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He was amazing he made sure understood the process. I felt safe and afterwards I felt like a weight had been lifted and I had been set free

Review №2

Was amazing went to see him because I was struggling to go threw my day with out a drink of alcohol and since I’ve seen him haven’t wanted even a drop. I would recommend him to and hypnosis to all my friends and family!

Review №3

I did the online session and I was skeptical only because I’m the type of person who likes to be there in person for things like this but I’ve gotta say it felt so comfortable and the James was so helpful! He really made me feel comfortable and helped me truly understand the root cause of my actions, with this being the first session I’m looking forward to what the rest look like and will benefit me in! I would recommend for anyone looking for that boost in their life!

Review №4

I have not gone to this place yet but I am impressed with the reviews and see one fake one by a Dante. I think I’m going to purchase a Session to experience this first hand as Hypnosis is actually self hypnosis and hypnotherapists are skilled guides that help you achieve the results you desire and anchor it to your activities for you to access . I’m confident from what I’ve seen that this is the premier center to patronage. See you soon TWY

Review №5

Updated: I will contact soon and make an appointment. Hope u feel better soon

Review №6

What a great experience. Twy is very attentive. He listened to my input and helped me change the things that I have been trying to change for years. Now I dont try to do things I do them. My mind is now working for me not against me. Thanks you Twylight Hypnotherapy.

Review №7

All I have to say is Life Changing. No more anxiety. My friends always ask me how did you do it. I tell them. Twylight Hypnotherapy

Review №8

If your goal is to quit smoking for the New Year this is the place. I was skeptical and though no way will this work. Well a year and a half later I’ve not picked up a cigarette since. Twy is awesome and so non judgmental. He helped me so much. I not only don’t smoke anymore I walk/jog 8 - 10 miles a day, I’ve lost the weight I gained from the not smoking, I’m eating healthier. He helped me change my life. Thank you Twy

Review №9

I went into my appointment nervous, anxious, and a bit skeptical. I came in to recall a memory of a traumatic experience that I wanted resolved and left with so much more! Twy opened my eyes to feelings and paths I didnt know I had the ability to channel or follow. I came out of my appointment feeling relaxed, level headed, and HAPPY. This is an experience I will share with everyone and would want all my family and friends to feel the way I do right now. Over all I couldnt be any happier with myself and experience right now, and hope Twy can help you too! Thank you again Twy and I will be seeing you very soon! :)

Review №10

Twylight hypnotherapy has been invaluable and literally life changing and I cant be thankful enough. Ahead of my first appointment with Twy, I was doubtful that anyone would be able to help me with the crippling Claustrophobia I had been living with for over 4 years. No therapist or support group prior to Twy was able to subside the panic attacks I would experience weekly. I was in desperate need for another solution when I came across an internet search that led me to Twylight hypnotherapy. I never knew much about hypnotherapy nor had I ever tried it before. But being that my panic attacks and obsessive thoughts had gotten progressively worse, I didnt see any reason to not give it a try.My first meeting with Twy was 90 minutes and he was able to allay my fear that I was beyond help. He spoke well, listened openly and really got to the root of the issue. It was the second meeting that he put me in a state of hypnosis. All the skeptics out there, hypnotherapy is REAL!! I felt conscious and aware during hypnosis but physically weightless and positive reassurance that I would normally doubt, passed right through as factual. I left feeling euphoric and positive which for me at that time was unimaginable. As my sessions progressed and I was feeling an improvement, I have been able to build on the skills Twy has taught me and life has become more enjoyable than previously. I havent experienced a panic attack in months since meeting with Twy. I really hope that people with similar experiences will give Twylight Hypnotherapy a chance. The supportive relationship that I have developed with Twy has allowed me to find a better way to view my everyday relationships and to look ahead to the future.

Review №11

I went to get hypnotherapy because I was addicted to energy drinks. I resiliently had a stroke and I could not stop drinking them. My Dr. Suggested Hypnosis to help me quit. Its been a year now and I have not even wanted to have a energy drink. Wow. After only one session. Thanks Twy and Twylight Hypnotherapy

Review №12

Twy is great! Already seeing and feeling a difference, Ill recommend him to anyone!

Review №13

I highly recommend Twylight Hypnotherapy to any individual who is searching to improve their lives. My life has improved more than I could ever have imagined and its all thanks to Twy guiding me to the goal I wanted to achieve. Initially I was very nervous about the idea of hypnosis. I have never met someone who had been through the experience and it took me a whole week to muster up the courage to call. However, Twy was so helpful when I called and he answered every question or concern I had. The location is beautiful and the office is very inviting and peaceful. Twy truly goes above and beyond to get to know who you are and the journey you have been on which led you to that moment. The ways in which any persons life can improve through hypnotherapy are absolutely limitless.

Review №14

I was experiencing strong anxiety in my life for years. I learned how to easily control my inner voice and cause happiness instead of anxiety by the words I use and the thoughts I create. I wish I would have learned this along time ago. This is the best investment in myself I fell I have ever made. It changed my life. Thank you Twy and Twylight Hypnotherapy

Review №15

I honestly didnt see any difference. And I dont believe I was hypnotized at all. I know he he said Id be conscious but I wasnt in a state of hypnosis. My eyes were just closed

Review №16

I really was in need of a life improvement. Wow did I get one. My old anxiety is totally gone. Thank God for Twylight Hypnotharpy

Review №17

I had such a good experience at Twilight! Twy helped me see things from a different perspective all while getting the support I needed within my subconscious. When I came into his office I was riddled with anxiety, impatience and self doubt. So much has changed in my outlook on things and my response to situations.Ive learned to reprogram my mind and utilize my words purposefully. Im so grateful that I took a chance on hypnotherapy and I definitely recommend Twylight to anyone looking to for an attitude adjustment.Thank you, Twy!

Review №18

I am so happy that I found Twy. I have always heard good things about hypnotherapy, so I thought I would give it a try while I am on the Kaiser Optifast Program. I must say that after just one session with Twy, I feel so much more confident that I will finally get this excess weight off AND keep it off! Im very happy with my weight loss progress so far. I have lost 15 lbs in 4 weeks (thanks to Twy and the Kaiser Optifast Program). I would HIGHLY recommend Twy to anyone who is looking for assistance with any issue you would like to rectify!

Review №19

I went in to get rid of my anxiety and the results were far better than I ever imagined. I am a new person now thanks to Twy.

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