Forge Fitness
330 N Mosley St, Wichita, KS 67202, United States

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Everyone at the gym is nice and minds their business! I currently train with Anna Kate and she is very understanding and really wants to get to know each client. I would 100% recommend for starters and advanced!

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I recently started working out there so far so good plenty of weights.. Free Iron and Machine weights as well.. 24 hrs and reasonable prices a week, three months, 6 months, .....

Review №3

If u wanna get yuge…. Yes yuge, forge is the place

Review №4

Great environment no matter what level of fitness you are at. The crew that lifts there give you a sense of camaraderie among everyone. Not sure if something, just ask, everyone is ready to help you and cheer you on.

Review №5

Forge is fully outfitted for all the powerlifting equipment I need - and then some. The atmosphere is better than any gym I’ve been to, and the people are as ‘midwestern friendly’ as it gets (still with powerlifting/strongman grunge of course). I have yet to find another gym that tops Forge. I’ll never stop bragging about this place!

Review №6

I love the week pass- great for those of us here for a week or so. Gym has everything needed.

Review №7

Amazing gym! If you live in Wichita, in the city for work or visiting make sure to visit Forge Fitness. I was in Wichita for work and I decided to drop in to workout and it was great. Awesome equipment and great atmosphere. When I get back to Charlotte I will try to find a gym like this but I have yet to find one.

Review №8

Great place, great people, very competitive pricing, very transparent ownership, constantly growing community!

Review №9

This place is AWESOME! All of the trainers are great to work with, the other members are super cool, and youre rarely (if ever) waiting on a squat rack. Ive lifted at several commercial gyms over the past couple of years, but Forge Fitness is hands-down the best. If youre looking to switch gyms, I highly recommend Forge!

Review №10

Good and abundant equipment, nice folks, adorable dogs

Review №11

Big jugs Jeb inspired me 👌👌👌👌 I’m lookin like a T. rex now. Big legs, small arms.

Review №12

Miles is awesome! The gym is always clean and you can tell a lot of hard work has been put into it. The people that go there are great and have always helped me whenever I needed it.

Review №13

Miles is an amazing trainer! I have been working with him for a few months and have progressed towards my goals much sooner than I expected. He is knowledgeable, consistent and attentive at every session. I appreciate his encouragement, especially on the hard days. Forge is a great facility, offering the best equipment and trainers for all skill levels in powerlifting, Olympic lifting and strongman. I highly recommend Forge and Miles!

Review №14

Kickass atmosphere, best equipment. The gym owner genuinely cares about the members and does everything he can to make it a great place to get strong and healthier. Awesome place to get strong and make new friends.

Review №15

Great place to workout all sports. Great people to connect with as well. Top notch equipment.

Review №16

Miles has built an amazing gym. I’ve been going for about a year and half and the community he’s built in that gym is phenomenal. Top notch equipment, top notch community, top notch owner. I’ve met a lot of great people here and miles is one of them.Definitely recommend for any type of lifter... oly/powerlifting/strongman/CrossFit or even just someone wanting to lift with great equipment.

Review №17

If you’re looking a great powerlifting, strongman or Olympic lifting gym Forge is the one! Equipment is competition level, great members, and dogs are allowed.

Review №18

Been a member of the newly Forge Fitness in Downtown Wichita for about a year now. I have not regretted once since joining. I have achieved goals since I have started and I will never go back to a commercial gym. Hands down the most outfitted Olympic/Power lifting gym in Wichita, KS. Also Miles the owner is a great person. Dont hesitate to talk to him!

Review №19

I LOVE forge fitness and so thankful for this awesome gym and the trainers who work there! Ive worked with Miles, Annakate and now with Stephany and have loved everyone one of them. I love how they listen to what your goals are & make sure you reach them, I love how they encourage you and dont let you give up, I love how this gym has become my 2nd family. Its also clean which is a big plus.

Review №20

I am not the type of person who typically enjoys working out. However, Miles is an amazing personal trainer and has made working out fun! He is very knowledgeable and provides the level of accountability that I need. He is great at helping set personal goals, and then providing the tools and skills necessary to meet them.

Review №21

Been working with grant and I enjoy every moment of it. Great fitness advice and wants you to achieve 100% satisfaction. The gym as a whole is amazing. Couldnt picture going anywhere else. Trainers are friendly and make it enjoyable. Thumbs up from me! 👍👍

Review №22

A great facility with a top notch staff that is very detail and technique oriented. Whatever your fitness goals are, they can help you achieve them. They also allow dogs, which makes me like the place even more.

