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Review №1

Cody is one of, if not THE best health practitioners I have ever worked with. He not only has incredible knowledge about the body and years of experience in his practice, but also understands that his patients are multi-faceted and have a soul and spirit that needs tender care too. He has had the absolute best bedside manner in this very dark time of my life. I have rarely felt so well taken care of by someone in the health care industry and I do not say this lightly. I am so grateful to have been referred to him after having gotten injured with a severe concussion from a skiing accident this past February. I am still very much in the recovery process, but 4 months later, I am doing so much better. I believe this is mostly due to Codys careful care and attention to my health. He is also humble (acknowledging that he doesnt know it all or is an expert in all areas) by encouraging me to see my eye doctor, medical doctor, as well as getting into a neurologist when I wasnt improving as quickly as we hoped. Codys love for his practice and work is beyond evident and is a great gift to the Wichita community and surrounding areas.

Review №2

Bodyworx and Cody were the answer to a prayer. Work comp had chosen a physical therapist for me and I went 5 times. It was horrible and I was ready to quit. I called work comp and told them how horrible it was and they let me choose my next therapist. I googled “best physical therapist in Wichita” and that is where I found Bodyworx. The care, compassion and treatment I received were second to none. I began to make great strides with both movement and strength. I am so thankful for the support and care I received. I hate to think where I would be after rotator cuff surgery without them. I highly recommend!

Review №3

Dr. Damien, and Cody are both great. They take the time to find out what is really wrong, and then have the knowledge to treat the problem, and come to a good resolution. I would not hesitate to recommend either of them

Review №4

Helped a good deal with my inflamed sciatic nerve/piriformis muscle. A good experience. Thank you.

Review №5

I have been to Bodyworx on more than one occasion for multiple issues - e.g. Shoulders, Knee, etc... I recommend them to everyone that I can. The ability to simply call and book an appointment without a prescription is also a plus.Physical Therapist Cody Barnett was not only knowledgeable about my multiple knee problems, but he was also very encouraging throughout the whole recovery process. I started in early March 2021 limping into the office with a cane, but now I am, as of today, ~ 90% back to normal and just working on that last 10%. My chronic knee issues really subtracted a great deal from my quality of life.If you have a joint or tendon issue I highly recommend giving them a try.

Review №6

I had problems with my feet my whole life, and after one appointment, Cody saw the problem and fixed it! I can now enjoy my life pain free after walking for long periods of time.

Review №7

Cody Barnett was really helpful getting me back where I needed to be after a surgery. They were extremely flexible and were even able to do virtual appointments when I was not able to make it into the office.

Review №8

I had a problem with my shoulder for a long time, but here at bodyworx after 4 weeks I dont have any pain anymore.

Review №9

Ive been a daily runner my entire adult life, and started having chronic Achilles pain several years ago. I started seeing Cody three months ago when the pain became too severe to simply manage any longer. He immediately diagnosed the problem and underlying cause, and developed a treatment plan to get me back on the road. Cody helped me understand the need to reduce my mileage to allow the healing process to start, while also assuring me that I would be able to return to pain-free running. Within a few weeks of my first session, I was able to walk without pain for the first time in years, and after a couple of months, I was able to start gradually increasing my running. If you trust and follow his plan, you will get better! Cody also has a great disposition and you can tell that he genuinely cares for his patients. If you are considering physical therapy, give Cody a call!

Review №10

I was referred to Cody with an injury that was mild, but slow to heal and discouraging. Cody worked with me in a way that was both realistic and hopeful. He is both skillful and empathetic, and never seemed to be in a rush to get me out of the door. This place is incredible!!

Review №11

From the moment I got on the phone until my last visit, Bodyworx has been a 5-star place. Cody is amazing! For four years I had been living in pain due to my shoulder. After my surgery in 2017 and after numerous visits to physical therapy clinics, I was still feeling much pain, discomfort, and was unable to perform many simple tasks throughout the day. It was so frustrating to spend so much time and money for no results. All that changed when I found Cody at Bodyworx. He did an extensive and detailed assessment of my shoulder, and explained with much clarity the suggested plan for treatment. 3 months later, I found myself going white water rafting and doing many more active physical activities without pain. However, it did not take 3 months for me to see results. After every visit I felt better, which was very reassuring and exciting for me. I recommend Cody/Bodyworx for sure. It is worth every penny.

Review №12

From the very moment I walked in, it was a positive experience through and through. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. I have to admit I was pretty down and skeptical about my swollen and painful knee that had kept me from running for over a year. Cody, however is very knowledgeable and gave me a sense of hope that better days were ahead... and here they are. The swelling and pain are gone and I am once again enjoying the activities that I love. Cody is brilliant and truly cares about helping people be well. Thank you so much!

