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Review №1

If your child has any special needs or accommodations OR no issues at all and wanting a daycare that you trust, DO NOT send your child here. We started the process to enroll our child who is Type 1 diabetic. They assured us that they would need 30 days to complete medical training. We submitted our registration fee, birth certificate, etc and set a start date. After a couple weeks they went completely unresponsive after several emails, calls and even went in person. They completely lied about training and made us waste time to secure a daycare. They were unprofessional, passive, disrespectful and completely had no regard for my son or family. We dodged a bullet and you should too!

Review №2

My son attended here for one week in the 2s classroom. I had to abruptly pull him out because he was coming home with bite marks and bruises each day. When I asked them about it they said the teacher said she dont know how he got those and this happened more than once within one week!! The teachers name was Ms.Nicki. If you want a daycare that values your childs safety this is not the one!

Review №3

My daughter has been going to The Learning Experience since she was 18 months old. We love all of the teachers that she has had and has. She is now in their after school program and it has been a great 7 years. We started shortly after the school opened and LOVE how some of the teacher are still working for the center. The office staff is quick to respond to any questions or concerns that our family may have. I would highly recommend this school to anyone. The not only prepare your child for Kindergarten, but make you feel like you are family to them.

Review №4

I was new to the Richmond area, and had no idea what preschools were decent and affordable in the area that also had a stellar curriculum, and an exciting school environment for my 5 year old son Honor. After a heavy research of at least 20+ preschools that fit my personal requirements, I found “The Learning Experience!” I Immediately knew without a question that it was the perfect school for my son! It’s as if the sun literally shines on that school and the kids there. The area that the school is located in made me feel so safe, especially with a police station just located around the corner. I love the fact that Walmart was right on Parham road by the school, so I could grab lots of little things for my son as I needed, and he loved that it was a Dairy Queen right up the street so we made a routine to get blizzards every Friday after school to promote his good behavior:)Walking into the building it just makes you feel like a kid all over again! The Director, Adrienne, is just phenomenal. She immediately understood what I needed, and didn’t encourage me to settle for anything less than great for my son. What did it for me at the “The Learning Experience” was the playhouse they have inside that looks like a Life - Size Shopping Center for the kids to play in, the fact that they teach Spanish and Sign Language, the diversity in the students and staff, the artistry displayed in every corner of the property, the excitement in the expression on all the kids faces there, and most importantly the fact that it felt like a Second Home! One by one I met each teacher and touched every hand, and the welcoming energy has remained consistent every morning, and every afternoon! That is so important to me, being a working mom knowing that my son is being loved and cared for 100% of the time while I’m at work is a MUST! The Summer Camp activity fee was a great investment for his summer, I mean the Art museum, Skating, The Zoo, Canal Boats the list goes on!If you’re looking for a school that’s going to work with your child, teach them with a great curriculum, Activate their creative talents, and give them a True Learning Experience, this is the place! My son is an official “Learning Experience” Graduate! He’s talking more than ever, he’s ready for sports, he tells me about his day with lots of exciting story’s and he truly is prepped and ready for elementary school thanks to the academic and adventurous push from “The Learning Experience”.I have never written a review ever before in my life before this one, I guess when you actually do have a great experience, especially when your kids do, you just have to shout it to the rest of the moms out there! It helped me so Here You Go!Good Luck,Ryan A.

Review №5

Our experience with The Learning Experience has been a positive one. Our daughter has been attending there since she was 3 months old. Yes, there has been a lot of turnover, but our experience with all of the teachers has been positive. Management has always been available for questions or concerns. All of the staff knows my daughter, even teachers in different classrooms. Her development socially, physically and vocally has been great and we are very happy with how she is progressing. The most important thing is that my daughter is thriving and is shown love every day, which is all that I can ask for!

Review №6

The Learning Experience not only treats you like family, but they give you piece of mind knowing that your baby is getting the same love and stimulation that you would give them. Take it from this first time mom its not easy to leave your baby but the girls in the infant room are moms themselves and treat my sweet princess as if she was their own. You cant get better than these ladies.

Review №7

Schedule a tour for my 3 yr old today and it was AWESOME! We enjoyed the environment the staff was super friendly. And most importantly we got a great vibe our daughter is excited to be starting preschool here! Can’t wait for the car ride homes!

