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219 S East St, Raleigh, NC 27601, United States

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The overall atmosphere and community of the studio is very welcoming. I feel empowered to focus on building healthy habits and foundational movements / mobility vs overly focused on physique or appearances. I think this is so rare to find in the fitness industry. A true gem! (Pun intended) 😊

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This place is amazing! Great classes, in person and online, caring teachers, atmosphere of love and support, I just cant say enough about this studio!

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Current Wellness is not just a movement studio, it is a community. If youre looking for a place to connect with your body and others, Current Wellness is the place for you. I love that all of the instructors empower you to listen to your body and pick the movement that works for you.

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The building and facilities are beautifully finished and welcoming. Brit is most genuine and a motivational and encouraging instructor. Highly recommend.

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I really cant say enough good things about Current Wellness. I absolutely love their yoga teachers and staff. Since the pandemic, it has been hard to find folks providing outdoor instruction and I have really enjoyed attending classes that are safe and socially distanced. Highly recommend!

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Such a great space. Just what the downtown community needs! Brit is truly an inspiration!

Review β„–7

Really great space and community that makes everyone feel welcome. I love the variety of classes and have taken classes with most of the instructors; they all bring something special to each class. Brit and Nathan have really created something beautiful with Current Wellness!

Review β„–8

Love the live online offerings. Even tho you are in a group or online situation, they really do cater to the individual making sure your experience is a good one. They take care of any sound issues you have with your online classes and follow up, they respond to your requests for new classes and times with what they are planning for the future, they reply personally to all your emails. The teachers really want you to have the best experience for you. They are not pushing you to your breaking point but encouraging you to get what you need from the class. My favorite classes are Flow with Lydia and Restore with NeSonya. They are always pleasant and extend a welcome to those attending online. I truly appreciate Currents mission and vision of inclusion, diversity, and community.

Review β„–9

I really enjoyed the flow yoga class. The class size was small enough to social distance and we all wore masks through the class. The teacher offered great feedback and encouragement throughout the class. Her prompts were helpful. I will definitely be back.

Review β„–10

I love Current! Brit and Nathan (and the instructors) have built something really special. It is truly an inclusive space, which has been difficult for me to find in fitness. There are no inner-circles or mean girl vibes. They honor where you are today and use positive, encouraging language, and make working out FUN. I love how classes start off with grounding - which I normally need as Im often running from one task to the workout. Cant recommend this place enough.

Review β„–11

Over the last 10+ years of taking and teaching many fitness/wellness classes, these are the absolute best. All of the instructors are wellness based and every class leaves you feeling challenged and energized but not wiped out and exhausted. The classes through Current (which I’ve taken online) helped me at the end of my pregnancy and postpartum. It was the only classes I felt comfortable doing in these times that were safe. So perfect- I could modify and felt like I challenged myself but didn’t over do it.

Review β„–12

I take class every Tuesday and Thursday for tidal movement. Its great for all parts of your body! Its so much fun an hour goes by so fast. I love the class its awesome. Brit is an amazing teacher! Its so good for my mind and body. You will not be disappointed!

Review β„–13

I appreciate being among people who are accepting of all people. The staff of Current Wellness use encouraging language and positive directions when leading classes. Instead of pushing you to be perfect, they try and encourage movement for the sake of moving the body, not punishing it. I have been welcomed and am thankful to have found the team.

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Not only does the Current provide a wide array of wellness services in the form of movement classes, yoga classes, talk therapy, art therapy, and so much more, but they also have created and continue to provide a community that is welcome to anyone! They strive to make wellness inclusive and accessible, and they achieve this and SO MUCH more. Try just one movement or yoga class and youll immediately feel welcomed into a loving and kind community.

Review β„–15

Great studio space with awesome teachers! Also have good plethora of classes to choose from. You should definitely give this place a go!

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With every encounter, Ive enjoyed a very welcoming experience with every Team member. The business owners and all connected know how to hold humanity.I appreciate the clear current information on what is available.The website is kept up to date and the variety of health options is great.

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Current Wellness has been great! I like that they are offering courses both in-person and online. The instructors do a great job mixing up routines and making sure that everyone is challenged at their appropriate level.

Review β„–18

I loved the vibe, the flow and the feeling of peace it brought me!!! The playlist was amazing as well and the venue and teacher!

Review β„–19

Current Wellness is a wonderful community to join. It is fun, informative and supportive to people of all skill levels! Their are always modifications to up and lower the intensity as well as wonderful messages of gratitude, acceptance, and giving yourself grace. I am so appreciative to find an organization that supports health at every size and listening to your body!

Review β„–20

I love IMMERSE!! It is so fun and it allows you to shake it out. The instructors are great and each of them have their own flare. I hope more classes are added to the schedule so I can shimmy!

Review β„–21

The teachers! The classes!The workouts! The owners! The mission behind it all. This place is so amazing. Do yourself a favor and book a class, I promise youll want to book another.

Review β„–22

Great new space and an amazing workout!!!I really enjoyed the tidal movement class with Brit and feel very safe in the studio.

Review β„–23

Current Wellness has renewed my love for moving my body in a way that feels good! The variety of classes offered, and the encouragement of the instructors, make for a sweaty and satisfying workout. I especially love the options given during the classes that make each movement and sequence feel attainable. It is refreshing to take classes that truly make you feel good about yourself after an intense sweat!

Review β„–24

I feel so lucky to have found this group of humans. They are so inclusive and every class I have been to has been exactly what I needed. The instructors offer so many modifications and are so personable that it feels okay to mess up and try again. I’m so grateful for all of them *especially* now. These classes pull me out of bad moods and turn my day around. Literally can’t say enough positive things!

Review β„–25

Yall, I cant wait for Current Wellness to FINALLY open! I have attended many pop ups for the Flow and the Tidal classes. Not only is Britt the absolute best, but the classes are a great workout. I love how inclusive they are of all people and can truly be tailored to any one of us. I was injured a year ago and havent been able to find much exercise that works for my body. These two classes have been some of the first exercises I have actually been able to do and didnt hurt doing. Britt talked me through, showed me moves that would work for me, and made me feel incredibly welcome.The classes are great, but more than that--the approach to fitness and wellness is unlike any I have seen. I am so sick of this diet culture that we tell ourselves in society is the way it should be. Britt debunks that and shows a healthy approach to movement, loving our bodies, and an all around holistic approach to wellness. Thank GOD we have something like this finally.Check them out--they are awesome.

Review β„–26

The classes are excellent and fun. So nice to see a truly inclusive fitness studio in Raleigh.

Review β„–27

Im a big fan of Current Wellness and cant wait for them to open their doors in downtown Raleigh! I have a lot of respect and admiration for their intentional messaging and holistic approach to health and wellness. Ive taken several Tidal classes led by Brit and I love how the class makes me feel. The class is both energetic and mindful. The Tidal class incorporates a really cool and versatile piece of equipment (ViPR Pro) and provides an emphasis on functional movement that is both accessible and challenging to everyone.

Review β„–28

Great job recommend to everyone

Review β„–29

Cant wait for the Current to open. Brit is such an asset to the wellness community and her whole-person approach is exactly whats needed to help you feel your best. Ive tested Tidal and am looking forward to the launch of Tidal Strength!

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I loved being part of Currents live online classes. It was accessible for everyone to do and move together. Will definitely do again soon!

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