Crunch Fitness - Cameron Village
1900 Cameron St, Raleigh, NC 27605, United States

Review №1

Nice facility. Lots of machines with minimal wait times. Not much mask compliance even with the mandate though. I put my membership on hold until covid calms down.

Review №2

I’ve been training with Dallas for almost 2 months now and I already see the changes, and believe he is one of the most experienced & committed trainers around.Importantly:– He ensures that my technique is always correct to avoid any injuries.– He is extremely reliable & punctual – always set up & ready to start training ahead of time, with an exercise routine planned.I thoroughly enjoy working out with Dallas. I strongly recommend him if anyone looking to improve their fitness.

Review №3

I can’t say enough good things about Crunch Cameron Village. The facility is always clean and well kept. The staff is always friendly and the trainers know what they’re doing. Megan is an amazing trainer with a ton of knowledge on sports performance! She’s great at pushing her clients in the right direction with great form and great success.

Review №4

Love this location and my awesome trainer Dallas! He creates tailored workouts that are different every week. Dallas knows how to challenge me and to keep me motivated so that I can continue crushing my workouts. If you’re thinking about getting a trainer, it’s definitely worth it- Dallas is your guy!

Review №5

I really enjoy this gym. The pricing is fair, the interior is clean and the machines/equipment are fairly nice. I am currently being trained by Jacob Seibert, one of the locations coaches. The workouts are great and I fell like Jacob is invested in my success and helping me reach my fitness goals. If you are someone who needs that extra little push to make it to the gym and a form of accountability in regards to your workout schedule, I would highly suggest taking on one of the coaches at this location if you can afford it.

Review №6

I really enjoy this gym. The staff her is very professional and friendly. They are very knowledgeable and helpful. Addison was a big help in helping me with my workout. I would highly recommend this gym for training. They make achieving your goals obtainable, exciting and fun!

Review №7

I had the opportunity to join this facility in the beginner of summer 2021. I was able to meet with Dallas as my personal trainer for 3 months. I believe Dallas first and foremost is a great person, and also a great trainer, and I am sure one of the greatest person at the gym. I was completely satisfied for its service and the quality of it. I cannot wait to come back soon. Thank you Dallas.

Review №8

I’ve been training with Dallas almost six months now and I couldn’t have asked for a better trainer to get me into the type of physical shape I was aiming for. His workouts are tough, but not more than you can handle. His personality is upbeat and positive while also being relatable. He is, without a doubt, THE best trainer at Crunch Fitness.

Review №9

I love Crunch Fitness! I have been going here for almost a year. I started personal training with Dallas in February which made my experience at Crunch even better. I highly recommend Dallas as a personal trainer. He is the best!

Review №10

Amazing gym and wonderful staff!!😀A lot of equipments and machines to train on and there’s always good music and a motivating vibe.A Huge Shoutout to my personal trainer Addison! she encourages me to step out of my comfort zone everyday. Love the personally tailored workouts she creates for me every week. This is definitely the best place to crunch your fitness goals.

Review №11

This crunch location is definitely awesome! I got to shout out my awesome trainer Dallas, he goes beyond the call of duty to ensure that each workout is detailed and contains the right amount of intensity. Would definitely recommend for others in the area

Review №12

Crunch Fitness Cameron Village is a great gym! It is very clean and well managed. Their personal training department is great. My personal trainer Megan has been so helpful and knowledgeable in helping learn more about fitness.

Review №13

The personal training staff is awesome! Shout out to one of the nicest trainers Addison. She corrects my form, and puts me through some amazing HITT circuits! I would definitely recommend her!

Review №14

Addison is an excellent trainer and I love working with her. She’s motivating, encouraging, and gets me to push myself. It’s a no-fuss gym with a good selection of equipment and various workout areas to get in a good sweat.

Review №15

When I went back to the gym after nearly a year of “working out at home” I asked the guy at the training desk to put me with the toughest trainer that would absolutely kick my @$$. The guy says “that’d be me” - so I started training with Dallas. He did indeed kick my @$$ back into gear, and helped motivate me to gain back the strength I had lost and then some. If you truly want a hardcore workout, Dallas is your man!

