ICT Muscle & Joint Clinic
7829 E Rockhill St # 303, Wichita, KS 67206, United States

Review №1

Dr. Keith Sparks and all his staff are wonderful!He is very personable and knowledgeable. I saw him for a back issue, gave me exercises to do, saw him back in a week, and I was pain free from my back.I have since moved to AZ. I e mailed him about an issue with my husband, and he took the time to call me back with his advice and point us in the right direction. We absolutely appreciate him taking the time for us.Dr. Sparks is absolutely great!

Review №2

Great experience all around!! Very welcoming and friendly first thing through the doors! Helped improve with only a few visits. Highly recommend this amazing business. Only good reviews from me.

Review №3

After working with Keith, my back has been feeling better than it has in 2 years! They are all straightforward and want to help you feel better so you dont have to keep coming back, though they are always happy to have you. My whole gym has seen Keith and would recommend him to anyone looking for knowledge and relief. Thank you guys! ❤💙🤍

Review №4

Dr. Sparks and his team are some of the best in the business. I first met Keith at my first power lifting meet and we’ve worked together ever since. I came home from leave with the Army and while home, I had him work on me and my family. Loved how he explained everything he was doing with me and the wife and how gentle and patient he was with my two kids. I personally am aspiring to be a Chiropractor myself and if I can be half of the Chiropractor Keith and his team is then I’ll be wildly successful. If I could give more than 5 stars, I most definitely would.

Review №5

Dr. Sparks is a joy to work with. He truly understands how to work with the body to help improve mobility and function. He is personable and extremely knowledgeable. The entire staff is wonderful to work with, and I truly enjoyed my visit. I highly recommend ICT Muscle and Joint Clinic.

Review №6

Had a nagging back muscle issue for years which orthopedic doctors and PTs couldn’t solve. Dr. Keith showed me one simple stretching exercise that gave me instant and lasting relief. Very friendly and knowledgeable.

Review №7

Keith has been fantastic to work with. He takes the time to understand all of the symptoms and the big picture, so he can then diagnose the root cause. I feel very confident knowing that more than just the symptoms are being treated!

Review №8

We travel full time and while we were visiting Wichita I was in need of a chiropractor for lower back and foot pain. I visited the location off of North Rock road and saw Dr. Tyler. He was not only able to treat and relive the pain I had, but also showed me some stretches I could do while we traveled to continue my treatment. The staff was very friendly and made scheduling easy.

Review №9

Keith is absolutely amazing! Ive been going to Keither for approximately 3 years off and on. Hes been able to help me with softball, crossfit, and even a work related injuries. Hes great about getting you in, in a timely manner and of course always fun and professional. I have referred family and friends to his practice on many occasions. Keith definitely does not give you the run around he is very direct and thorough with his treatments. Definitely cant go wrong with ICT Muscle and Joint Clinic!

Review №10

At the beginning of the year I just felt I was a lost cause with my back issues. Physical therapy taught me certain things, but coming here things are making more sense how my feet are related to my legs to back issues. I didn’t think I would be able to help with yard work this year, but with the help and knowing what to do, yard work has been fun again. I know my limits more now. I feel I can control my pain better. I don’t feel like a lost cause, I can play better with my great G’kids now. Friends have noticed I am walking different too. Thank you

Review №11

Dr panko has been amazing in helping me with severe back tension tightness and muscle spasms! From the cupping, dry needling and the stretching he is having my do has helped tremendously to improve my daily life, that was normally always slowed down by constant back aces and spasms! I am no longer waking up every morning to severe stiffness and my every day job is better than ever without having an exhausted and over worked back by the end of the day!

Review №12

All of the staff was super friendly and helpful! Really helped my chronic pain in my neck and shoulders. Definitely recommend.

Review №13

This place is amazing! They really help you and teach you ways to heal your self. Ive seen DR. Keith serval times and the treatments hes gave me and the exercises hes suggested for me have helped me and my pain so much.

