Dr. Suzanne K. Daly, MD
198 S Coronado Dr STE A, Sierra Vista, AZ 85635, United States
Dr. Suzanne K. Daly, MD

Review №1

I do not agree with all the negative reviews as I received the utmost of care and the staff were all very accommodating and polite. Dr. Daly spent a good amount of time reviewing all my family history and was attentive to all I had to say. I think she is a very professional doctor and has her patients concerns at the top of her treatment.

Review №2

I waited three months for an appointment. She did an upper endoscopy. I got a follow up appointment that was a surprise. It was cancelled because her assistant got sick. They scheduled another appointment three months out. This is ridiculous. I am contacting my primary care doctor and asking him to not refer any new patients to her

Review №3

I almost went back to Dr. Daly because you moved here practice and works out of Copper Queen in Bisbee now (never ever go to Sierra Vista hospital!!) But I am not a fan of Dr.s attitude and she doesnt have the time to have follow up appt with her. I want to talk to the Dr who did procedures, not Aaron. Staff is stuck up also!! Try Dr Deeb Swan Gastrointestinal in Tucson.

Review №4

One star ONLY because I had to... This office has the WORST patient care I have ever seen. I have never met Dr. Daly. My appointment was scheduled and I was seen by Aaron, the PA. He told me to go to Chihuahua lab for testing and he repeatedly told me I MUST call their office for the results. I went to Chihuahua on 10/04/2019. I called Aaron 10/10/2019 to get the results and was asked which lab I went to ????? I was then told the results are not in yet but should be in around 10/15/2019. I was traveling the next day so I requested a call back from Aaron to ask what I should do about the SYMPTOMS until the results came back in. He never called me back. I called the office again and left messages WITH A STAFF MEMBER (not a voicemail) on 10/16/19, 10/17/19 and again 10/18/19 and still received no call back. I called again 10/22/19 and left a message for the office manager this time. STILL NO CALL BACK. I guess I will have to drive to the office in order to receive the results. While I am there I will be picking up my records and going to Tucson for my care. And I will tell every single person who will listen how horrible and unconcerned the staff at this is office are. AVOID THIS OFFICE AT ALL COSTS!!!

Review №5

After waiting months for my appointment, I was called the day before my appointment for them to tell me the Doctor wouldnt be in and I needed to reschedule. Fine, I understand that things happen, however, they wanted to schedule my new appointment 2 more months out. You think they would have tried to get me in sooner as I had already waited so long and they had to reschedule last minute.

Review №6

Very disheartening experience. I went to this office due to symptoms that I believed were due to my gallbladder. I have a family history of gallstones and pancreas problems. The office at first seemed very helpful, ordering a volley of tests and an ultrasound. I have an ultrasound that shows gallstones and have had every excruciating symptom that accompanies this condition. However I was told that my ultrasound looked normal and clear Except for some gallstones. I was also told that my stones are small enough that they dont generally cause issues and that they would see me at my follow up for my send off. However if I would like more of the pain relieving medication to let them know. I was also advised in the voicemail to give them a call and let them know how I am doing. How do you think I am doing when I came to you for help in the first place? The stones may be small but I am in a great deal of pain, not that it matters, apparently. So nothing is going to be done about my gallstones within this office at this time. I cannot recommend them to others.

Review №7

I found Dr Daly very kind and knew what she was doing, same with her assistant Aaron. They have helped me a great deal! I would not hesitate recommending them. Office staff were also kind as were the people in the Lab. Dr. Daly did a procedure on me at Copper Queen Hospital and that too was a very good experience!

Review №8

What has happened to this office? 5 years ago when she was in the hospital everything was running smoothly 2 weeks for an appointment and I actually saw the real Dr. Daly so I know she existed at one time.But now she has become another overwhelmed office with no physicians only P.A.s rush care no personal feeling just a patient mill. Im not complaining about the staff Dr. Daly seemed like a very likable Dr. Im mad about the lack of personal care.Sad situation here in Sierra Vista where a person suffers for months just for an appointment. Just drove to the third location for an appointment =TWO MONTHS? WHERES THE CARE? TWO MONTHS FOR 15 MINUTES OF YOUR TIME? IM NOT A NEW PATIENT!!!!!! Going to Tucson.I suggest you do the same. Dont start with this office.

