3917 New Bern Ave, Raleigh, NC 27610, United States

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Absolutely horrible experience. I signed up for what I thought was a 12 week program 8/2021, it is now the end of 10/2021 and I still have no idea what this program consist of. I’ve had trainers consistently not show up only to be placed on a treadmill to fill time. The equipment is outdated and broken. I have an app that does not work properly and I still don’t have a meal plan to go off. After two months no meal plan. I asked the first trainer twice about the app and meal plan to no avail. The major issue is this is a contractual agreement and you will have to write a certified letter to terminate. I called to cancel last month and decided to go to the sessions since I could not cancel and this is the “personal training” I received. After calling the 3rd party payment company I was told they take the word of the gym despite the obvious breach of contract with my agreement. I have been burned too many times trying to “buy black” and I’m livid at how shady these businesses are. KEEP IN MIND WHEN THINKING ABOUT THIS GYM-CONTRACT BINDING, NO ACCOUNTABILITY, SUBPAR GYM EQUIPMENT, NO TRUE PLAN.

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Kylas yoga class was awesome! Such a beautiful spirit! And Dewayne pushes me in my workouts to keep me consistent! And it was exactly what I need!! Stress level down and weight up 💯

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Meal planning and Prep can save so much time and money! The trainers here really combine Nutrition help and Exercise so that you can get the most out of your fitness routine.Highly recommend attending the Meal Planning Class & Orientation to learn tips and strategies for Maximizing your fitness regimen. 💪🏽#Results

Review №4

Ive been going to NC Fitness over two years. Dewayne has helped me tremendously in my transformation. I enjoy getting it in with NC the NC Fitness team. Thanks for the push and support during this journey. update....still getting it in at NC Fitness for 2020. Im motivated to make me better in 2021! Norman has been amazing to work with! Lets get it in!

Review №5

I DO NOT RECOMMEND!!! Something shady is going on here and the people who work here know it but hide it! I sent off my letter to cancel my membership the other day! Yes! You have to write a letter and can not cancel by phone! I also disconnected my bank from them and ABC FINANCIAL who is their billing company! I was told on a recorded line that my account is current meaning paid up to date and when i send my certified mail off to cancel that will be the day my membership will be cancelled. I know something else shady will happen so I am spreading the word because something is wrong here! I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau and a few news outlets I am in contact with if something else goes wrong after today! I have a feeling my membership wont be cancelled right away and they will try to contact me to take more money! I was told by Norman (Primus) the trainer that my workout sessions would be “consultations” and my price would be less after i discovered money being pulled out of my account every two weeks when I told them I wanted to do monthly. Something isnt right and you can tell by searching information about the gym, word of mouth in the area, and by searching their billing company ABC FINANCIAL issues on google! Dewayne Thomas was very misleading with this whole situation and the gym is usually empty, leading me to believe people have found out about their ways! My next step is writing reviews on the Better Business Bureau on both ABC FINANCIAL and NC FITNESS CLUB. Believe the negative reviews you see here and the negative reviews on their facebook page! There are women on there complaining in their review section as well. They try to get people to leave positive reviews to drown out what is really going on. While I was there i was constantly asked and sent text messages asking to leave reviews!

Review №6

NCFC is not just a gym. Its a way of life. No bells and whistles, no fuss. Just hard work and great, dedicated trainers. Best decision I ever made.

Review №7

Decola is outstanding personal trainer and my future mixed doubles partner in pickleball

Review №8

Absolutely love this gym! I have been coming here for a couple months now! Put in the work and you will see the results 😊

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My 1st day had a great workout! I am looking forward to looking to getting back to my masterpiece status.

Review №10

Awesome fitness club I am so happy I decided to become a healthier and more fit person for my daughter and I!!! I highly recommend you stopping by to sign up !!!

Review №11

Everything one could want in a fitness studio!!! Conveniently located with ample parking, clean facility and welcoming atmosphere! The staff is excellent, very professional and friendly. The trainers and owner are absolutely marvelous!!! They are eager to help and will take time with you. They understand what you are striving for and they WILL get you there and further, while having fun! Whether youre doing one on one Personal Training, Group Fitness or Zumba Classes you will love the diverse workout combinations at NC Fitness Club! I will definitely be returning, hope to see you there!!!

Review №12

If you dont like crowds when you work out check them out. The PTs really pushes you to do your best!

Review №13

Rene is a fantastic trainer. Her self discipline inspired me to join NC Fitness club. I was never a runner before, but Rene makes working out fun 💪🏻 I also love the care and patience she shows to each of her Champions.The opportunities presented by NC Fitness club are unlimited: they have everything from group fitness classes to flag football teams. If you’re looking for a fun way to get in shape, I definitely suggest trying NC Fitness club! 😁

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I have worked with Dewayne over the years to develop a level of fitness not possible without his guidance and encouragement. Recently, Rene has worked with me during workouts and Ive had a blast. She provides a varied workout each visit. I appreciate the variety and challenge.If you are looking for engaged and thoughtful trainers to push you toward your health and fitness goals, NC Fitness Club is a great place to go. Your future self and health will thank you!

Review №15

The personal trainer Dewayne seems like a good trainer but he doesnt have good communication skills. I attend an appointment for a free consult. I was setup for the wrong membership plan ($150.00 bi weekly payments) due to what seemed like a miscommunication. I spoke with Dewayne by phone he stated I could get a refund and change my paperwork. I go back to NC Fitness twice to make the changes and no one is there. I call Dewayne again, he states they only do appointments (something he should of told me in the beginning). So I setup a appointment for the next day and Dewayne doesnt show up. I call him again NO ANSWER. Im disputing the charges with my bank now. Please me aware of what you sign. This place is not worth signing up for, you can do the same thing at Planet Fitness for cheaper.

