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Got my hands on a sample box was definitely impressed with the products especially the sleep syrup. The sleep syrup really helped me sleep better and fall asleep quick definitely recommend! Will be trying more of the different products they have!

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I just love the taste and sensation of the oral spray. Other sprays Ive tried left a weird after taste but this one is the only one Ive tried that didnt. It also was the best one I tried for pain relief. Company provided fast shipping and thats always a huge plus for me.Other products I ordered were the lip balm and eye cream. I am definitely ordering again.

Review №3

Todd & his team at Kokonola have been providing my family & I with their CBD products for the last 5 years. I have tried other products but they just dont measure up to the quality of Kokonolas CBD products.Kokonola has changed the life of one of my aunts who was diagnosed with lupus, fibromyalgia, & rheumatoid arthritis. She was taking a whole lot of pain medication which was destroying her liver & her overall mental & physical health. She started taking Kokonolas CBD & has gotten rid of all her prescription drugs!! She has been taking Kokonolas CBD for two years now which has changed her life!! She is healthier & more vibrant than ever thanks to Kokonola!!As tribal people (Navajo), we believe in the power of herbs to heal the body, mind & spirit. Kokonola has definitely lived up to this standard of quality for our family & friends. Ive seen other CBD companies come & go, but Kokonola has stood the test & is still here thanks Todd & his teams faith & dedication to their customers! Thank you Kokonola!!

Review №4

EXCELLENT products here. I had TERRIBLE migraines for days ! I tried to ease my pain with drug store meds , that did not help at all. Only sleeping would temporarily help. I was able to get my natural CBD remedies here . Now I can function very well throughout the day and go to sleep painlessly . First use was magic . Much thanks to Todd Wright for looking out! Will return to try out more of Kokonola products.

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A car accident left me with considerable pain and stiffness. I was given pain killers that led to other problems. While seeking alternative pain management, a doctor I was seeing (still am) recommended I contact Kokonola. That set me on a path of healing (even better than management). When you get enough relief, you can begin to exercise and strengthen.I like to apply CBD Salve on my knees & ankle. I not only get some relief, I get moisturized. In fact, my skin loves it so much, I began using it and the Nano CBD Lotion on a few spots to improve skin texture...and to bring relief on irritated patches. Then I found the Salve helps to heal & possibly prevent the outbreaks of Cellulitis I suffer from (on my legs). It has become my go-to product for boo boos AND beauty. I got a lip stick too (peppermint 👍).I am VERY grateful for my introduction to Kokonola CBD .COM. Todd truly wants to educate people on the benefits of CBD & provide a quality product. Hence Kokonola CBD.COM.

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I highly recommend Kononola products. I have used several of them and have not been disappointed. First and foremost they (Todd) took the time to ensure he understood my needs and made specific recommendations to address them. I received my products quickly, packaged carefully, very fair pricing and best of all high quality. Thank Kokonola and Todd!

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I had a great experience with Kokonola products. I purchased the Kokonola CBD Nano lotion for my mother was experiencing back pains. The lotion has a smooth thick texture and is easy to apply. My mother said she felt relief right away and now uses it whenever she needs pain relief. I also use the Kokonola lip balm daily and it keeps my lips moist and is a great primer to wear under lipstick. I am also impressed that Kokonola uses natural ingredients and I highly recommend this brand. 🌺

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This Kokonola company is a asset to good health. The more we learn about cbd and its benefits to ones health, the more Kokonola seems to pop up in my mind.. Kokonola educates the public and stands behind their products with scientific proven data and free sample workshops. Try Kokonola new nano products for stress, pain relief and many other great benefits..

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This company is amazing and extremely helpful and knowledge of each product was explained thoroughly!! Very quick responses through call and text messages as well. We were able to purchase what we needed and had a great time in the whole process, we will definitely shop with them for our needs. Highly recommend Kokonola CBD!!!!!

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Manages severe pain effectively! In my opinion Works better than prescription because of ZERO side effects. I have anxiety and sleep issues and it works amazing! I recommend this product to anyone needing pain relief, anxiety relief, and to treat insomnia. I also used the pet version and its the best! Thanks Kokonola! 💚💚💚

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Im a 56 year old woman who has had severe and chronic headaches and neck pain since hurting my neck in a bad fall when I was 20 years old. I was on prescription pain killers for 20 years to manage the pain and underwent physical therapy as well. I also went to chiropractors for several years. None of that really helped to truly alleviate the pain; it only masked it temporarily. I started using CBD products when they were first introduced years ago, but not until I tried Kokonolas line of products did I find true relief for the first time in my life. I cant tell you how the quality of my life improved once I started using the Kokonola CBD products faithfully. Todd and Ruben and the Kokonola team work tirelessly to make certain that I always have what I need and have always made my health and wellness a top priority!Amazing product + Amazing team = Quality life for me free of pain!! Thank you Kokonola!!

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Best CBD products ever!!! Love the topical creams and the calming spray for pets has been a life saver! I highly recommend any if there products!!!!

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Ive been taking this product for about 5 weeks and its awesome,I dont take aleve or ibuprofen any longer and I got better results.thanks kokonola

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My girlfriend was afraid to use cbd because She would taking a form of marijuana that is going to make them high and feel euphoria which is a sin.....but the back pain and the GERD.Kokonola CBD educators have and continue to Provide her with information and formulation of the nano cbd that helps her back pain and GERD. CBD sub-lingual and chilly spray is so awesome she is now a spokesperson for them.Ask and learn you could be a step away from relief. I mean I could be still listening to her pain now we ha e more adult time. We both thank you.FFrank

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This is a great product !! Todd thank you for introducing me to KOKONOLACBD.COM , great alternative to alleviate pain , discomfort and helps improve overall health & wellness . My favorite has been the Chill spray ! I would recommend KOKONOLACBD.COM to anyone looking to feel great organically. @ScheaCotton 🏀💯😀

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