Howard Park
219 S St Louis Blvd, South Bend, IN 46617, United States

Review №1

The City of South Bend did an amazing job of fixing up Howard Park.I particularly like the concept of having the free range chickens that will eventually provide eggs for the Howard Park Public House! The kids love it. We often walk to Howard Park just to see the chickens.

Review №2

Awesome park! The playground is off the charts. We stopped here on a cross country road trip and it was our best stop!

Review №3

The new remodel of the part is Gorgeous. I love to sit and enjoy the free Wi-Fi

Review №4

Awesome, beautiful the designer did a hell of a job it gives a city feel. I wish I had enough power to design art as such go Chicago.

Review №5

Liked the place, good for evening walk. Also the park is near river, it feels very good to just sit somewhere in the evening.

Review №6

Mind blowing its so cool and fun and beautiful. Something for anyone and everyone to enjoy.

Review №7

Its a beautiful park and the perfect place to enjoy a musical performance while keeping the safe distance from other people. Fresh and lively atmosphere.

Review №8

Love the remodeling all but the walls you have to walk around the hole park just to enter other that awesome place and kids what to go every day so definitely a place to be

Review №9

Havent been better since the park was redone. The new park is beautiful! I cant wait to try the ice skating this winter.

Review №10

Customer service is excellent. Its a nice place for share.

Review №11

I decided to go to South bend and Walk. The river bend was beautiful.. as I entered the park across bridge .. the statues of fireman. Caught my eye.. they reminded me of my Fireman Best friend.. and made my day thinking of him so special.And warm..

Review №12

Great place for family fun and or relax and chill. I love it ️

Review №13

I love want they did to revamp the new park. This should be great to bring more people into the city of South Bend.

Review №14

Beautiful park, we had a great time walking the river and playing at the park. It was lovely

Review №15

Visited in summer. Not much to do. Im hoping in winter it will be more fun with the skating & fire pits, etc. Im looking forward to it.

Review №16

Was very fun! Lots of space to run around and explore. I wish they had more shaded benches though. I do not reccomend this park for young kids because of the playgrounds size. Other than that, It was super super fun!

Review №17

Beautiful!! Play area for children, water fountains for the kiddos could play in. Plenty of places to sit down and relax. Biking,walking paths with view of the water. Simply Beautiful

Review №18

It was really nice. Quite pretty, well organized and clean, as well as chill. Id recommend going at night.

Review №19

Beautiful. Well paved sidewalks for walking, clean safe public restrooms, fire pits. with seating for groups of 5 , small splash pads with a colorful playground for children 5-12 year olds.

Review №20

Love this park, especially when the rink is up, because then my kids stay in the area naturally.

Review №21

Very well thought out family-friendly playground, park, and riverwalk. My 8 year old absolutely loved everything about it.

Review №22

Loved it. It was like being in a Hallmark Christmas movie!!

Review №23

Beautiful!!! Great fun, warm fires, safe structures! Cant wait to go back.

Review №24

This is an awesome place for anyone! Theres a cafe, a park, in the summer its a great place to run and have fun and in the winter, ice skating and coffee! Im sure one could find more to do in thos area than i could possibly list.

Review №25

I visited this park at night. The walking paths outside the skating rink are tree lined and lit with sparkling delicate white lights making it an ideal location to take a midnight stroll. I watched the people, young and old enjoying the play ground area and the climbing rocks. Couples strolled the ever winding paths hand in hand. I would like to go back and investigate more on what this park has to offer during the day, but for now, I think Howard Park in downtown South Bend, Indiana is a magical place to visit at night!

Review №26

The playground is very unique! There are so many things to climb on and I love the spongy ground. The only downside is the lack of shade.

Review №27

Awesome park where kids can play but no social distancing at all.

Review №28

It went from no go skeez to a valuable community space! A great welcoming and engaging park with nice backdrop of downtown.

Review №29

Love it ! Was so nice to walk and enjoy! Thank you!

Review №30

Wonderful, safe playground. Well maintained. Love it

Review №31

Had alot of fun here! Love the river walk.

Review №32

Just attended the Grand Opening of Howard Park, and it was AMAZING. Ice pond and trail, incredible ADA-compliant playground, and plenty of green space. This is going to be THE spot for events in DTSB!

Review №33

Super fun outdoor play equipment. Fountains that kids can play in! Loads of fun!!

Review №34

Beautiful place. Good place to take your family and friends.

