Childrens Lighthouse Richmond - Grand Mission
7307 Grand Mission Blvd, Richmond, TX 77407, United States

Review №1

My 3yrs old have been going to this location for 8 months now and is absolutely thriving! Professional and very friendly staff. Their director, Jennifer is wonderful and responsive. Love their teachers. The camera being available puts my mind at ease as Im able to see my child from time to time. Also, the Procare app is a must for all the updates and pictures.

Review №2

My husband and I spent countless hours searching for the right childcare center for our child until we found The Children’s Lighthouse. The establishment is always clean with a pleasant and profession staff. My son receives the utmost care. If I have something that needs to be addressed, it is taken care of promptly. At any given moment you are able to witness all staff being hands on with the children. I feel safe while my child is at The Lighthouse!

Review №3

We enrolled our 3 year old son on September and we consider ourselves lucky that we found this place. Starting from the owner there is a genuine interest for the well being of all kids. He welcomes any form of constructive feedback and acts upon it. The same principle is passed to the schools management team who is always there to discuss and resolve any concern or question. For us as parents the most important thing is our sons response to the question are you happy at school? and his response is yes! Kudos to the teaching team who are always smiling and putting their attention on the kids. We will be coming back for another year with the same team.

Review №4

This is a nice facility. My three year old daughter enjoys her school everyday. Teachers in Rm 6 are awesome. I feel safe leaving my daughter with them. She is learning a lot from school. Her speech has been improving. I will definitely recommend this facility to other parents.

Review №5

My daughter started going here at 12 weeks old, and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The teachers are truly wonderful and loving. Front office staff is amazing! We love it here!

Review №6

I love this daycare very much. I hesitated to let my son go to daycare. He is in room 5. I am very comfortable leaving him there. The staff is very caring. Ms. Natalie, Ms. Juanita, and Ms. Shauna really show show much care and compassion for our children. They help so much with potty training, getting them engaged on to being independent and confident children. I love the activities they have in the classroom. In addition, I love how they bring different activities for children’s like my son that are too young to go on field Trips. Hamza love the visit of the dinosaurs, the alligator and reptiles day, the green gymnastics bus. I am very pleased with the work they do. I’m really thankful to the entire staff that makes this place a positive learning environment. Thank you Children’s lighthouse/ Grand Mission.

Review №7

I would whole heartily recommend childrens lighthouse grand mission! We have been part of the family for 7 years, since my 7 year old was 6 weeks old. All of the teachers seem to genuinely care about the kids and their well being. The owners are amazing, they are very involved and kids love Mr. Lam! I cant say enough good things about the staff and teachers. It is more than a daycare, its family! My oldest was well prepared for kindergarten, and my younger two are learning so much! My youngest, who is 2.5 yo was just able to point to letters, not in order, and tell me what they were, confidently. If you need a place you can feel comfortable leaving your kids, where they will learn and play and be well taken care of, I highly recommend this center!!

Review №8

We love this place. Our daughter has been going there since she was 7 weeks old. Her teachers are always creating a great learning environment for her and teaching her so much. The staff is always kind, everyday from when we get there to when we leave. The admin staff are amazing to work with and are always ready for questions and concerns you would ever have. I would recommend Childrens Lighthouse Grand Mission to anyone.

Review №9

We have had 3 children at Childrens Lighthouse Grand Mission. Our oldest daughter started when she was 1yrs old (shes 10 now). We recently had another baby and enrolled her in the infants room. Whats really great is that the same teachers are still there! That is almost unheard of for a daycare in our area. So making the transition for our baby was much easier than we expected.

Review №10

The directors and teachers have been amazing thus far. My kid has been there since room 1, and everyone has treated her so well! I would highly recommend this daycare to anyone and everyone.

Review №11

I truly love this educational facility! My oldest has been going there since 11 weeks and he’s almost 4. The consistency is a rare find and the care is top quality! Thank you for what you do for both of my baby boys!

