Pro Intellect & Trained Sports (P.I.T.S. )
5608-100 Spring Ct, Raleigh, NC 27616, United States

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Ive been training with Coach D for just over 2.5 months and have only amazing things to say about him and this gym. All the trainers here are nice and helpful and I have seen results for the first time in my life because coming here helped me stick with it. Best investment I have ever made, hands down.

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I’ve been working consistently with Coach D for almost a year and a half. I’ve had certain health issues with bulging discs which had affected my neck, left shoulder and arm as far as nerves go that he has worked get me through. My goal was to focus on my health and fitness since I’m on the road to 50. The weight loss part I feel comes with time. I do lose weight, but my weight shifts and teeters around the same number each month (my fault, NOT Coach D’s). I hate the scale for this reason. I always say that I never know how much (if any) weight I’ve lost because I work from home and I wear leggings, sweats, shorts and t-shirts each day. But when I do have to dress in work clothes for external meetings, that’s the real “tell-tell”! My slacks or skirts are a lost looser than what I would last remember, so something is working right!! I am stronger than when I started as I’ve built some muscle and trimmed inches off of my waist and thighs. Coach D definitely challenges me even when I do not want the challenge. However I know that the workouts he puts me through, is for a better fit and healthier me!! Go and check him out at Pro Intellect & Trained Sports (P.I.T.S.)...he and his team of trainers will get you on your path to a greater life of health & fitness!!

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Positive energy and supportive staff. Motivation is on point. Much Luv!

Review №4

I have been doing personal training with Coach D for the past three weeks. I’ve already seen major changes in my body and over wellness! He is motivating & professional, which makes it even easier for me to work towards my personal goals. For me it’s been a win win situation; great prices, great workouts/services, & physical and therapeutic changes in my live! Thanks Pro Intellect and Trained Sports!!!

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Coach D is amazingly motivating and designs a program to meet your goals and needs. Hes connected with his clients through a variety of social media avenues to help keep you motivated and on track even when you are away from the gym. I feel and look better than I have in years. My friends and family are amazed at my transformation so far. If you are committed to investing in yourself and your health, Coach D will help you get a huge return on your investment.

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In less than a year I have seen results in my fitness journey. Training twice a week and setting time aside to do extra cardio helped me to maintain my weight. Maintaining my weight was great, however, I needed to reach my goal of losing a few pounds, becoming fit, and healthy. Once I began to consistently alter my eating habits and continue my workout routines, I started to see exactly what I signed up for when I joined “Pro-Intellect & Trained Sports”. Coach “D” is an awesome trainer who is persistent in keeping his clients on track with their goals. I still have work to do, but, I am excited to share the transition that has taken place so far!

Review №7

Ive always been that girl that would start working out and then stop. Im so glad I found Coach D, I now am making fitness part of my life thanks to him! He is the best trainer ever!! If youre looking for a great place to workout and just maintain a healthy lifestyle you definitely want to come here!

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Great gym and trainers. Helped me drop about 50lbs and improved my form over about 6 months.

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Great environment and wonderful support. I have been struggling with my weight for years. After working out with Coach D for only two (2) months, Ive come down two (2) sizes! Not only am I looking better but Im healthier than Ive ever been. If you are looking to feel and look great, I highly recommend training with Coach D and his team at Pro Intellect and Trained Sports.

Review №10

I have been training with Malik for about 6 months now and i can honestly say that I am happy that i decided to join this gym. Malik is a excellent personal trainer who always listens and is always able to make accommodations around my work schedule, and always available to even off the clock when needed. if you need help or encouragement to start a health and fit lifestyle you should definitely give him a call.

Review №11

I love going to P.I.T.S. (I even got my friend to go with me now). Coach D is a great trainer- Im definitely seeing results! The staff is very friendly & the gym is clean & cozy. I highly recommend P.I.T.S. for anyone looking to get in shape.