Review №23

Awesome facility. I have been working out with Miles for a few months now toward a number of functional goals. He has helped me make progress faster than any other trainer I have used. Highly recommend Forge.

Review №24

Anna Kate is the BEST trainer/coach! She listens to what you want to accomplish and gives you the tools to reach your goal (and even beat your goal!). She’s there to motivate you and always listens to your concerns and helps celebrate your successes. It doesn’t matter how young or old you are, she is always more than willing to help you! Best trainer in Wichita!

Review №25

Great Awesome place

Review №26

Forge Fitness is an awesome place to start working out with a personal trainer. All the personal trainers are wonderful and welcoming and are great at helping people reach their goals. I’ve been training with Miles for awhile now and all the workouts are challenging but super fun (have you ever flipped a giant tire? That’s just the best!). Working out with Miles has also really helped increase my strength and has helped me with rowing. 10/10 recommend for all your fitness goals!

Review №27

Best private gym in town. Amazing equipment to get everything done. Definitely should check it out

Review №28

I am going into my 6th week here at Forge Fitness Studio and it’s the best training I have ever received! Miles and Mindy really listened to my goals and made a program tailored to my needs. My results across the board from weight loss, inch loss, and strength are the best I have achieved in just weeks! Mindy not only makes it challenging and fresh every workout, but I also enjoy it and look forward to my sessions. I highly recommend Forge Fitness Studio no matter where you are in your fitness journey!Thanks guys!Caroline

Review №29

Hecka sweet gym

Review №30

Highest Rating! I have been working with Bekka for over 4 months now. This has been the best decision I have made for my overall health. She and Miles were very receptive to my goals during the initial interview and devised a custom plan to help me achieve gains that are still continuing. She is extremely knowledgeable and is able to apply that knowledge to make the workouts intense, effective, efficient and enjoyable. I still look forward to every workout!

Review №31

Great facility and awesome community, love working out here!!

Review №32

Forge Fitness has been a wonderful place for me. Im middle aged, and ten weeks ago I started looking for a personal trainer. Miles Brown was recommended to me by a friend. I was looking to, lower my weight, increase strength, and fill better about myself. The staff are very friendly and aim to give you their best. Their knowledge and enthusiasm keep you motivated to reach your goals. Im glad I chose Forge Fitness to get me on my way to HEALTHY!

Review №33

Ive had the pleasure of training with both trainers at Forge. And it has been a great experience. Both offer increidible knowledge and insight in how to reach your goals. Workouts are customized to my needs and goals and Im proud to say results have been strong. All that plus its incredibly affordable. My time at forge has quickly become one of the best parts of my week!

Review №34

Ive been training with Miles at Forge Fitness Studio for a month and a half now and couldnt be happier. The staff does an excellent job of listening to you and tailoring a program for you. The individual attention, facilities and price make this an excellent place to train. I highly recommend checking it out. Im seeing results and will keep coming back for as long as Im in Wichita.

Review №35

Miles, Rebekka and Mindy are helping me undo years of inactivity. They are prepared, encouraging and attentive. Forge has a very logical approach to fitness and nutrition based on both experience and research. In seven weeks, I feel better and am measurably stronger. If you need some motivation and want a well-thought-out approach to fitness, I highly recommend Forge.

Review №36

Ive been trained by Dallas for a while now. Hes so fun. Hes great at modifying workouts to best fit my goals and abilities. Hes also great at offering corrections and ideas that will garner the best results: results that Im very happy with. The atmosphere of Forge is great too. The other trainers are very friendly and make me feel very comfortable when Im training.

Review №37

I absolutely love this gym! I’m so happy I made the switch from Genesis to Forge. The training staff is very knowledgeable and every memeber is encouraging as you set out to reach your fitness goals.

Review №38

I have recently had a knee surgery and lost lots of strength and mobility. After working out for 2 months I saw major improvements in both areas. In fact I also have minimal joint pain and frequently none at all. Both Miles and Becca provide knowledgeable support and guidance. I look forward to each session. One of the best decisions Ive made for my overall health.