Review №16

Great Gym, super convenient, all the equipment you need. Gotta take advantage of the Hydro Massage.

Review №17

The last several months I have been trained by Addison! Her workouts are fun and challenging! She always pushes me and never lets me quit on myself. If your looking for a trainer, Addison is your girl!

Review №18

Crunch is a very high quality gym. Top notch equipment, friendly staff, very clean, nice locker rooms, and a fair price. It can get a little crowded sometimes as the space is limited, but obviously that is not the fault of the gym. My only real complaint is the music; a lot of times, it is played so loudly that its tough to hear your personal headphones. Also, Id say 80% of the time I go, they just play nothing but rap music, which is fine, but a little variety would be nice - pop hits, rock, etc. Otherwise, keep up the good work!

Review №19

Dallas is great!!! He is always encouraging and makes me feel very welcome even though I am not used to working out in a gym before. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Review №20

Training with Dallas was a 10/10 experience! He was able to help me learn how to use different equipment and work out targeting specific goals. I still use the workouts he wrote for me to help me stay in shape! Crunch Fitness and personal training is the best!

Review №21

Really nice facility. Shout out to Dallas for being the best personal trainer! If you are looking for personal training, be sure to request him!

Review №22

Great gym, great staff! They always have clean facilities and lots of equipment to achieve workouts. Shoutout to Dallas and Jay for being great personal training staff and helping me set workouts and reach personal goals!

Review №23

Love this gym the people and the training staff here always making feel welcomed.They are always very helpful. All of them are very knowledgeable and friendly guiding and giving me great advice and teaching me on what I need to achieve my personal set goals .One of the trainers Addison was a big help in correcting my form and helped me with some of my mobility achieving my personal bests when lifting weights . I would definitely recommend this gym for training th beginner or advanced athlete, not only do they help achieve your goals but the trainers make fitness fun and exciting 😊!!!!!

Review №24

I have been a member at Crunch for years and just switched primary locations to CV. Have always loved the gym and the classes. The previous location had the kindest and most easy to work with staff. I will say I have had some challenges with hearing contradicting information from staff members at Cameron Village and the front desk staff has had moments where they have not been reasonable and easy to work with. I sometimes feel like they look at my age and disregard anything I have to say or ask about. I had troubles transferring my membership and guests are not allowed to use amenities which is completely fine but this was never communicated to me and I dont understand why they cant use them at a small fee like other Crunch locations.

Review №25

I understand your policies require you to essentially force your new sign ups to pay for 2 months and a $60 yearly fee to account for any cancellations and credit card payment fees, however I think it is unfair that I signed up and was able to use the gym a total of 4 times maybe before having to stop due to injury(on my own account) and then wound up getting a job that didnt allow me to keep the kind of schedule Id like I order to stay with this gym. I think there should be more exceptions made to this policy considering how many sets of extenuating circumstances there are out there...but this is just a frustrated customer trying to save a little money when things changed. I will not be recommending this facility to anyone of my athletes/clients nor will I be returning to any crunch fitness facilities in the future.

Review №26

I really enjoy Crunch Fitness. My trainer, Dallas, is very knowledgeable and you can tell he loves what he does! So far a good experience overall!

Review №27

I never really enjoyed the gym and was used to doing Pure Barre but I decided to give personal training a chance last year. I never thought id say this but i throughly enjoy coming in to train. I trained with Jay at the beginning and then Addison - she enjoys what she does, knows what she is doing and makes sure I am comfortable with what I need to do before I even do it. Same goes with all the other trainers, you cant go wrong with any of them. They whole staff makes you feel at home and like part of the group, they will work with your schedule if you need to come in at 5am or at 7:30p on a Friday. They will push you to be better and work on your goals from a fitness stand also a nutritional one.

Review №28

Dallas is a good trainer. Staff is extremely helpful. Well maintained and clean equipments. Highly recommended.

Review №29

Dallas is very passionate about his job and always has his clients goals in mind. Highly recommend him as a personal trainer!

Review №30

Best gym every. A vaccinated dude got screamed at for not wearing a mask while working out at the Creedmoor location. Happy to see this location values their customers. Ill gladly drive the extra 15 minutes

Review №31

I really enjoy crunch. my trainer Dallas is amazing! Im really liking how strong Im getting.

