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Review №1

I contracted with Comfort Keepers (CK) for 1 1/2 years before my father passed away. He was 93 and had dementia. The dementia itself made him a difficult patient as it was, but he was also very particular and hard to please. CK remained patient and flexible in their efforts to suit my father. Whether it was with a caregiver to his liking or to his specific needs, they were always there for him. As an out-of-state resident, I needed to have a service that gave me confidence in their ability to manage my father, not just with his medical issues and medications, but to care for him with compassion. CK did that and more. Of the many daily tasks they performed, not only was he accompanied to all his doctor appointments, his 2 caregivers spent time engaging him in exercises for the brain, such as simple jigsaw puzzles and find-a-word games. One day during the winter, my father became snowed-in. He had no one to shovel him out and I, living long distance, was unable to locate someone. David went out of his way to find a person to do the job that day, as well as going forward. At times there were last minute changes to the routine or to what was planned for that day, CK adjusted, adapted and provided the necessary coverage. They were always reliable. I highly recommend CK. From my belated father and me, thank you David, with special thanks to Genesis, Mindi, Aitcha and Helen. Best, Diane K.

Review №2

Caring for aging parents is not easy... Comfort Keepers of Rockville has been a god-send for our family. Anyone in this position knows the emotional, physical, psychological and financial toll associated with providing the appropriate care for your loved one(s). Comfort Keepers has been compassionate, caring and problem-solving. They will work with you to find the right person to place in your home. The owners and their staffing representatives understand how important the service is that they provide. Heartfelt thanks to Barbara H. for her professionalism, concern, availability to take a call and to listen.

Review №3

I have had the services of Comfort Keepers since February of this year. After having an unpleasant experience with another provider, Comfort Keepers was asked to provide the care I needed. They were terrific in their efforts to provide qualified caregivers to me.I now have two wonderful caregivers and a company that cares and will go the extra step in satisfying all need,I highly recommend Comfort Keepers and their fine staff. Sue coordinates and does a wonderful job,!RICHARD NAFZGER

Review №4

We have been associated with Comfort Keepers of Rockville for many years. They have always delivered professional, compassionate and intelligent care to my mother over all those years. I can cite no negatives and would recommend them to anyone needing compassionate home care.

Review №5

RBComfort Keepers of Rockville was there for me and my mom when we needed them most. The managers worked with me to give my mother good caregivers while she was on Hospice. The caregivers made sure she was comfortable and saw to all her needs. Each of the caregivers was caring and compasssionate. A manager from Comfort keepers visited with each new caregiver to make sure they knew how to work with my mother. They made me feel good knowing that my mother was in good hands. I highly recommend Comfort Keepers!

Review №6

We called comfort keepers to help with my husband. Ani answered and came by on a Saturday of a holiday weekend. even when no hospice would. They were very responsive and caring. We had them work in conjunction with Montgomery Hospice.Sadly, we didnt need their services for very long. Nevertheless, they were caring, attentive, and loving after my husband passed away.Very much recommended.

Review №7

Comfort Keepers more than lived up to its name, easing a difficult time during a family illness and helping us to build strength and return to good health a lot sooner than we might have expected. Their administrative staff is exceptionally well-suited with a laser focus toward advancing the comfort and good health of the patients whom they serve. We could always depend upon Comfort Keepers to cover the shift and their outstanding caregivers met every need we could have imagined, from household management to meal preparation to grocery shopping to providing company and support for us in every way during a difficult time. I would recommend Comfort Keepers highly--they know and perform their mission well and we are the better for their outstanding care!

Review №8

When my dad was released from the hospital and recovering from pneumonia, Comfort Keepers was right there, ready to assist in any way. They came to the hospital to make recommendations as to what care my dad would need and then provided night time care so that my mom could sleep and know that someone was keeping an eye on him. They were gentle and caring with him. I am so grateful for their help and their caring way of working with their clients and their families.

Review №9

The Comfort Keepers of Rockville, Md is simply wonderful the entire staff and management. The one special thing to come to mind is how they follow-up with the doctors office on scheduled appointments a day or two in advance to confirm appointments. This task helps me & others in managing my fathers appointments. Additionally, they are always prompt for pickup and gets to his appointments on time. Thanks so much CK for all you do in supporting the services of our seniors!

Review №10

I have known Comfort Keepers in Rockville for almost 20 years and they are some of the kindest people I will ever know. I would trust them with my own family as I consider them as my own family. Keep up the great work.

Review №11

Comfort Keepers is so responsive to my wifes and my needs. They check up often to make sure we are satisfied and gladly address any changes in scheduling or personnel performance which we require. We recommend them highly.

