The Salvation Army Kroc Center, South Bend
900 W Western Ave, South Bend, IN 46601, United States

Review №1

My 10 yr old is in the basketball program for the first time. What a great experience it has been. A big “thank you” to the passionate and knowledgeable coaches!! You are all amazing!!

Review №2

Thank you for ladies night, the Christmas party, and hosting my best friends wedding. You guys offer so much and the staff is amazing! Ive met some wonderful ppl here at the Kroc Center.

Review №3

Pool staff kinda sucks and I dont feel I should pay full price when I cant use everything right now. But my son loves to swim so what do you do. We should only have to half price since I can only use half the place

Review №4

Excellent place to work out!Top-notch facilities from floor to ceiling.Employees are the best and brightest of the best.It’s centrally located and easily serves everyone in the area.Plenty of parking available and the hours are very good.Easily accessible and very clean and nice.This is an excellent facility whether you are single, part of a couple, or part of a big family.

Review №5

That theyre offering help to let my 12 month old son have a Christmas

Review №6

Good place to push your self .. great coaching, nice team atmosphere.

Review №7

I love the kroc center they are friendly. A lot to do.clean pantry is also amazing thank you for all you do.

Review №8

This is a fun place to go for a fairly decent price. However, I am not a huge fan of the snotty teenage lifeguards with bad attitudes. We understand that everything you do is for safety but theres no need to scream at the kids or berate them. They are just excited and everyone is trying to have a good time. You cant bring in any food and dont even let them catch you with your cell phone taking a picture or it goes bye-bye. Also, there is a lot of chlorine in the pool- emphasis on A LOT!!! If your children have asthma or strong allergies, this may not be the place for you.If you are an adult sometimes the water slide hurts your back on the way down because it is a bunch of water slide parts linked together and every time you pass one of the lines where it got connected, it rips your back apart! The children dont agree, though. They love it!

Review №9

I can burn fat easily since I have always had a slim thick body.

Review №10

Took swimming lessons here last year. Everything went well until the last lesson. I worked with Colin and he was amazing, very good teacher. Emma covered the last lesson, she is usually the youths teacher. She covered this lesson and during the lesson I caught her and another life guard or instructor making cringe faces at me while I was trying to do the arm stroke. She got caught kikiing and making faces and immediately ran up and told me several times I was doing great and I was wonderful and blah blah blah. I also got a cramp in my foot and caught her rolling her eyes when I had to stop to tend to it. Unprofessional conduct, and I believe had some kind of prejudice or some kind of issue as that lesson was horrible. All of my other experiences have been decent here at the Kroc Center. Clean, sanitary facility. Good rec area to play basketball, and well equipped gym area. There is also a hot tub within the swimming area.

Review №11

Love, love, love! The staff are so helpful. Signing up is easy. The basketball league is wonderful. I have an 11yr old son that is playing for the first time. They had made this fun but it’s also taught him. He’s loved it so much he asked to join for the 2nd session. Coach Cedric was such a blessing to have as a coach. He works so great with the kids and really looks at what they individually need to work on. The Kroc itself is clean and a great place to workout, swim if your family likes that. They have a wonderful child watch.

Review №12

Excellent place friendly atmosphere just hope the food pantry can open back up.

Review №13

I love this place everybody is friendly and easy to get along with. Everybody is social but at the same time respects to everybodys privacy at the Kroc center. Makes exercise more appealing to keep up with the helpful instructors there. I love the peaceful environment.

Review №14

Loved this place as soon as we entered! The staff was super friendly and showed us around and answered all my questions. They have a schedule for wonderful childcare so I can workout during the day and take my kids. Then we normally play at the park outside or go swimming at the incredible aquatic center so its a fun day for all. Im looking forward to trying some of the many wonderful classes!

Review №15

The kids always love swimming here. Water is normally pretty warm and its never been to crowded when we go.

Review №16

Great community place. Nice pool, gym, soccer fields, playground. Overall great place to have in town.

Review №17

Love the KROC center! Great aquatics for any age. Beautiful building.

Review №18

Kroc has helped our family so much my daughter loves summer camp and I also have used the pantry. I plan to work out there soon

Review №19

They are very warm and kind! Staff is always helpful and friendly. They do great work in the community as well!

Review №20

Nice people and help

Review №21

I have been a member here since its been open. I love going here and working out.

Review №22

I love this place.

Review №23

Hreat staff and VERY CLEAN facility!