Review №12

Cannot recommended more highly! Malik has been awesome - supportive, great motivator and tailors your program to you!! You won’t be disappointed

Review №13

If youre looking for maximum strength results ask for Coach D. I reached out a while back and its been really nice to have someone there to keep me accountable. Not to mention, Coach D is an amazing trainer. Thank You for your help in my return to fitness!

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Great environment, awesome staff, caring trainers. A place for everyone from all walks of life to workout and feel comfortable. Coach D is fabulous.

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I love this gym, the trainers/coaches are awesome and they care about your progress they want you to not only meet but exceed your goals. The support is mad real no matter the chapter in your journey they walk with you on any chapter. 💪🏾

Review №16

My journey began in March. I hadn’t worked out consistently in months. I needed a little push, motivation and accountability and little did I know Malik would be the answer. He pushed me past what I believed to be my limit while still taking true limitations into consideration and adjusting exercises accordingly. I expressed my fitness goals and he made sure to focus every session in those areas. He’s passionate about what he does and truly cares about your health and you as a person. I was blessed to find Malik and PITS. I feel like I’m back to me but even better!

Review №17

Professional staff that cares about your health and well being. Malik is an amazing trainer! Definitely recommend this place if you are looking to get fit!

Review №18

Awesome trainer! Derek is extremely creative with the workouts! Definitely pushes and motivates his clients.

Review №19

Amazing place, great staff. The workouts always push you and you will definitely see results. Glad I made the decision to train here.

Review №20

Incredible facility complete with just about any piece of equipment anyone could ever need and numerous experienced trainers to show you how to use it all.

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After being out of the military for two years and having two kids back to back as you could imagine I was not in Miss fitness America shape, and if after having kids you are high five. But for me I found myself stuck at just above 200 pounds and needing that extra push. I was lost on how to achieve what I wanted because being overweight was new to me. I came across Pro Intellect & Trained Sports on Instagram. Coach D saw I was doing some at home workouts and made a comment about me coming in to P.I.T.S. I went and checked out the gym page and it was pretty legit. I sent Coach Jaz a message on Instagram and set up an assessment. Their assessment phase is the best I have ever had. Asking me my goals measuring my body fat and giving me a tour of the gym. I said I would be back (I was doing another fitness program at the time). There was no pressure to sign up or return which I loved. I cant stand a gym that is only about numbers. I started at P.I.T.S November 6. Ive been going 6 days a week since starting. Oh and I left out that I live 66 miles away from the gym, and I make sure Im there for my training at 6am. On the days I am unable to attend I ask Coach Jaz to put a workout into the TeamBuildr App so I do not miss a workout, Its just like going into the gym because she is able to put the exercises in that she want me to complete, how many reps as well as the weight needed to be successful. I am able to track my progress with my MyZone belt which shows me my heart rate, how many calories Ive burned, the amount of effort Ive put forth and the duration of time it took me to achieve that goal which for me is great because I am extremely competitive so it gives me that much more drive to be and do better. All of the staff at the gym treat you as if you are their personal client if you have a question or if you need assistance they do not hesitate to help. In my case when Coach Jaz was absent Coach D stepped in and put that fire under me while she was gone. Malik has used his knowledge in mobility to help with my plantars fasciitis. To date I am down 12 pounds and many inches. This facility has been the best I have been to in many years I will always say invest in your health today or your sickness tomorrow. I am not absent of illness or injury but I will say they do not let me use any of that as an excuse. I will continue to use this facility until I achieve my goal and I have no doubt that with my effort and Coach Jazs training I will be there sooner than later. If you are looking for a place to feel like you are cared about have a good time and workout I would say on any day P.I.T.S is the gym you need to be investing in.

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Malik is the best thing that has happened to me this year 😁 Cant believe how much hes been able to transform my body (and attitude) in only 2 months after having not worked out in 3 years!!!

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A comfort zone full of encouragement!

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Coach D is great!!!

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