Aishas Salon & Spa
5864 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77057, United States
Review №1

Customer service at the front desk is not the best, could use training in that area but my experiences with Afsaneh have been the absolute best. She threads my eyebrows to a beautiful shape. Price is affordable and the location is perfect.

Review №2

Would not recommend this place!! I went in for a wax today and I still had very long and noticeable hairs left behind! Very poor quality work. First and last time doing business with these people! I will be taking my business back to Ruby’s Salon.Ps: If you haven’t been to Ruby’s Salon, please give them a try before doing business at this place.

Review №3

Nice staff! Eyebrows were threaded to perfection! I plan to return to this location.

Review №4

Super affordable, clean place, good about walk-ins, kind staff, and quick. Raila is the best!

Review №5

My eyebrows were done correctly. Thank you

Review №6

Very clean and beautiful spacious establishment. I only go see Bani for my eyebrows. She is so awesome and takes her time to make sure your eyebrows are flawless.

Review №7

I discovered this place a while back when covid hadnt hit yet and I really really liked it. It was the beginning of march and i got waxing services and thread on the face. Wheb the pandemic struck I didnt get anything done for months and barely went back around september and wow!!! what a fantastic service I received!!! The lady shaped my eyebrows nicely and for a very reasonable price. I went back again yesterday and I think Ill keep going because all of the ladies that work there do a fantastic job in my opinion!

Review №8

I always go to this places for doing my eyebrows, I live far in cypress but I like how they do it, today I tried to do my hair and that was a disaster, she doesnt know how to to do black hair, if you dont know just say not! I paid $78 dollars and the cashier only said Im sorry, really? I spent 2 hours and I left looking like a crazy Lady and you will let me pay the whole price for something that you see dont look good? But thats ok. I will show how my hair looks when is straight and how to look when I left from this place. I never go back to this place, ever! Pd the lady is really nice but overall Im really disappointed with my hair and the administration.

Review №9

Lady answered very politely over the phone.

Review №10

I will not recommend anyone here. What a waste of money n time.

Review №11

Very bad customer service, I got there a 6:50, they close at 7:00 pm. As soon as I walked in the door, they even said hello, she said to me “we are closing, do you have cash, no cash no service” that was very rude

Review №12

I love Aishas but not this location. Apparently it is privately owned and does not treat you like the other Aishas salons do. I went in for eyebrow threading. At the end they put the lotion or aloe vera on and do the temple massage (my favorite part) which literally only lasts a few seconds. But that last part is everything to me. I asked if she would and she had no idea what I was talking about. They also dont honor the rewards stamp cards for eyebrows and massages. They run different specials from the other Aishas.I would avoid this location. Not good customer service.

Review №13

I love this place! It’s a true gem. In 2016 when I moved to this part of Houston I came in and the first person that ever attended me is Ansar and I have always gone back to her ever since— my eyebrows come out perfect every time. Everyone is professional and kind. I recommend this place to all my friends; three of them have become regulars.

Review №14

I am so thankful for finding Ms. Rahila. She fixed my eyebrows after they were a complete mess and she continues to do a phenomenal job every time I come to her. Her facials are also amazing, so relaxing and refreshing. On top of all that she is a super sweet and attentive person. Highly recommend!

Review №15

I love it. My second time getting my eyebrows threaded and my first time getting a facial because they had a really great deal going on. I saw they have even more deals going on for other services. I think thats really awesome not sure how often they have them though as this was only my 2nd visit and I wasnt paying attention the first time.

Review №16

Rahila is hands down the most amazing eyebrow specialist that I have yet to find here in Houston. I’ve been coming to her for over 3 years now and I will not go to anyone else(Even if it means going bushy for a few extra days than I’d like to). She’s worth the wait and she never disappoints. Facility is clean receptionist is always welcoming and friendly.

Review №17

I only go to Aisha’s and refer women to them all the time for services. The prices are very reasonable and the ladies are great! I go for threading and have had my eyebrows, chin and cheeks done. I don’t usually go to a specific person (they are ALL great) but Afsaneh has taken care of me on numerous occasions and she does great work! I would definitely refer this location

Review №18

Afsaneh is the best ever! I already been three years getting with her to do my eyebrows, upper lips and Brazilian wax. No complaints at all. I have being travel all the way from Lake Charles just to get on her hands. Absolutely the best. Excellent customer service.