Review №14

Hands down would recommend this place to get your body fixed up. Keith is awesome to work with and everyone in the office welcomes you with open arms. Always was easy getting in an appointment whether that same day or the next. While preparing for an ultra marathon, Keith went above and beyond the usual maintenance and treatment I needed. He made sure to take notes and figure out the true cause of pain and explain it in terms I could understand. His goal was not only to provide treatment but educate on the issues and ways to prevent them. Can’t say enough good things about the place!

Review №15

ICT Muscle and Joint Clinic is fantastic. I was referred to Dr. Panko by my trainer. The staff is friendly and Dr. Panko is trained in diverse types of treatment and knowledgable about not only how to get out of pain but exercises I can do to stop the problem in the future.

Review №16

Went in for a tight shoulder thinking I was gonna need and adjustment and everything would be good. Dr.Keith found some serious issues and started helping to get me in to get them fixed properly, honestly the best treatment Iv ever got. Worked with my schedule, came in for me, guy epitomizes what it is to be a professional. Absolutely won’t go anywhere else.

Review №17

Great staff and very knowledgeable! Thanks for helping with my knee! Dr Tyler Panko has helped me and members in my family with back and joint issues.

Review №18

Dr. Tyler Panko has helped me more in the last week and a half than all the help I have received since being diagnosed. There is no cure but Dr. Panko has given me tremendous pain relief and an improved outlook on life because someone is willing to work with me to find a treatment plan that will make a difference, not just more pain pills, and because I am not in constant pain. I left messages for many providers and Dr. Panko was the only one who told me he had not heard or treated this but had read up on it before he called me and believed he could help, and he has. I can walk up and down stairs more easily now and my husband remarked you walk like a normal person again!!The staff here are so nice and friendly, checking in and out, insurance questions and prices are answered immediately and with kindness and care. I feel I am listened to and heard and I really like how things are explained to me without a hint of condescension. I had never had acupuncture or cupping before and now would tell everyone to at least try them because they worked for me, a skeptic. This may not be the traditional medicine we are used to but when that fails you it is wonderful to find other options for Doctors with just as many years of training and education that also have a wonderfully caring bedside manner.

Review №19

Dr. Sam has been a life (and knee) saver! I came in with some intense patellar tendonitis in both my knees and it made it difficult to squat, jump, and even go for a jog. Since working with Sam I am now able to have pain free leg days and my fitness progress has been amazing! I highly recommend working with him!

Review №20

Highly educated staff really get to the root of your aches & pains. Dr. Keith Sparks was able to help improve my posture and chronic lower-back issues with just a couple visits. Plus, he gives you homework exercises to continue feeling great in between visits. I went to their NE Wichita location, which takes Insurance. It was well worth my time!

Review №21

As a nurse who worked 12 hour shifts for years, I had low back and hip pain. I took antiinflammatories, Acetaminophen, steroid injections. My daughter-in-law, in Missouri, who holds a doctorate in physical therapy recommended finding someone who practiced dry-needleing therapy. I found Dr. Keith Sparks and he gave me my quality of life back with adjustment, dry needling and a few other therapeutic measures. But what helped to take away the pain and keep it away were easy, simple short intervals of simple muscle strenthening. I cannot recommend him enough. He knows his stuff and is very personable. And I am off all medication I was on before.

Review №22

I was pretty timid at first. Ive been to a handful of chiropractors and theyre all the same. At ICT, new and different approaches made me nervous. However.. I got over that nervousness quick. Dr. Keith hands down is the best, my favorite. Highly recommend

Review №23

I’m a huge fan of ICT muscle and joint clinic. After getting a shoulder injury, I was able to get in with Dr. Panko as a new client the very next day. He has worked diligently with me to make a full recovery and also was the first person to tell him it wasn’t a tear of any kind based on his evaluation, even when other doctors were claiming it was probably a tear. MRI results backed Dr Panko’s assessment. He has shown me many exercises for rehabilitation that have all been very effective in my recovery.

Review №24

I recommend this facility! This was my first time seeking physical therapy (due to a running injury). I was really thankful that when I called, they had a spot available on the same day. Dr. Tyler helped me heal from a running injury through the weeks that followed. I healed in time to run my longest ultramarathon race (with no post injuries). Post race, I met with Dr. Tyler for injury preventative appointments that were specifically modified to test my stability and strength. I would like to thank Caitlyn for the quick email responses and good customer service. I would like to thank Dr. Tyler for his attentive and knowledgeable skills to help me heal from injury and remain injury free!

