WEST YMCA - Greater Wichita YMCA
6940 N, Newell St, Wichita, KS 67212, United States

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Nice location. You DO NOT need to bring your own padlock as they have combinations built into the lockers. Just put your items in, close the door, and set your combo by twisting the dials. Pretty simple.YMCA is membership only, but staff will help you set one up pretty quickly. There is a YMCA Greater Wichita app which features workouts you can try. Also allows you to scan your phone at the door with a QR code for easy entry.They have a wide variety of workout equipment here, which helps you to work every muscle in your body. Also there is a swimming pool where you can swim laps. Some people even attend aerobics classes.Track is upstairs, must be 13+ to use. 14 laps = 1 mile. Track direction switches depending on what day of the week it is. Bring your family to the YMCA and check it out if you are nearby.

Review №2

Very nice and genuine people go to this location, I recently lost a ring and someone turned it in! People you dont even know ask how youre doing and say hi. Very good staff and always clean! Love it here!

Review №3

I love paying to play basketball and never being able to b/c they are always using the courts for something else.

Review №4

I just have to share how wonderful this location is! I have two young kids & they absolutely love it here. The kidzone workers knew their names within the first day or two of going! They have incredible consistency with who works back there. It’s so nice to drop my kids off to familiar faces every time we go! Every time we walk in we are greeted by friendly faces. The facility is always kept clean & the equipment is great as well! Every time someone is looking for a gym I quickly recommend the west ymca to them! I can’t say how much I love this place! I could go on & on!!

Review №5

I come there all the time it is amazing how old to work in the play zone?

Review №6

It’s a nice small gym that doesn’t get very busy, but the front desk is very rude and disrespectful. Workers don’t know there own policies so they are very back and forth about rules and are very hypocritical. I will be working out else where, where I will be treated better.

Review №7

Good equipment, nice staff, a diverse Grop of patrons

Review №8

Ive tried several gyms but this one just feels like home. The weight room can be somewhat crowded at peak times, but is nice when it is not too busy. The equipment is almost always in great shape. They have everything I need in a gym. The staff is always super friendly and will go the extra mile. This place is great!

Review №9

I have been profiled at this branch by their front desk employees 2 twice. They will let people in for free all the time if you a certain skin color. But as a military vet and member for over 10 years i have been profiled twice to bring people in who were will to get membership after they try it . I have facts behind my statement .

Review №10

The kidzone staff is friendly and I trust them to take care of my kids. The front desk staff is rude and abrupt. Customer service is everything! We will be looking elsewhere for a gym membership.

Review №11

Matthew does a great job organizing Pickle Ball and the players. Very polite and helps the new players, like myself, get acquainted, and included with the game. The wife and I have had a fantastic time in the month we have played at the Y and consider him a good friend now...Evan Lies

Review №12

Older YMCA nestled in a low income neighborhood. Facility was remodeled over a decade ago (maybe two). Still in nice condition, I frequently see facility being cleaned. This location is very heavily used. Staff is always polite, finding someone knowledgeable when you have questions is hit/miss however. Local youths use facility frequently. Classes are constantly happening and usually full. Located behind the strip mall, parking lot is well lit. I feel safe here when alone.

Review №13

One of the smaller YMCA facilities in town but very nice and not near as busy. Weight room area had plenty of room. The only downside would be the small track area but it still worked well for me.

Review №14

I love this place!Update: The West YMCA now has brand new equipment! New weights. Great fellowship, workout, basketball, indoor running/walking track, swimming, spa, hot tub, daycare, coffee station, etc.

Review №15

This is my neighborhood gym, love this place, machines always available, clean, friendly staff and my healthy place!

Review №16

The only thing I dont like about this YMCA is most of the classes are over crowded. The instructors have all been very nice and take the time to meet new members of the class. I love that the kid zone is not very busy and my bigger kids love the fun fit.

Review №17

I love this YMCA over some of the others. I do not like the round pools the others have. The square pool is great for me to exercise in. Staff are do friendly.

Review №18

Always get a well good workout! It was my 2-year-old sons first time attending a daycare center at first he cried but by pick up time he was running around playing with the others , he loves it there!

Review №19

I really like this Y location. Its friendly atmosphere and variety of workout equipment make it easy and fun for me to get my workout in.