Review №16

Started my fitness journey early 2018 with Dwayne as my personal trainer. Incorporating the meal plan tool and really pushing through my sessions 2-3 days a week has helped me reach and maintain my goals. Flexible scheduling was extremely convenient, and it was also budget friendly which made it easy for me to choose and stick with NC Fitness club. I’d recommend this place to anyone who isn’t interested in the “mega gyms” and looking for something more personalized.

Review №17

Great session!! Looking forward to my results!!

Review №18

Sometimes you find your path, sometimes it finds you. I didnt know that I needed or wanted a personal trainer until one found me. Dewayne has been patient when answering questions, very knowledgeable and passionate about what he does, and he pushes me beyond what I feel my physical limitations are. The workouts are challenging but Im looking forward to losing weight and meeting my new body. Thank you Dewayne!

Review №19

I started training with Dewayne in 2010 and lost 97lbs in 18 Months. I maintained my weight loss with him until I had surgery. It’s been a couple of years and I’ve gained a lot of it back... Dewayne is the only person that has ever been able to motivate me, push me, and hold me accountable through my weight loss, so I’m BACK!!!!! 😁😆💪🏼🏋🏼‍♀️🤸🏼‍♀️🧘🏼‍♀️🚴🏼‍♀️🥇🏆

Review №20

NC Fitness is and awesome place. The trainers are knowledgable and really care about their clients. I am pleased with my results and would recommend this workout studio to anyone who wants to get in shape. If you are willing to work hard and stay dedicated this is the place for you!

Review №21

All I can say is read your contract and trust no one no matter how nice they may seem. Im so upset!!! I came into the club to sign up for personal training because I really need it. Once arriving, I talked to Dwayne for more than an hour about all the gym provides and how the personal training is setup, as well as feeling out all the paperwork. I was then informed you have to commit to three months ($150.00 a month). With kids and working full time, I wasnt sure if it was a good move for me and got cold feet. I decided not to proceed with my card being ran and said I needed more time to think. Dewayne stopped me and stated that I could sign up for two months instead of three if I was more comfortable with that. I still was unsure and stated I would be back the next day if I decided to move forward. The next morning I returned and decided to go for it. I paid upfront for my first two sessions and a meal plan, about $105.00. I never changed any paperwork I originally filled out. I trusted what I was told and thought no more about it. Fast forward two months later, I have only attended two training sessions which I thought would happen, kids. I decide to tell Dwayne I would be stopping for sure after the two months only to be told that since the paperwork I originally filled out stated three months, I would be responsible for paying the last month. I was also told he could not remember telling me I could sign up for two months. And to make matters worse, although I paid for the first two sessions up front, I was still charged(will be charged or it will hit my credit) for 6 payments of $75.00 bi-weekly. Even if I had signed up for 3 months (which I didnt think I did, trusting someone to soon), it should be 5 payments since I already paid $75.00 upfront with the meal plan. I have lost money before on diets, training etc. because of myself, I can handle that, but the dishonesty of it all is what upsets me. I was offered make up sessions for the personal training I missed but I dont even feel comfortable going back. How can I trust someone to train me if I can trust them to be honest. And the funny thing is my sister and a friend had planned to start soon so it would have been no money loss to the gym. (Not now) Ill pay for the sake of my credit take this as a expensive lesson. Trust nothing if it is not in writing. If you make changes, make sure you get it in writing. DONT BE ME!

Review №22

I am very pleased with my results! My personal training sessions with Dewayne and changing my diet helped me lose over 80 pounds within a year. Signing on at NCFC was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Check them out!

Review №23

I cant believe I have seen results consistently since the two week mark.. Dewayne is a phenomenal trainer and never makes me feel rushed or unmotivated.. he helps keep me on track and in CONTROL of my GOALS! THANK YOU NC FITNESS CLUB.

Review №24

Great workout and location! Awesome trainers in intimate training environment! Love it!

Review №25

RENE IS THE BEST!!!!!! First session was great! Cant wait to come back. Awesome group of people to be around.

Review №26

Dewayne was great. Tough workout but productive! Recommend giving it a try.

Review №27

I’ve been very pleased with my results. I’ve lost over 20 pounds in 6 months. Dewayne somehow knows what I can do and how far to push me. He also knows when I’m trying versus when I’m being lazy. Just seeing the results and knowing where I was physically before compared to where I am now has been totally worth every dollar. You should check Dewayne out!

Review №28

Although a few health issues kept me from training and working out as planned, Dewayne is an excellent trainer. He pushes you to do your best and designs a meal plan and course of traing that suits you.

Review №29

You wont regret it. You will see results if you put the work in.

Review №30

Show up..Do the work..Get Results! My endurance and strength has increased while my weight and waistline steadily come down due to training with Dewayne. 👍🏾👍🏾💪🏾💪🏾

Review №31

The personal trainer Renee is full of energy and very helpful, definitely recommend checking this place out.

Review №32

Rene and DeWayne are both awesome! My strength has increased significantly since joining!

Review №33

Renee at NC fitness is the best ... she really is getting to the core of where I want to tone up , she is keeping me dedicated and motivated . Im so ready for my fitness journey !!

Review №34

Wonderful atmosphere :) great team of employees who are equipped to give you the results you’re looking for.

Review №35

Helped me jumpstart my fitness goals! Awesome trainers and program.

Review №36

Norman is amazing

Review №37

Great people, great results & positive energy

Review №38

This place is AWESOME!

Review №39

Started the new year off right. They will push you to the max

Review №40

Great professional location

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