Review №13

I highly recommend Dr. Doug! I have seen physical therapists throughout my life for various injuries, and Dr. Doug has been by far the most competent, helpful, and patient. Dr. Doug took the time to explain to me what was going on and work with me to develop a plan to get back on track. After weeks of pain and limitation in my shoulder, one visit with Dr. Doug provided me with the confidence that I will get better.

Review №14

After shrugging off aches and pains in my shoulder as just a long day at work or lifting with bad form in the gym, my husband made me an appointment at Bodyworx. I so glad he did, not only did Cody figure out that I genuinely had weakness in my muscles but gave me tools to fix it. As a nurse and someone who likes to live an active lifestyle it is encouraging to know that I can improve my strength, correct my body mechanics and avoid the aches and pain I had before. Thank you Cody!

Review №15

Cody is a miracle worker. I had ruptured a vertebrae in my back 3 years ago had and never been pain free for long, very rarely could I enjoy my love of playing golf. Tried many fixes but none really helped for more than days at a time. Definitely prevented me from playing golf regularly. After seeing Cody for three sessions I have been pain free for a month. Played in a two day golf tournament this week with no pain. I would definitely recommend Bodyworx & Cody, the best PT I have ever been treated by.

Review №16

Cody was awesome and helped me with a hip issue that had been bothering me for several years. I am a runner and the issue had kept me from enjoying longer runs. Cody was able to pinpoint the problem quickly. I wanted to run my daughter’s first half marathon with her and Cody was able to make that happen! I feel stronger than I have for several years. Thank you, Cody!

Review №17

I was in severe pain for over 2 years and Cody “fixed me” in about 2 weeks!Prior to my complete and speedy recovery, my foot pain was so intense that I had to stop all forms of exercise I enjoyed most (walking, hiking, running, and even some yoga poses). Cody worked his magic and I’ve never felt better. I have my active lifestyle back and my energy levels are soaring.This is the first review I have ever submitted in my life, but Cody earned it. If I could give more than 5 stars I would.

Review №18

I went to Dr. Doug unsure of the extent of my foot injury. Doug was thorough in his examination and analysis and figured out how I injured my foot. He provided strengthening exercises and therapy to quickly get me walking and now jogging again. He’s a great guy, his staff is professional, and I would highly recommend Doug for any physical therapy needs.

Review №19

I went in barely able to move, with an SI joint issue, and an underlying disk issue from previous back issues. Dr. Doug knew immediately what was going on and he fixed my hip issue at the very first meeting. I got my back issues from a chiropractor popping my back way too violently, so I dont trust anyone to pop my back. Dr. Doug didnt, he gently manipulated and just made it correct itself. He worked with me on my disk issues at a time that worked perfectly with my busy work schedule. 10/10, would recommend.

Review №20

Bodyworx was recommended by a friend at work when I was diagnosed with a bulging disc earlier this year. I decided to go there and have had a very good experience. They take a practical approach to designing a rehab program that fits the patients lifestyle and recovery goals, and then help the patient transition to a maintenance program. Its been a refreshing experience of medical care combined with top notch customer service. I thought I was headed for back surgery but with Bodyworx guidance Ive been able to avoid surgery and am now close to fully recovered and believe that I will achieve 100% within the next few months.

Review №21

Cody took the time to show me how the bodys muscles and nerves are connected and how to get me pain-free. He worked directly on the muscle knots and gave me at-home exercises. I saw marked improvement right away. Now Im pain-free and still doing the home exercises! Thanks Cody!

Review №22

Cody helped me with back problems that Ive had since I was a teenager. I originally came here because of muscle spasms in my back that werent going away. Ive been prone to back problems for years and didnt think much could be done about it, but Cody knew what to do. He identified both the acute problem and the ongoing problem and explained them in a way that was easy to understand. He helped me get rid of the acute problem of the muscle spasms and then taught me exercises to strengthen my back muscles without straining them to deal with my ongoing back problems. He listened to my concerns and developed a treatment plan that fit my needs. Everyone at the office was friendly and helpful. Im very impressed with my experience there.