Review №24

First visit was awesome. Establishment was clean, front desk extremely friendly, knowledgeable. Equipment was modern easy to operate. Thinking about joining. Would certainly return. Had a great work out.

Review №25

Friendly atmosphere in a nice place to just go and have a a good with children and and family

Review №26

Clean well maintained equipment. Friendly helpful staff. And a pool with splash pad and lazy river!

Review №27

Great aquatic center to take your kids if they like water parks. It has one nice big slide and other water features. Plus if you get the day pass you can also climb on the rock wall too.

Review №28

Great (& inexpensive!) fun for the whole family! Activities for ALL ages- including the fantastic indoor water park that allows for even the smallest of little swimmers to have a splash, & a lap pool for the more advanced.

Review №29

Awesome staff, and great community programs. I wish there were more organizations and facilities out there like this one.

Review №30

I love it here. My kids love it. Very family oriented and family friendly.

Review №31

Nice place

Review №32

Great place for the family or just a safe place for the kids to go. They offer dance classes, swim classes, they have a big pool and swim park with water slide and a rock climbing wall. A worth wild place to go

Review №33

I love this gym. Child care is great.

Review №34

They closed down the pool entirely over one mistake some made. Then when I left the locker room, I see the employees having a good time swimming, and getting in the hot tub. That doesnt sound fair to the people who pay a monthly membership to swim and have a good time, and theyre just relaxing for themselves for the last 3 hours of the day. I told one of the staff about what theyre doing over there. She told my mom, and her friends that she dont care what we think about it, and that she aint apologizing for anything. I will report this to corporate, and hope they fire that woman who gave my mom a nasty attitude.

Review №35

Granddaughters planning on staying with me for a short time stopped in and visit with the staff found it to be very child friendly... friendly in general. I will definitely be signing her up

Review №36

Good place lots of things to do and very resourceful place

Review №37

The programs and daycare is amazing. All-around great place.

Review №38

Great food. Great service.

Review №39

Come 1 come all.. Exercise at your own pace

Review №40

Awesome Summer Camp! My child will be going back! It’s best to take advantage of the buy one week get one week free!!! It is a safe environment that I trust.

Review №41

Had a great time...

Review №42

Watched a basketball game. Nice place

Review №43

I like to work out. They have everything you need.

Review №44

I encountered a situation today at the Kroc center that has me quite upset. First and foremost, it has been quite a while since my family and I have visited the Kroc center. We tend to only visit once a while as a special treat for my children. Today when we arrived, the Cafe was closed which was upsetting as we planned to eat lunch there. The hot tub was also closed, which was again upsetting. We arrived in the pool area to find out that the tubes for the lazy river no longer exist. The noodles and fun toys on the pool deck (in plain sight for kids) are apparently only for those who take swim lessons. The slide and water fountains aren’t allowed to be turned on for other children while swim lessons are going on.All of this was upsetting but the most frustrating part was when an employee told me I couldn’t take a photo of my son in the pool. I asked her why and she explained that there was a situation that “ruined it for everyone.” Had I of known that phone use was prohibited in the pool area, I surely wouldn’t have paid $25.00 for a “day pass”.After talking to the lifeguard, I went over to my chair which was by the slide. My daughter went down the slide as I was sending a text on my phone and then another staff member came over and told me again “you can’t take photos or videos”. I told her that I wasn’t and she rolled her eyes at me and said it looked like I was. Then, she went back over to the staff member who originally told me and I watched them talk and point at me. Then, they called another staff member over to talk about me more. They made me so uncomfortable that I wanted to leave right there, but I didn’t want to spoil the fun for my children.I understand that rules are in place to protect privacy, but if rules are in place, why aren’t they in your policy book? I looked and can’t seem to find that rule, not. I also think that if rules are in place, your staff should enforce them for everyone. There was a man drinking a Red Bull drink in the pool and doing pull-ups from the children’s slide bar but nobody said anything to him. He was also wearing basketball shorts instead of proper swim clothes. Do the rules not apply to him? It’s clear that your staff was too worried about bullying me to pay attention to others. Also, I think it’s crazy how there’s video surveillance in the pool area, yet I’m prohibited from using my phone. So much for protecting privacy, right?I am in awe of how I was treated today. I hope you plan to change this rule and enforce it on a “need” basis. If someone is walking around taking photos of random people, I could understand asking them to refrain, but a mom taking photos of her children and documenting memories should NOT be ridiculed for doing so. Your staff should be ashamed and whoever created this policy should really re-think it

Review №45

My 10 year old enjoys the counselors, activities, and field trips during the summer break day camp. They also get to swim every day. The price is per week, regardless of how many days theyll attend, but its reasonable and fun for my son. Breakfast, lunch, and a snack is included, as is a T shirt for field trips. I only wish they opened a little earlier, since my place of employment starts at 7, but the price and location cant be beat for us.