Review №12

I highly recommend Comfort Keepers! Comfort Keepers provided drivers and social contact for my 85 year old mom who has Alzheimers for about a year . She was often confused and would even ditch her caregivers sometimes . Comfort Keepers never gave up , were incredibly understanding , always kind and very reliable even with a last minute changes in the schedule. . Mindy the manager, is a dream to work with. The caregivers were far superior to previous caregivers we tried and so was this companys excellent service. Thank you Comfort Keepers of Rockville !

Review №13

Comfort Keepers has many wonderful people. The office staff was kind, responsive, flexible, and especially accommodating after I concluded service. Thinking I would no longer need assistance, I soon realized I desperately needed more, and they quickly aided me.A lovely young lady conducted the pre-service evaluation in a professional, interactive, and caring way. She also unhesitatingly jumped into the care process when needed.Three of my caregivers particularly sparkled. They reliably reminded me to take my meds, prepared meals for me, and kept my kitchen and bath tidy. One of them lovingly fussed at me to put away my laptop (my face was “plastered” to it, playing) and get some sleep. Another was very proactive - instead of waiting for me to ask, she probed whether I would like this and that (such as breakfast). When I did ask her to find something, she had no trouble doing so. Yet another actually asked me to give her work to do! All were cheerful and kept my spirits up.I couldn’t have endured recovery from hip replacement surgery without Comfort Keepers.

Review №14

When I had a hospital stay, followed by a need for home support for a few weeks, Comfort Keepers (MD office) provided really good people as medical helpers -- friendly, reliable, and even helped get the house better organized. When one or two people were not an ideal fit, CK was responsive and found others quickly. Recently used them again when I needed a driver for a day (due to a no-drive medical appointment), the individual was fun and easy to work with, helped later with shopping, etc. Strongly recommended. Just a few $ more per hour than some other services, but absolutely worth it (tried one other service that was cheaper, and not good!).

Review №15

I have only good things to say about this organization, from the care givers to the front office. The patients always come first with them, and I couldnt think of a better group or more caring set of individuals to take care to take care of my parents. I cant thank them enough for their efforts!

Review №16

I cant begin to thank Comfort Keepers of Rockville, MD enough for their service to my 90 year old mother. We are just starting with home health care and it was all new to me as the daughter and the one making sometimes difficult decisions for my elderly mother. Comfort Keepers has made it easy for me. The home care worker chosen for my mom was a perfect fit in my opinion, which was a great concern for our family. If anyone out there is on the fence trying to decide appropriate care for your aging loved one, I can assure you we have been more than satisfied with Comfort Keepers! Thanks so much for great service!

Review №17

I would recommend Comfort Keepers Rockville to all! They were able to find a very kind, caring and competent person to help my mother with very little notice given on two occasions. I was worried because my mother is quite particular, but they were able to find a match that met and exceeded all of her must haves.On the first occasion I believe the person saved my mothers life by recognizing that she needed extra medical assistance at one point and making sure she got it. It was such a relief when they were able to discuss a wide variety of options for us since we didnt really know what the future would hold at that point. They had everything from full time caregivers to having someone stop by everyday to make sure she was OK. There were options in every price range.They completely walked me through the paperwork and billing which was also wonderful since it is so complicated.

Review №18

Our family has been using Comfort Keepers for about a year and a half now. Ani and her team worked closely with us to assess our needs and find someone that would be a good fit. A wonderful woman now helps us, she is friendly and professional and I dont know how wed ever make it through the week without her! The office staff at Comfort Keepers of Montgomery County are organized, flexible to our needs and schedules, and easy to work with. We recommend them without hesitation!

Review №19

I loved working with Comfort Keepers. They provided excellent service in support of my wife; prior to her death. Company and staff were very compassionate and very helpful.

Review №20

Comfort keepers accepted me as a CNA with 0 experience and built me into a man who can confidently walk into a hospital and seek for job using the experiences I acquired from the company. Inspired and encouraged me to go back to school to build my career in the nursing program, gave me a platform, an opportunity and all the support I needed as a fresh Immigrant in the country to build a life. Thank you. I will always remain grateful to you Mr David and Mrs Ani Gibson and all the staffs at comfort keepers. You are the best

Review №21

I have used Comfort Keepers for years when my clients needed assistance. I have found them to be professional, reliable, dependable and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend them, the staff is very responsive, friendly and competent!

Review №22

Our experience was excellent. The caregivers were caring and always proactive in taking good care of my mother-in-law. Thank you!

Review №23

Comfort Keepers is very compassionate and professional. The caregivers are very kind and do their jobs well. The management team is superlative and kind as well. It is a pleasure working with them.