Review №12

We love Miss room 9. She is wonderful with the kids. Shes soft spoken and kind, organized, caring, and works to help get the kids ready for school. We are so happy to be here.Room 10 and Miss Tori are fabulous. The kids love being in there for after care. They have so much fun and get any work done before coming home.We also have a kiddo in Miss Alicias class, room 7. They are so fantastic. Theyre patient and kind with the kids. They work so hard to teach the kids. The admin are fantastic too. Theyre so great and accommodating.

Review №13

This is an excellent preschool in Grand Mission. The school is very clean, and I always feel very welcome when visiting. I love the fact that the owners of this school are onsite.And that most of the teachers have been there a long time. Involved leadership and teacher retention is key to providing a quality child care program, and this Childrens Lighthouse does a great job at both. I highly recommend them!

Review №14

My daughter loves it here. Since her first day of attending she begs to go everyday!

Review №15

Our son has been enrolled in this facility since he was 3 months old. The staff genuinely care and are very attentive to our needs and concerns as a new family. Their in-room cameras are very clear and give us a chance to check-in on our little one every now and then. Our son is now 16 months old and he is happy and developing very well under the care of Ms. Tracie and Ms. Kathy in room 3. They openly communicate anything that has to do with our son’s wellbeing on a daily basis. We are truly blessed to have caring teachers around him who show love and look forward to seeing him everyday. We couldn’t have found a better learning facility for our child!

Review №16

I absolutely love this childcare center, from the top all the way down! The Owners, Administration, and Teachers does an amazing job and are so consistent!! This is an excellent preschool it is very clean, and it is a warm and welcoming environment always. There is a very low turnove rate, but high retention amongst the staff!! It is also a family/friendly and helpful atmosphere!! We love it here and have personally seen the amount of time that the owners and staff invest in the students, and making this an amazing learning environment!!! I highly recommend Childrens Lighthouse Grand Mission , they have consistenly done a great job and performed above standard in the 2yrs we have been here!. I highly recommend them! Thank you for all the hard work you do for our children!! :)

Review №17

This was the fourth daycare for my daughter. The ladies are spectacular!!!! They are attentive, respectful, and seem to love their job. The toddlers room #4/Mrs Erica is a parents dream. She treats every child as her own, my shy daughter runs to her on most mornings. Its been over a year now and I have no complaints. The owners are very involved in managment, child development, and providing quality care for every child. Make this your first or last stop before your child begins elementary.DC

Review №18

Children’s Lighthouse Grand Mission is a great place for little people. The staff is very caring and create a family atmosphere. I can trust that my little guy is well taken care of and is learning everyday.

Review №19

I interviewed 7 different daycare facilities in the area and was most impressed with Childrens Lighthouse. The facility was clean, the employee were well groomed and polite. We have now been there for 1 year and my child loves it, which is most important. He knows all the teachers by name, they all know him (no, not because he is a trouble maker), the front desk staff is very polite, cheerful and they take care of business in a professional manner. We are very happy to have made Childrens Lighthouse our daycare home.

Review №20

I love Children’s Lighthouse. All 3 of my kids have attended the Grand Mission Facility. My kids are safe, loved and the staff is amazing!

Review №21

We have our 3 kids at this daycare. We love it. All the teachers show that they care for each of my kids. Room 10 Ms. Tori, Room 9 Ms. Marissa, and Room 3 Ms. Kathy ....are our teachers now and they are great. I have loved each room that the kids have gone to and the kids have learned so much.

Review №22

I just recently enrolled my son here (he turns 3 yrs old in a few months) and weve been very pleased so far. The location is very close to our home, the staff is nice and they have a set agenda for the children each day. My sons only been there for 5 weeks, but its been amazing to see how much hes come out of his shell and to see how much hes learning. Hes definitely trying to talk more and be more independent. Hes also not as shy around other kids now, which is big plus for us too.

Review №23

The staff at Children’s Lighthouse is so kind and friendly. Everyone makes my child feel so loved! The special ladies in Room 1 & 2 are amazing with my little one.

Review №24

We LOVE Childrens lighthouse! We have had our little one here since she was almost 2 months old and she is now almost a year old. Dont believe the one bad review.

Review №25

My daughter loves this daycare! They have been very accommodating and helpful with anything that comes up. Great employees and teachers!