Review №25

I went to see Dr. Tyler Panko at ICT Muscle & Joint Clinic in a pinch. I couldnt get to my regular clinic, which was much further away, and they got me in very quickly! Dr. T was very kind, a great listener, and really helped me with two big pain points when I needed it most. Clean clinic, super friendly staff, easy to get to.

Review №26

10/10! Dr. Sam helped me greatly when I was in a bind. Thorough. Professional. Took the time to teach me exercises and stretches- including a better way to breathe! Even checks in post apt to see how I’m doing! Thanks again, Dr. Sam!

Review №27

ICT Muscle & Joint Clinic isn’t your regular snap, crackle, pop docs of the past. They are Chiropractors of the future that seek to find long term pain relief. They are your one stop shop for physical therapy, chiropractic care and overall self betterment!As a patient of both Dr. Sparks and Dr. Panko I can personally tell you that they can offer straight spinal adjustments, cupping, scrapping, dry needling, rehabilitation exercises to strengthen the injured or weak areas, and various other techniques. The overall goal of this clinic isn’t to get one sucked into a long-term treatment plan that keeps one coming back. They are looking to find your actual source of pain and the quickest way to seek long term pain relief. I have have had the wonderful opportunity of receiving treatment at both ICT locations! The care you will receive from Dr. Keith to Dr. Tyler to Dr. Reals is unbeatable. They are straightforward and only want what’s best for you as an individual. I would highly recommend seeking treatment from either Dr. Sparks or Dr. Panko. They are genuine practitioners who stay in their scope of practice. It is very apparent that they share an ever growing passion for functional medicine. Their drive, energy and genuine care for their patients is outstanding. You experience their genuine care as soon as you walk in and receive a bright warm smile from Caitlyn, and experience it all the way out of the door as you leave feeling brand new. If you’re experiencing any type of pain I would highly recommend seeking care from any of the doctors at ICT MJC family! You will not regret it.

Review №28

Dr. Tyler is very nice and helpful, definitely recommend!

Review №29

I went to see Dr Keith Sparks when I was ready to give up. I had seen 3 other doctors for back pain. Everyone wanted to give me muscle relaxers and opioid pan relievers. After the first visit, I had noticeable improvement to pain, and increased mobility. After going a few more times, the pain was gone entirely. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Review №30

I have nothing but amazing things to say about this facility and the staff. I started seeing Dr. Panko on a recommendation from a coworker and have been getting my quality of life back at a dramatic pace. I’ve worked with a slue of PT’s from my collegiate running career and have never ran into someone so knowledgeable and committed to seeing my health improve. I spent almost two years just managing pain and only wish I heard about this place sooner. That recommendation changed my life and I want to pay that forward with this review. Thank you Tyler I consider you a good friend and wish nothing but the best for you and your career.

Review №31

Great experience! Tyler took the time to review my shoulder and hip trouble thoroughly. Gave exercises and explanation as to what they would help with. Great bedside manner. The office assistant is knowledgeable and friendly.

Review №32

Very professional, great energy and very patient-focused. I pinched a nerve in my neck that impacted my left arm and they had me fully right in under a month. Knowing my lifestyle, I will need more attention in the future and will be back.

Review №33

I spoke with Dr. Keith about setting up a routine for me because with working from home, a big concern for me was my posture. Every time I leave, I feel so much better and Im more energized and productive.

Review №34

A friend of mine recommended ICT Muscle & Joint Clinic to me because I was having severe pain in my right foot. I mainly saw Dr. Keith on my visits. He was very professional and I appreciated the fact that he took time to explain things to me. He was very good about showing me exercises that I could do at home to help alleviate the pain. I felt he went above and beyond to try to help me.

Review №35

Really good doctors and service, they helped me with my problem very fast

Review №36

Dr. Sam has helped me multiple times with various soft tissue injuries, most recently a problem with my right tricep. Hurt my arm during a workout, and was not able to bend or straighten. After a session of scraping, and dry needling, I regained full movement. Dr. Sam gave me stretching movements to continue improvement over the next few days. Didnt miss a workout.