Review №35

First of all the ice was very choppy and not smooth, talking with the manager I was not impressed he’s said that smoothed the ice 3 hours ago and they do it every 3 hours. With the amount of people that skate there definitely not enough. The rental skates are all speed skates hockey style and for a novice skater like myself they are hard to use even worse when the ice is very choppy. The only reason I’m giving a two star review is because the park is very aesthetically pleasing and nice and new. The only employees-that where not rude and actually did their jobs well where the people working the hot Chocolate booth. The manager was. Rude even after I explained my displeasure and the people taking in the new skates made you tie your own skates together. If you are looking for a place to skate in South Bend go down the road to Notre Dame at the Compton Family ice arena much better experience.

Review №36

They did a great job fixing it up, nice playground for the kids, and a beautiful view of downtown.

Review №37

A great place for family and friends or just a relaxing day

Review №38

Very nice, very clean. Says it closes at 10 but we walked around until 11 enjoying ourselves.

Review №39

What a great playground for kids of all ages!! We were there for over an hour and my grandsons (2 & 4yrs) never stopped. They had so much fun, they didnt want to leave!!My only complaint would be that it is not enclosed, making it tough for a single parent with multiple children to feel secure. It was difficult to keep eyes on both kids with 3 of us (Mom, Gma & Gpa) watching. It would be impossible for a single parent.The 5 of us had a really good time at this park!

Review №40

Fantastic park with lots to do. The playground is incredible for all ages and abilities. The ice skating rink is well designed, and its nice just to sit by the fire pits and relax. Landscaping isnt finished yet as of February 2020, but it looks promising, and theres a nice network of sidewalks for jogging or letting kids practice on bikes or roller skates.

Review №41

Howard Park itself is wonderful. Just stay at the park. We decided to take the river walk. This was Sunday June 14th at around 1 pm and a mid twenties young man was sitting on a bench right off Niles ave exposing himself. So disgusted. Had 3 young nieces with me from out of town. Not impressed with our city.

Review №42

Amazing renovation of Howard Park! There’s lots to see and do. It also connects easily to the river walk and Seitz Park. There also is a bridge that has nice views of the park from above!

Review №43

Really lovely park since it was redone. Really beautiful space

Review №44

The work that they have done to howard Park is stunning I was very sad when the ice rink was gone and they started tearing everything up as it was a staple of my childhood but after seeing the new park and playground I was very happy to make new memories in such a wonderful beautiful place thank you for actually making a place thats fun for everyone and a playground kids actually enjoy

Review №45

Great place for the kids. I dont understand how a public place with no doors or signs that informs you has a closing time though.

Review №46

Very nice park. My grandson loves it here

Review №47

Lots of fun things for children to do. Seems pretty clean

Review №48

Large spacious lawn area so plenty of room to social distance while listening to the band. Very clean restrooms

Review №49

Super fun and modern park with lots to do! There are some dangerous areas and steep hills for young kids but overall we love it!

Review №50

Fun for all ages! And a gorgeous view of the river.

Review №51

This is a beautiful park. They did a great job here. My grandkids had so much fun.

Review №52

This is going to be a great park for South Bend, IN. The ice rink with the playground park in the middle is fantastic. Hopefully there will be a section for people that have pets and plenty of trash containers. That was one of the things that I saw when we were there. People walking their pets and letting them poop on the ground and not picking it up. I Loved the fire pits with the setting around them. I know that its a work in progress but just cant wait until its done...

Review №53

Beautiful scenery, even with some consteuction going on. Lovely park, playground for kids, and overall wonderful place to walk around

Review №54

Took my kids there today to go walk around the river and play a little on the playground. Had a great time

Review №55

Great place for family fun! Vibes were energetic, festive and happy! My 1.5 and 3 year old had a great time at the playground. The ice skating rink is original with its windy iceskating path. Definetly will be back with friends and family!

Review №56

Beautiful space for walking and hanging out by the river, fun playground for kids!

Review №57

This park is just amazing. So much fun to have. Ice skating. Fire pit. Playground. The view of the river lights is awesome. Family friendly. Good timesd

Review №58

Awesomely renovated park clearly inspired by places like millennium Park in Chicago. Fun, safe and creative playground equipment will help draw families and the newly redone ice rink looks super fun. This is a game changer for the city, a premier public outdoor space in/near downtown. Kudos to Aaron Perri and his team on a job well done!

Review №59

This place is great. Definitely a go-to winter wonderland place in South Bend. Great for kids and adults. Excellent value.

Review №60

Awesome place but dont tell anyone or it will get over crowded!

Review №61

Very nice new park well designed and kept. Lacking some shading

Review №62

I love this place. A beautiful way to get some steps added to your day! Nature everywhere if you stop a little to look and listen!

Review №63

Great redo on this park...will be nice when the Restaurant opens.

Review №64

We were at the Grand Opening 11/29/19 and the park looks amazing. Its difficult to even imagine it as it was before. The ice skating area has paths to skate along. The playground is multi-level with that springy artificial ground covering everywhere. Summer will be fun when the ground fountain/splash pad will be operating. It still adds to the atmosphere now with the lights but summer will see its full potential. Just a great park, they did a fantastic job.