Review №20

It good they re did they basketball floors they have a hot tub foyer any one won and up and a steam room a disabled room where you can change a child or family room they have lap pools they are reallllllly co old day care for any on under 7yrs and a yoga room and of course work machines and weight

Review №21

This is probably the worse gym I have ever been too. Kids just run all over the place through the weight room and everywhere else usually half naked. Then they have all the areas for circuit training roped off for paid personal training. So basically even though you pay for a membership you only get to use half the gym. Oh and if you wanna bring a friend they charge you $10. What a rip off.

Review №22

I was a former member of this YMCA, it is a little smaller than the big one downtown but its got all the amenities pool Spa workout running track upstairs and its got great prices and is family oriented.

Review №23

It was amazing I love it I go swimming there all the time it is like my home

Review №24

Great staff and great people! Everyone in the weight room is always friendly and helpful.

Review №25

Pretty busy after work but loved the treadmills with Hulu and Netflix built in.

Review №26

Great people love Heather at front fest makes you feel at home !

Review №27

This is my second favorite Wichita YMCA (my favorite being the Downtown Y). We go here because its closer to home and my children prefer this KidZone. I wish there was more to look at while running the track. Also every time someone uses the towel dryer in the womens locker room, or whatever that thing is that makes all the noise, the showers get scalding hot then freezing cold. The steam room never has steam either. You have to wait at least ten minutes for steam. There is a wide variety of equipment and the staff is really nice. I also like that it doesnt get quite as crowded as the downtown gym. I havent tried any of the classes. My sister tried Zumba but didnt like it because they didnt do any sexy latin dancing like theyre supposed to, she said. They just did aerobic type movements. All in all I like it. WAAAY better than any YMCA from Cedar Rapids, IA, where Im from!

Review №28

Great place, Heather is the best and the kid zone ladys are awesome.

Review №29

Great gym! Tons of workout options! Love the child care center!!

Review №30

Weghts and sauna! Plenty of space.Using cardio more and more.Dry sauna needs to be bigger.

Review №31

Always a bunch of kids running around on the 1st floor area. Screaming, yelling, no shirts on the male older kids coming off the BB court. Most of all there usually a bunch of african american kids dropping the N WORD and or cursing. The staff just sits there and BS with one another. Just dont feel that safe anymore.

Review №32

Typical gym amenities but horrible customer service. Went there to sign up and just left because I stood in the lobby for 20 minutes and at least 4 workers looked at me and never said a thing.

Review №33

Great staff. And never over crowded

Review №34

Friendly staff, never over crowded, always a good time at the west Y

Review №35

Im very disappointed in this YMCA.My friend and I had visited to just hang out a few years back. We were out side on their playground.A few younger kids, not much older than 8 came out. Me and my friend were minding our business on the swings when a young boy started to mess with us. We were 12, so we took it as a game. We played around with the kid, tagging him and him chasing us back. His little sister was shouting at us to stop chasing him, although he was playing with us.The kids started shouting at us so we kept asking them to calm down.The young girl went in and told their mom we were being mean.Not at all were we being mean, just having fun and playing around with a kid, who was playing with us also. The staff had to tell us to leave for bullying when really we did nothing wrong.They forced my friend and I to wait outside in the cold for an hour before my dad could pick us up.As we were leaving, the younger kids were flipping us off, their parents present.It was an unpleasant experience where we were accused of something we did not do.

Review №36

Facility is always clean, staff is knowledgeable and courteous. My favorite location

Review №37

When are you guys opening again?

Review №38

Love boot camp classes.

Review №39

Wonderful staff, hometown feel.

Review №40

Really cool

Review №41

Wonderful facility

Review №42

Worst experience ever ruined my day

Review №43

Best ever

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  • Address:6940 N, Newell St, Wichita, KS 67212, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 316-942-2271
  • Community center
  • After school program
  • Basketball court
  • Fitness center
  • Gym
  • Physical fitness program
  • Swimming pool
  • Youth center
Working hours
  • Monday:6:30am–7pm
  • Tuesday:4:30am–9pm
  • Wednesday:4:30am–9pm
  • Thursday:4:30am–9pm
  • Friday:4:30am–9pm
  • Saturday:4:30am–9pm
  • Sunday:6:30am–7pm
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
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