Review №37

Best care and treatment Ive ever received.

Review №38

Tyler was recommended by one of the coaches at my gym to help with my knee pain. Tyler makes it very easy to understand what he is trying to fix and what it exercises should feel like so you know what you should be doing when you are at home. Hes very optimistic and works hard to get everything back to the optimal range of motion without pain.

Review №39

Woke up with incredible jaw pain and my teeth were way out of alignment. Couldnt close my jaw on one side and when the other side shut it hurt quite painfully in the joint. Made an appointment with Dr. Keith (they got me in the same day) and by the time that one visit was over my jaw alignment was almost completely corrected and the pain was gone! Dr. Keith gave me a few stretches and massages to do at home and by the next morning everything was back where it belonged and I was pain free! This team is great - they have helped me on several occasions as well as my wife and my daughter. They definitely treat to cure, not to get you to come back needlessly. I highly recommend you see them for any joint or muscle issues you have!

Review №40

They have been wonderful to work with. They have addressed all my issues and questions and I am pain free. They really went the extra mile in figuring out what I needed.

Review №41

Working with Dr. Panko was fantastic. He was very thorough with his examination & description of my issue. Then he quickly helped me find a way to get better.

Review №42

Dr. Tyler is tremendous, when it comes to soft tissue injuries. He has a lot of tools at his disposal to get you better, and is an all around solid guy. I live out of state, but when Im back in Wichita, I always try to stop in for a body tune up. They also take insurance, which is a big help, and the office vibe is positive.

Review №43

The team at ICT Muscle & Joint Clinic are top notch professionals and way ahead of the competition, not just because their knowledge, but because they are truly passionate about helping people feel and move better. Keith and the team are changing the way people think about treatment for pain by getting to the systemic reason for the pain and teaching patients how to break the cycle and improve quality of life through proper movement.

Review №44

Dr. Keith is great at what he does. Very welcoming environment and helpful keeping my body in alignment.

Review №45

Receiving a recommendation to see Doc at ICT Muscle and Joint and making my first appointment is the best decision I have made in a long time. Dr. Panko is extremely knowledgeable and thorough. He explains in detail what he is doing and how its related. I had an old injury from college that had flared up and gotten out of control. I could not walk, stand or sit pain free prior and am almost completely pain free. He geared my treatments to not only get me to an almost pain free state but has also taught me some rehabilitation I do daily on my own to maintain a healthy back. I have also been able to return to the exercise I enjoy!! I highly recommend Dr. Panko and the clinic!

Review №46

I appreciate the time they take with me and the fact that they really listen to my needs.

Review №47

This was my first time ever going to a chiropractor so I a was little skeptical (but also desperate). I went to my first appointment barely able to walk without wanting to cry and was back in the gym four weeks later. Dr. Tyler was great. He listened to what was going on and supported me in my fitness goals. He provided adjustments, recovery treatment, exercises to do at home, and assisted with improving my weightlifting form to prevent injuries in the future. Overall, it has been a really great and educational experience. Highly recommend!!!

Review №48

Tyler Panko is OUTSTANDING. I can’t say enough GOOD about his help to me. Absolutely EXCEPTIONAL.

Review №49

The. Staff was very knowledgeable and personable . They took time to really evaluate the problem and even recommended others they thought could address one issue they could not provide service for. I even got a follow-up message several months after my last visit to see how I was doing.

Review №50

A very welcoming and friendly place! Tyler is great at understanding the pain even when it’s difficult to explain and then coming up with exercises to help minimize it.

Review №51

They were fantastic, knowledgeable and worked around my schedule to make sure I Was able to receive the treatment I needed. I would recommend Dr. Sparks and his team to as many people as I can.

Review №52

I was referred by my sister and brother in law after hurting my back while lifting. Dr. Panko is so knowledgeable and makes me feel more confident going back into lifting weights. So grateful for ICT Muscle & Joint !