Review №46

Its very clean and worth the monthly cost for a family. Most things are every up to date and in working condition.

Review №47

Many different programs and food pantry benifical to the community

Review №48

Nice place to take the family. Wish the kids were 48 inches to ride the slide or 14 y.o. So we could enjoy the hot tub

Review №49

I love this place. A great place to spend time with my kids.

Review №50

Loved this place! Great value

Review №51

The Kroc center has quality equipment and is a nice facility. If you have small children do not Join this gym. The don’t want to watch children under 1 and they won’t watch them in the evening which is really inconvenient for parents who both work which is most families in 2019. The staff at the child watch have such an attitude and act like you’re bothering them for bringing your children there. I don’t think they realize that they chose that job and no one is forcing them to be there. Before joining the Kroc I belonged to the ymca and the childcare there was amazing and the Kroc center should learn from them. It’s very stressful leaving your children anywhere so it’s nice when you’re greeted with a friendly face who wants you to go enjoy an hour workout and not worry about your children.

Review №52

Visiting family and had a chance to check out the facility. Very nice and climbing wall was only $2 for all you can climb! Perfect to wear out the kids!

Review №53

Amazing place for family resource help and food bank. Great staff. Amazing facility

Review №54

Awesome place to workout clean, trainers on hand. I love working out here.

Review №55

Recently joined for health. Visit 3 times a week. Usually in the morning. Machines are state of the art and well maintained.

Review №56

My Kids and I had so much fun, love how there are many lifeguards in the pool area.

Review №57

Manager cares about her job and the people who come to have a great time. We all had a great time and plus, there was music too. Thank you. Sandi

Review №58

Starting to play pickleball there. Very nice facility with nice people.

Review №59

My daughter attends the Homeschool University program. She absolutely loves it!

Review №60

Great place. Many activities, including a rock climbing wall, gym, pool and game room for pre-teen & teen ages. Staff has always been pleasant & helpful. They supply free lockers for pool area & gym. Must bring your own lock for pool lockers. Gym lockers cost .50cents & include a key, once you return the key you get your .50 cents back, so Its actually free. They provide low cost & some free classes for members, including yoga, palates, day & summer camp for kids, swimming lessons & personal trainers..some require an additional fee but its reasonable if your a member..Excellent place for adults & kids alike to get & stay healthy & fit & also have a little fun doing it..They also have a snack bar with a limited menu..

Review №61

Great staff. Great workout equipment.

Review №62

Love this place. I’ve been a member for 4 years. The drop in instructors are passionate about their classes they teach. The front staff is friendly and courteous. Over the years I have met new people who are now by best friends.

Review №63

Really great place. One of the kids held the door for me.

Review №64

My fitness center, healthy motivation for 2020

Review №65

I have been coming to the Kroc Center for over 3 years now and I absolutely have no complaints. This is a great state of the art facility and it has everything you want in order for you to accomplish family and personal goals! Check it out you will be surprised at the things this facility offers.It has a recording studio, paintings you can buy, games rooms, party rooms to rent for different occassions, full size olympic pool, full size basketball courts, kids watch so parents can workout and still being their kids, all kinds of youth sports for all ages, cafe to grab something to eat, personal trainers and sessions are priced reasonably, fitness classes all throughout the week and much more! See for yourself!

Review №66

We love swimming here, just wish the changing rooms were a little cleaner.

Review №67

Nice and clean place!! The pool is Awesome!!

Review №68

Such a great atmosphere! Everyone is so friendly!

Review №69

My boyfriend and I decided that we wanted to go rock climbing on a Saturday afternoon. He looked on the Kroc Center website and it said that on Saturdays, the rock wall is open until 6:00 pm. So we got to the Kroc Center around 4:25 and bought two one-day passes and two rock climbing equipment rentals for a total of $24. We each went to the locker rooms and got changed, then spent a little time stretching and then went to the rock wall. The rock wall was closed off and the hours posted on the wall said that the rock wall closes at 4:00 on Saturdays. So we changed back into our street clothes and went back to the front desk. The two young women at the front desk were very kind, apologetic, and gave us a refund without a problem, but the weird part is that they contacted their manager who said that the rock wall closes at 5:00. If the rock wall is closed at 4 or 5 that’s fine, but please update the information on the website and inform all employees of the correct hours.

