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We started offering monthly meal packages but we needed someone that would be able to connect with the customers to put together the right plan for their goals. Thank God we decided to go with Lamar! He totally exceeded our expectations and made the process for the client super painless! Not only did he put together a plan that we could follow to make the clients food but he has an app that allows you to have total self accountability! You can access your meal plan, take pictures of your meals for the day, and he also checks in every Friday for progress updates and any concerns you might have! I could literally go on but I’ll just say if you’re a company that needs a similar setup for your customers I would not hesitate to contact him!

Review №2

Amazing coach, 16 week cut for a competition, he showed me what to do and if I had any questions he answered, I’m glad I chose Lamar as my coach

Review №3

Haven’t met a person who cares more about their clients results than Lamar! Highly recommend this gym and his program for anyone that’s serious about a REAL TRANSFORMATION!

Review №4

Lamar is one of the most knowledgeable fitness professionals I have ever met. I have been training for about 6 years and this is the first time I have ever worked with a coach and he was excellent. He takes his coaching much farther than just excercises and calorie goals. Lamar tailors hydration, sodium intake, sleep, stress levels, training volume, nutrition, and supplementation to maximize your results. I cannot recommend Powered by Shaw Fitness enough! I certainly will be a repeat client.

Review №5

I have tried every crash diet and “30/20/10 day” boot camp I came across and boy do I wish I had found Lamar years ago! When you are under his guidance, he is not just your personal trainer- he will tailor a nutritional plan to fill your needs, he will celebrate all of your wins and he is not afraid to call you out when you don’t meet your potential. My attitude towards my physical health has changed completely under his guidance. In the almost 6 months that we have worked together, I have lost inches where I wanted to and have gained so much strength and endurance.If you are willing to put in the work and listen to his suggestions Lamar will help you reach all of YOUR goals. That’s actually one of the first things that impressed me about his training style- he takes the time to listen to what you’d like to accomplish and will use all of his knowledge to propel you forward. Before every session he will take a moment to check in and see how you are feeling that day and will adjust your training accordingly. When you are working, he will adjust your form to make sure no movement is wasted. Oh and did I mention that he never stops his education?This is not some magic quick fix program but rather he will show you how to make lifestyle changes so you can maintain a healthier version of yourself. I cannot recommend his services enough. When you are ready to make real change and commit to yourself come find Lamar. You won’t regret it.

Review №6

Working with Lamar as a coach has been an insightful experience. I was able to receive personalized guidance towards my own fitness goals. Highly recommend to anyone looking for the help and accountability to achieve a better version of themselves.

Review №7

Lamar is a very professional trainer and takes his job seriously. He will make sure you have all the tools you need to succeed and to get you the results you’re looking for. I have enjoyed my time at PBS and very happy with my results.

Review №8

Lamar is an awesome coach, and is really great at helping you reach and exceed your goals. I started working with Lamar 6 weeks ago, and I’ve already reached my first goal of losing 15lbs. I didn’t expect to see these type of results so quickly, and it’s all thanks to him learning me personally to tailor a plan that is best for me. I will forever recommend him to anyone that is trying to succeed in their weight loss/health journey.

Review №9

Training with Powered by Shaw Fitness is one of the best decisions Ive made. He really takes the time to design a workout AND meal plan tailored to your needs. He also provides weekly check-ins and welcomes feedback to guarantee your satisfaction. Even in the group classes, I still receive that one on one attention where he’s constantly checking my form or making sure Im getting enough muscle contraction.Lamar has helped me transform my body in the short 4 months Ive been training with him. I’m down about 20lbs and my confidence has shot up tremendously! This is only the beginning and I have all the confidence that Lamar will help me reach my overall goal.If you’re looking for a trainer in the Triangle area, he’s the one! Get ready for the challenge because he will push you to greatness!

Review №10

I’m a fairly new client of Shaw Fitness and I’ve had a really positive experience so far! Lamar is professional, detail oriented, thorough, and makes your goals his! His engagement with each client shows a true passion and care for the lives he impacts. He is extremely knowledgeable and takes the time to educate clients. His methods set his clients up for long term success in achieving goals!

Review №11

Lamar Shaw is an amazing trainer. He is really knowledgeable about multi client types from every day functional fitness to body building. I have had the pleasure of working with Lamar on body building posing and also training development. He is very thorough, understanding, and will hold you accountable. His facility is always CLEAN! He has great equipment and really delivers what each client needs. Highly recommended.

Review №12

Lamar has remained dedicated throughout this pandemic offering alternative options while gyms were closed. When PBS reopened, Lamar created personalized workout plans for us to follow while he is hands on with every client checking form and focused muscle contraction. PT in a group class, AWESOME

Review №13

Lamar is an amazing trainer. Be prepared to work and see results. Everything is personalized to you. I am so much stronger, building muscle and can see the results on the scale and in how my clothes fit. Highly recommend him!

Review №14

40 yr old, mother of four. Been going there for 4 months and am very pleased with my progress. Got rid of my mommy pouch (lol) Lamar is a very dedicated trainer, you wont be disappointed.

