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I was diagnosed with Idiopathic Interstitial Lung Disease in Feb. 2019, and I contacted Dr Bob Xu. He offered me an treatment of diet and herbal tea which has cleared my lungs up. He was willing to work with my western doctors, which was great. In June 2019, I unfortunately got shingles of left side of face. Dr Xu had a herbal poultice I put on shingle spots. Almost immediately, they stopped hurting, spreading, and healing. It took about 3 weeks of putting poultice on, but no scarring at all and it worked like a charm.I would recommend Dr Xu to everyone I know. Instead of prednisone to treat conditions, he uses herbs. They work as good, if not better, and no side effects.Great doctor!!

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My uncle purchased treatment for cancer from “Dr.” Bob Xu and it was THE BIGGEST SCAM I’ve ever witnessed in my life. Treatments were expensive and ineffective. Please DO NOT deal with this man. I do not believe he is a doctor. My uncle passed away and Xu did not even bother to send the family a text sending his respect. I hope no one else is scammed like this. DO NOT deal with Bob Xu!

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Dr.Bob has been my primary care doctor for three years and I couldnt be happier.I have spondylosis problems since 2000, because I had to work long time at the front of my computer during the day without enough exercise. I tried many different way to relieve symptoms of pain and dizziness. They all worked at the beginning, but after a period of time. They cant work anymore and my symptoms were getting worse and worse. So I have to try another way.My friend told me I should talk with Dr.Bob to see if he can help me. After 2 treatments, my symptoms were totally gone. I cant believe that it could happen but its real. So if you have same problem as mine, go to talk with Dr. Bob. You will never regret the decision you make today. By the way, his Cold & Flu treatment is amazing too. I love it so much.

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I have been an ACMA patient for more than 18 years seeking treatments from Dr. Bob Xu for many different diseases and health issues from cold, flu, back, leg and abdominal pain to digestive issues, memory loss, high blood pressure, heart disease, and cancer, etc. My experiences with ACMA treatments for these diseases and issues were very positive and successful. Due to space limit, following I will only focus on my cancer treatment experience with Dr. Bob Xu at ACMA.In May 2015 I was diagnosed with stage IV Non-Hodgkins lymphoma‎. Ultrasound, CT, and biopsy showed I had about 10 cancer tumors spreading all over at my neck, chest, lungs, liver, abdomen, and kidneys, etc. The largest tumor was in my left abdomen with a size of 10 cm. Blood tests showed I had kidney failure too.Since the cancer had already metastasized all over my body, it was too late to do surgery. Oncologist recommended me to do chemotherapy asap. I tried chemo for only one day, and got severe side effects from the one days chemo. I got extremely tired, too weak to drive, felt dizzy, had no energy, and got severe pain from ribcage to abdomen, back, groin, and hip. I couldnt sleep, was very nauseous, vomiting, and lost appetite. I felt I would die of chemo if I continued with it. Therefore, I decided to quit chemo and try ACMA cancer treatment with Dr. Bob Xu instead.Shortly after taking ACMA cancer treatment from Dr. Bob Xu, my cancer pains started subsiding, the dizziness, nausea and vomiting were going away. My energy came back, appetite returned, and my sleep got improved. I was able to drive and go back to work, and could resume a normal life.Since starting ACMA cancer treatment, the ultrasound and CT scans showed all the cancer tumors throughout my body started shrinking, and gradually they had disappeared one after another. On May 8, 2017, a new CT scan shows that all 10 cancer tumors I had before ACMA treatment started at my neck, chest, lungs, liver, abdomen, kidneys, etc. locations were completely gone. I am so happy that I have become cancer free through ACMA cancer treatment without surgery, chemo, or radiation therapy.In addition, my kidney failure is gone too after receiving ACMA treatment with Dr. Bob Xu. Now more than four years have passed, I feel excellent and no one believes I used to be a terminal stage IV cancer patient. My personal cancer-fighting experience shows Dr. Bob Xu has saved my life, and ACMA cancer treatment is a very effective and safe cancer treatment, which could help many cancer patients like me.Since then, I have referred many relatives and friends to ACMA to receive treatments from Dr. Xu. Like what I experienced at ACMA, my relatives and friends with many diseases such as memory loss, Parkinsons disease, breast cancer, lung cancer, and esophageal cancer, etc.also have been very effectively treated by Dr. Bob Xu at ACMA. I am very happy to see their conditions improving and becoming cancer free now.Virginia W.Illinois

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I would like to share my personal experience with ACMA treatment. In past six months, due to frequent international business trips, I have been struggling with jet lag, insomnia, and increased stress from work pressure. I also have menopausal issues, menstrual disorders, loss of appetite, extreme fatigue, and my physical strength has decreased significantly. I have become extremely sensitive and irritated, and lost temper very easily. Sometimes I felt inexplicably sad and tearful. The menstruation was delayed for nearly two weeks, and constipation appeared. My ten fingers were numb and tingling every morning and I felt very uncomfortable overall.So I went to see Dr. Bob Xu and started taking ACMA treatment. Two days after taking Dr. Bob Xu’s treatment, my menstruation came, I felt a lot better, and the constipation has been improved. Three days after starting Dr. Xu’s treatment, the feeling of flustering, upsetting, and thirsty are gradually disappearing, my appetite has returned, energy level is improving, and finger numbness and tingling feeling are going away. I feel that I am getting better every day, and my mood has become as calm and peaceful as I used to be. So I am able to calm down and handle more complicated work.I do believe in Chinese Medicine and appreciate Dr. Xu. If I get sick, I would go to see Dr. Xu first and he always has the right treatment for me and help me recover quickly.ChristineChicago, IL

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Dr. Xu:I thank you very much for undertaking the task of removing my keloids (they were in the devastated condition).20 years ago I had looked around for doctor who could remove my keloids. No one could do it in this area. One doctor in Peru told me that he could do it. It would take 8 months and would be painful. So the idea of removing the keloids had been out of my mind.However, my God is very good to me. He knows my keloids problem. He led me to you. He assigned the job of removing my keloids to you. He also prepared me a nurse whom I get along.God is very good to me. I thank you very much. 我非常謝謝你!Above are thoughts in my mind (how I look at the whole thing).Christina

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