Review №23

Dr. Doug at Bodyworx worked with me on my injured knee after my surgery. He was great. I was instructed clearly and given a precious workout in writing that i could continue to do on my own between visits. He was available on email for any questions i had between visits. I graduated from his instructions with a clear understanding of what i needed to continue doing to insure my continued improved health. This is my second scheduled rehab with the Bodyworx, Great customer service. I highly recommend this facility for Physical Therapy needs!Marg Lincoln

Review №24

Great people and great results, I was more than impressed with my experience at Bodyworx. I was not convinced that PT would be of any benefit to me, but at the recommendation of my family physician (who also had great things to say about Bodyworx) I made an appointment. After two visits I was feeling pain free and was sent home with the knowledge of how to stay that way. I appreciate their economical treatment plan that was focused on education and improvement, not reliant on endless expensive visits. I would recommend Bodyworx without hesitation to anyone in need of physical therapy.

Review №25

Dr. Doug is very knowledgeable and caring. I really appreciated that he was working to empower me to take care of myself so I wont have to rely on extensive and expensive therapy. Well worth your time and money here! He also refers out when he has determined a need that he cannot address. This gives me confidence that he is indeed looking out for our best interest. Thanks, Dr. Doug!!

Review №26

Cody has helped me recover from many injuries and I 100% recommend. He is very knowledgeable and a great person to be around.

Review №27

I have never been more impressed with healthcare ever. Cody was amazing and is the definition of what health care should aspire to be. He listened to everything that I said, looked at the whole picture, gave me really great feedback. He is very knowledgeable and you can tell he genuinely cares about his patients. Up until now I have not met with anyone who has listened to all of my concerns or who has explained to me in an understandable way what is going on with my own body. I felt very well cared for here. I would highly recommend!

Review №28

Everyone at Bodyworx was very helpful, and they helped me to make a complete recovery from my injuries. I highly recommend Bodyworx.

Review №29

Cody and Doug are amazing! I had been struggling with TMJ for months with no relief when I happened to run into Cody at a local race. After hearing of my struggles, he suggested I come in for an evaluation. I did, and within weeks he had not only resolved the urgent issues at hand, but then continued me on a plan for long term relief. Its been several months now since I finished treatment, and I continue to use the stretches and techniques that Cody taught me to relieve not only the stress and tension in my jaw, but also in my back, neck, and shoulders.While in Codys care, he also recommended I see Doug for some low back issues that were affecting my running. I had similar fantastic results with Doug, and continue to use the stretches and techniques that he provided as well, which has had a great impact on my ability to run comfortably!

Review №30

I am impressed with the care and the short and long-term thoughtfulness of the staff. Bodyworx was recommended by my Doctor for plantar fasciitis a few years ago. Not only did they help with temporary relief, but gave me excercises and advice on preventing it in the future. Just recently our daughter developed a sport injury and they were able to to help her in the same manner.

Review №31

Have been going here for years. They are some of the best physical therapists out there at figuring out and fixing the root of your pain or problem. They legitimately care for their patients and provide a personal level of care that you cannot get anywhere else. These guys do it right.

Review №32

Bodyworx takes a holistic approach to healing when dealing with patients. I was fortunate to work with Dr. Doug. Not only did he care about my injury, he cared about my emotional well being as well. He made me work hard, but we also laughed hard, which made the workout go fast. All the clinic staff have a synergy that creates such a positive atmosphere. The clinic is just big enough to allow plenty of room for patient workouts, but not so big that a patient gets lost in the shuffle. I would recommend this clinic to anyone who needs physical therapy. You wont be disappointed.

Review №33

The office staff were very professional and friendly. Dr. Doug is the very best physical therapist I have seen. When you ask him a question, he answers with such confidence that makes you feel you are fortunate to be in his care. I am grateful for the excellent care I received!Thank you!Judy Smith (Ohio friend)

Review №34

April 2017, I went to Bodyworx physical therapy. I had a hip issue and Doug did an examination on it, little did I know how bad my hip really was. He told me there was nothing that he can do for me due to the severity of damage in my hip and said that a replacement was what was required.Fast forward to May 15th, 2018. I went in to see Doug for therapy after my hip replacement on May 9. He gave me stretching exercises and checked range of motion. On following visits he gave me more exercises and kept checking range of motion and strength. After following his advice and working at home on the exercises and going through the therapy session following surgery I am going back to work three weeks after surgery. Thank you Doug for your help on my physical therapy allowing me to get back to walking like a normal person again.

Review №35

Great people who really care! Cody was able to relieve my nerve impingement in my shoulder within 3 months, where as the different doctors and specialists I saw for 5 yrs couldnt even diagnose properly!I regained all my activites that I had given up on.My husband now sees him for his back. Where doctors just want to do a quick fix with medication, Cody is able to get him back on his feet.We would recommend Bodyworx time and time again!

Review №36

My family and I have been so well taken care of by Bodyworx Physical Therapy. Cody is always kind and helpful. My goals for my physical health seem as important to him as they are to me. I have come through many injuries with Codys help and I am thankful for his expertise and advice!

