Jings Acupuncture and Massage
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Review №1

I lost mobility in my right arm, and was unable to raise it beyond shoulder height.I spent considerable time in physical therapy, but the progress was slow. Within one visit I was able to raise my arm above my head for the first time in months, and within three visits I regained most of the mobility in my arm.Its still a little stiff, but at this point I am able to use the arm fully.I highly recommend her practice, and cant speak highly enough of her abilities.

Review №2

Dr. Jing is amazing! I went to get acupuncture for anxiety, depression, and tinnitus. She uncovered other issues to help me with like circulation issues, sleep problems, and digestive issues. The acupuncture has significantly helped all of my issues with just two sessions. Dr. Jing is knowledgeable, friendly, and gentle. I’m so grateful and I highly recommend Dr. Jing!

Review №3

I would highly recommend Dr Li.She has helped me with various problems threw out the years.Her office is very professional, extremely comfortable, clean and relaxing.Dr Li is extremely knowledgeable, kind, compassionate and caring.When you go to get treatment you feel 100% at ease.I am lucky to have found her and consider her a dear friend.If you are looking for a professional REAL acupuncturist call Dr Li you will not be disappointed.

Review №4

Dr.Jing does a thorough analysis of what my acupuncture needs are. I was having some digestive issues and felt much better with her acupuncture sessions and probiotics. I look forward to more sessions with her.

Review №5

Very positive experience! She is a very warm and caring person. very knowledgeable and thorough. helped my back pain quickly. Also helped manage my Raynauds syndrome. I have recommended her to some of my clients with back problems.

Review №6

Dr. Jin is an excellent Doctor. I saw him in his clinic because I had a join pain. He did acupuncture, which remove the pain soon.

Review №7

A very professional therapist, my chronic back pain (10 years)disappeared with few visits. I really recommend this place for any chronic problem.Thank you Dr. Jing

Review №8

Dr. Li is a true professional and can diagnose problems with your body that can be relieved naturally. I’ve been seeing her off and on for years. She has been able to relieve a problem with a couple sessions when medical doctors were unable. Thank you Dr. Li.

Review №9

Dr. Li is great. She knows what she is doing and is very welcoming.

Review №10

Dr Li eliminated my Plantar Fascia pain, and has helped with many problems over the years, She understands pain, and how to eliminate it. SHE IS GREAT!!

Review №11

Dr Li is one of the best Chinese Medicine doctors in Chicago Land.-Dr. Bai

Review №12

I was referred to Jings Acupuncture by my wife after I was looking for some relief from knee surgery and an arm/shoulder injury. I had immediate results from my first visit and continued my visits well after my knee and arm healed. Also, previous neck and upper back issues Ive had were gone as a benefit from treatments. I had never considered acupuncture treatments in the past, but after the results I have had from Dr. Li, I wish I would have started years ago.Dr. Li has very convenient office hours and and is very flexible on scheduling. Highly recommended.

Review №13

I have been recommending Dr Li to everyone. Dr. Li has helped so many friends and family. My husband was able to work an extra 2 years with her treatments to his back.I first went to Dr. Li by recommendation of a friend to try acupuncture for my sciatica pain. I literally could not sit for more than 30 mins without discomfort. Dr. Li eliminated this in 2 sessions!Thank you Jing Li

Review №14

Dr Jing is the best! Very kind, compassionate and knowledgeable. Her clinic is very clean and the wait time to see her is never long. Her fees for her services are very reasonable too.

Review №15

Dr Jing is very experienced. I have had 6 or 7 sessions and her treatment has been very effective. Worth trying if you are in 2 minds

Review №16

Treatments did some good, but the facilities and equipment were old and dirty.

Review №17

I have had severe back pain and tingling in my leg. I was at a loss as where to find relief. I did not want to take pain pills as I deal with patients daily and my mind needs to be sharp and focused. Pain medication seems to make me drowsy and disinterested.Dr Jing was very thorough in her initial evaluation and within a few weeks I was getting relief. After a few months, I was nearly pain free and the tingling sensation was completely gone.She is very caring. She listens to the complaint, finds the pressure points, and uses multiple stimulus in order to get relief.I would recommend her highly for anyone dealing with pain, seeking a solution without drugs.

Review №18

I am a former professional athlete and currently a coach, a teacher and I drive Uber. My body is in constant demand and in need of relaxation. Dr. Li has transformed my life from one of constant pain and stress to that of activity and calm. I first began seeing Dr. Li for treatment with a very hyperactive thyroid. I have 7 sever symptoms and with a combination of diet, herbs and her expert treatment with acupuncture, my blood tests are almost in the normal range!Her bedside manner is genuine and kind. She is a very special talent healer.Ive also had the good fortune of seeing her massage therapist, Mr. Shen who is also amazing and very technical with his massage and reflexology. His massage always relaxes me for the week and has allowed my legs to not feel sore when I wake up the next day.Lastly, Ive also been treated for sore muscles in my neck and lower back. Dr. Li uses an ancient yet effective technique called cupping that always relieves my soreness immediately.I am so grateful for Dr. Li and her well trained staff. They are wonderful people and extremely talented healers. I highly recommend that if you are hurting or have been afflicted with a serious aliment that you look no further and come see Dr. Li! You and your body will be so happy and you will begin to live life as you are meant to...pain free!~Ms. C. StoneChicago, Illinois.