Review №26

I absolutely LOVE The Children’s Lighthouse!!!!!!! My oldest went there, and my middle child currently goes there, and haS been there for 2 years now, we’re just waiting on our baby to be a little older for him to start!!! The staff is absolutely AMAZING, the directors along with the teachers are great!!!!!! The monthly parent night outs that they have are soooo much for the my boys that we try to go every month, and my boys never complain. Its hard to trust your children with someone whose not you, but I really do trust the Children’s Lighthouse and would recommend them to anybody and everybody!!!!!!!!

Review №27

I teach at 10 different preschools a week (Childrens Lighthouse is not one of them), and Children’s Lighthouse is by far better than the other schools I teach at. Every teacher at this school genuinely care about their students and helping each child learn. The staff is compassionate and professional and they do everything they can to help you with anything you need. Both of my kids go to Childrens Lighthouse. My son started in room 5 and is now in room 9. My daughter started in room 4 and is now in room 6. All of their teachers have been amazing and they love it. I can’t imagine taking them anywhere else.

Review №28

I absolutely love this daycare. The peace of mind I get from the cameras, daily reports, and open communication with the teachers is amazing. Before Childrens Lighthouse, I tried another daycare in the area which was more expensive and not as impressive. I also toured others that didn’t have good security at all. I study Early Childhood Education and I am extremely confident that Childrens Lighthouse of Grand Mission is the best!

Review №29

Facility is clean, staff is polite.. teachers are very nice with the kids and perents. I feel safe leaving my baby in their care.

Review №30

Wonderful place. My son love it a lot

Review №31

The curriculum is outstanding, the teachers are great and they always keep you in the loop on what’s going on with your kid. Very personalized.

Review №32

Nice facility, owner and teachers!

Review №33

Our 2 year old son attended this faculty and we were not happy at all with the staff nor caregivers. Seemed like our son was being bullied by his own caregiver. Our son has a speech delay and due to that, the caregiver would treat him as if he was an outcast. This was our first time having to place our child into a daycare and the experience was horrible. Knowing that their rooms were equipped with cameras for the parents to view while their child was in class, the caregiver made it seem like no one was watching them. Little did they know, that my husband and I were on those monitors from the moment our son was dropped off to the moment he was being picked up. There were numerous times we have caught something going on in the room that we did not like and had to call the front desk to inform them that something was going on in the room that didnt seem right. Our sons caregiver asked two other 2 year olds to pull and drag our son constantly during rug time and our son didnt seem to like that and we called to let the front desk know that some of the children were pulling and dragging our son on the ground and that the caregiver wasnt doing anything to stop it...after someone was sent to the room to investigate, we received a call back and was told that the caregiver asked his fellow students to help him join his classmates to rug time but in my opinion, its the caregivers responsibility to get the child rather than send two 2 years olds to do her job. We paid for our son to be taken care of not to be pushed to the side and ignored on a daily basis. Almost everyday our son was written up mostly for extremely petty reasons. A 2 year old was written up which makes no sense. One of the so called write ups was because he ran out of class when a parent was picking their child up and he ran out and made it to the front desk. If someone was watching him he wouldnt have made it out of his class but yet our son got in trouble for it. He got written up so many times that the director called for a conference with us but by that point we were already fed up with the mistreatment of our son that we were already visiting other daycares to move him. His caregiver made it apparent that she just plainly didnt want to deal with our son which is why she constantly wrote him up and for the director to take notice and ask us to remove our child from their daycare. Even though our son could not speak he did show us that he did not like us to leave him in the care of said caregiver. Hes in a much better daycare that he loves and is progressing immensely since attending his new daycare, rather than suffer when we would leave him at the children lighthouse . He now smiles and gets excited when he is left at his new daycare. He adores his new caregivers and is progressing immensely at his new daycare. There is a real night and day difference from his new and old daycare. Ac message to the parents that are considering this place as a suitable daycare to leave your child, trust your gut instinct. If your child isnt happy the moment you walk into this place PLEASE take note of it and find a better place. Dont make the same mistake we made.

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