Review №37

Cody is a magician. He doesnt need x-rays or MRIs to find the cause of your pain. A chiropractor told me I had a knot. Cody quickly diagnosed the cause of my problem and prescribed the proper treatment. Do yourself a favor and go to Cody for any back or neck pain.

Review №38

Thank you Dr. Doug for giving a great talk on IT Band syndrome. The information was very enlightening and valuable. The information I gleaned during the sports performance lecture about use of energy with exercise was very interesting. Looking forward to your next series.Jessica

Review №39

I was having pain in my knee for close to a month. I wasnt sure what I did to injure it. On my first visit Dr. Doug was able to determine nothing was torn and my IT band needed more stretching. He provided a clear set of stretches with explanation to perform over the next week. Within 2 days I had virtually no pain left. Within a week I was back to 100%. I was very impressed and satisfied with the quality of service I received in all aspects of my experience at the Bodyworx office. I highly recommend Bodyworx.

Review №40

Thank you Cody for resolving my issues and getting my physical life back to normal. I am older, and had just about had accepted that I would have to live with my pain. I am back to an active lifestyle and enjoying it. You are a life saver!!!

Review №41

I heard about bodyworx through a foam rolling clinic they put on. I was looking for something new as I did not like my experience at a chain PT a few years ago.I was not disappointed. Dr. Cody was extremely professional, knowledgeable, and friendly (the entire staff is). He was able to equip me with an arsenal of stretches, exercises and in -office work to work my IT band back into shape. In addition to recovering from the injury, he got me back on track to become stronger in order to get back into running quickly and efficiently without risk of re injuring myself.Bodyworx comes highly recommended for anyone in need of PT in Wichita.

Review №42

Twenty-five years ago, after perplexing visits to other health professionals, Cody fit me with custom orthotics and life has been better ever since. He makes it easy to refurbish them as needed, even though Ive moved to another state. Im so thankful for his vast knowledge, caring heart, great customer service, and real results.

Review №43

My daughter did therpy here after knee surgery.This has to be one of the best rehabilitation facilities in the country.The service here was top notch. With some hard work from my daughter and the staff at this facility they had her back on the field 3 weeks earlier then expected.I would most definitely recommend this facility.

Review №44

I first was a patient of Cody Barnett many years ago and was extremely pleased with his approach to helping ease my lower back pain. His honesty and successful practices were the reason I returned to him this past year! I was recovering from a total left hip replacement so physical therapy was a must! The exercise plan he developed for me was very successful and will be a life long routine for me. Codys strength is building a positive, can do relationship with his patients so that the desired outcome is achieved. He encourages you to keep trying and does not make you feel as though you cant improve. The exercise plan he develops for you is tailored to your lifestyle so that you are not spending your whole day in the gym either! I would highly recommend him and his Office Staff is very welcoming!

Review №45

Cody has been my go to solution for years. He has helped me with a number of different running related injuries. He is great listener and is terrific at finding the root cause. He spends as much time as necessary. Ive never felt rushed. Being an experienced runner and cyclist, he has is objective when prescribing treatment that allows me to maintain fitness.

Review №46

Cody is the best PT that youll find ever. He fixed my neck problems and I wouldnt let anyone else touch me again. You can put your trust in him, as he knows what hes doing.

Review №47

As a runner, what a great resource Bodyworx has been. On more than one occasion Cody has been instrumental in diagnosing and treating injuries I have incurred. Most importantly, within a short period of time, I have been able to return to my vigorous running schedule. I highly recommend Bodyworx.

Review №48

Amazing! Have had shoulder pain since 2008. Have been to 2 doctors and 1 PT but never could make any progress at all. I have given up on it so many times. Started seeing Cody Barnett a month ago and now I am enjoying pain free bike rides for the first time in years! So happy! Literally the best money I have ever spent! Highly recommend!

Review №49

Bodyworx is my #1 choice for physical therapy. Dr. Bonnesen has helped me conquer multiple issues over the past 6 years. He is an excellent diagnostician, and has the ability to break down and treat complicated problems that involve multiple areas. He listens, and finds the best way to communicate and motivate his patients so that they have the best possible opportunity for a complete recovery. After a total hip replacement, Dr. Doug helped me to walk normally for the first time in 10 years. The cold laser treatments made a HUGE difference in my rate of healing and in pain control. The staff at Bodyworx are great--easy to work with and very competent. The facility is well-equipped, spotless, and conveniently located. I highly recommend Bodyworx!