Review №70

Always good food

Review №71

Friendly atmosphere! Helpful staff! Thanks

Review №72

We were in town for a family visit and the kids really enjoyed this place for the day. Well worth the day rate to find something to do with the family. Unique business.

Review №73

Have all equipment to workout with plus swimming

Review №74

Lovely place for the family to get active!

Review №75

Tried to go to church there

Review №76

The family had a great afternoon here! The slide wasnt on right when we got there, but they turned it on after a bit. Will for sure be back!

Review №77

I’m not one to write reviews ever. This is literally the first time I have but some of these reviews are upsetting me. People, you are going to a swimming pool... to swim... in water. Why wouldn’t you wear a bathing suit . I’ve never had an issue with the workers at the front desk and I try to go to the gym at the Kroc as frequently as I can. The workers are personable and great at their jobs. And to the lady trying to take pictures of your kids at the pool, they sound annoying and no one needs a photo to remind themselves of that. If you don’t like it, go somewhere else. This was fun, I think I’ll start flaming more people who post awful reviews

Review №78

Nice place for swimming and gym. Also has rock-climbing

Review №79

I give the actual center 4 stars...but 2 stars for the fees, especially since its smack in the middle of a low income neighborhood, $50/mo is a bit steep. Even the summer camps/activities are expensive. If I lived closer and had more money to out into it, Id probably join.

Review №80

They helped me with my water bill! They are VERY friendly and helpful!! Also they helped me with food! I appreciate this place A LOT! And strongly recommend this place to everyone in need of assistance!

Review №81

My kids attend to basketball and swinging classes. We all love the instructors and the facilities. Price is reasonable.

Review №82

They have a really great swimming pool I just feel that it was wrong when they made my 11 year old daughter sign a contract after she had scraped her knee during the spring camp

Review №83

Love it! I would give it 5 stars if they got a sauna and/or steam room.

Review №84

Awesome! A blessing to this community

Review №85

Well I like that its right on a bus line. I like the food pantry its a blessing. The food area Is priced ridiculously. considering the discounts and help to the community I was shocked. There Christmas help was appreciated sign in October . Though I dont see why people cant sign up for other places, because you sign up and dont know what your getting untell 5 days before Christmas which leaves you bitting your nails. Prepare to freeze outside waiting to pick up though. A barrel with fire would have been nice. A box of Christmas food was a blessing. The swimming area if you have real little ones its hard to enjoy because you have to stay at arms length for each child which is very hard to do and I wasnt able spend as a single parent time enjoying it myself. The water slide that they had and Ive never actually seen it up and running which is a really cool part of the indoor water area. You have to pay for a towel ( if you didnt bring your own), and a lock for a locker after youve already paid to go swimming if you want to put your things up. I was told it was 50.00 a child for the year being low income but then somebody told me that a whole family of 5 goes for like $50 a year. Theres alot of space there ( more than half not occupied) think they hold meetings from businesses because they have rooms with projectors. They allow people on probation to do community service there depending on there charge. Theres a church inside, A workout gym, A rock wall, a exercising bike room, a yoga room, a basketball court gym, outdoor patio, food pantry, day care services, a outdoor football field and playground, a huge parking area, and they have a summer camp program. Its a blessing to the community by far.

Review №86

Gotta love the Kroc center! Everyone is always super friendly and helpful.

Review №87

Great family fitness center. Something for everyones tastes.

Review №88

Their aquatic center is really fun!! I recommend!

Review №89

Always clean and friendly staff. I love bringing clients here.

Review №90

My son just started flag football here! Its pretty awesome!

Review №91

Because it has a swimming pool and hot tub

Review №92

To busy for me.i wanted to swim but a little of people.the clorine was to strong for me

Review №93

It was clean and everyone was friendly.

Review №94

Was a great facility my boyfriend and i were out of town and he called to see about a day pass for working out

Review №95

Good place for the love it!

Review №96

Great place for summer camps, swimming, exercise and more!

Review №97

Nice area to workout. Mold in bathroom. I complained to front desk but nobody taking care

Review №98

Love this facility from top to bottom........

Review №99

Great venue for a school program. Ample parking but in a sketchy area.

Review №100

Great environment friendly staff and clean facilities.

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