Review №32

No one wears a mask .. people breathing on top of each other... Saw several people use equipment covered in sweat and not one person wiped off the equipment.. will not go back..

Review №33

Dallas is very committed and passionate when it comes to his job. Highly recommend him when doing personal training.

Review №34

I’ve had a great experience at Crunch, and have especially enjoyed my training time with Dallas. He’s attentive, knowledgeable, and is pushing me towards my fitness goals

Review №35

Fantastic Gym! If you are in the Raleigh area, I highly recommend this gym because of their extensive efforts in health and safety, the variety of equipment available, and for the excellent staff.I was only a member for two months because I was in town temporarily and they were flexible and accommodating through my registration and cancellation. Due to my time in town being short, I wasnt able to use many of their amazing amenities but they are plentiful. I was, however, able to bring my boyfriend as a guest everyday for the week he stayed with me. I appreciated all of their hard work in keeping the gym clean and safe!

Review №36

After trying out a couple different gyms, I’ve found that the equipment, staff, and vibes are elite here. I’ve been training with Jay and almost immediately saw differences in my performance and physique. I’d highly recommend!

Review №37

This gym is amazing and part of it that makes it amazing is its staff. I would like to give a huge shout out to Jordan Banks, the Fitness Director! This guy goes above and beyond for not only his clients but all the members in general. He is extremely knowledgeable in training and is always quick to share his knowledge. I had a few sessions with him and learned so much within the time of training with him! He pushed me in ways I couldnt imagine and really laid out my goals perfectly for me. I would always recommend him 10/10 if you are a member of this facility!

Review №38

Solid gym and Dallas is a great trainer. Feels like I’m working out with an old college buddy.

Review №39

Front desk was incredibly rude. I went in to activate a 3-day pass, and was within the number of days needed to activate the pass by according to the email. The email states I have 7 days within 7/19 to activate the pass. I went into the gym on 7/21. He said the email is wrong, other people have also complained about it and was past the due date. I asked if I can re-activate a new pass, and he said he wouldnt let me know regardless even if it was reactivated, showing little emotion/customer service skills (like I apologize?). He kept saying youll either need to pay or sign up for a membership. Why would you sign up without being able to try out the gym? I would think they could at least let you try the gym/work out for the day since youve already showed up ready to work out, considering it is their error. It truly seemed like just they dont want new members.

Review №40

Great facility! Ample amount of treadmills. The thing I like best about is that it feels so clean and fresh inside. I have been to many gyms and the problem with some of them is that they feel so dirty due to not being cleaned properly. This is not the case here. Really great place to work out with the convenience of the CV location.

Review №41

I was an avid member of this gym up until moving to a new city and I was sad to have to say goodbye! It is a great gym with everything you could need, and an awesome atmosphere as well. The staff is extremely friendly and willing to help, and the patrons are a great group as well. I ended up meeting several of my now friends there. Its an awesome environment whether youre a pretty serious lifter or just your average gym-goer, there is room for everyone. Would highly recommend!

Review №42

Crunch Fitness Personal Training is just what I needed. Megan is an awesome trainer!

Review №43

This gym is awesome! They have great equipment, classes, it is not expensive, it is convenient to where I live and clean, but I have to say what makes this gym is the staff. I had been working out at my company gym for the last 19 years, but when COVID shut down gyms, I did workouts outside. When gyms opened back up, I decided I wanted something different - I wanted to be challenged in my workouts and I wanted a gym close to home since I was still working at home. I joined Crunch and decided to try the free session with a trainer. This is where I want to give a big shout out to the training staff - Dallas, Jacob and, especially, the Fitness Director Jay Banks. I met with Jay for my fitness assessment. He took time to sit down and go through what types of workouts I was use to and what my goals were. After our first session together, I was hooked and I have worked out with him twice a week for 8 months. He writes my workouts for the other days of the week. My body fat has gone from 24% to 18% and I feel better and stronger than I ever have at age 50. Jay stayed focused on my personal goals, he is the most knowledgeable person that I have ever met when it comes to weight training. In 8 months, not once have I done the exact same workout. A gym has always been part of my daily routine, but Jay helped me with new ways of training so that I could see results. If you have fitness goals and you are struggling to reach them or are simply just stuck in doing the same ol same ol, you need to come see Jay and his staff. Do the free assessment and you will be hooked just like I have been!