Review №50

This place is great! Cody really knows his stuff. I get my full length orthotics here. Mine are carbon fiber so they where minimally. Perfect for runners and other athletes. And whenever I have an ache or pain that I cant seem to figure out, Cody can always point me in the right direction.

Review №51

I am pleased with the care I received from Dr.Doug Bonnesen. He distinguished himself in these ways:* He was recommended by Dr. Wendy Williamson as the best physical therapist in town to help me with my particular back problems.* Thanks to the treatment I received and the exercises he recommended, my pain significantly diminished.* He is a good communicator. He always asked good questions and he appeared to be an excellent listener, making extensive notes in each of our sessions. He was always clear in his observations and recommendations.* He appears dedicated to increasing his professional knowledge and sharing it with patients, PT students and fellow professionals.The Bodyworx office is kept clean and I found the staff to be helpful and pleasant.

Review №52

I started seeing Cody Barnett for hip pain. I have been to several chiropractors and they just couldnt help me. Cody diagnosed my problem and helped me to adjust my workout to alleviate the problem. He is a blessing to the profession. He has showed me options to continue my progress on my own. I wish I had gone to him much earlier. God bless you Cody

Review №53

I have had the pleasure of working with Cody for several years as my client and as my physical therapist. On both sides of the table he has always been very enjoyable to work with and very attentive to what I have to say and need. He is very good explaining his treatment plan, individual exercises and therapies and how they will advance recovery. He is obvfiously very committed to my recovery, and applies his skills and knowledge with a high level of professionalism. I have encouraged several friends to seek his care

Review №54

My family doctor referred me to Bodyworx where Dr. Doug diagnosed me with a frozen left shoulder. I couldnt lift my arm above shoulder height, nor bend it behind my back. During my appointments, Dr. Doug was always informative regarding the stretching procedures he performed and explained how the muscles worked together which I really appreciated because I wanted to better understand how my body functioned--i.e. who knew pressing against my rib cage on my right side would help my left shoulder muscles?! He was always careful never to overexert my stretching, frequently asking me if it was too much so as not to go past my comfort/pain level. I was assigned exercises to complete at home in between my weekly PT appointments, and my treatment was completed after two months. Dr. Doug was very friendly and encouraging and I would highly recommend Bodyworx to anybody needing Physical Therapy.

Review №55

My son sustained a concussion and we decided to see Chris Fleming at Bodyworx. It was one of the best decisions we have ever made. The knowledge and understanding of the situation demonstrated by Chris was outstanding. We got in to see him immediately and the benefits were just as immediate.Chris understanding of the effects of the concussion and how to proceed to quickly return our son to good health were amazing. There were multiple tests to ensure it was a concussion and then a variety of rehab exercises which all improved his health and well-being.I was able to call with questions during the process and received immediate assistance.The concussion was no fun, but Chris made the rehab experience a positive one. I hope we dont need it again, but if we do, Chris and bodyworx will be the first and only call I make.

Review №56

We were introduced to Bodyworx by a friend after my daughters sustained soccer injuries. One had a patella tendon issue and the other a quad injury. Dr. Cody did a great of keeping them on the field, the best he could, while attending to there injuries. He gave them great personal attention and they really enjoyed there experience with him and we would recommend him to anybody for physical therapy.

Review №57

The staff are warm and friendly. They are very good at identifying the issue and treating them.

Review №58

I cant imagine having a better PT experience. Cody is professional, a great listener, and he explains things well. I never feel rushed during appointments. He gives me things to do at home, but they are always manageable. You can tell he cares about the well-being of all his patients. The staff is great also! I look forward to every appointment.

Review №59

Do you know what is on Codys T-Shirt? ST: Super Therapist! More than providing handouts; listening to his clients; Cody provides individualized attention and support. If you follow the plan of recovery he creates for you, you will recover.He understands how the human body works and has the training and experience to help his clients.

Review №60

Dr Cody is amazing! 2 months before my marathon I came to him with knee pain so bad it was hard to run anything over 6 miles. 2 months later I completed my first marathon 100% pain free!

Review №61

In November of 2013, I had an extensive right foot surgery as a result of a painful tendon injury. My surgeon told me that I would require at least 1-2 years of a challenging recovery. Thankfully, I was referred to Cody Barnett by 2 other physical therapists.As I approach my first year post-op, I can happily say that I have been walking with little or no limitations or pain for the last few months and before the expected recovery period.I knew it would be a demanding rehab, but Cody is extremely knowledgeable and provided a plan of care that I was able to follow and continue to follow with great results.Cody is very patient and kind. He listens and answers all my questions. His encouragement, especially during the difficult days, has helped me gain mobility without discomfort. I would highly recommend Cody to anyone for care.