Review №9

Dr Daly was very good in explaining the procedure for colonoscopy and Aaron was very thorough in the consultation appt prior to my procedure. Top notch professionals in their expertise. Most of all very nice people and staff.

Review №10

Called to schedule an appointment in October and was told to call back in November. In November was told that appointments were booked through the end of the year and I would be contacted as soon as an opening came available. Called today FEBRUARY 12th as Im on orders to Korea next month and running out of time and was told that no appointments were being made before MAY!SERIOUSLY? Think maybe you could have kept your patients informed?APPARENTLY THATS ASKING TOO MUCH! Now with only about a month to go I have to find another provider. THANKS FOR NOTHING!

Review №11

I had an EGD scheduled in July of 2017 with Dr. Dalys office. From the prep through the procedure to the post-scan consultation I was extremely pleased with the team of specialists and professionals that worked on me. They answered my questions and explained everything clearly. The procedure was on time and done very well. I was surprised that we could briefly discuss the results on the spot, and not have to wait for the follow-up appointment. Everyone was wonderful, professional and yet calming and funny at the same time. Perfect combo between professional skill and bedside manners. The check in was smooth, the facilities are very nice.

Review №12

While I have not had much interaction with Dr. Daly herself, her front-end staff are kind & present themselves as knowledgeable. The nurse on the other hand (Anne); while a competent provider, seems quite short sighted when trying to explain ongoing problems or newly developed symptoms. The nurses bedside leaves much to be desired.

Review №13

Awful service in the office and with Dr. Daly. They dont answer the phone, are not polite, courteous or seem to care. Staff and Daly are put off with assisting patients, like why are you bothering us.I have no respect for her with her cold holier than though attitude. No one is above another but that is what youll receive.The only time youll see Daly is at time of procedure as she looks down on you. She doesnt believe there is such thing as leaky gut and mocked me and my friend when asking about it even though her office treated me for SIBO which is the beginning of gut issues. Really now?After surgery I want to talk to the person who did the surgery or at least was in and involved with the procedure.I didnt want to believe their offensive existence to be true but when I used her the 2nd time the service received by everyone was worse than the first time!We all deserve to be treated with respect!

Review №14

I have had the worst experience with this office. The level of disorganization is staggering. I had an appointment cancelled without my knowledge, I sent over my medical records and they couldnt find them, I then hand carried them over and the next day got a call asking when I was going to be sending them my records. Then I was given a referral to a surgeon and they never sent anything to Tricare so that I could get authorization which caused me to miss time from work for an appointment that I couldnt keep because they dropped the ball. Everyone told me wonderful things about this doctors office but I would not recommend them to my worst enemy.

Review №15

Horrible horrible place dr daily does good work but the office staff SUCKS they dont have a clue to whats going on,had blood drawn, call for results they forgot to mention another blood test then wants me to come back to give more blood, AINT HAPPENING Ill shop around look for an office with a competent staff.

Review №16

Dr. Daly is great and extremely pleasant. Now lets talk about the front desk staff, they are most disrespectful uneducated demeaning snobs ever. I did a colonoscopy, went back and got my results. Two weeks later I received a call from a lady at the front desk asking to verify my information so I asked why? She said I need to schedule an appointment for your procedure. I asked what procedure? She said your colonoscopy, I said another one she asked did you already have one? I said you tell me you made the first one. Needless to say I got off the phone with her. So my Doc made a referral to me to be seen again, this time its Upper GI. I called to make the appointment and that dude at the front was clueless. I explained what the referral was for and offered the approval number. Suddenly an attitude was developed and was told that he was not a Medical Asst or nurse so he needed me to bring my referral to the office. I asked are you kidding? Do you really expect me to take off work to drop off a referral? He said actually yes. I asked to speak with the Manager and he hung up on me. They have the worst customer service. They act as if they are not in the market for customer service. Customer service basic/101, would be a great start with that front desk staff.

Review №17

Worst managed office of2018!Keep the rude boy,whos rude and a bad attitude.

Review №18

Ive called this place for 2 months trying to get an appointment. They rarely ever answer or return calls. When I finally reached someone they told me it would take me months for an appointment.

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  • Address:198 S Coronado Dr STE A, Sierra Vista, AZ 85635, United States
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