Review №19

This review is for their foot acupressure service.I travelled to Singapore where foot masseuses are required to have studied Chinese pressure points, meridiens of the body and that was hands down the BEST FOOT MASSAGE Ive ever had. Ive been on the hunt to find something in the US ever since.There is a huge surgence of the $29/hour foot massage places. Ive been to at least 20 in DuPage County. Most of them lather lotion around on your feet for an hour. Its *NOT* the real thing. I am pretty sure none of them have studied properly or are licensed for actual pressure point massage.This place has licensed, educated foot acupressurists. At the time of this review, the price is $40 / hour. While you will say, hey thats way more than $29 / hour in the open foot massage places, I will tell you its worth it. When something is hurting in your foot, the acupressurist will tell you exactly the corresponding point in your body and what you need to do to relieve the issue.There are a couple of drawbacks. It is completely no frills environment -- very stark. But the service is great. The other thing is that the foot acupressurist is currently only available on Tues & Wed by appt only and they close at 7 pm. So if you work full time, it is challenging to try to schedule, but I guess that is the same w/ any specialist.If you are looking for a *real* Chinese medicine acupressure foot massage, this is the only place Ive found that comes even close to Asian educated and licensed acupressurists.

Review №20

Dr. Li is very knowledgeable. She has both western and Chinese medicine background besides the acupuncture practice. My son has eczema and she gave me lots of advice about diet. Thats very helpful. I would recommend her to somebody who is seeking acupuncure and eastern theraphy

Review №21

Very relaxing experience , very nice Dr. just a bit pricy to be doing once a week.

Review №22

I received 3 treatments for neuroma pain that remained following bunionectomy. I experienced noticeable relief following treatment. I intend to return for more treatments though it’s not covered by my insurance.

Review №23

I was very skeptical about accupuncture. Ive experienced lower back pain on and off for years. Sometimes to the point I couldnt stand. I could not believe the results I got from accupuncture. My back feels great again and Im not taking ANY muscle relaxants. I had a steroid injection scheduled but canceled because accupuncture worked so well for me. I would highly recommend Jings.

Review №24

Dr Jing is excellent, she listens to you about the problems you are having and then does her magic. I highly recommend Dr Jing she is a miracle worker.

Review №25

Dr Li has relieved my lower back pain. I didnt think I would ever feel as good as I do. I had the typical sciatica pain problems and after two sessions I felt relief. Mike

Review №26

Im very satisfied with the results of my therapy and I am comfortable with my Dr. I recommend you.

Review №27

I went to see Dr. Jing on the recommendation of a friend who went to her for relief of shoulder pain. I had suffered chronic knee pain due to hockey injuries and other activities over the years, After just the 1st treatment, I was amazed that for the 1st time in over a decade, I was able to sleep without the constant aching pain I had endured for so long. Within a few treatments, I was actually able to resume playing hockey. In addition, she focused on energy flow deficiencies which were causing insomnia, tinnitus, and other issues that I never thought were treatable. Dr. Jing is a very intuitive and dedicated medical professional with many years of experience. This doctor also rates very highly in terms of communication and bedside manner. Treatment is affordable and the office is modern and clean, conveniently located near Fox Valley Mall. If you have ever considered acupuncture, I highly recommend that you give Dr. Jing a call. It could very well improve the quality of your life.

Review №28

It worked for meI have very serious lower back pain issue for many years.Acupuncture released my pain only after few times treatment .I felt much better now.

Review №29

I have been a fan of Dr. Jing Li for over 2 years. She has helped me with a serious back issue and pain as well as tight neck/shoulders. I saw her once a week for a couple of months and then an average of every other week.Different things work for different people. For me a combination of weekly Massage, Acupuncture and Hot Yoga have not only eliminated my need for spinal fusion due to herniated discs, but they have made me pain free with better strength, flexibility and balance than I have had since childhood.Dr. Jing Li has been key to my overall recovery and conditioning. Im a BIG fan!Xie Xie!!

Review №30

I went in for tennis elbow and within several acupuncture sessions, the pain has subsided. Jing also recommended products that helped. Go see Jing!

Review №31

Absolutely amazing!! Worth the travel from Wisconsin!!! She is incredible, I am very pleased!!!

Review №32

I saw Dr. Li for a pinched sciatic nerve and her treatment was incredible. This was my first experience with acupuncture and I would recommend her service for anyone who needs help with pain management!

Review №33

Being going here for a few years!!! awesome experience!!!

Review №34

Dr. Jing is wonderful, very helpful.

Review №35

Gentle and cure

Review №36

Dr. Jing Li has helped my husband, as well as myself, numerous times over the last 15 years. Mostly for back and nerve pain that our primary doctors just wanted to provide drugs for. Thankfully for Dr. Li, we were able to heal properly and without any use of painkillers. Lifechanging!

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