Review №62

A couple weeks after my daughter suffered a concussion, we were referred to Chris Fleming. It was an amazing experience, and we are so happy he was able to help my daughter with her concussion symptoms. You can see and hear the passion Chris has for his work with concussion patients. He was our savior during this difficult time. He went above and beyond all of our expectations, even speaking with her school about accommodations to help her make it through a school day.

Review №63

Dr. Cody led a one hour session for us at work. It was very personalized and tailored to our professional needs. I would recommend having a session like it for every office and certainly will refer patients to Bodyworx in the future.

Review №64

Bodyworx took GREAT care of my daughter after her sports injury, very considerate, explained the process, and her recovery went as they said it would! So thankful for PT Barnett

Review №65

I went in with what I thought was a knee injury from playing tennis - after 20 minutes on my first visit, Dr. Doug isolated the problem to my I. T. Band in my left leg. After 4 visits, the issue was all but gone! Provided me with some great information on how to do stretches to avoid future issues. Great place and very friendly staff! This will be the first place I go with my next tennis injury! I highly recommend Bodyworx and Dr. Doug!Mike

Review №66

I had my internship at Bodyworx and it was a great overall experience for me. I was able to shadow two experienced and highly regarded physical therapists. I was exposed to several different therapeutic techniques. I felt free to ask questions and get informative answers about the therapy used and how it benefits the patient. In addition to what I have learned here it was also a great opportunity to develop positive patient relations and develop good customer service skills that are important in any profession. I learned a lot about the profession while interning and feel more confident in pursuing physical therapy as a profession because of it.

Review №67

The people here are very friendly and they are there to listen! If I were you I would totally go there if you want to. I have never felt so listened to !!! They are the best!!!

Review №68

Dr. Doug was able to diagnose my back problems where 3 other PTs had failed. I thought I was headed for surgery but instead was able to find a exercise and stretching program that works for my condition. I highly recommend Dr. Doug to anyone. His program was customized to my problems and nothing like the cookie cutter programs I encountered from other PTs. Its great to find a Dr. who is passionate about the treatment of his patients. Thank you Dr. Doug!

Review №69

I have been very impressed with the care and service I received at Bodyworx. Dr. Cody Barnett was honest and sensitive to my pain. His approach was very helpful, giving me the tools and knowledge to manage my pain. I would recommend Bodyworx to anyone needing physical therapy.

Review №70

Dr Doug is awesome. I had been to another Physical Therapy Clinic but they did not diagnose my problem correctly. After 4 weeks I was in worse pain and could hardly walk. 30 minutes with Dr Doug and he diagnosed my problem correctly and started working towards the solution. He identified the muscles that were causing the problem and worked to loosen them up along with the appropriate exercises for home. I am now walking better and on the road to recovery. Thanks Dr Doug!

Review №71

I am so happy my primary care physician referred me to Dr. Doug at Bodyworx! He has helped me understand the importance of strong core = strong back! Results come with daily stretching and back exercises! Diana Jones

Review №72

I had an excellent experience at Bodyworx with Dr. Doug!I am in a unique position to rate Bodyworx.....I had a partial knee less than three years ago. My PT with another company was slow and painful! I didnt feel as though they had much invested in my progress and I ended up having too much scar tissue build up and then had to have a manipulation!The partial did not last long and I had to have a revision and total knee. A friend of mine recommended Dr. Doug at Bodyworx.What a night and day difference!Dr. Doug took his time with my PT, he explained the ratioanle for certain exercises, he explained the physiology...he took such great care of my knee...and me! He encouraged me and challenged me to do my best. He always listened to my concerns and made sure I understood his reasoning, and gave me options of multiple exercises to accomplish my goals.One month post op from a TOTAL KNEE, I had 128 degrees of flexion and walked with a near normal gait! These guys are amazing! I cant recommend them strongly enough!!!!!If you, or anyone you know needs orthopedic or stroke related PT, these are the guys...this is the place...BODYWORX....because that is what they do- make your body work!

Review №73

On a scale of 1-10, my experience with Cody is 100! As I was just beginning to get into my triathlon training for the season, it was time to get my achy shoulders fixed as they had been bothering me for about a year. With Cody’s expert advice, physical therapy exercises, and manipulation, I feel like I have new shoulders. I highly recommend Cody Barnett and Bodyworx.

Review №74

Really nice!! Was about to have surgery but they solved the problem in 3 visits!