Review №39

Miles is very knowledgeable and personable, and I appreciate the privacy of his place (something you dont get at a gym) and the personal attention during my sessions. Hes done a great job building a program for me to where I can finally exercise and work on meeting my fitness goals without injuring myself or exacerbating my chronic pain issues. Ive only had a few sessions so far, but I feel I have accomplished more already than I would have on my own. Even though my body is exhausted when Im done, its the GOOD kind of exhausted, where I know I tried my hardest and Im proud of what I accomplished. Im excited to see how much more I can achieve! I highly recommend!!

Review №40

For 2018 I wanted to work on goals that focused on strength vs. the scale and thats when I found Forge Fitness. I remember meeting with the trainers for the first time and I expressed my goals and they were so supportive and encouraging. A few goals included doing my first pull-up, working on shoulder strength to do a handstand, and to overall become strong by learning Olympic lifts. They designed workouts for me at the gym and for home that aligned with my goals so I could crush them. I loved the one on one attention I received and all the positive comments and tips the trainers would give as I progressed. If you are on the fence, please go and meet with the trainers and tell them what you want to get out of your time there and they will make it happen. They are extremely educated and knowledgeable and you wont be disappointed.

Review №41

The facility is well furnished for CrossFit, Powerlifting, Olympic lifting and Strongman training.Equipment is top notch with 6 Rogue power racks, 3 deadlift platforms and 3 Olympic platforms.The week pass the owner sold was VERY reasonable.When I come to Wichita again, I’ll train at Forge Fitness.Thank you Miles!

Review №42

Its been a great experience at Forge fitness for me. Miles and Bekka are great in assessing strength and weakness leading to customized workouts to improve and overcome em. They keep an eagle eye on my technique and form, educate on what is best in the long run. Well maintained facility, knowledgeable trainers with high energy and motivation, helps to push the limit towards progress each day. Highly recommended place!!! they know what they are doing... Thanks Forge Fitness!! :)

Review №43

In a world of sardine-packed gyms filled with too many fancy machines to know what to do with, Forge offers a simple, personal, refreshing approach to fitness. Just a couple of cool people with a passion for helping other cool people achieve their goals and get fit, this place is truly a hidden gem--pun intended--in the fitness community. Give it a try! You wont regret it.

Review №44

Having trained at Forge for a little over a year with both Miles & Bekka, I still look forward to every session. They provide high quality equipment, teaching (without the corporate gym nonsense) and are fun to train with. Im so grateful that I found a love for weightlifting/training here that has altered so much of how I live my life...I cant recommend this place enough!

Review №45

I highly recommend Forge Fitness Studios Barbell Bootcamps for their great personal instruction, focused attention on correct form, and for providing a scalable workout routine. They keep classes small and spreadsheet their metrics! Check them out!

Review №46

I have struggled with working out off and on through out my life. The crew at Forge Fitness have really encouraged me to work at my own pace, while pushing me to the next level. I would highly encourage those who want to improve upon their health and life to give Forge a try. I can truly say it is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Review №47

Miles and his team at Forge Fitness are very knowledable, helpful and friendly. He has helped me tremendously in keeping my body working properly and injury free. I just turned 50 and am feeling better than I did 10 years ago. Not only does he give great advice and training tips but he also encourages me which I need from time to time. I encourage everyone to try out Forge Fitness.

Review №48

Forge is an awesome place! The place is well kept and all the trainers are very friendly and fun to work with! They no how to work with everyone and there goals. Im in my teens and was looking to add weight and build strength... Rebekka has trained me for a month and has done an excellent job!!!! Shes an awesome girl to train with and has made the workouts very enjoyable while challenging but rewarding! If seeking a personal fitness trainer whatever your goal may be I DEFINITELY recommend Forge Fitness because you will reach it there! I just wish I had the time and a budget that would let me continue...! :(

Review №49

The best gym in Wichita for Olympic lifting, powerlifting, and personal training. This gym is filled with a welcoming, hardworking community of lifters and their dogs.

Review №50

Love the atmosphere here and so glad I switched from Genesis! Everyone is friendly, welcoming and they have the best gym equipment in town!

Review №51

Ive been working with Bekka for a few months now and highly recommend her. She is knowledgeable, patient, and fun to learn from. She does a great job of tailoring workouts for injuries and goals. She checks in frequently on the rest of my health/wellness goals during sessions. Im extremely happy with my experience at Forge Fitness!