Review №65

The grass could have been cut especially since a graduation ceremony was taking place. Its a new beautiful park

Review №66

Can we say wow well done South Bend!

Review №67

My daughter had a great time. There were a lot of people but everyone seemed to be aware of all the kids in the rink and didn’t run them over. My daughter tried to use the skate helper device but she struggled with that, she liked being near the edge so she could catch herself if needed.$7.00 skate rental, not a bad price

Review №68

I love how they remodeled the whole park it looks great I was amazed and the art work on the walls are speechless

Review №69

First off we had a blast here. Never thought I would experience ice skating on a surface that is uneven like up and down shallow grade hills kinda. One second you are slightly struggling up then doing nothing while coasting down. Super fun . They do great things here to help you keep warm too even with big fires and heaters while you are in line. Great playground! Only thing we had trouble with was the difficulty in lacing our skates up tight enough. Dont try it outside with cold fingers or gloves on as it is nearly impossible. Maybe need more practice is all. Great place!

Review №70

Great new and fun atmosphere for friends and families. Well maintained. Only down side is the Cafe is super expensive. It costs $3 for a regular size candy bar.

Review №71

The park is beautiful as well as the buildings. Numerous firepits to relax by while watching skaters or taking a break from skating. There is a nice play area in the middle of the ice trails for younger kids. I met several of the employees and they couldnt have been more pleasant or helpful. If you havent visited Howard Park yet I would recommend you do.

Review №72

In my own experience the ice was very rough even after the hour and a half it took for the zamboni to resurface the ice. The views are some of the best and the tracks big. Id recommend it only for beginners, you will fall if you go fast at all with the roughness of the ice.

Review №73

Great park, best renovations ive seen. Kids love it

Review №74

This is one of the best places that I have been in America. $10 for ice skating is very affordable and lots of fun! Keep up the great work guys

Review №75

Great playground. Nice for walking around. Skate rentals are 10 dollars for adults. Theres a few fire pits, outdoor and indoor seating. This is a great place to spend time with friends and family!

Review №76

Great place for familymy kids love to go

Review №77

Awesome park! I wish they would turn on the splash pad though...what a waste not to have it on when we had all these 90 degree days.

Review №78

Great atmosphere and so family friendly. Love the new look

Review №79

The redone Howard Park is incredibly awesome. It has a new fun playground for kids and an awesome new ice skating rink. You owe it to yourself to check it out even if you dont plan to skate or use the playground.

Review №80

Its fantastic fun! The skating path is novel, indoor fireplace with chairs, several outdoor firepits, beautiful lights, and South Bend Chocolate Factory hot cocoa is multiple flavors. Great staff. It is just great.

Review №81

We all had a blast

Review №82

Especially great toddler area. Just wish there was more shade.

Review №83

Park looks great! It was really packed which was to be expected. But the worst part was that they charged the same amount for people renting ice skates and for people that had their own ice skates. It should be much cheaper if you have your own ice skates.

Review №84

Great place to enjoy the day with family

Review №85

Theyve done a beautiful job with Howard Park! It looks wonderful!

Review №86

Beautiful place I loved

Review №87

Top notch park! Best playground

Review №88

Beautiful park, but I gave it only 3 stars because they charge to access the rink! The taxpayers already paid for this park. Its fine to charge for rental, but for skating with your own equipment should be free! In Chicago, they never charge for rink access, only rental, at any of the parks.

Review №89

Great day at the park, families were enjoying the day

Review №90

Fun skating! Make sure that you buy tickets online, you will get in faster. Also, make sure you have the right shoe sizes, as they use mens sizes. This place is wonderful to come with the kids, family, or on a date to skate!

Review №91

The ice skating park is amazing. the park in the middle is a perfect touch the music and lights are great. the line is pretty long and takes forever but its all good

Review №92

Good fishing and great new park

Review №93

Excellent remodel. Great atmosphere. Best ice skating around the area, best park for kids of all ages. South bend chocolate on site!

Review №94

The new park is absolutely gorgeous. I love to sit by fire pit on a chilly day to read. My 10 year is obsessed with the playground.

Review №95

5 stars for such an awesome place. I just dont really like crowds.. but the day after Christmas might have been why so many people were there.

Review №96

The park was very nice. Wonderful facility and having the chocolate cafe there was a plus! Will definitely be bringing my family back.

Review №97

Great, newly renovated park near downtown South Bend!

Review №98

This girl I was with kept falling. Other than that pretty entertaining, Zamboni took a bit too long. They also had good hot chocolate

Review №99

Nice updated park for the city of South Bend. Its so peaceful.

Review №100

Wonderful afternoon in the park.

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