Review №75

I have been with BodyWorx for the last 13 years as patient and friend, Cody have been my mentor and his professional,,dedication and knowledge in the field helped me keep going with life, even though at time it was tough with my back issue.But I always came home and feel so much better .Dr Doug have worked on me a few times, he always caring with his treatments knowledgeable,sincere , professional ,and listen attentively to helped resolve many of my issues.To me both are more then just Therapist, they not only treated you to better health but they truly care and maximized your best potential based on your limitations .They are my Therapist and my friends, BodyWorx Staffs always friendly to talk to, they handle things appropriately, on timely manner .I feel like family whenever I am here.I

Review №76

Bodyworx Physical Therapy recommendationAs we grow older we get stiff and our get up and go, won’t.My husband and I have worked with Dr Doug for over three years now on four different occasions.(Once for Ken and three times for me) Dr Doug accurately diagnosed our conditions. He clearly explained our situations in understandable terms.Once we understood the condition that we needed to repair, he showed us exercises that helped our bodies get stronger, more flexible. In doing the exercises, we discovered that our pain was greatly reduced, and in my case, the pain has stayed away. If pain or tightness begins in one of these areas, I know what exercises to begin again.I am thankful for Bodyworx Physical Therapy.Don’t tell him but on a scale of 1-10, we give him a 9+.Jan Horst

Review №77

If youre in need of any sort of physical therapy, Bodyworx is the place you NEED. Dr. Doug not only helped me rid some fierce hip problems (due to running), but he also taught me several workouts to help strengthen the muscles I need to run so I dont continuing reinjuring my hip. Education is a strong part of the philosophy at Bodyworx and the more education we all receive about our bodies, the more we can run (or participate in any activities) and stay out of the doctors office. Thanks, Dr. Doug!

Review №78

I strongly recommend both Dr. Doug Bonnessen and Cody Barnett. I have utilized their services a number of times over the past years.Most recently, I decided to attempt to deal with my long-term, chronic headache problem. Dr. Doug identified a number of root causes for my headaches (peeling back layers of the onion) over time. Im a very results-oriented guy as is Dr. Doug. The bottom line is that I now have many fewer headaches and those that I do have are much less debilitating.I have referred a number of my friends to Doug and Cody which I believe is the ultimate recommendation.

Review №79

Friendly staff and truly great service! You wont feel rushed in your appointment whatsoever, and Ive been able to ask numerous questions while getting personalized treatment.

Review №80

Cannot recommend Bodyworx enough! I had been dealing with some running related knee issues for a couple of months when I decided to contact Bodyworx. I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Doug Bonneson and my experience couldnt have been any better. It took no time at all for Dr. Bonneson to find the causes of my knee trouble and prescribe the course of action needed to address it. Within a couple weeks, and just a few visits, the pain is gone and my knee is almost back to 100%. Great people and great service! Very personable, and they go out of their way to make sure your visit is as enjoyable as possible.

Review №81

My son suffered a shoulder injury while power lifting his senior year of college. He worked with a physical therapist after his injury and was dismissed from PT, but his shoulder was still hurting. I contacted Bodyworx PT and Cody started working with him. My son lives in Kansas City, so when he is in town he always schedules a time to meet with Cody. His shoulder has improved greatly and Cody expects him to have a full recovery. We are very grateful for Codys dedication and exepertise.

Review №82

I was referred to Bodyworx by my chiropractor after struggling to recover from surgery. With their guidance, therapy and encouragement I am finally back on my feet. I have recommended them and will do again in a heartbeat.

Review №83

Wonderful! Family setting with people that really care! Ive been troubled with TMJ for a very, very, long time. One visit with Doug and directions for doing my own physical therapy at home and a week later the headache Ive been plagued with has finally gone away! The rest of the TMJ will take some time and work, but has already decreased a great deal. I feel like a human being again! If youre in pain, give it a try. Do your therapy and you wont be sorry! Thanks BODYWORX!

Review №84

I give Bodyworx my highest recommendation possible for those of you considering or needing Physical Therapy. Both Cody Barnett and Doug Bonnesen apply not only their skills and training, but they also utilize the most cutting edge technology available, to ensure that you only receive the very best in terms of rehab and progress towards your goals. Friendly, courteous, knowledgable (12+ on a 10 scale) and results-oriented are what makes me only too happy to give them a far surpasses rating for their skills and talents.

Review №85

I had a great experience with Dr. Doug. I saw him due to an extremely painful plantar faciatis condition. This had gone on for many months with little relief except an ugly othotic that only fit in tennis shoes.After several treatments with Dr. Doug, I am back in sandals. His staff is great as is Dr. Doug. Altogether a very pleasant experience with a great outcome.I would definitely recommend him.