Review №19

I’ve been going to this place for more than 3 years and I’ve always been pleased with the service. This is my go-to place for eyebrow and upper lip hair threading. All the ladies are nice and friendly. Special mention to Afsaneh who always does a great job on my eyebrows. I highly recommend this place.

Review №20

I have been coming to Aisha’s for almost 10 years and Rahila normally does my eyebrows for me and makes me look fabulous! She is so kind and patient and really good at making my eyebrows look the best shape possible. She is also very good at letting me know when to leave as-is to allow time for hair to grow to get a better shape. I am relocating to Austin and hope to find someone as amazing as her!

Review №21

Love the service and facials. Definitely recommend Khishwar, she spent time her on the facial and did an amazing job!! Truly felt like I received high quality service. My mother and grandmother also love her and always ask for her, I leave the salon happy every time and have referred Ashe salon to many friends.

Review №22

This was my first time getting my eyebrows threaded and Bani was amazing!! She calmed me down when I was nervous. My eyebrows came out perfect. 10/10 recommended!

Review №23

I’ve been coming to Aisha’s on Westheimer for over 2 years. A girlfriend of mine told me to come here and get my eyebrows threaded. Let me tell you, Afsaneh is my girl! She gets my brows the exact way I want them EVERY TIME. No matter where I move in Houston, I will always keep this my home for eyebrows. Thank you!!

Review №24

Rahila is amazing! I enjoy the wonderful work she does. She is very precise and meticulous on her threading. I would recommend her to anyone. Plus, she is so sweet.

Review №25

This is definitely my go-to place for eyebrows. I’ve been going here for 3+ years and ever since I constantly get compliments on my brows! Afsaneh is amazing at what she does!

Review №26

I always come here for my eyebrows threading and always ask for Bani. She is VERY professional and always know how to make the best looking eyebrows! Not everyone know how to thread an eyebrow without hurting you, But she does! I Never experienced a painful threading experience with her. You should all try her once and you will never go with anyone else!

Review №27

Rahila did my facial, skin polish and it was great. I was very happy with it, she gave me a lot of good tips for skin! I will definitely come back here.

Review №28

Aishas is my go to place and Afsaneh is my girl!! She does such a great job doing my eyebrows and upper lip. I have gone to her for such a long time now. Definitely worth going here.

Review №29

I’ve gone 4 different times and tried 4 different ladies and they are not good for thick eyebrows. They don’t do leave my eyebrows neat. There’s always stray hairs when I’m done. I just moved here from California and am on the hunt for an amazing eyebrow lady to be completely loyal to. Unfortunately, they were not found at this location. I’ll try other locations.

Review №30

Ansar is amazing! Painless, quick, and awesome facial massage to complete the service. I’ve been a patron for several years and have always had great service every time I come

Review №31

Afsaneh does an excellent job, she is on station 5, have been coming here for a few months and I planning on doing so.Great customer service and friendly staff.Clean location as well.

Review №32

This is a great place. People are here helpful, kind and give you what you want. I love Afsaneh’s work. She fixed my eyebrows stylish way and how i wanted. Now i have even thicker eyebrows and loving them. Thank you so much Afsaneh!!

Review №33

Mary was wonderful! I came in for a hair color to refresh my color before taking engagement photos. It turned out wonderful and I couldn’t be happier!

Review №34

I’ve been going to the Westheimer location for over a year. The place is clean and in a convenient location. Rahila does my eyebrows, and she does an amazing job! Highly recommend!

Review №35

I love how Ansar do my eyebrows. She dedicate time to perform the service and make sure you are satisfied. I recommend her to anyone.

Review №36

Super friendly staff. Bani is awesome, always give me the best service ever. You should give them a try!

Review №37

I always come here to get my eyebrows threaded. They are very friendly and have great customer service. I would recommend Afsaneh, she always does such a great job on my eyebrows!

Review №38

Aisha’s Salon on Westheimer is my go to place for perfect eyebrows! I always walk out happy because of the professional service and lovely personalized eyebrow consultation. Ask for Pooja she’s awesome and will make you look amazing!

