2183 N, IL-83 Rd, Round Lake Beach, IL 60073, United States

Review №1

Terrible service! The lady at the front desk had a bad attitude Today, I went to pick up my glasses and I was going to get contacts in my previous appointment but I changed my mind. Today, the gentleman who helped me pick out my glasses put on my bill that I owe $63 for contacts so I told the lady I never got contacts. She storms off with an attitude to tell the guy who helped me pick my glasses out and who also signed me up for contacts. He came over to the counter where I was standing and asked “So you don’t want contacts any more?” I answered no he asked “Did you try your glasses on?” I said no. So he gave me the glasses to try on. The medication in the glasses was way too strong but whatever I didn’t make a issue (which I should’ve) Then he looked me in my face and told me “Don’t expect to come back and get contacts” I said that’s fine but I should’ve told him I don’t have to to accept these glass and I can call my insurance company and tell them I didn’t accept them because of the poor service that they gave and the “lazy, careless” attitude that they give off towards their customers.

Review №2

The whole staff is very friendly making it easy to get all services done without any hassle. Thanks Anna Aldana for helping me pick my glasses that really made my day.Everyone is willing to help you out and make sure you are happy before leaving. They go over and above to make sure that happens.

Review №3

Kristy was amazing and helped me out tremendously. She is very knowledgeable and extremely willing to help. I would recommend everyone to ask for her. Thanks again for all your amazing work.

Review №4

Kristy F. helped my husband and I purchase new glasses and contacts. She was very helpful and knowledgeable. She took her time as we tried on different frames and gave us her honest opinions on how the frames looked on us and helped us get well fitted glasses. She was extremely kind and I will definitely request her to help us whenever we visit this store!

Review №5

The front desk staff were not friendly at all when we arrived. No one bothered to even smile! The only employee who was actually friendly and that looked as though he is passionate about his job was the doctor. So, I guess I have to put up with the rest of the rude staff just to see a good doctor....

Review №6

You wont be disappointed with the staff, their level of knowledge of their product or the final results of your vision needs. I have been a client for many years and highly recommend you plan your next Vision appointment here.

Review №7

I did not buy my glasses there for I did not know about them, however, I go there to have adjustments made to the glasses that I have and without hesitation Al does the adjustments on them for me. They are all kind and helpful and do not make you feel bad about it coming in as many times as it takes. Thank you for being there for us.

Review №8

Anna Aldana is awesome :)

Review №9

Recently visited AccuVision for what I was concerned with may have been pink eye. I dont wear glasses so its been a while since Ive been to the eye doc and was a little nervous. The doctor was so nice! He did a thorough workup and talked through all my symptoms and concerns. He was super knowledgeable and assuring. It was great to speak to a professional that I really felt was concerned not only with my condition, but getting me the right information to resolve the problem and put me at ease. Turns out it was just irritation, but I appreciated that he gave me what I needed and didnt try to push other treatment or services that were unnecessary. Just an all together kind person and great experience. Well be setting up my daughters appointment soon!

Review №10

My mother has been going there for years, twice she has gone in and been told her appointment was earlier than the time we arrived and we could not be seen, its obvious someone screwed up and it was not us, we were offered another date but I told the receptionist we were going elsewhere because we were tired of this happening and she acted like she didnt care, instead she said, Ok she should of gotten up and gone to consult with the office manager or doctor. I work in customer service, if I treat my customers like that, we would not have any customers left.

Review №11

Was in and out super fast! Kristy was amazing and helped me pick out the perfect pair of glasses! Staff was kind and accommodating, no wait! Didn’t feel rushed and they gave me an honest opinion which is always much appreciated. Definitely recommend I’ve been coming here for the past two years and they definitely don’t disappoint! Can’t wait to pick up my new glasses and look sophisticated yet fun with the help of kristy and staff! Love it here

Review №12

I had a great experience there. I was helped the moment I walked in the door. The manager helped me, she answered every question I had. She was nice and professional. I would definitely recommend this place if your looking for glasses.

Review №13

Al is amazing I am a frequent customer of Accuvision and he always does the adjustments to the best. I wouldnt go anywhere else

Review №14

So I really liked this place. I was seen right when I walked in and other then the time I took looking for frames I would have been in and out in 20 min. The were very personable and helpful. The only issue I had was that the doctor ran a few extra test that I was not ignored cost extra and I was paying out of pocket. In total I paid just under 500 dollars that day. They also charged me to dilate my eye. And when I asked what the fee was for she said for the eye dilation, he didnt tell you it was extra $ I said no and I would have refused it due to the amount I was already paying. So yes that was it though everything else was great. I thought they could have used a little better variety of frames, they were all very similar to each other.

Review №15

Have never had a more unpleasant experience at a business,and I didnt even have an appointment there! They told me to months ago when I scheduled the appointment my insurance was excepted. Come today the day of my appointment and apparently it is no longer accepted. The lady at the check in desk was very rude and not at all considerate of the frustration I had as well as my work schedule to be able to make another appointment at another location. Take your business elsewhere as this place and its employees do not care about your time or money.

