Center for Restorative Breast Surgery
1717 St Charles Ave, New Orleans, LA 70130, United States
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Dr. Henderson is the BEST, hands down, she listens and then goes above and beyond what it takes to make you feel whole again. She truly cares and has the skills to make it happen. From day one contacting NOLA, I felt cared for, informed, and confident in making the choice to go to NOLA. Best decision I have made through my cancer journey. I thank God for you for giving me not just my life back, but giving my spirit back as well.

Review №2

My journey began 2 years ago when I first contacted the center with my first bout of breast cancer. Recently, I was diagnosed with contralateral breast cancer. I reached out to the center again, spoke with the same person (Diedra) and she began navigating me through all the steps needed. I had surgery, phase 1, with Dr. Orodoyne and Dr. Wise recently. Both of these Drs, anesthesia team, nurses, hospital team, culinary, housekeeping go above and beyond for their patients. I have never had the level of compassion the doctors at the center have shown. Both doctors visited me every day while in the hospital. They listened to my worries and concerns. They addressed everything multiple times as I am sure I asked them more than once. I was so scared. I was afraid of pain, disfiguration, long term nerve issues, final outcome. I just finished Phase 1 last week and feel much better than expected. Dr. Orodoyne and Dr. Wise are an AMAZING team and It’s worth the travel, additional time, and expense associated with the travel to get the level of care that the center will provide.

Review №3

The staff is friendly and they listen well. I felt pampered through my entire stay. The doctors take the time to explain procedures and invite any questions that you may have.

Review №4

From my first call to intake patient information to my post-oper appointment, I was in the arms of ANGELS!I was not rushed! All the medical information & procedures with cost information were provided to me! The hospital was more like a hotel room, which provided a bed for my caregiver and free food prepared by the hospitals chef was amazing!From the parking attendance, receptionist, intake to insurance and payment personnel, all nursing staff, to anesthesiologist, x-ray tech, hospital cleaning staff, chef, surgical team and doctors were all centered on my care and recovery. The staff that works for this center and my Dr. Wright & Dr. Wise are amazing humans which use their professional giftto care for women like us!

Review №5

I cannot speak highly enough of the Center! I felt so we’ll care for. It was beautiful and well laid out. The nurses, PA’s, doctors, housekeeping and food services were excellent! I had a very complicated case due to prior failures, scar tissue and infections. Dr Trehan was able to put me back together and give me a healthy flap. The revised is with lots of explanations and specific, thorough discharge instructions and supplies.I highly recommend The Center for Restorative Breast Surgery.

Review №6

Just left this hospital to go back to our AIR BNB to recover. Post op followup is Wednesday next week. The procedure I had to have done called for a seven hour surgery and four days at the hospital. I cannot possibly say enough good things about the nursing staff. All the ladies are beautiful, sweet women. The Dr. blew me away with his professionalism and bedside manner. I have never had a doctor actually sit down with me and draw pictures and show me my options as well as discuss all my concerns and fears. Thank you Dr. Wise!! I am so thankful my oncologist was able to refer me here and so blessed to be cared for by this staff. God bless you all and thank you for everything. You made a very scary situation feel as comfortable as possible and even though I know I have to come back for second phase in December, I’m no longer dreading it or afraid. I actually look forward to seeing you all again in a few months. Best of the best!

Review №7

After breast cancer, double mastectomy and DIEP surgery elsewhere (and surgeons Were very good!) —I moved and insurance changed. Dr. Wise completed additional surgery I needed wonderfully. Dr. Wise is very competent and kind and I completely trusted him, as well as caring nurses and staff. Grateful to have the comfortable “breasts” made of my own tissue, so that I can feel “at home” in my body after cancer.

Review №8

Dr. Sullivan’s and the entire staff are amazing. They understand that this journey is hard enough so they really make you feel at home when you’re away from home especially during this Covid-19 era. I would recommend 1000%.

Review №9

Incredibly healing experience. They took good care of my medical needs while giving my a great cosmetic outcome. Im so thankful for their efforts to squeeze me in as an active cancer patient and the way they started from the beginning when we met, leaving all options open and it to me until the day before surgery. Beautiful clean facility. More like a spa with all the medical needs. So much nicer than a high stress traditional hospital with rushed doctors/staff, alarms, illnesses and smelling like urine.

