Personally Fit Individualized Training, Inc.
301 N Boylan Ave, Raleigh, NC 27603, United States

Review №1

Recently heard about this gym in downtown Raleigh. Went to go to a boot camp and I ended up meeting and training with Coach Chris. Excellent trainer!! Very professional and knowledgeable about fitness.. and definitely helped me get a good work out in to start the day! Will definitely be coming back for more!!

Review №2

Chris, Leslye and the Personally Fit staff are awesome! Very positive and are always cheering me and others on. They help guide you through your own journey with strength training and getting fit! No matter your fitness level, they are there to work with you all the way! I feel great and energized when I leave my workouts. Highly recommend Personally Fit!

Review №3

“Personally “ Fit is just that. Training is not standardized- it is calibrated to meet you where you are. it is profoundly personalized. As a bonus, they make training fun! Unexpectedly, my experience with Chis, Leslie and their team has included not just a physical workout but nutrition and healthy habit guidance beyond my time in the gym. They follow up and have helped me set personal goals. In four years, working out 3x wk, I am stronger/ I eat better/ sleep better/ feel better. Anecdotally, I have also lost 40 lbs!

Review №4

I have had the pleasure of working with Chris and the rest of the Personally Fit team for the past 2 years. Chris has served as a great accountability partner over this time and has helped me reach goals that would have been difficult on my own. In addition, it is clear that Chris is very passionate about each clients overall well being and works to create a great family environment.

Review №5

Personally Fit is a fantastic gym - the coaches are amazing and the workouts are motivating, as are the health, wellness and meal tips. Coach Chris and Coach Dawn are so friendly, professional, motivating and great. This place is a gem. My teenage son and I are getting in shape and having fun doing it, thanks to these guys! 5 stars!!!

Review №6

I have enjoyed working out at Personally Fit during my high school years. I feel very comfortable and supported working out at this gym. The coaches are flexible on schedules and easy to work with, and they create workouts that are best fit for you and the improvements you want to make. They also give great suggestions and make plans on how to stay healthy outside of their gym.

Review №7

Coach Chris is fantastic. I haven’t worked out regularly since high school. I needed someone to provide me with guidance and knowledge to do things the right way, but also to keep me motivated and help me enjoy it. He checks all the boxes! On top of that, he is genuinely a great guy. I would recommend to anyone!

Review №8

Ive been going to Personally Fit for just over a month now. Im the type of person who tends to crash diet but itll only take hold for a short time. The team at Personally Fit has taught me so much since I have started there and I can already tell this isnt a crash session for me. This is a life style change and Im thrilled to be able to recognize it. We took my body composition measurements on 2/2 and then 3/6. During that time I lost about 5 lbs which isnt a huge number but I lost 7.5% body fat. Every measurement went down significantly, aside from my arms which have increased in size. Last year I lost about 30 lbs in 8 weeks and took about a 6 month stretch off from working out and gained about 10 lbs back so I wasnt doing too bad on my own but I could not have imagined seeing the body I have now in just a months time at Personally Fit. The best piece of advice I can give is to reach out to Personally Fit NOW! You will be happy you took the first step.

Review №9

I enjoyed my experience with Dawn and Chris. They helped me to learn and understand exercises and explained the theory behind strength training. It was nice to workout here and get my muscles strengthened.

Review №10

Personally Fit is a superb boutique fitness gym in the heart of downtown Raleigh. The owners are extremely knowledgeable of fitness and are the best coaches I have ever trained with. Their knowledge combined with their personal approach to meeting the needs of each client have helped me maintain and grow muscle strength. I highly recommend Personally Fit for anyone looking to maintain or start a fitness journey.

Review №11

At sixty-one I have been doing the same routine (s) more or less for years. I decided to commit to some workouts with a friend and client, Chris at Personally Fit. Two months and ten pounds lighter I have a better understanding of my body, motion and nutrition. And I am getting rest.It only takes a minute to see these two have time in the saddle. They know their stuff, are committed to your wellness and are genuinely two of the nicest most upbeat people I know. If you truly want change you might start with Chris and Lesley at Personally Fit.

Review №12

Coach Leslye is an unbelievable individual who has extreme knowledge in the health/fitness industry. Thank you for all you do!

