Kerr Family YMCA
2500 Wakefield Pines Dr, Raleigh, NC 27614, United States

Review №1

Great team on board.

Review №2

I would not recommend the KERR YMCA for summer camp. My son attended this camp and everyday I got complaints from counselors. My son hated it there. He may have had 1 good week of the several weeks he spent there for camp and scholastic assistance.It is over populated and understaffed! The staff they do have are not friendly and have very poor attitude!They behave as though they don’t enjoy working with kids.They are adamant about kids wearing masks even during playtime outside. Only to have an exposure at the camp after one of the children tested positive for COVID.In the end we decided that my son would not return as he was hurt when he was kicked in “the private” by another student after that same student locked him in a play area and would not let him out! The staff tried to make it seem like it was a 2-sided incident, when it was not.That same week he was sprayed in the eyes with “bug off” spray by another child (on purpose) and the staff tried to make it seem like the other child was “trying to help him by spraying bug spray on him”, is what the staff member said to me when informing me of the incident.He fell and came home with a bruised cheek.None of the incidents were documented , I was simply told at pick up. When I reached out to the director she said that they called me and it went to VM, yet I keep my phone on me and I never received any messages about the incidents.We went to a private camp, where the groups are smaller and the director and staff are GREAT! They truly enjoy working with kids and make it FUN for them. My son is the happiest he has been all summer break. I get no complaints from staff or from my son.He loves it there and hugs the counselors before leaving.We are glad we made the change!

Review №3

I’ve generally had a good experience with the Y and it’s staff. Childcare staff seems quality and other staff is is friendly and diligent to clean the facilities. The limited availability of childcare the only downside.

Review №4

Why does the YMCA phone number not work to reach the local branch? It goes to general voicemail, but I dont get a call back after 24 hours. All my questions, I have to physically drive to the location.I would not recommend this particular YMCA. Passing through, the summer camps seem quite unorganized, where kids are running around and staffing is limited and not paying close attention to kids. Ive witnessed bullying first hand and rough play.Placing my child to be watched as I workout is a disgrace. Extremely limited toys for my child to play with and she said she just sat there bored, waiting for me.My young child doesnt even want to go to their playground as it hasnt been maintained for a while. The toddler playground has a lot of missing or broken parts and is quite dirty. A spray down is needed as I saw a few active spiderwebs.Workout wise, theres one flat bench for barbell chest press, one cage and one smith machine. It gets really busy if two guys want to work out legs.I think the YMCA just needs a facelift as it looks like an older building. Even though this YMCA is near my house, I prefer to drive an extra 10-15 mins where the other YMCA is well maintained.

Review №5

For a non profit the ymca is very unprofessional and not understanding. I have a medical condition therefore can NOT wear a mask I have been discriminated against this is my health!I would personally not support such a demeaning organization. Oh if you have kids who are under five they are enforcing they wear a mask. Even the the cdc has said kids under 5 are no threat to covid.

Review №6

I have had a YMCA membership for 20 years (7 years in NY and 13 years at Kerr). Paused due to COVID and with the re-start, was told that I could add my mom who now lives with me, for one price and now being told I have to increase it. Not cool during a pandemic.

Review №7

According to the YMCAs mission statement is to help children make friends. but from what my child has what happens is the exact opposite.The Before and after school DO NOT CARE AT ALL. According to what my kid has told me is that the counselors there just (and I mean literally) keep all the kids in line. so in summary. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD YOU SEND YOUR KIDS HERE.

Review №8

I have been a member since June 2019 and had nothing but a great experience! The staff including Sherry, Donna, Dawn and Whitney are extremely nice. The facility is very clean and up to date. The only thing I would say I needed personally is one more Stair Master and early afternoon classes. Other than that great YMCA in North Raleigh!

Review №9

I have been member of this YMCA for over 10 years now and sadly it is deteriorating in its service and cleanliness. I am not at all trying to be negative but I have fought with myself over long time not to write a bad review bcz i really like to go to neighborhood ymca in spite of new lifetime fitness and other similar facilities opening up lately where many are migrating too. The major problems/shortfalls i have experienced here at YMCA Kerr is1. Facility is not being kept up clean - downstairs gym area, bathrooms, gym equipments.2. WiFi has not worked few times3. Air conditioner not working or not efficient - today especially it was so hot downstairs and when i asked for fan to the attendant she said they dont have any extra fan but she will check with william. then not her nor anyone came and brought fan or said anything4. Treadmill I used yesterday evening and then today - not been cleaned since yesterday (posted picture)5. Equipments out of order many times6. Attendants/staff who works at downstairs gym area - most of them except couple never clean / wipe equipments but rather they chat with others or sit in back office7. Hours open are too short. Friday tiill 9 pm, saturday 6pm, sunday dont open till 1 pm, all holidays close.8. Bathrooms are always dirty.IF YMCA DOES NOT WANT TO KEEP LOOSING THEIR MEMBERS TO NEARBY NEWLY OPENED OR RENOVATED GYMS, THEY NEED TO UP THEIR SERVICE AND PAY MORE ATTENTION TO FACILITY.

