and evening of my own personal information to be able take a moment

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Always a friendly face and great customer service

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Very friendly and helpful staff!! Support your local pharmacy!!

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Great service

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  • Address:15225 Shady Grove Rd #101, Rockville, MD 20850, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 301-948-4222
  • Drug store
  • Pharmacy
  • Health consultant
  • Medical supply store
  • Vitamin & supplements store
Working hours
  • Monday:9am–5pm
  • Tuesday:9am–5pm
  • Wednesday:9am–5pm
  • Thursday:9am–5pm
  • Friday:Closed
  • Saturday:Closed
  • Sunday:9am–5pm
Service options
  • In-store pick-up:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
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