Review №53

Two appointments and I was back to playing tennis. First, I went to my internal medicine doctor with a crooked neck after sleeping on the arm of the couch. I had spent 8 days in pain & tried a theragun, yoga stretches, warm pad & tylenol. The internal medicine doc surprised me when she said I should see a chiropractor. I am reluctant to have a chiropractor adjust my neck. He did a very simple maneuver at the base of my skull. Surprisingly, I was able to sit up from a recline position and I could not do this before. I continued to do this simple stretch at home. I am as good as new, for a 62 year old that is!!

Review №54

I have gone to Chiropractors my whole life because of accidents and my golf game. I would get adjusted and come back after two weeks in pain again. I thought there was no other option until Dr Sam helped me. He said, I want to show you exercises that you can do yourself so you can improve. I have been doing them as needed and I havent felt this good since my teenage years. He told me to do stretching and exercises to lengthen and strengthen my muscles; he also did acupuncture, and minor adjusting. Highly recommend these folks because they actually want to get you healthy.

Review №55

Dr. Panko is awesome! He listens and finds the best solution possible. He tries his hardest to help for any problem.

Review №56

I came to Dr. Tyler Panko with concerns of new onset back pain and chronic right knee pain. He listened to my complaint and treated my conditions accordingly. My experience in the clinic was fantastic, and I felt valued as a patient. Dr. Tyler gave me a very detailed explanation of how he was treating me while he was treating me and never caught me off guard. I left with decreased pain and a list of exercises for my knee. Within 2-3 days, I was pain free from both areas. As a patient, I can’t promise your outcome will be like mine, but Dr. Tyler will do what he feels is best for your condition. You’ll be in good hands.

Review №57

ICT Muscle & Joint Clinic is more than just your regular Chiropractic office that does a tens unit and some adjustments. They want to get to the root of the problem and issue by needling, cupping, exercises and finally some adjustments. The staff is upbeat and energetic wanting to help you heal and get back to 100%. Would highly recommend checking them out if your regular chiro isnt working out for you and you just have to keep going back because the problem doesnt get better! They want your body to heal, not just be ok!

Review №58

Dr. Tyler Panko is the truth. Here helped during a time when I really needed help with back pain and hip pain. I needed to continue, but there were insurance concerns. I would recommend Dr.Tyler.

Review №59

Ive been going here for a few months now and absolutely love it! Everyone is super nice and hospitable! I always leave feeling 10 times better! Dr. Panko is the best!

Review №60

ICT Muscle & Joint has been great with pain management for my shoulder, back and hip but also teaching me how to move better and strengthen those areas. With Dr. Pankos help I have been able to push myself harder in CrossFit without fear of injury; addressing pain as it arises before it leads to injury.

Review №61

Dr. Tyler is the best! Ive been going for several months now with two different injuries and I feel like a new person! 10/10 recommend!

Review №62

Dr. Panko is awesome clinician. I personally know how much work he had put into gaining the knowledge and skills to help his patients truly get out of pain, improve performance, and ultimately being a better version of them selves after working with him. Wichita is very lucky to have him!

Review №63

I was recommended by a friend. I feel really taken care of here and not rushed.

Review №64

Dr. Tyler is very knowledgeable, professional and helpful. Would recommend to anyone.

Review №65

Dr. Keith took the time to understand my specific problems related to a car accident and developed a plan to fix them. I highly recommend Dr. Keith to anyone looking for a chiropractor!

Review №66

Before going to ICT muscle and joint I didn’t want to go to the gym anymore because my upper back pain was so intense. Bringing me to tears at times. Also, I could barely go two weeks without an adjustment. Tyler has worked with me for around five months (poor guy). He listens to all my complaints, reevaluates every visit and recommends new exercises every time. I can now go four weeks, typical monthly maintenance (WHOOP WHOOP, FINALLY!!) If you want someone who truly cares about your health, long term pain relief instead of a quick fix then these are your people.

Review №67

Dr Keith is amazing. Only had to see him twice and my issue went completely away. Definitely recommend their clinic.