Review №52

If you need support and expert advice when it comes to your fitness goals, Forge Fitness Studio is the place for you. For years, I just did what I thought was right and was always frustrated with my results or lack thereof. But, when you know better, you do better. Forge has the best trainers that put you and your goals first. They know how to get you where you want to be, they support you the whole way, and they push you to do better when you dont think you can. Personal training is an investment in yourself and in your future, and its money and time very well spent. Miles and Rebekka, thanks for helping me better myself!

Review №53

Forge fitness has been great for me because of the custom work outs tailored to my goals and capabilities. I appreciate having my technique and form kept in check for the most effective work outs possible while also being pushed to make progress. Love the people and atmosphere as well. Definitely recommend.

Review №54

I love this place, great environment and good people! Everything you need if you are interested in powerlifting, strongman or Olympic lifting!

Review №55

Great place to get fit and stronger. Very knowledgeable staff, personable and flexible with your schedule. I could go on and on about how great Miles has been with help to issues Ive had with lifts and flexibility. This place makes each visit all about you and your goals.

Review №56

Forge is a great place to train, they have a lot of specialty bars, and a great atmosphere. I would highly recommend making this your full time gym if you are trying to get better.

Review №57

I have always been interested in fitness and active. Weight lifting was something that I had always wanted to explore but was always too intimidated to pick up on my own.The Barbell Bootcamp gave me the perfect opportunity jump in. The classes are small enough to get individualized instruction in proper technique and education. There is no judgement on fitness level and the trainers are highly knowledgeable and invested in your success. Great experience!

Review №58

Miles is a beast, which is a good thing. He has made me believe in myself and my bodies abilities to do the workouts I needed to get my triglycerides down from 358 to 219. Thanks Miles for making me reach for life by exercising. I recommend Miles and his staff at Forge Fitness 100%. Life is worth the effort.

Review №59

Great atmosphere here! Came for the USPA Powerlifting meet!

Review №60

Best gym in the Wichita, KS area. Have everything you need for powerlifting, olympic lifting and strongman. Also a very good atmosphere. Miles is attentive to his members and listens to their recommendations. I look forward to coming to the gym everyday.

Review №61

Excellent place to workout. Rebekka and Mikes really know their stuff. Very professional and willing to answer any questions you may have from nutrition to power training to circuit training. Loved my time there!

Review №62

The personal trainers are great!! My trainer is miles and he listens to your goals and makes unique workout plans to keep you on track. Flexible with your schedule, knowledgeable, and dependable. Also helps that he has a great taste in music to go with my kick-a workout.!

Review №63

My wife and I have been working with Miles for 10 months. Were very happy with the experience. Ive seen a lot of gains and Im the strongest Ive ever been. Id highly recommend.

Review №64

Weather youre going through personal life changes that are making you feel weak or just want to improve and take control of your physical health Forge Fitness is the place to go. The trainers there are awesome, knowledgeable and equipped to help you succeed at achieving your goals. The facility is well kept and the workouts, while hard, are fun and enjoyable. I cannot say enough how impressed I am by the passion, quality and care Miles brought to every session I had with him during my month trial. Like most people, Im on a budget so I dont like to see my hard earned money go to waste. I was hesitant about splurging on a personal trainer but after my one month trial was up there was no doubt in my mind that becoming a Forge Fitness member was an investment in myself and that all the trainers at Forge Fitness make it their mission to give their clients the most out of every workout because they believe their clients deserve to reach their goals. Needless to say, I signed up for more and am excited to continue my journey of muscle building in such a fantastic gym and an amazing trainer. If youre at all curious about what a personal trainer could do for you I highly recommend you see Miles at Forge Fitness. Hell see to it that the moment you step in the door youve stepped closer achieving your goals.

Review №65

I really enjoy working out with Rebekka and Miles. Very professional personal trainers. Workouts are always challenging and Im seeing better results than I could have ever achieved on my own.

Review №66

I have been training at Forge for four months now. In that timeframe, I have quadrupled my push up and pull up numbers while steadily climbing to (and soon surpassing.) body weight on all lifts. If you want to find a place that helps you put the work in to succeed and have a great time doing it; choose this gym.

Review №67

I have been training at Forge Fitness for about 4 weeks now. I decided to check them out for a couple of reasons. First is that I am an amateur kickboxer and mma fighter and wanted to add to my training regimen and really wanted to build some more muscle. Second, is that I have lost a total of 100 lbs and am looking to concentrate on a program to help with body composition to tone certain areas that I have struggled with. Miles sat down during my free consultation and listened to my goals (all of them) and explained to me how he was going to help me reach them. I have already noticed some changes and I’m excited to see where I will be in another couple months.No matter your experience level or what your goals are I would highly recommend Forge Fitness. They are extremely knowledgeable and will work with you to help you reach your goals. There are no cookie cutter workouts here. They design program specifically to you, they are knowledgeable and experienced, are great motivators and help push you to succeed. I’m very happy with my decision to train here and look forward to working to achieve my goals.