Review №13

The staff here is incredibly friendly, attentive and genuinely interested in your fitness goals and helping you achieve them. I’ve been to a lot of “fad” gyms in the area that boast about being “fastest growing national gym” or claim “quick results.” In my experience, the lack of attention you get can quickly turn to injury. It was refreshing to enter a gym that is nothing like all the others. Honest, incredibly knowledgeable and extremely focused on their customers success.

Review №14

Coach Chis knows his stuff, and he is a great person. I train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and he’s been helping me with my takedowns b/c of his extensive experience in wrestling. But BJJ is not why I joined - I joined to loose weight. Coach Chris is helping on this journey. I highly recommend him for his knowledge, experience, and support.

Review №15

I have been through a few personal trainers in the past and I can say without hesitation that this was my best experience. I was challenged physically and surprised myself with what I was capable of doing with the trainers guidance. Each session your trainer will assess you before your workout begins - how are you feeling; any aches/pains; energy level. The creative and effective circuit is customized to you. Emphasis is also placed on proper nutrition and injury prevention - that is a total approach in my opinion. Nothing more personal than that.In 6 months time, the results have blown me away. I first noticed a significant increase in my strength. Then the change in my body - I lost a substantial amount of weight and inches and then my body shape changed. The confidence you gain is worth all the sweat and then you want more.The atmosphere in the gym is not intimidating and you feel great surrounded by like minded people. The trainers are all well informed and believe part of their job is to create a well informed client. I am grateful for all of my gains at Personally Fit.

Review №16

The name says it all. The attention I got from the husband and wife team of Chris and Leslye was truly the FIT (Focused Individualized Training) Ive been seeking. Coach Chris heard my goals and showed me how to achieve them both in his gym and at my home.

Review №17

My husband and I have been going to PF for over 6 years. This is longer than either of us have lasted at any gym in our lives (and we are seniors). Personally Fit suits our needs and our nature perfectly. We get expert trainer advice, personal attention and a really good workout. It is an intimate gym. We know many of the other clients and it has a family atmosphere. This relationship keeps us going regularly and we have both seen the benefits of that. Dont like to workout but know you need to? This is the perfect place for you. We love it.

Review №18

I have had the great pleasure of exercising there for 6 years. They are all incredibly knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition and are able to tailor things to your individual goals. Everyone there is incredibly supportive and will push you to do your best in all aspects of life. I am only where I am today because of the commitment they have to helping people grow. You get so much more than just a place to exercise when you come here and that can make all the difference sometimes.

Review №19

The best individualized training gym in town.Being a health professional and a fitness enthusiast, I constantly search for efficient & impactful exercise protocols (...and suggestions for healthy living habits) that are tailored to my lifestyle.I highly recommend Personally Fit and Coach Chriss team , because they offer a customized and results driven approach to their clients health and/or wellness needs.The gym is very well equipped and offers a professional, supportive and fun atmosphere.Regardless if you are looking to improve your athletic performance or address your health & well being, Personally Fit is the right place for you.

Review №20

I have been working out with Coach Chris and his staff for a little over a month now and I am very impressed with their knowledge, motivation, caring and encouraging environment. It is a gym you feel comfortable walking into no matter your fitness level and they meet you where you are at and help you to move forward towards your goals in a realistic manner for long term changes! I would highly recommend personally fit to anyone, from those new to the fitness world to those who have been working out their entire life!!

Review №21

The trainers at Personally Fit coached me (and continue to coach me) with great knowledge, passion and love for what they do! With their support, their strength training methods have completely transformed my body and the way I think about food + fitness. I highly recommend Coach Chris and his team to help you discover your fitness or health goals, then guide you to meeting them!

Review №22

I have been a member of health clubs for a long time and worked with several trainers. Chris and the staff are the most knowledgeable people I have worked with. They can work adapt the exercises to fit anyone based on your fitness and abilities. I came to them with a bad shoulder and arthritic knees. My strength , endurance and mobility have increased tremendously. I am stronger and in better condition than I have been since I was in my 30s. I know longer have to compensate for any old injuries.The staff creates a friendly, welcoming and supportive atmosphere. There is s strong sense of community among the staff and clients. Everyone knows you by name. The staff and clients are always encouraging to each other. This is a special place to get your exercise.