Review №39

Its a very good place for threading. Im very happy with my eyebrows. Miss Kishwar has done a wonderful job. Highly recommend her to everyone.

Review №40

Afsaneh is awesome. Very professional and experienced. I always get appointments with her for different type of services such as eyebrows, upper lips, .... . She is so sweet. Highly recommended.

Review №41

I have been going to Afsaneh for years. She does an amazing job with my eyebrows!! Everyone who I have referred to her loves her too.

Review №42

Afsaneh is simply the best! She threads and tints my brows perfectly. I would recommend her without hesitation.

Review №43

I exclusively do my eyebrows with Ansar, and schedule my eyebrow schedule with her work schedule - she’s that great!! As a woman blessed with lots of eyebrow to work with she gives me the best shape!! I won’t go to anyone else!

Review №44

Afsaneh was amazing! She took her time and made sure my eyebrows were exactly what I wanted. Definitely recommend asking for her!

Review №45

If you are looking for the best place to get your eye brows threaded look no further, call Aieshas Salon (Westheimer location) and ask for Afsaneh. She is such a perfectionist and does an amazing job EVERY time! I would not go to anyone else now that I have found her!

Review №46

This is my favorite threading salon. Ansar does an amazing job and I always get compliments on my eyebrows. Ansar Is very talented and I have minimum pain when she does my threading. She is also very sweet!! Be sure to ask for her when you come to this location. All the ladies are really nice!!

Review №47

I moved to this neighborhood about 3 years ago and I’ve found this location of Aisha’s and have been coming here ever since. Afsenah (apologize for incorrect spelling) gets me right every time. I’ve even recommended my friends to her and they love her too. Just ask for chair #5!

Review №48

Afsaneh is such a sweet person. She always has positive energy when I visit the salon to have my brows done. Im completely satisfied with her work when shes finished. I love to recommend Afsaneh to everyone who needs a brow stylist.

Review №49

Came to clean up eyebrows and had a great experience with Bimala. Most of the time, when I tell them not to reshape and only clean, they end up messing up my shape. Bimala did a great job of only doing what I asked for. I appreciate that!!

Review №50

Amazing work👌 I have had high quality service with Afsaneh for many years now and I have nothing but great things to say 😍 My eyebrows look fabulous, my underarms stay smooth and of course the Brazilian wax job she does is perfect! You can trust Aishas Salon & Spa will do a great job; highly recommended!!!

Review №51

Rahila is the absolute best! I’ve been coming to her for years for facial waxing and eyebrow tinting. I actually moved about 40mins from this location but make sure that no one touches my eyebrows until I can get on this side of town for her to bless my eyebrows. She is so detailed and simply put the best! My eye brows have never looked this great!

Review №52

Great salon for haircuts and hair color with reasonable prices. Ask for Afsaneh. She is the best!

Review №53

Rahila is awesome!! I have been coming to this saloon for over 5 years to do my brows. I always get compliments about them.

Review №54

I have been going to Aisha’s for YEARS. Sadly summer 2018 I moved away from Houston but I couldn’t trust anyone else to touch my eyebrows as much as talented lovely Ansar. So even in the last 1.5 years I was thankful to visit Houston enough times (flying from LA and Boston) to fit in my eyebrow visits with Ansar at Aisha’s. She’s magnificent, patient, detail-oriented and supremely talented!

Review №55

Afsaneh is amazing. I drive 30 minutes every 10 day just so she can thread my eyebrows. She is worth the Westheimer traffic. My eyebrows look so amazing I never even have to wear makeup. She is fast, clean and very skilled. She can customize any eyebrow shape to fit your face and doesnt just do one look for the current trend. Afsaneh and all the ladies here are very pleasant and talented. I will come here as long as I live in Texas.

Review №56

I’m so happy with Bimla she leaves my eyebrows just the way I asked. Plus she’s very nice and takes her time! Thank

Review №57

Ive been coming here for eyebrow threading for several years and always go to Raheela she is THE BEST. I like my eyebrows thick and identical and she does such a good job. She has never let me down and is always nice. If youre wanting eyebrow threading Raheela is great.

Review №58

I just got my eyebrows Done by Afsaneh in Aisha’s salon.She is been doing my eyebrows last 15 years. I just LOVE ❤️ IT. she is very talented and dose an amazing eyebrows shape.