Review №44

Staff is always friendly and helpful. The other gym-goers are pretty chill and relaxed. Equipment is rarely broken or needing maintenance. My only complaint is that the squat racks are always busy (regardless of time of day) and I have to wait to use them. They really need 2 more of them

Review №45

Good amenities. Fair price. Facility wise its pretty good but less so if you have a powerlifting focus. Really wish there were a bit more squat racks. Which brings me to what my biggest gripe about the gym is, the clientele. If youre used to a gym where people have a generally good idea of what theyre doing and follow general gym etiquette and arent just there to look good on the gram, youre in for some culture shock. When Im here, I always have to wait around for a squat rack to open up because someone is doing curls or circuit training with their girlfriend in them. Very annoying. Enough for me to drive 15-20 minutes to the Lifetime Fitness Plantation Point location to work out instead despite being stuck in a contract at Crunch. This is not the fault of the actual gym however as its not explicitly against any policy, so 4 stars it is.

Review №46

I had a special request that I addressed to the general manager and the entire experience was wonderful! She was kind, amenable, and responsive to my questions the whole way through, absolutely exceeding my expectations. The staff members have all been kind and the facility has been very clean. Very satisfied!

Review №47

Have really enjoyed coming to this gym! The staff is great. Always friendly, always helpful, and keep the facility clean and in great condition. Plenty of equipment and space for a variety of workouts. This gym is definitely worth checking out!

Review №48

The staff there is stellar, best of any facility I’ve been in around Raleigh and NC. The front counter always sets the tone w/ personality, encouragement and motivation. Alyssa, Emily, Brooke, Rhiannon, Shelby, Randy etc are exceptional. The manager is always promoting service and support, the fitness director leads by example! I appreciate the tough job they have these days policing masks and keeping the facility sanitized but they do so in a professional fashion. I’m quite comfortable going into the facility accordingly. I can’t say the same for some of the other facilities I frequent. Glad they are open and doing what’s needed to keep the facility open and safe. Steven

Review №49

The entire staff is so welcoming and encouraging, especially my trainer! Addison pushes me harder each week and always makes sure I have the resources and information for whenever I workout alone.

Review №50

Had the best experience at Crunch working with Dallas! He was there for me at every 5 am workout and always challenged me in each session.

Review №51

Crunch Fitness at Cameron Village is by far the best gym in the Raleigh area. They have all the equipment that you could need, a child care center, and a great variety of group fitness classes. Emily & Lisa do an excellent job maintaining a safe, clean, & positive environment. The multiple Sanitation stations implemented during this COVID time shows that cleanliness and safety are amongst their top priorities.

Review №52

Best gym in Raleigh!! Dallas is an awesome trainer there.

Review №53

I joined here when it first opened and then took a year off with the pancetta until I got vaccinated. Now that Im vaxxed, Ive started going back and I love it. Its always clean and relatively organized. Sometimes have to hunt for plates, but not anymore that any other gym. They have 2 power racks and a squat rack, so theres usually something available as long as you dont go when its busiest. I loved it so much I kept my membership when I moved. Oh and the higher tired memberships come with unlimited guest privileges

Review №54

Visited this facility during a business trip to Raleigh today and I was impressed by the array of equipment to accommodate all kinds of athletic training; including sports conditioning and HIIT. The weight selection is excellent and there is artificial turf, sleds, plyo boxes, slam balls, heavy bags, assault bikes, assault runners and many more toys for any kind of workout. The space is spotless and the locker room was immaculate. Bring your own towel. Day pass is $35. Worth the price.

Review №55

Dallas is a fantastic trainer! Extremely patient, understanding, and encouraging!