Review №68

I was impressed with not only my results but the manner in which they were achieved. Most importantly, I was listened to and then Dr. Keith applied what he felt was the best treatment. I appreciated that there was not just one generic treatment plan but the treatment was personally tailored to my needs and based on his experience and thoughtful planning. Having a good sense of humor and the strong desire to heal was also a plus!

Review №69

Dr. Panko is an amazing clinician and I am proud to call him a colleague. I have no hesitation referring patients his way because I know they’ll be in excellent care. He sets the bar for chiropractors, and continue to keep driving the profession forward!

Review №70

If you told me there was a better place to get treated for any joint or muscle pain... Id have to tell you that youre wrong. You cant match this level of professionalism, accuracy, knowledge, and personal touch to care the way that these guys can. Although Ive only ever been worked on by Keith, with the care and comprehension that he has for your well being, I would trust ANYONE in this facility. I cant stress enough how well educated Keith is on just about everything that Ive been able to pick his brain on - while hes putting me through hell no less (which of course feels a million times better later). This guy is a miracle worker, and I truly believe he can fix any issue that you can have with discomfort. Hes fixed issues that have been longstanding over years between myself and my girlfriend, and has worked wonders on everyone else that weve sent over!The best and last thing that Ill say about this place is that youll never receive the same treatment twice (unless requested). When I first started going for the same issue, after three or so visits I had been worked on differently every time, and every time a new area had improved. Muscles and joints that I didnt think would even be affected by fixing one area! Every city needs a Keith & co. to fix their bodies up when they stress them too hard.**I mean just look at all these 5 star reviews?!

Review №71

Dr. Panko is a top tier clinician! He doesnt just address your pain and call it a day, he works diligently to find the root cause of dysfunction and tailors your treatment to fit your exact needs. Go see him and youll know exactly what Im talking about!

Review №72

I have been so pleased with ICT Joint & Muscle Clinic...found them on the internet when i wanted treatment for Plantar Fasciitis that I couldn’t get rid of...Keith treated my pain, provided me with exercises to perform at home, and got me back hiking! He has continued to treat me for other is so worth the 30 mile drive! Lori K.

Review №73

Before going to ICT Muscle and Joint, I could barely make it through an 8 hour work shift. My lower back would be in constant pain, making it difficult to focus on my job. I see Dr. Sparks for weekly adjustments and they help tremendously. I am able to stay focused on the task at hand, and not on my pain. If you have anything from aches and pain, to any kind of injury, ICT Muscle and Joint is the place that can help!

Review №74

I dealt with severe foot pain for nearly a year. My very first visit Dr. Keith worked with me to find the root cause of the pain and treated it from the source, something I hadnt experience up to that point. He was very thorough in explaining the mechanics what my issue was and gave me multiple ways to stay proactive in healing and gaining back strength. I am so impressed and incredibly thankful for Dr. Keith and the rest of the staff at ICT Muscle & Joint. Keep up the great work!

Review №75

Dr. Tyler Panko is AWESOME! Has been a GREAT HELP to me! Can’t say enough GOOD about the treatment & help he provides. FIVE STARS PLUS.

Review №76

Great atmosphere, awesome staff, and a focus on healing rather than treatment. Ive been to several chiropractors in the last year, and usually get the answer come see us three times a week for the rest of your life. The ICT Muscle and Joint team told me they wanted to help me heal my dysfunction so I never have to come back... So far, thats been whats happened!

Review №77

Dr. Reals is awesome. Not only has he helped me recover from normal wear and tear. He’s also worked through a knee injury, and got me on track to my health and fitness goals. 5/5 Highly recommend ICT Muscle and Joint. If you are experiencing any pain what so ever go see the guys at ICT Muscle and Joint, they will have you mended in no time.

Review №78

Cant say enough good things about this place. Dr. Sam Reals is the rare combination of an expert, a problem solver, an empath, and a great listener. Its clear he takes the time to get to know every patient below just a surface level and tailor each treatment plan specific to their needs. Id trust him not only with any of my own injuries, but also with the care of my friends and family. Will be referring here forever.