Review №10

5 star staff, results and care. Can’t believe it took me this long to find...would never go anywhere else. Thank you all❤️

Review №11

I have never written a review of anything, ever. I have composed reviews, of my experience at the Center, many times and discarded them. I will complete this review. I had reconstruction in June 2018 with follow up November 2018, after having had a mastectomy four years earlier in my home state of Florida in April 2014. My experience at the Center was wonderful. Dr. Sullivan and Dr. Wise were outstanding. I did express to Dr. Wise my gratitude and still have the feeling of deep gratitude. I am especially grateful that I am free of the prosthesis I had to use for four years. I have no scars, only suture lines, which will disappear in time. They, the Doctors, are true geniuses with scalpels. My oncologist, Dr. Paresh Patel, of Tallahassee, Fl., was very impressed with their work and plans to pass along that opinion. I am deeply grateful to the Doctors and staff of the Clinic and Hospital for the great good care I received as a patient there. I want to express a special Thank You to Catherine Cousins who is a wonderful nurse. Thank you for calming me during an anxiety attack brought on by stress. I will never forget the calm and professional manner with which you brought me to understand what was happening to my body. Again, I thank you Catherine Cousins. Every staff member I came into contact with had a wonderful demeanor and teamwork ruled. Im simply not better equipped to express my full and deep gratitude to everyone I met during my incredible journey through reconstruction. I will always be deeply grateful to everyone at The Center for Restorative Breast Surgery. Again, a special thanks to Dr. Sullivan and Dr. Wise. Thank you everyone!

Review №12

My experience at CRBS was the best that I have experienced throughout my Breast cancer diagnosis and reconstruction. Drs are top notch and compassionate and work as a team to give you the best outcome. I traveled from Atlanta to have my surgery here. Wish I had know about them 9 years ago! Highly recommend!

Review №13

Messed up my daughters breasts (twice) Dr Trahan, hes a horrible surgeon, and we arent the only ones to work you, the reader. And then they later ruined her credit. Even though it was paid for by insurance. And they never cared about her or what they did, only money. Horrible, horrible place. AVOID!!!

Review №14

I would not recommend unless you live in New Orleans. You only get to see the doctor once or twice and never have interaction with him later. PAs are excellent but if you have issues dealing long distance is really a hassle. My doctor must have had a bad day because he not only did not listen to my wishes on size and volume but actually raised his voice to me like I was a child. The facility and staff and hospital are world class but my experience was terrible with doctor and surgery. Outcome was nothing like I expected or was told. Sorry I ever went there.P.S. Adding an addendum to my original post because of a faithfulPA and social worker that helped me find another doctor at the Center who was willing to take over my case and had a completely different experience. After one appointment and one surgery Dr. Sullivan knew what needed to be done and corrected all the former mistakes. Saw him several times after surgery and he explained so much more than any other doctor previously seen. Would highly recommend him and his staff.

Review №15

I had surgery in 2018 with Dr. Trahan. I cant warn you enough not to have surgery with this man. I find him confusing, a slick salesman, and an avoider. You can find other patients with similar accounts online. I arranged my whole life around the surgery, and he wanted to cancel the day before because he works on vibe and had an instinct. One side didnt get enough blood. This happens a lot with him and other doctors. I believe it happened in the hospital when they kept forcing me into this painful small garment. I also think he knew because Ive seen notes from the hospital indicating it. He then proceeded to tell me everything was fine and safe, based on ultrasounds and photos, for months, gaslighting me. Another doctor (and then 2 more) diagnosed on SIGHT that it would need to be removed. Trahan then avoided calling me back for a month and then dropped me as a patient. Ive heard the same from about 10 other patients now - that the hospital ditched them things went wrong. Patients who spend their entire life savings. They also destroy or dont complete medical records, because mine included literally nothing and had left and right mixed up. Dr. Trahan also makes up stories about why he cant help people or he tells people that the bad result has only happened once in 13 years. Hes told that to multiple people. I have lived with terrible pain since because removing it leaves me with nothing. I wrote a blog about my experience, and the doctor threatened to sue me. Lol. Over an accurate blog about a terrible doctor. They are extremely vigilant about trying to remove negative removes. They removed my yelp review several times. That should say a lot. Other women dont share their negative reviews, because the patient community is like a cult, but we all talk. You can get the same surgery a lot of other places. They will try to convince you otherwise, but I promise. You can still find my blog. I dare them to sue me. Its 100% accurate. Trahan is the very worst.