Review №56

Crunch is an awesome gym, a great location for the downtown folks, new and clean equipment with plenty of room inside and out! I was a member until this month (March 2021) when a newer gym opened right next to my current neighborhood (made more sense to switch logistically). Lisa (General Manager) was so helpful in my transition out of my membership and made it clear they would love to have me back if things didnt work out at this new gym - I would return to Crunch in a heartbeat for sure!

Review №57

I absolutely love crunch especially with the ladies; Lisa and Emily, always so welcoming and encouraging. I’m grateful to workout out in an amazing environment with such beautiful, strong, and dedicated women! They literally make my day every time I see em. y’all are so luck to have such an amazing squad!

Review №58

Great gym with well-maintained facilities and good amenities. If youre looking for personal training, Dallas is the best!

Review №59

Ive been a member of four or five different gyms in my adult life in Raleigh, and this has been the most consistently positive experience Ive had.The gym is clean and well kept, the staff learn member names quickly and refer to my 7-year-old daughter by name as well on the days I bring her with me. Lisa, Emily, Carly (sp?) and Randy are all outgoing and engaging, and its fun feeling greeted and known walking into my third place.

Review №60

Awesome management and staff. Lisa goes above and beyond to make us all feel welcome and repair any defective equipment. They are also cognizant of my health needs and provide whatever accommodation they can without much ado. Best club in the raleigh area!

Review №61

Water machine broken (2+ weeks)Sauna broken(3+ weeks)Lack of action (3+ weeks)This gym has a lot of potential and is normally great to go to, but lately I have been displeased. Especially with the water fountain, I don’t want to go to the gym and ration water or buy bottles every time I go. If the water fountain is broken, then the gym should take responsibility and supply free bottles until it’s fixed. Every time I bring up this concern, I hear “we’re working on it” but nothing seems to be done. Give me water or give me my money back

Review №62

The staff is extremely friendly and there is always a ton of equipment available. They keep the place clean and everything is completely functional. Emily, who is normally at the front desk absolutely kills her job. She makes people feel welcomed and is a ball of energy. She’s there every weekday and is always up beat and super friendly. She is always trying to do the best for the members! Would absolutely recommend!

Review №63

This is an excellent gym! Well designed, good equipment, nice members, & the staff is friendly, caring & very helpful. The Manager, Lisa, is topnotch & so are the staff, especially Randy who is there on weekends. Go check it out!

Review №64

I love this gym. The employees(especially Lisa, and every other person who is apart of that gyms team) go above and beyond everyday to be friendly, make sure everyone is wearing their masks, and overall making sure the gym is a safe, clean, and enjoyable place for everyone. Wouldn’t go to any other gym:)

Review №65

Very grateful for Crunch and the staff here. Not only do they keep the facility clean, they’re personal, friendly and welcoming. They’ve done a fabulous job navigating COVID restrictions, and I feel safe and at ease in the facility. Lisa specifically and the staff are the reason I’m here! THANK YOU!!

Review №66

This is a great gym. Friendly staff, and overall very clean. And coming from Miami, good price for a gym membership! Kelly and Randy in particular are both very kind and helpful.Most members are really good about cleaning the equipment after use and picking up after themselves. The equipment is great, and they do a good job with spacing cardio machines for social distancing.My only complaint about it - the no-maskers.Overall, highly recommend.

Review №67

I love the environment. Everyones super friendly. Lisa and Emily are my favorites. They are the ones that sealed the deal for me to join. Without them, crunch would not be the same.

Review №68

Water fountain (the only one) had been dripping for last one year, finally gave out last week and we are forced to buy water bottles…towel service stopped after COVID and has not restarted since. Poor management to begin with has turned into no management. Instead of spamming fones for new members, fix our gym.

Review №69

Great gym , tends to be packed most of the time. My only complaint is I wish they had more squat racks, there are only 2, your almost always waiting for one to free up.

Review №70

Crunch Fitness at Cameron Village is the best gym in the Raleigh area, I love the positive lifting environment as well as the cleanliness of the facility amidst Covid. I feel welcome and comfortable everyday thanks to the wonderful staff especially Emily and Lisa. I highly recommend this gym to anyone out there looking for a facility!