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Great looking gym but customer service is trashy on weeknights especially the sign up people like this one girl Thursday at. 7 saying. she cant this. Handle this when I tried to sign up. Get another job lady.

Review №11

Great facilities. Membership entitles you to access to two facilities - Kerr and a smaller gym at the Factory. Very encouraging staff available on the floors.I use the Kerr facility a lot because of the pool. It also has an outdoor pool open during the summer months. Excellent, lively instructions for pool classes.I have only been a member for 6 months and most of the staff already know can greet me by name.

Review №12

Great Facility! Horrible staff! It was hard for me and my family to enjoy ourselves the staff was constantly telling us what to do / watching over us like a hawk 🦅 the whole entire time. One life guard told my kids they couldn’t swim in the kiddie play area because she thought they where over the age of 6 when I told her their ages she got an attitude / rolled her eyes 👀 ! Please upgrade to a better working, friendlier staff team ! I definitely won’t be returning to this location ! 😒

Review №13

Ive been a member for almost a year, and had no problems. Some of the older reviews about rude staff might have been for people who arent here now? I dont see that.Only thing that would make it better would be electric car charging.

Review №14

What can I say. This place has been my Home YMCA for years. I think that their christian principles really helped build my structure as a christian man. I owe this place a lot and I hope one day I can bring something back to this place. This is where I got my start and I will never forget my home YMCA. (Kerr YMCA)

Review №15

They have a sled and a rock climbing wall for one.. other than that a lot of different activities and places to workout... Small weight area tho

Review №16

I love everything about this place. I especially like to run on the treadmill because it offers many different ways of improving my running and strength in my legs.

Review №17

Im at the Kerr YMCA several times a week. Staff is friendly, pool is in great shape, and machines are good. Facility also has a large gym and a rock climbing wall. The mens locker room also has a steam room. Very happy long-term member.

Review №18

I have had my Y membership for about 6 months now, and my experience there has been absolutely wonderful! I go there to work out with my best friend every Mon-Thurs. The staff is friendly, and the environment is friendly. The only down fall is that the building could use a little cleaning.

Review №19

Spoke with the corporate Triangle YMCA before joining, and they told me Kerr YMCA has a sauna and steam room. Paid for membership so I can use the sauna, since I already have a home gym. Traveled 45 minutes to Kerr the next day, but they told me the sauna was broken and being repaired and should be ready the next day.Went back the next day to use the sauna and found out its actually just a steam room. NO SAUNA HERE. These people have no idea what theyre talking about.

Review №20

I love this gym, it suits all my needs, it hasGood cardio machines and a great free weight lifting area and a suitable core workout area as well. The only con about this place is that the gym is fairly small and if there was a little bit more space beetween the machines it would get a 5 star review and plus the staff their, especially the trainers, they tend to help ONLY if asked and most of the time stand around watching the sports being played on there TVs and some guys flirt with some of the women there, I’ve been a member for 10 months now and training to be a body builder and own my OWN gym but this gym is only good if u have kids and are into activities, not really the best gym if u ask me...

Review №21

DO NOT take your child here for before or after school care. You child is not safe. The staff pays no attention to what the kids are doing. My child has been hurt bad enough to have to go home for the day three times while at the before school care at Abbotts Creek Elementary. Once, he was physically attacked and beaten by another student. The staff just sent him to class like nothing ever happened. His teacher had to call us and inform us. They are so bad that Abbotts Creek will not be having them back next year. They are already pricey, but add the fact that you child is in physical danger while under their supervision and its a show stopper.

Review №22

The facility is extremely nice, but the staff is rude and unenjoyable. They all are in bad moods and have short tempers. Would not recommended

Review №23

Hi. I live near the YMCA complex and let me tell you about my experiences as a young adult. These people treat you with very little respect if you are under 18 years of age. I enjoy working out downstairs and playing racquetball, but the people at the front desk are very rude and discriminate because of young age. Also when I was even younger in the children area the kids are very nasty and the Adults in the room are so oblivious that they dont care if you are there unless they know your parents. So, to all parents out there I highly recommend Lifetime gym on Falls of Neuse especially if you live in the Wakefield area. It is only 10 minutes to get there from this YMCA and is a lot bigger and more to do.