Review №15

Lamar is the best - the customized workouts in a small group setting are intense and push you to be your best self. The nutrition plan is easy to follow, tastes great, and has made a huge difference in my energy. In just 4 weeks, two of them being affected by corona (so at home workout), I’m down 6.4 lbs.The crowd that comes to the gym is a community and pushes and supports one another - don’t look anywhere else!

Review №16

It’s simple. Powered By Shaw(PBS) is skilled & trained in meal-planning, efficient workouts, and reinforcement when needed. PBS has taught me with consistency of workouts and meal planning ANYTHING is possible. I’ve been able to meet my goal weight, while gaining strength that I never thought I had.PBS makes it easy – one stop shop for : pre-planned workouts (demonstrated prior to the class), and meal prep service from a knowledgeable individual.After being exhausted and talking with PBS he was able to customize my meal-plan where now I have an abundant amount of energy allowing me to train more and harder during our classes. This meal-planning services is game-changer & PRICELESS if you’re looking to become healthier with visible results!Thank you PBS for showing me that all is possible no matter your skill-level as long as your remain consistent and put in the work!Cheers!CPO

Review №17

Absolutely the best trainer in the triangle. He takes the time to work out a routine especially for your specific goals. Hes very organized and truly cares about your progress. He schedules periodic transformation sessions to see where youre at and where you need to be. Hes tough and holds you accountable, and his rates are reasonable. Id definitely recommend to anyone who is ready and serious about reaching their fitness goals.

Review №18

If you are looking for the total fitness package Powered by shaw fitness is the place for you my personal experience with this place has been top notch from workout, meal plans, and even weekly check ins. Great gym!!!

Review №19

I started working out with Candace & Lamar in December after having my fourth baby last year. Since then, I have seen significant transformations in my physique, strength, & endurance in addition to the improvement of some ongoing autoimmune issues. As other reviewers have said, the workouts here are never the same though always challenging. Moreover, everyone who works out here is friendly & Lamar & Candace truly want you to succeed. It is so nice to have a fun, challenging, consistent, convenient, & AFFORDABLE place to work out again!

Review №20

I have been training with Lamar for almost 4 years, ever since he was at Box 2 B Fit. Now that Lamar has his Powered by Shaw Fitness, the atmosphere is more inviting and the staff is genuinely wanting to help with your fitness goals, not just collect your money.Lamar has changed my body from flab to fit in the 3+ years I have trained with him. His workouts are never the same so you never get bored and the workouts are always working different areas of your body youve never thought could be sore! Lamar listens to your needs as a client, and genuinely works to help you achieve your goals! He is absolutely one of the best trainers in the Triangle Area!

Review №21

My husband and I have worked with Lamar Shaw for 2.5 years and have always been incredibly happy with the outcome. At Powered By Shaw Fitness it’s been taken to the next level. From the range of equipment to the intensity, you walk away from class knowing that you are getting results. Powered By Shaw Fitness is the perfect gym if you want variety, knowledgeable trainers, and a constant challenge. Try it out - you wont be disappointed.

Review №22

Lamar was great!! I was new with the whole working out with a trainer and eating healthy thing (haha) - Lamar was there to answer all my questions - he catered the workouts to fit my lifestyle, starting off slow and gradually building on it. Any question or concern I had all I had to do was send him a message and he would respond right away. I highly recommend Powered By Shaw!

Review №23

Lamar now has his on gym on Richard Dr. off of Westgate. The classes are amazing! It is a real challenge but I am always looking forward to class. I have never been able to burn 600 plus calories in just one hour! Every week I have seen improvement in one way or another! Its exciting to think what we will be able to do a year from now! Candace and Michelle are great instructors as well! Very happy to be here.

Review №24

I am down 11 lbs in one week. I have been working with Lamar for 10 days now and I am already down 13.5 lbs. Lamar is an excellent trainer. I wish I would have found him sooner!!!

Review №25

I started working out with Lamar Shaw in September of 2012. I remember the first workout like it was yesterday, I thought I was going to die, not to mention I forgot to bring water. However, since the workout was so challenging my pride would not allow me to be beat by a work out, so I pushed myself to keep going back. Here we are 2.5 years later and I still can’t get enough. After 2 years I have never taken the same class once. Lamar constantly pushes me beyond what I think that I can do but at the same time listens to me to know how far I can go. I have lost a total of 25 pounds since starting his workouts, I have met my overall weight goal and couldn’t be happier or more confident with my results. I appreciate all the time and effort that he constantly puts in his workouts to make sure that you are getting what you pay for and more.

Review №26

By far the best trainer Ive ever experienced and hes affordable!! Ive tried several gyms. Theres no comparison.

Review №27

I feel like Ive tried every gym, bootcamp and personal trainer in the triangle, and Candace and Lamars workouts are unparalleled. The bootcamp format keeps the workouts interesting, and 2 years later, I continue to notice results. I highly recommend giving them a try!

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