Review №71

Lisa and her staff have been top notch about keeping this location clean and safe for the benefits of everyone that walked in the door, not only PRE Covid, but up until this moment. Not only that, but they keep on top of making sure people know when equipment isn’t working and make sure members aren’t using it to ensure safety all around. In addition, the trainer Josh always knows how to push me hard with a gentle nudge. I’ve been so pleased to be a member here! Thank you all!

Review №72

Classes are amazing and gym has everything one needs to work out !

Review №73

Nice gym with quality equipment, just way too busy.

Review №74

I enjoy the gym a lot although I’ve only been to it a couple weeks now & while it is not as luxuriant as previous gyms I’ve enjoyed and has a more limited set of equipment/space in it, it is a very nice community gym and a good option if you’re a college student or young professional within a budget. I hope they reopen sauna at some point when they can.

Review №75

Such a shame management is very weak at this location. I’m a multi club pass holder etc. entered this club, after allowed in (after checking in) and post preworkout after clothe change and pre workout, a manager (Lisa) pulls me out of my routine to harass me about not using the club. Placing conditions and excuses. after condition met, the manager continued to treat me as a fifth class citizen of some sort. I thought it best to just leave with out a workout even though I pay for a membership. Very small gym, no equipment and too busy with weak management that will barely use the facility because according to management they are trying to keep member count low. Simply put, they don’t want to work in this facility. Such a shame for Crunch fitness. They have amazing facilities. Just not this one.

Review №76

Multiple people without masks on even though there are signs everywhere that clearly display the mask rules. The staff say nothing. Nice facility with a variety of equipment.

Review №77

Diego made the sign-up process super quick and simple! He gave me a great tour and plays the best music over the speakers! I can always find equipment even when it’s busy. I’ve only been coming here for a few days and I really enjoy it!

Review №78

Lisa is one of the most professional Managers Ive had the privilege of talking to. She was very helpful and Im very pleased with her customer service.

Review №79

Small gym but has at least every machine there is.

Review №80

Great professional and friendly staff

Review №81

Great gym, horrible handling of covid.This place gets WAY too packed and there is no mask enforcement. I saw over 5 guys coughing without masks on, and in general only 30-MAYBE 40% of the people who go there actually wear a mask. Otherwise great equipment. If youre over the age of 60 DO NOT COME HERE. You are RISKING exposure being in such close constant with so many young people who do not care about wearing a mask or making it a safe environment to come train in.UPDATE:got informed that the staff legally cant do anything. just keep in mind that most of the population here wont wear a mask, but its not the staffs fault.

Review №82

CRUNCH at Cameron Village is best in town. The staff is very friendly. Three times a week for a year now With Josh Owens who has trained me. He has helped me become a much stronger more confident person. From demonstrating proper use of equipment as well as muscles. I have been extremely pleased with Josh’s knowledge and enthusiasm for fitness! It’s hard to say enough good things about Josh.

Review №83

CRUNCH at Cameron Village is terrific. The staff and facility are great. Twice a week for a year now Trainer, Josh Owens has helped me become a much stronger more confident person. From demonstrating proper use of equipment as well as muscles, he has taken away my fear of exercise! We continue to discuss my goals leading to specific, effective workouts (including discussions of nutrition). I have been extremely pleased with Josh’s knowledge, encouragement and enthusiasm for fitness! It’s hard to say enough good things about Josh and CRUNCH Cameron Village. “THE BEST IN TOWN!”

Review №84

I was pleasantly surprised at how friendly and awesome the staff here is !! Kristina is awesome!! She made the sign up process so quick and simple and explained everything to me! The staff here is the nicest staff I’ve met just about anywhere! Love coming here , 10/10!!!!

Review №85

Stopped in on a 3-day pass and I was pretty impressed. Great amount of brand new circuit, free-weight and HiiT training equipment in an open and modern space. Spin room, group training class and outdoors fitness area, it all feels well put together and well-spaced out. Crunch is usually in urban areas so expect a lot of young, hip professional here. Especially given the Cameron Village location. Parking might be a bit tough with the nearby Chick Fil A but there should be street parking on this quieter end of Cameron Village. I suspect that Crunch Fitness will be one of the best options in the area, its $35 to $45/month feel should keep the crowds down....