Review №23

Personally Fit offers a great workout experience for people at any level. When I first began at Personally Fit I gained 10 pounds of muscle in just 2 months. I am currently preparing to go to college where I will be playing basketball. Personally Fit is helping me through my summer workout program and I could not be more satisfied with the results I am getting. I would recommend Personally Fit to anyone interested in joining, it is a great family-run business that is dedicated to their clients and their personal fitness and well-being.

Review №24

Everyone wants to be healthy and strong and I am no exception. Working out at home or at other gyms where I have been a member has not worked for me. I need encouragement and confidence that I am using correct technique so that my time spent is not wasted. I train at Personally Fit Individualized Training on Boylan Ave. in Raleigh where I work with expert trainers who are positive but challenging during my workouts.Of course everyone knows that a beautiful physique takes a combination of physical training and clean eating. The staff at Personally Fit shares up to date information about nutrition and strategies to motivate me to make healthy food choices. This information about healthy eating is discussed regularly so that I have internalized its importance. I have lost weight and gained muscle as well as conditioned my body to perform more efficiently at everyday tasks.I look and feel better than I ever have and this is attributable to healthy eating, a challenging exercise program and an active life style, all of which are encouraged by Chris Montragon and his staff of trainers at Personally Fit.

Review №25

I highly recommend Personally Fit for individual or group training. Ive been working out with Chris Mondragon since 2002. He and his entire staff are very knowledgeable and do a great job of guiding my training and nutrition. I appreciate that my workouts are customized specifically for my needs. The equipment is great, and the gym is always clean.

Review №26

Myself and others in my family have been in for both personal and group sessions. Its a great, focused and friendly atmosphere. If youre serious about wanting to be healthier and more physically capable this is a great family business thats worth checking out.

Review №27

Leslye, Chris, Dawn and Ashley are with you ever step of the way and provide comprehensive guidance towards realistic fitness goals designed for a longterm healthy lifestyle. The crew is personable, upbeat, and spend time getting to know each of their clients and providing the proper coaching to get the maximum results. This is not a gym full of weight slingers but a team of fitness professionals that can work with you to get results in a healthy, wholistic way. Highly recommended!

Review №28

Great place to work out. Staff is highly knowledgeable, from personal training to nutrition coaching. A must try.

Review №29

Ive been working out at Personally Fit for several years now. I have had such great results! In an hour we go through cardio, strength training, and stretching. Ive lost weight, gained friends, and enjoyed myself to boot. Ive seen other health-related benefits in terms of stress relief and even strengthening of my bones. The Personally Fit trainers meet everyone where they are, compensating for injuries, weaker joints, and other issues their clients may have and help us reach our personal goals with encouragement, humor, and a warm, personal approach to EVERYONE! Its a great place to work out and I highly recommend Personally Fit.

Review №30

Working with Personally Fit for over 20 years now. They have helped me incorporate sensible, safe, but hard, exercise into my daily life. This is now a high priority for a semi-retired person working one full-time job and several non-profit volunteer jobs. They have also encouraged and pushed me to improve...not just the status quo, but continue to pursue a healthier lifestyle with exercise, sensible diet, and positive approach to exercise. When I have done things to injure myself as a do-it-yourself guy, they always know the right adjustments to exercise to accommodate and ultimately recover from the injury. Recently, improved balance and agility have helped me to prevent injuries. This place and team are my exercise family. A++

Review №31

Great customized workouts to stress your specific needs. Friendly courteous staff and clean facility. Feels like your working out at home with Family!

Review №32

I wanted to offer a strong endorsement for Coach Mondragon of Personally Fit. My son has started to work out with him for strength training for wrestling about a month ago and I can say that so far he has helped him tremendously. Since Coach Chris was a very succesful wrestler himself and also coached wrestling in the past he obviously understands the specific muscles that wrestlers need to improve. Not wasting time in the wrong areas. He is a very positive guy and he and his staff have made it very enjoyable for him, so he actually looks forward to going. If you are looking for positive personal attention that will encourage and make it enjoyable so you want to keep coming back I highly recommend Coach Mondragon or anyone of his staff at Personally Fit.

Review №33

Ive known Chris and Leslye Mondragon for a while, and they are such a great team. They really care about their clients, and meet them where they are at. What a great workout experience!

Review №34

This place is great! Their passion is helping people and it shows!!! 5 Stars!!!!!!

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