Review №24

In 2013, it was decided I needed help because of my medical condition. I contacted Ani and David Gibson, owners of Comfort Keepers of Montgomery County. They came over and explained all the services that were available. We set up a temporary plan to begin immediately. Since that time, I could not be more pleased. The aides do everything I need done. They take care of my personal needs, such as bathing, hair washing, exercising, and meal planning and serving.. Each time they come, they make the beds, clean the bathroom and kitchen, and any other housecleaning chores needed. I dont have to say anything. They come in and get to work immediately. If there is anything else I need done, I just have to ask. Ani and David are very hands-on and keep in touch to make sure everything is going well. I would highly recommend their Comfort Keepers to anyone looking for such services.

Review №25

Comfort Isnt Just Knowing that there is someone there to help with cooking, cleaning, and other day to day activities. Comfort is knowing there is someone checking on and advising your mother when you cant to make sure that she is healing well. Comfort is being four hours out of town on the way to a training seminar and geting a call from your brother telling you that mom is on the way to the hospital with a complication, but have to worry about turning around and heading back home. When you work 60 hour a week and worry about your aging parents; Comfort is what you get when you call on Comfort Keepers!

Review №26

Had a terrible experience with this company. Some oft aides fell asleep on the job, some did not have any idea how to do their job and failed to close a catheter bag, resulting in urine puddles around my mothers apartment, and other aides did not show up or call. The office staff was rude and pointed blame at my mother. Absolutely ridiculous operation.

Review №27

My brothers and I all live out of state. Our father lived at Leisure World and, at age 90, it became clear that he was beginning to have challenges with his memory and self-care. I contacted Comfort Keepers of Montgomery County because I had a colleague where I live in NC who worked in the organization—so I knew about its high quality.I met with Ani and my father to determine his needs. I am a university faculty member and have spent many years studying older adults. Based on my own knowledge and experience, it was clear that they knew their business well. We arranged to have a carer work with my father a couple of times a week with light household chores and meal preparation. I had concerns about his driving, so we also arranged for the carer to drive him to his doctors’ appointments. That was important because, as a veteran, it was necessary for him to travel to Bethesda/Walter Reed for this care.I want to mention in particular, one of the final times that the Comfort Keepers folks worked with my father. He had a doctor’s appointment and we had arranged for a carer to arrive early to drive him to Bethesda. The carer arrived, only to find that my father was not there. She remained at his building until he returned (this was February and it was cold!). Sometime later, my cold and disoriented father returned. He had been unable to turn the heat on in his car, he had forgotten that the carer was coming to take him to the appointment, he had forgotten his wallet and ID and was not allowed on the base. The carer had waited for him and got him into the house and rewarmed and fed. She also stayed with him throughout the rest of the day to make certain he was safe and well cared for. She took him to the hospital the following day, while I made arrangements to return to Maryland.I think this story clearly illustrates the level and quality of care provided by Comfort Keepers. David and Ani are very ‘hands on’ with the supervision of their staff and work closely with families. We were so grateful to them!

Review №28

Ive worked with David and his team for the past 2 years and they are committed to providing the highest quality senior care! I cant recommend them enough

Review №29

The company was always very responsive, at night, over weekends, whenever we had a need. Caregiver experience varied but we were able to work with some lovely, highly qualified, and caring people who became part of our extended family.

Review №30

Management worked with me to find a caregiver that was just right for my mother. I will use them again when I need a caregiver.

Review №31

Do you need piece of mind knowing your loved one is being engaged and cared for, then I recommend Comfort Keepers of Rockville, MD. for those of you wanting your loved one to receive quality care, They will come to the home, access what needs need to be met and work with you as a team to put a care plan in place. They are available part-time or full-time live-in care.I found them easy to work with and they provided me with so much needed peace-of-mind, and for that we are all grateful to know that they are there.David and Arni of Comfort Keepers of Rockville, Md. are a good choice for qualtiy care.Ann Brock

Review №32

Once we found a good match for dad, it was great!

Review №33

Our family has been using Comfort Keepers for a couple of years now. We engaged them to help my husband’s mother stay independent and active. Ani Gibson, owner, has been a wonderful part of our care team. She has been very active in making sure NW is safe, active and feels loved. The Comfort Keepers caregiver team takes NW out several times a week to attend activities at the local senior centers. They also help her with shopping. The caregivers also accompany her on special trips with the retirement community that she lives in. We appreciate the flexibility of the hours so that NW can continue to do the things she has always enjoyed doing. NW’s family appreciates the open lines of communication with the care team. If there are issues or concerns they are quickly addressed and handled by Ani and the care team working with NW. We appreciate the ability to play an active role in NW’s activity and care planning. If you are looking for a supportive group of people to assist a loved one in being independent and active, Comfort Keepers is the group that can be of service to you and your family.

Review №34

Excellent care provided for mom - great job Comfort Keepers!

Review №35

A very reliable and satisfactory experience

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