Review №24

Im a triangle YMCA member and have been to many branches around the RDU area. I will give the pros and cons of this branch. Pros, good equipment selection, pretty clean and sanitary, friendly staff, they have a climbing wall, pool, steam room, sauna. Small annoyances from a male perspective - Mens locker room - Swimsuit ringing machine is broken; and the shower stalls do not have any hooks whatsoever to hang towels or suits, or toiletry bags. I would say once they fix some of these small issues, or inconveniences, I think this branch becomes almost perfect to be honest. They do offer towel service as well.

Review №25

The YMCA does so much for the local community children and families. Great non profit to help support by simply being a member. Its a win win.

Review №26

I joined about three months ago and found the staff to be friendly but no one has ever made the time to give me a tour of the facility. I am figuring it out as I go which isnt that terribly hard but it just seems they wouldve taken the initiative in the first place. The downstairs workout area needs a good cleaning. There is also a very small / awkward place space to do core excercises and stretch. Seems since they have a PT room down there, they would also have a stretch table for those who cant get on the ground very easily due to surgery, disabilities, age etc. They also do not answer the phone.... ever. Very frustrating when youre looking to get an answer for something that you that cant find on the website. I would recommend calling the Factory location which is much more responsive.

Review №27

I absolutely love the Kerr YMCA! Been a member since 2009. All the staff and funhouse personnel are very nice!

Review №28

Great facility, clean, and well-maintained. Staff is always incredibly helpful and friendly. They really shine in camps and programs; weve had our kids enrolled in swimming, basketball, trackout, Camp Kanata, and triathlons. All are run well and organized.

Review №29

I have been to the Y before and I enjoy it because I like to play basketball there

Review №30

It does not smell idk who said that. Super lit place to workout, swim, and play bball. Everyone Ive met there is super cool and nice. 11/10

Review №31

Too crowded ! It is impossible to use the free weights most of the time. The weight machines are so close to each other it is hard to move between without bumping into someone

Review №32

This place is horrible. Worst experience you can go to the Factory for a better experience. Not as family friendly as they claim to be. Staff is very stuck up and not friendly at all.

Review №33

People are very nice there Good swim teachers

Review №34

I’ve been a member of this gym for as long as I can remember. I am still under 18, and the staff is very kind to me and doesn’t seem very judgemental of me, a 14 year-old girl that enjoys exercise. The staff is also kind to my younger sisters. Whenever both me and my mother go to the gym, my sisters often want to tag along just so they can go to the funhouse. The machines and weights are in perfect shape, and it isn’t intimidating or scary to walk over to the strength section every once in a while, unlike in most gyms. There are some subtle hints of the gym being faith oriented, such as “The Athelete’s Prayer” on the wall in the gym or an occasional poster about a children’s bible camp. Due to this, the people here are very nice. They, too, aren’t judgemental of me and don’t mind cleaning their machines after;dr: This gym is very kid friendly. Both me and my little sisters love coming here. Everyone, including staff and regular gym-goers are extremely friendly. The machines are in good shape, as well as the indoor and outdoor pools. The place is clean and organized. 10/10 would recommend

Review №35

The “director” of ymca was really rude. Iv never been so humuliated in my life. I will not be returning.

Review №36

Have been member for many years...Very, very poor facility maintenance. Repeated malfunctioning of womens steam room and extremely slow attention to repairing. On multiple occasions, employees do not have knowledge about repair timing and do not know how to turn on the steam room when it has been working, but off. Management has been slow to respond. Extremely frustrating when you see the Y campaigning for more members knowing that they are not taking care of their current members!!!

Review №37

Been Y member for 5 years Great and friendly staff. Go there at least 2 times a week.

Review №38

If you have a child with a disability DONT SEND THEM HERE!!! they dont accept kids with a disability!!!!!

Review №39

Awful! The staff is poorly trained. They are rude, unable to solve problems and unfriendly. Also, the facility literally smells! The mens locker room is always dirty. The class schedule is rarely published online. Stay away!!

Review №40

Treated so rudely when I stated I had to cancel my membership. Never going back and will never reccommended.

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Friendly staff, best place to play bball

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Best y in the triangle

Review №45

I wished that i could come back and i missed you

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Great fitness programs!!!

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Beautiful facility

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