Review №16

Great staff! Tanya helped me out and went up and beyond to find me the best glasses. Clean store 5+++++++ ️

Review №17

I have gone here for 16 years, since I was in sixth grade. I went in for an eye exam to update my prescription, which hasnt changed in years. I was asked several times if I wanted glasses, I declined because my current pair are fine and I didnt need new glasses, felt very pushy every time they asked.I was then told that my current contact lens brand was discontinued and that I would need to pick a new pair and do a contact lens fitting. My brand was available on 1800 Contacts so I let them know I would prefer to get them online and avoid a $60 out of pocket contact lens fitting. I paid $10 for the exam and did not schedule a second visit.I received a bill for the $60 fitting fee a few weeks later and figured this was an error since I did not have the fitting and purchase my current brand online. I then received a collections call the first week in December!I have never been sent to collections for anything nor have any of my other previous visits over the 16 years not been paid up front or on time. When I called the office I was treated like I had never been in there and that it is standard procedure to send a patient to collections if they do not pay within 60 days. I was floored, the person I spoke with in accounting let me know that she can have the office manager call me about the issue and I still have not received a call or voicemail regarding the issue.I am not sure of why there has been such a negative change recently in the level of service, but I will not be returning to this business for any service and would recommend people look else where for their vision needs.

Review №18

I purchased a pair of frames here. They were very helpful and didnt pressure me.I went to 3 places before I came here because my insurance would only cover frames with accu vision. They were very through and the guy who checks the glasses noticed the prescription was incorrect, so even though I had to wait longer I am glad they caught that. I will return there again. Thanks Accuvision.

Review №19

I have been going there for 4 years and have always had a great experience. Everyone has always been pleasant and courteous but then again I treat people how I want to be treated, it is contagious. I just made an appointment for an exam and new glasses. I do think they could use more frames to select from.

Review №20

Gaby wonderful

Review №21

Wow where do I begin. First they dilated my eyes and didnt tell me they dont have the anti dilation drops until after they dropped me. I went to check out i could barely see and they were perfectly fine sending me out to DRIVE HOME. I called my wife and her mom to come get me and my car. My vision was so bad I had to ask one of the receptionists to set the follow up appointment. He set it up improperly and I missed it. Due to illness in the family It was several months before I could come back. When i did return they told me my contact lens prescription was no longer valid and I had to completely redo my exam. They said I had to verify to the doctor that the lenses fit properly. They fit fine, The prescription and brand has been the same for over 5 years. Do not go to these scammers. They are unprofessional, pushy, rude and dangerous.

Review №22

My glasses came in, they were out of focus. The doctor rechecked me and them and said all was ok. So, either the manufacturer was bad, or the doctor was bad. Which one? The doctor walked passed me many times and was silent and acted like a sploiled child. I went to Vision Works, and received a professional exam. It turns out that the Accuvision exam was WAY off. I have copies of both exams, if anyone wants more proof.

Review №23

I went in for an eye exam with my VSP insurance! I was checked in promptly and the fact that I had fill out my paper work online, it made the entire process even faster! I got the right help with frame selection from Ricky! The staff is super friendly and helpful! you can have your glasses the next day since they have a tech on site who does the fitting! if it cant get done on site they will let you know before you leave the building! I had a very pleasant experience at this location!

Review №24

My daughter received her very first pair of glasses from AccuVision. She had a great first experience with the whole process. Staff and Dr were very friendly and knowledgable! Definitely recommend them for your eye care needs!

Review №25

Went in for the first time , everyone was very nice . Got help finding the perfect frames for me. Recommend the round lake beach location

Review №26

This place is shady. Even with insurance, which I brought a copy of my benefits with me, there are all sorts of extra changes. I even used the frames in plan, which were supposed to be free, and they were about as expensive as Lenscrafters, but I would need to wait two weeks. Also, even though I came in for just a contact lens fitting, as I had an exam in August of this year on my old insurance, they said that I still had to have the full exam. I called another provider, and they said all of that seemed shady, Even the Davis rep said that he didnt want to comment, but it didnt seem right that they made me do an exam, even though they had a copy of my previous exam. Dont trust this place. They will never get my business again.

Review №27

I always come here. Thank you guys for years of great costumer service!

Review №28

I just bought the perfect michael kors lens. I had the best employee help me out

Review №29

I will not continue treatment at this office. All for the exception of a couple employees are rude.

Review №30

Top notch place. Inexpensive, quality glasses

Review №31

I have been coming to this office for eye exams for contacts and glasses for about 10 years and i used to LOVE coming here everyone was so friendly and it was a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. It has really changed in a bad way over the past year. Now there are way too many people working there its a stressful environment, After my last visit I will never come back again. The eye doctor decided i needed my pupils dilated during the exam and the lady doing my drops was acting like I caused her so much trouble I feel like no one in this office wants to work they just want to sit by the front desk and gossip. They used to be so focused on customer satisfaction and were friendly last time I did not do anything wrong and I was treated so badly and insulted when I asked how much will my contact lenses be for the 3 month to supply. and she rudely asked me Remember? i told you? and she said YOU DO THE MATH tried to make me feel stupid. I was like what?!?! why not simply answer my question I could not even believe the way I was being treated there. not only that they made me feel like Im causing them so much trouble when i was just following what they told me what to do but she clearly didnt know what she was doing or she did not want to do anything. but to insult me on top of that and to tell me to do the math and make me feel uncomfortable??? worst customer service ive ever experienced. All the people here are either rude or fake. This place sucks

Review №32

If I could give zero stars I would. Been a customer for years and now Ill be finding somewhere new for sure!!! Never getting my business EVER again!

Review №33

Accu vision promises 1 hour service that is farthest from the truth. When thier top of a line options they promise guaranteed replacement of glasses. But now for the second time my previous glass frames were no longer available and I had to purchase brand new glasses again at a very high price. Dealing with accu vision has been completely dissatisfing. Ive spent in excess of 2000 dollars there in the past 3 years and I wont be doing it anymore this place needs to change or go out of business.

Review №34

Great Doctors and Staff.

Review №35

Rude customer service from a girl theire.

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