Review №86

I first went to Dr Doug when my TMJ became too much to just simply ignore. I had been to multiple TMJ specialists, and none of them knew what they were really doing or helping me out at all. Upon my first meeting with Dr Doug, my mouth, jaw and back all felt so much better, and come to find out they were all related to the same problem. I would recommend to anyone experiencing any sort of pain or discomfort, and I would urge you to talk to him immediately if youre experiencing problems with TMJ. You wont regret it.

Review №87

Cody was a great help when I came in with an injured shoulder. He was knowledgeable and professional. The exercises were just what I needed to begin the healing process.

Review №88

Dr. Doug is awesome. I was suffering from severe TMJ pain for about three months. My dentist recommended that I See Doug at Bodyworx before going to a TMJ specialist. I am very glad I did. Four treatments and my pain was gone. He is really really good.

Review №89

There isnt a better Physical Therapy group in Wichita. The entire staff is professional and friendly. I could write a whole page of praise, but to sum it up, when you are looking for Physical Therapy, this is the only place to go.

Review №90

Doctor Doug is the best. Knowledgeable and great service.

Review №91

I went to see Dr. Doug for a running injury, he got me all straightened out and then when I had lower back issues he got me through those too. I would recommend Bodyworx to ANYONE who needs some relief.

Review №92

I came to Dr. Cody following a half Ironman that left me with a pulled calf and significant ankle pain. The goal was to get back to running and training as soon as possible for an Ironman 4 months later. After Codys work, I was back at it within 5 weeks. I can not say enough positive things about my experience. I would recommend Bodyworx to anyone.Thanks Cody.

Review №93

I recently had PT services at BodyWorx PT with Doug. I received excellent care for a posterior tib tendonitis and plantarfascitis in the same foot. I was in considerable pain at the start and walking was difficult. I have been discharged after four treatments because I have minimal to no pain, significantly reduced swelling, and am back to prior level of functioning. I was given a home program for stretching, swelling reduction, and received a foot/ankle wrap for support, along with kinesiotaping of the foot/ankle during the course of my treatment. I would highly recommend PT at this facility.

Review №94

Fantastic caregiver - Dr .Doug Bonneson has now worked miracles twice for me! Each time, I have been chasing solutions with my family practitioner, whom I love and trust, but who has approached with anti-inflammatories and rest and had no resolution. A trip to Dr. Doug, who listens to my full history, measures, moves and questions me, and the first time was able to resolve my pinched sciatic nerve pain COMPLETELY - and this time, was able to identify and give me confidence in his answer and prescribed course of treatment after a decades long search for the source of my intermittent, chronic hip pain. He is a consummate professional. In a society where we are trained to just go to the doctor that you insurance provides coverage to, I was so pleased that though his office is not in my network, and I knew I would be paying for my visit, he made sure that any concerns I had were covered, even outside of my original reason for visit. When was the last time you went to a physician who asked if you had any other concerns instead of pushing you out the door at the end of your 15 mins, or told you to make another appt. if you had additional concerns not noted in your origianl appointment reason. This man is caring, funny and one of the best physicians Ive ever had!

Review №95

We have sought out Cody at Bodyworx multiple times over the last 4 years to help our children with their sport related injuries. No matter the sport or the injury Cody is always great at explaining to them what is possibly causing their issues at the time and showing them various exercises to work on at home to help get back to playing the sports they love as soon as possible. He is always cautious with our kids and treats them like he would his own. Never rushing the treatment at the risk of our children getting hurt worse. Our most recent experience was related to our daughter having surgery on her ankle and coming off of being non-weight bearing for 6 weeks. He helped her not only rehab the injury she had but make sure she wasnt favoring anything else and risking injuring something else as soon as she returned to playing. After roughly 6-8 weeks of treatment she was back playing full-time and felt great. Thanks Cody!

Review №96

I am a pediatric physical therapist, so my expectations are high. When Ive personally needed physical therapy for joint and back injuries and pain, Bodyworx is where I have gone. Thorough evaluation and individualized treatment and home programs are provided by these knowledgeable, exerienced therapists. But in addition to their strong professional skills, Cody Barnettt and Doug Bonnesen are down to earth, friendly and caring.I have recommended Bodyworx to a number of friends, and always hear positive comments from those who have received treatment there.

Review №97

I love this place, everyone is so kind and they know their stuff!

Review №98

Great staff, knowledgeable and very informative. I left with a clear plan, all Ive got to do is follow it.

Review №99

Dr. Doug is the best PT in town, I went to 3 PT and tried kinesiology but never worked. I was in severe neck & shoulder pain but I noticed the difference from the first visit when he spent 45 minutes working on my shoulder and neck muscles.

Review №100

Had back pain for months and after one visit I felt better within a few days.

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