Review №59

I visited this location because it was close to my home, took a chance & NO regrets. Pooja was GREAT!!! Shes only there on Wed & Thurs from 10am-7pm but those days & times work for me (prepares me for the weekend & enough time to get off work)--

Review №60

I’ve been coming here for a few years now and get my brows done with Ansar. I’m always greeted when I come in and the staff is friendly. I’m usually a walk-in and depending on the time of day there’s a wait for her, but I don’t mind.

Review №61

I had a really bad eyebrow experience at another place in the Galleria area 8 months ago and havent had my eyebrows done since. I saw all of the great reviews about Afsaneh and decided to take a chance and I am so glad I did! Not only did she do an amazing job, she was very quick as well. I was so happy with the results I couldve cried lol. Happy to say I have finally found my new regular eyebrow person :)

Review №62

Salon open at 12pm everybody that’s working there on LUNCH BREAK!!! Unprofessional!!!!! Me and one other girl just waiting while the chatter!!! unprofessional Will never go there ever again, MIND YOU THEY OPEN AT 12pm ALL THE WORKING EATING LUNCH AT 2pm ! Unbelievable

Review №63

I definitely recommend Afsaneh for threading eyebrows and upper lip. She’ll blow your mind and she is very careful and listens to her customers’ needs!

Review №64

Ive been coming here for probably 2 yrs Afsaneh, has always been taking care of me from very thin eyebrows to fuller eyebrows. I definitely recommend this place the ladies are quick and friendly.

Review №65

I’ve been going to this Aisha’s location for almost three years now- Afsaneh is the person I trust the most when it comes to my eyebrows looking their best or when it comes to fixing them if they got messed up by going elsewhere. She takes her time while threading and even tweezes stray hairs after (something that I’ve barely seen done at other threading studios). The welcome staff is very friendly and overall the studio is a clean and pleasant place to be.

Review №66

NEVER go for your hair. Looks like people like their threading service but hair services are horrendous! She seriously ruined my hair. I only asked for a slight layered trim, keeping my original long length. Now to fix it, I have to go get my hair CUT really short at another decent place for an acceptable look.Very poorly done. Their prices arent even cheap to expect such lousy work!!(written by my wife)

Review №67

I’ve been coming to this Aisha’s for a little over a year and I always go to Afsaneh for anything I need and she does a fantastic job EVERY time. I’m not keen on appointments so I’ll sit and wait for her, which doesn’t take long, it’s a very efficient salon. I will always come back to get any of my threading/facial needs. Never disappoints! Thanks Afsaneh and the ladies in the salon, great work!

Review №68

Mehri always does a great job when I come in for an eyebrow wax. She takes her time and double checks her work to make sure I have a nice looking shape!

Review №69

Afsaneh does my threading and waxing she does a great job. I am very picky because before coming here my eyebrows are damaged from years of over plucking but she is so gentle & precise she makes sure that they are neat & not over done . Also she is always smiling and so nice .. Try her out you will be very happy 😃

Review №70

Afsaneh has been doing my eyebrows and upper lip every time i come & she’s been doing so well! i have thick eyebrows and trust a small amount of people to touch them and she’s one of them!

Review №71

I went to this salon today and It was very disappointing. The staff are pretty friendly and nice but I totally disagree with the service. I have to wait about 25 minutes for someone to take me, she didn’t wash my hair properly, she didn’t dry my hair right, after 30 min my hair was very puffy and the worst thing was that they charged me $60. They were very nice but I think if they will charge that kind of money they have to do a professional job. I never will go back.

Review №72

Bani is my favorite here! I am very picky about my eyebrows because I have a bad cut (stitches) on one of my eyebrows but Bani does an amazing job. I’m so happy with their service

Review №73

Sunday was my first time coming here. I got my eyebrows threaded and the woman who did them was awesome! She gave me tips on how to shape my eyebrows and she was very helpful. The price was amazing as well!!!

Review №74

Great place. -Fadya Basharahil

Review №75

I’ve been getting my eyebrows done here for years with RAHILA and she’s AMAZING. I HIGHLY recommend her.

Review №76

I have been coming to Aishas for years now! Rahila is my go to person she takes her time and leaves your eyebrows flawless! Definitely recommend this place.