Review №68

Great atmosphere would definitely recommend to anyone looking to achieve any sort of physical goals.

Review №69

Great Gym. Will be back

Review №70

Ive been working with Forge Fitness for a little over a month and Im already seeing great results. Down about 11 lbs overall with a marked improvement in my physical ability already. Bekka and Miles are always super friendly and go the extra mile to make sure that your workouts are working for you. I purchased a meal plan as well and Bekka made sure to tailor it to my needs and goals, and went out of her way to find restaurants that would work for my schedule and near where I work. They really go above and beyond to make sure youre doing what you can to meet your own goals. I cannot recommend this place enough.

Review №71

Miles and Bekka are both extremely knowledgeable and professional. I work mainly with Bekka and I love it! She provides a lot of motivation and pointers on improving technique. I leave each session feeling like progress has been made. I would highly recommend their expertise.

Review №72

The team at Forge are very skilled and knowledgeable people. I have been working with Rebekka for several months and have been loving every workout! She keeps exercising fresh and interesting and challenges me every week. I am seeing so much muscle tone that wasnt there before I started with Rebekka at Forge. I would highly recommend this studio to anybody at any skill level needing help or guidance to achieve their fitness goals.

Review №73

Awsome place... if you really looking for good personal trainer this is definitely the right place :)Im working out there for the last 5 month 5 times a week... enjoy :)

Review №74

Forge is hands down the best gym in town for powerlifting and Olympic lifting. Top of the line equipment from stainless steel rogue power bars, Texas squat and deadlift bars, kabuki strength duffalo bar, elite fts ssb, rogue calibrated comp plates, rogue iron plates, rogue combo rack, 6 rogue squat racks, rogue belt squat, lat pulldown and a cable crossover, 4 oly platforms with competition bumper plates and a bunch of strongman equipment. Best environment around for lifting hands down!

Review №75

Miles is such an intelligent hard working kind person. He and his crew are supportive and will help you reach your goals.

Review №76

Myles is the most versatile and well rounded trainer I have ever worked with. Ive trained with D1 athletes throughout college, and professional athletes like Kamerion Wimbley. Myles advanced my mobility, strength, and technique quicker and more effectively than any other program or training method.

Review №77

I am 56 and have been working out at Forge with Bekka since the middle of May 2018. The experience has been wonderful. Ive gained strength and toned up tremendously. Bekka is excellent at verbalizing and demonstrating the exercises and equipment that is all new to me. Both Bekka and Miles are upbeat and truly listen and encourage me. They are both knowledgeable and educated with not only fitness but nutrition. If youre looking for a personal trainer they are truly a cut above.

Review №78

Miles and Bekka are awesome motivators. And make the work outs fun and unique!

Review №79

Ive worked with Bekka in both group and personal training sessions, and shes the best. She makes workouts efficient and fun, and is able to offer lifestyle and nutrition advice as well. While working with Bekka, I made great improvements in strength, flexibility, and leaned out through our time together. I cant say enough positive things about Bekka, Miles, and Forge Fitness as a whole.

Review №80

I am in my 40s and have struggled with my weight since I was a child. Periodically I get motivated to head to the gym but could not establish a consistent program. I did not like the hamster wheel cardio at those places and did not know enough about weightlifting to get started without feeling like I would hurt myself in the process. I was overweight, out of shape, and feeling my age. I saw some of MIles videos shared on facebook and figured it couldnt hurt to talk to them about their program. That has turned out to be one of the best decisions Ive ever made. 5 months later of 3x a week training and Im now lifting heavy weights with confidence and constantly being challenged with intense (but fun) interval sessions. Im losing weight and inches and at the same time building muscle. It is very empowering seeing consistent strength and cardio gains. I should also mention that I have an unconventional schedule and Miles and Bekka have been very accommodating and flexible in making sure I can get my workouts in. Highest recommendation!

Review №81

The best personal training youll ever get! I highly recommend them!!!

Review №82

Will you train teens?

Review №83

Great people!

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