Review №8

We had our daughter here for about a month before moving her to a different facility. I really liked the director, Adrienne. She knew all the kids’ names and was very friendly. I liked the sign in/security they had— only folks with key fobs can enter the building, and they had a touch screen sign in, which was easy and convenient. I also liked my daughter’s teachers, although there were multiple occasions I came to pick her up and a teacher was just sitting on her phone...I didn’t love the actual facility— compared to other daycares I toured, it was dirty and worn down. The playground was mulch (instead of the new soft concussion-preventative was rubber type material found at many playgrounds nowadays), so I was always picking mulch out of my kid’s diaper, shoes, hair, etc. There was also no shade on her playground (many other places I toured have shade/canopies).It was expensive too— $270/week. That’s more expensive than the prestigious Goddard school in my area! As a teacher, I can say with confidence that there are other local daycares who use higher quality educational curriculum, although with my child being only two years old, I wasn’t as concerned with that.I also didn’t like how they do their daily reports on paper— not only is it inefficient and environmentally unfriendly, but I didn’t get a report every day (which, for kids who are still in diapers/potty training, is important— my daughter had some constipation, and I didn’t always know if she’d had a bowel movement that day).There were a couple mildly concerning things:1) The kids drank a lot of juice. Not super healthy.2) My fair skinned daughter got sunburned, which I was upset about. When my husband asked for a form needed to fill out to have them apply sunscreen to her (which wasn’t included on the initial registration paperwork we were given), her teacher gave him the run around.3) On multiple occasions when I was dropping off or picking up, I observed infant teachers leaving babies to cry in swings while they did other tasks/paperwork (for over five minutes). I tried not to be judgmental, but it happened multiple times. I was thankful I didn’t have an infant there.4) I witnessed an preschool teacher screaming at a student, which was disturbing to me.All of these things were enough to give me a little bit of unease, so we moved our daughter elsewhere (and are paying WAY less money per week, and are closer to home, and are sending her to school with kids she will go to elementary schoolwith) where there is an electronic monitoring system, so I get pics of her throughout the day, and I get an electronic daily report of her activities, food/drink, and diaper changes. I have a lot more peace of mind now. If you choose TLE, to in with your eyes open.

Review №9

The best daycare where I can trust to send my kids. The staff is so caring and the best management. I highly recommend this for whoever is in need of daycare for their kids.

Review №10

My children have been in at this day care for 6 years and it is clear that the staff and management care about each family that comes into the building. They are always available to listen and help their families through whatever difficulty they may have. They always answer our questions. Thank you Park Central TLE .... We Love You All!

Review №11

Wonderful to our child. Very friendly staff. Always willing to work with you. Very flexible.

Review №12

A special thanks to “The Learning Experience” 8710 Park Central Drive Richmond, Va. Our 3 year old learned that Adults here really don’t care for children here as they should. We also learned that we are paying for a grossly inadequate child care service. Thank you for keeping our child in her bathing suit LITERALLY all day, sitting our child’s class outside (with icees) in 101 degree weather & NOT TAKING HER TO THE RESTROOM ALL DAY

Review №13

I must say as a single dad of two twin boys I am so grateful I found The Learning Experience. Not only do the teachers and office staff help me out with questions I have on things like, is it normal for lil man to eat his buggers? they know how to deal with them and their ADHD. The teacher went as far as getting monster trucks for them to count as that was the only thing they was interested in at the time. When lil E was with Ms. Katrina he decided that he didnt want to nap any more and she gave him coloring books or a puzzle to do quietly on his cot. The best part is when they graduate from the preschool 3 they move up to Ms. Sasha for the Summer and go on field trips. Not only is Ms. Sasha full of energy she make sure every kid is having fun. The best part is that they were so worn out each night this dad got to have a beer and watch the game in peace and quite. If you are looking for a place to put your child then go see the ladies who are always welcoming and make you feel right at home.

Review №14

Hello, I provide lawn care service to the Learning experience and I agree they are very nice people to work with.

Review №15

I go here and i love it its clean and the teachers are amazing and all the kids get along but the boys are rough and some of the kids curse but thats it tle will take you to the movies,cobblestone, skating,petting zoos come to the daycare its awesome. I hope you choose this tle also this tle takes kids from any school and severs you lunch breakfest they have a clean park there lunch tastes AMAZING i love the food.THANK YOU

Review №16

My daughter has been attending TLE for a little over five months and WE love it! The staff are extremely helpful and pleasant. My daughter is learning and constantly comes home with completed projects. Im at ease when my child is at TLE. The center is clean and well kept. I know at times kids may hit each othe; however, my daughter has yet to come home and tell me that someone has hit her. I am satisfied with TLE and would definitely recommend them to anyone!

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Love this place

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