Review №77

Afsaneh is great!! She always does my eyebrows great!! Very clean place always great service

Review №78

Love this place! Afsaneh does a great a job with my eyebrows every time.

Review №79

Just left and look like a clown. the audacity for the lady to asked if i liked it. save your money and your brows.

Review №80

My Girlfriend comes here and goes to Afsaneh, she does an amazing job with her eyebrows and hair. Highly recommended!

Review №81

This Is my number 1 go to for my eyebrows and hair, I always work with Mery She is very profesional and experienced with what she do the best. My hair is way healthier after a year working with hair regularly, she is very knowledgeable in her field.

Review №82

Rahila is simply the best I’ve been coming to this location for 6 years now! Because I moved a couple times I was forced to find a salon in Austin, but it was a fail and now I only have them done when I’m in town and only by Rahila! Seriously she’s the best 👏

Review №83

I visited this location for the first time today while visiting Houston. The front desk person acknowledged me when I walked in; however, she appeared stern..almost as if the niceness was being forced. Afsaneh threaded my face and she did a fantastic job on me. The price is more compared to what I normally pay in Dallas, but the person who attended to me was great. The front desk lady checked me out and again, her body language wasnt welcoming but it might just be her personality. Overall, I got the service I needed. Its a ladies only establishment..

Review №84

Rahila does the best eyebrow threading and the most painless waxing. Definitely not going anywhere else.

Review №85

Very professionalThe salon is always cleanMary is my beautician- she does my threading, waxing and hair color services.I get lots of good comments for my hair !!

Review №86

Rahila is the best.. have been coming here for 2 years and won’t go anywhere else for threading. (:

Review №87

Bimala never disappoints! I have been coming to this spot for about 6 months and my eyebrows are always perfect because of her.

Review №88

Rahila always does a great job with my eyebrows and listens to what I want! I highly recommend her!

Review №89

I’ve been going to this Salon for a while now. Rahila and Ansar are the best people to go to for eyebrows. In my opinion, they’re the best in town.

Review №90

Amazing henna and perfectly threaded eyebrows! I love this place.

Review №91

Rahila is the manager at the Westheimer location and she is AMAZING. She slayed my brows and I refuse to let anyone else touch them. So glad I found this place and her!

Review №92

Mehree is the best hairstyle I have ever been. Thank you for all your work😊

Review №93

Just had a great Brazillian wax by Rahila. She was so professional and I had a great experience. I will be back on a regular bases.

Review №94

Me and my mom have been working with Miss. Ansar for eye brows/threading for more than a year.. Miss. Ansar is extremely competent and professional. She is detail oriented and dedicated to her work. It’s been truely a pleasure to work with her. Highly recommended!!!.

Review №95

I recommend Asfaneh if you ever visit this location, she’s extremely nice and does everything exactly how you want it, and she never fails to recommend the right products for my face.

Review №96

Am in love with this salon, and the staff specially one of them her name is Ansar i cant like describe her in one review really she is the best in everything eyebrows threading, make up, hairstyles. i dont trust anyone other than her to do my eyebrows she is perfect on that and so fast , plus she is so nice and friendly and so pretty women, i advise you guys go to Aishas salon and ask for Ansar i hope all the best for her..

Review №97

Bimal did my brows really well. Would recommend going to her again.

Review №98

Rahila, the manager, is absolutely wonderful! She has really helped me groom the brow shape I’ve been wanting as I’ve had past years of other people messing up my shape. Have been coming to her for years and my brows would be awful without her!!!!

Review №99

Great job with threading eyebrows!

Review №100

My significant other made an appointment for me here - Im growing my hair out, trying to achieve a more representative presentation, and I think she figured this place would be perfect because they cater specifically to women.I guess she didnt get or give enough details - despite explaining several times that ladies only is fine, because that matches the types of hairstyles Im desiring, first one woman and then her boss patronizingly explained things like what makes a lady a lady and what makes a man a man, and basically told me I was confused and/or wrong, and needed to get help, though it wouldnt be from Aishas Salon & Spa.Not 1-star, because their policy is pretty obviously listed on the door. But there were many ways they could even have refused service without stooping to the condescension and contempt I ended up getting.Give this one a pass if you care about equality, inclusion, LGBT support, etc.

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