Review №79

Both my daughter and I had a great experience with Dr. Sam. He only treats what needs to be treated and gave us essential movements, stretches and breathing which treated my shoulder and her back for everyday functional movement as well as what we both perform in sport. My daughter fell off her horse a year ago and did not get treatment this well from physical therapy. This is more than just adjustments, it’s better! If you are an athlete at any level this is where you need to go.

Review №80

Great experience doctor Keith is amazing

Review №81

I had a friend tell me about this place back in January and I wished I would have gone and visited right away instead of waiting a few months. I’ve had chronic neck and back pain for a few years. The neck to be exact for almost 3 years. After my first treatment with the exercises Keith gave me I started to feel such relief! I was amazed. He is honest, straightforward, and very willing to listen to all of your problems. The approach he takes and the exercises are so different from my typical PT experiences. He has even helped me in other areas that I’ve had issues such as my feet and Achilles tendinitis. I would definitely recommend coming here if you are in pain or discomfort.

Review №82

I must first start out with the fact I have had SEVERE neck / shoulder pain for over 6 months before finding Dr Keith. I started with my family doctor.....X-Rays, muscle relaxers and physical therapy. No relief. I amped up massages and visited my Chiropractor. I was adjusted several times and had electro something or other zapping my muscles over multiple visits. No relief. I then tried Acupuncture which did give me relief short term but soon the pain returned. THEN I took it upon myself to seek out a Doctor who specifically treats muscle injuries as well as Chiropractic treatments. BEHOLD DR KEITH WHO PINPOINTED MY ISSUES AND HAS SOLVED THEM!! I cannot thank him enough!!! If you are in need of a HIGHLY skilled, enthusiastic medical professional I would and will continue to recommend Dr Keith. His treatments are Extremely thorough with his patients progress and understanding of the treatment front and foremost. The passion and knowledge he possesses within his field is impressive and refreshing to say the least.Thank you Thank you!!!!

Review №83

I went to see Dr. Keith because I have had back issues for years from playing volleyball. We are still currently working through some of the movement but have made leaps and bounds in progress in just two short weeks. I really like that Dr. Keith explains the whole process and why we are doing things the way we are so that I better understand the changes we are making and how they are working towards our end goal. Thank you so much for helping me continue to improve and get better!

Review №84

My wife recommended I visit Keith originally. I must admit my college sports issues had gone ignored in recent times before finally doing so. Now I am convinced he is a wizard, after only a handful of appointments. Truly the best results Ive ever had/shortest amount of time. Im very happy with the service and knowledge offered here!

Review №85

Dr. Keith helped me with heel pain. I was getting discouraged and had an impending vacation abroad and I wanted to be able to walk without pain to explore! I was able to enjoy the vacation and walked up to 8 miles a day. So glad I visited ICT Muscle and Joint! Everyone there is lovely!

Review №86

I came in after tweaking my back while working out. Dr. Keith took the time to assess my body and figure out the proper treatment for me. He was able to show me some movements on how to help further my healing process and then proceeded to give me an adjustment. On my second visit he made sure that the treatment was working and did cupping and dry needling on the area that was still slightly bothering me He was extremely knowledgeable and wanted to give me a treatment based on MY body.

Review №87

I have been a Personal Trainer for over 4 years as well as being an active athlete for most of my life and ICT Muscle & Joint Clinic is one of the best sports chiropractic practices I have been too. I was having some rib discomfort and Dr. Keith did dry needling and a slight adjustment that had me immediately feeling better. Dr. Keith is very honest and straightforward with a proven approach. I am extremely happy with the the service ICT Muscle & Joint provided and I encourage anyone looking for chiropractic, muscle, or joint services to try them because you will not be disappointed.

Review №88

I went in with shoulder pain that restricted me from being able to lift my arm over my head. After a few appointments with Dr. Keith I was back in the gym if no pain. I will undoubtedly be back for any future body pains.

Review №89

I’m convinced Keith knows everything! He does an awesome job of listening to your concerns and helps you get to where YOU want to be. He never tried to convince me to stop lifting, running, Cross-fitting, or anything I want to do. He explained why we were doing what we were doing and helped me learn lots of things along the way. Stop thinking about it and GO SEE THEM!