Review №86

By far the best Crunch Fitness I’ve been too. The manager, Emily I believe her name was, made me feel very comfortable and was very nice. This will be come the gym I come to everyday. Definitely recommend checking it out.

Review №87

Always very clean, shoutout to Bryan for his hard work. Also, best customer service you’ll get anywhere. The whole team is great, but Eileen is phenomenally fantastic. I would recommend this gym to anyone.

Review №88

Started with Crunch to get into shape, lose body fat, increase muscle tone and definition. I wasnt satisfied on my own. Inquired about a Personal Training, and how they assessed where I was at and my goal, and they put me with Ike. Ike has been incredible. Understood where I wanted to get and in just 5 months dropped from 25% body fat to 16.8% and increased muscle definition. Feeling stronger and much better about myself. Ike has been phenomenal and completely flexible with my schedule.

Review №89

Came to try the place and does not match upto their website’s description.***response to the owners reply: I signed up for a trial/tour at cameron village location and when I visited, I was told you have to be a member to enter the gym. Why offer the trial at first place? Obviously it did not match with the websites description. The front person wanted me to sign up for a membership to check out the place.

Review №90

Love this gym!

Review №91

Im doing personal training with Brandon and hes great! He is so personable and works hard to help me achieve my goals! Hes a great trainer and a nice person to be around. I came to Crunch specifically for personal training and Alex made the sign up easy. Great gym!

Review №92

My favorite gym. Everyone is always super pleasant

Review №93

Best gym in Raleigh, the quality of the facility and the people that workout there are levels above any of the other bigger box gyms

Review №94

Kelly was awesome to work with!! She didn’t mind staying late so I could get a snack at 10:02 :)

Review №95

I love working out here. Great staff and a good group of members. The staff is always professional. The guest all treat each other with respect. It is a very professional and respectful gym community. The equipment is always clean and the gym constantly reminds the guest and members to always wear mask. The gym has very nice equipment.

Review №96

This is hands down the best gym in the Triangle Area. The staff/management are the best of any gym I have ever been to, the equipment is state of the art and always in working condition and the gym itself is clean enough to eat a meal off the floor. If you are looking for a premier gym to meet all of your fitness needs, look no further, this is it.

Review №97

I was looking for a gym that had boxing bags and variety of classes. I was thrilled to see that Crunch had up to date machines, classes, massage rooms, and training. I received an consultation to see if getting a trainer would be something I wanted. It was the best thing I could have done! Joshua Owens has been amazing! I was looking for someone who knew boxing to implement into my training. I have seen such amazing results! Josh is always pushing my limits and encouraging of my goals. Also, the staff is so welcoming and helpful!

Review №98

I LOVE Crunch Fitness. I have only been a member for 3 months and I’ve seen results already! All credit to their group fitness classes. I am in the best shape I’ve ever been in. The staff and classes are AMAZING at both locations (Creedmoor and Cameron Village) Join this gym. You won’t regret it. You are truly treated like family.

Review №99

Brandon has been an amazing personal trainer. I have been working out with him for over 8 months and he is encouraging and helps keep my motivation high. His workouts are interesting while been challenging. The variety of exercises and equipment he uses helps keep the workouts fun. Crunch has an extensive amount of equipment and the atmosphere is fun and encouraging. GO BRANDON and CRUNCH!!

Review №100

Josh is an awesome trainer! He has helped me improve my physical fitness and knowledge in so many ways. He is so knowledgeable and motivating!I love this gym! I am a member/employee there and love how spacious and unique the facility is. As an NC State student, I love how close it is to everything and how they offer spray tanning and an infrared sauna! The manager Lisa is so sweet and welcoming! I would definitely recommend this gym to anyone looking for a clean and judge free environment.

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4.8 Rating
  • Address:1900 Cameron St, Raleigh, NC 27605, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 919-948-6445
  • Gym
  • Fitness center
  • Personal trainer
  • Sports complex
Working hours
  • Monday:5am–11pm
  • Tuesday:5am–11pm
  • Wednesday:5am–11pm
  • Thursday:5am–11pm
  • Friday:5am–11pm
  • Saturday:6am–8pm
  • Sunday:6am–8pm
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
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