Review №16

Dr. Trahan performed a miracle for me. In 2016 he corrected my breast cancer reconstruction after 4 reconstruction failures by doctors in Michigan. In 2016 he took skin, vein and tissue from my bottom/hips and created breasts where no other reconstruction had successfully survived. One year later in 2017, he revised, beautified and perfected his first surgery. I am now a 7 year survivor and yes, you can have a beautiful body at 54 after cancer. Dr. Trahan is an awesome doctor and also a sweet man! Thank you for everything Dr. Trahan!

Review №17

Great experience. Doctors and staff are very professional! Facility is top notch!! Nurses were wonderful. Have nothing but fabulous comments about this place. The “Ritz-Carlton” of hospitals.

Review №18

Could not ask for a more caring group of professional.Dr Trahan has been great The PAs,anesthesia providers and nursing staff have been fantastic. I would highly recommed this center

Review №19

I had a Prophylactic Bilateral Mastectomy DIEP and Oophorectomy at the Center with Dr. Sullivan in 2012. I cannot imagine going anywhere else. This place is the BEST OF THE BEST!!!

Review №20

Both my experiences with Dr. Sullivan and staff ad the Center were remarkable! I, too, would give them 10 stars if possible. I feel as though I have a new life now that my body has been restored..... Amazing Angels!!!

Review №21

The display of good character goes beyond the workplace here. Dr. Chris Trahan recently helped me resolve a vehicle issue on the Northshore. With his help, I was able to get to work and go about my day. The display of compassion by Chris to unselfishly help others, especially strangers, should give you full confidence in knowing that you will be in good hands should you choose this establishment to take care of your needs. I am sure the kindness of Chris spreads throughout his co-workers as well.

Review №22

Excellant surgeons, beautiful facility, but choose wisely. If you havent finish all treatments and anything may push youre second phase into the new year and you have a high out of pocket, out of net work deductable, i.e. $14,700, youll have to come up with it again to finish the job causing alot of stress and financial hardship. My daughters collage tuition was more important to me than the perfect figure. Found a wonderful surgeon, in network, to finish.

Review №23

Had bilateral mastectomy and immediate DIEP flap reconstruction with Dr Ordoyne and Dr Dellacroce with Dr Wise assisting in 2017. Fabulous results, can wear a skimpy bikini and no scars show, feel great, retained skin sensation over most of my breasts, and unless I show you where to look, you don’t even notice/see the scars. The PSs here are artists as well as surgeons. The before and after photos on their website are the real deal. The care I received at the office and at the St Charles hospital next door was how healthcare should be but sadly isn’t in most of the US. Top notch all the way + an icee machine! If you’re thinking about going here, you’re on the right path. It is NOT uncommon to travel for this surgery in general. They have someone on staff that can help you with travel arrangements including discounts and upgrades with extra benefits at area hotels. There are also options for staying at no charge at the nearby Hope Lodge and there are Angel Flights typically available as well to get to LA and back home. Worth every penny and every minute of travel. No regrets and would do it again in a heartbeat.

Review №24

I had Breast Cancer in 2003, double mastectomies, chemo and reconstruction with implants. Multiple problems with the implants, found out about this Top Notch Center in 4/19/2019 discussed surgery to remove implants with Dr David Cabiling with APEX DIEP 5/30/19, and wow what a difference, I feel so much better and the results are amazing. The Center for Restorative Breast Surgery is an incredible place, and I couldn’t have had a better experience with the St Charles Surgical Hospital. Have Phase 2 coming up in a few months with Dr David Cabiling as well.

Review №25

The most amazing facility, physicians and health care providers I have ever had the pleasure to work with. I would give them 10 stars if I could!

Review №26

As a Critical Care certified Clinical Nurse Specialist (and RN), following 2 complex micro vascular surgeries here @ CRBS, remain amazed at and highly recommend St. Charles Surgical Center along with the Center for Restorative Breast Surgery as Worldwide unique and World renowned professionals with outstanding focus and expertise related to genetic (BRAC +) Restoration.Tough stuff....tough expertise to address and refine!

Review №27

This is the place to go to for breast reconstruction. I had multiple surgeries that failed (to no fault of the physician) at another center. I went to NO feeling hopeless and left feeling like I was starting to be put back together thansk to Dr. Sullivan and Dr. Trahan.I can not say enough positive things about my experience. My only regret was that I didnt begin at the Breast restoration center.

Review №28

Wonderful clinic great Doctors and best staff!!

Review №29

Dr. D did my surgery about 4 years ago and he is the best. You wont find more amazing care and staff than here.

Review №30

They really care about you. I would recommend to anyone.

Review №31

Dr. Trayan destroyed my wife

Review №32

Terrible experience horrible breaast reconstruction now i am worst than before!

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