Review №90

Great experience

Review №91

Keith and the team at ICT Muscle & Joint are great people. I have been seeing Keith for a couple years now. He has gone above and beyond to take care of me. The biggest thing for me is that his goal is to get you better and not having to keep spending money for treatments.

Review №92

Ive used the services of chiropractors for over 20 years now. Dr Keith has me feeling better when I leave than when I came in. What sets him apart from the others Ive used is his tool box . Hes done procedures that are new to me and they keep up with new treatments. Friendly and listens to my concerns. Also getting apointments that fit my schedule are no problem.

Review №93

Runners!!!! I can walk without the limp, from my hip flexor! All thanks to Dr Sam and dry needling. I haven’t been able to walk without excruciating tightness for months. I am obsessed with dry needling and Dr Sams work!! Easy location on the westside. I can’t wait for my next appointment!

Review №94

Dr. Panko treated my lingering forearm pain I had from climbing and I am no longer in pain. I cannot recommend this place enough because they look for the root cause of your pain. They didn’t just treat the symptoms and send me home, Dr. Panko actually made sure the pain didn’t come back. For those of you who understand bodywork, you’ll see that their long list of certifications are impressive, they value continuing education. For those of you who just want to be pain free, you’ll see that they have a wealth of knowledge that allow them to use various approaches and methods, depending on your situation or stage of treatment. Don’t be a victim of your chronic pain, just make an appointment, you will not be disappointed.

Review №95

Dr. Reals and team are great. It’s very easy to get the appointment you need and once you are there they really care for you and are super gentle. Love this place!

Review №96

I am a competitive masters athlete and have had my share of injuries....and unfortunately has involved a complex shoulder surgery. I followed the instructions given by my surgeon and was aggressive with the recommended hospital based physical therapy.One year post surgery I have continued to struggle with decreased range of motion to my shoulder. This has been a very frustrating experience because it has interfered with the sport that I am Trying to compete in.I was recommended to Dr. Keith Sparks by one of my coaches. Dr. Keith was very knowledgeable about my injury and quick to have a treatment plan. I immediately began to have improvement of the range of motion as well as the chronic discomfort. He was also very informative to the details pertaining to the specific stretches as well as range of motion exercises to be done while at home.I am a Practicing Physicians Assistant for almost 20 years now. I appreciate the broad knowledge base that both Keith and his Wife possess pertaining to their specific specialty. I am aware of them both traveling to attend educational seminars to continuously increase their knowledge base and stay aware of the ongoing changes in medicine and the new Technologies and treatment options for their specialty.I have and will continue to highly recommend their services.Jamie Sellberg

Review №97

I recommend ICT Muscle & Joint Clinic very highly. Ive been getting treatment there by Dr. Sam Reals for about 6 months now. Everyone there is very professional and have helped me immensely in some of my issues Ive had for a very long time. Kudos to Dr. Sam; Dr. Keith; Dr. Rachel, Dr. Tyler, & Caitlyn, a very efficient office manager..Youre all the best. Keep up the good work.

Review №98

I went to Dr. Keith with a nagging hamstring injury that wouldn’t seem to heal. Within 1-2 visits, my pain was almost completely gone and I was back to full activity. He didn’t just perform soft tissue work and send me home. He looked at everything that could be going wrong and fixed my hamstring along with some other tightness and issues. Plus he was very nice and easy to get along with. I won’t be going to anyone else for injuries from here on out. Thank you Dr. Sparks!!

Review №99

Super friendly & welcoming.A major plus for me is if you come in with an issue, they work to take care of it in the most efficient amount of time it takes to get you back to where you need to be, rather than trying to drag it on & pushing unnecessary equipment or procedures on you just to get more money from more visits. And theyre always ready & willing to help, no matter the size of the issue that I come to them with whether its dealing with a freshly occurred injury, an old injury, or helping to take preventative measures to avoid any future injuries.

Review №100

Dr. Keith is a wizard when it comes to making your body feel better! His tender touch and quick fists will fix any ache, pain, or worry you have ever had in your life. I would highly recommend!! I mean THE JUSTIN CONVERSE gave them a 5 star review and hes an American ICON!!! You should really stop reading this and go ahead schedule your appointment.

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