Core Results Raleigh
1330 St Marys St a001, Raleigh, NC 27605, United States

Review №1

I started at Core Results in July 2018, working with Aaron, and have nothing but great things to say about this place! After a breast cancer diagnosis and treatment in 2019, I was able to ease back into a workout routine with the support and expertise of my trainer. I felt safe coming in during the pandemic, with the precautions they put in place. I continue to set and meet health and strength goals here - I love it!

Review №2

Amer was a great trainer to work with. He is very encouraging and motivated me to push myself. He always ensured correct form and gradually working on advancing each movement. By the final session, my upper body strength had significantly improved and I was able to perform several exercises, I had never been able to prior, such as pull-ups and squatting half my body weight.

Review №3

My experience with Core Results has been nothing short of amazing! The trainers are all extremely professional, friendly, and reasonable. The gym itself has always been well kept and clean, and Ive never felt that the gym was overcrowded. I would recommend Core Results to anyone thinking about trying them!

Review №4

I came to Core Results about 18 months ago after a recommendation from a good friend and 6 months after having an inexplicable heart attack. Aaron has become my trainer and friend. He is focused and always aware of my activities and knowledgeable on how to push the right workouts! I train 3 days a week and walk everyday and have felt the best I have in years! Thank you Aaron!

Review №5

Core Results is AWESOME! I’m so glad I finally made the decision of getting a personal trainer and that I found Core Results. My trainer, Aaron is outstanding. He’s knowledgeable, encouraging and pushes me to do my best. Because of Aaron, I’ve reached fitness goals I didn’t even know were possible! After every session I feel stronger, healthier and more confident in myself. I’m so happy I joined Core Results!!

Review №6

I have been working out with Marcus since last summer and he has been great! Marcus makes all of our workouts uniquely tailored to me and everyday is different so it never feels redundant! I would highly recommend Marcus or any of the trainers at Core Results.

Review №7

Clean facility with a great variety of equipment! Khris develops personalized workouts and mixes things up each session. I appreciate the attention he gives to making sure my form is correct. We often have the space to ourselves, but there is never any issue with crowding or waiting for equipment even when other trainers are working with clients. I highly recommend!

Review №8

Core results is the perfect place to workout if you are looking for one on one attention towards achieving fitness goals as well as help with nutrition. The gym has high quality equipment and you are able to use all of the equipment without having to ever wait for any of it. Marcus, one of the trainers is awesome. He is a retired professional athlete and had decades of fitness and nutrition knowledge to share with his clients to help them reach their personal goals. He makes him self available to you anytime and really loves what he does. I highly recommend this gym and working out with Marcus or one of their other highly knowledgeable trainers.

Review №9

Best place to work out!! Awesome equipment, fun and challenging work outs, amazing trainers. highly recommend!

Review №10

I’ve used numerous personal trainers from private facilities to local gyms and Core Results is by far the best organization I’ve found. I did have a rocky start with a trainer that I didn’t click with and with a quick e-mail to Josh, the owner; I was able to change trainers. I began seeing Khris who listened to what I wanted (weights) and what I didn’t want (cardio). He has more confidence in my capabilities than I do and knows how to “gently” push me to do more. He’s never wrong….I can do one more!

Review №11

I’ve been a Core Results customer for many years, and worked with several trainers there. Everyone has been phenomenal! As someone who struggles with multiple joint issues, Core Results has helped me pre-and post op find my strength. I am 50ish and stronger than ever! They are the best!

Review №12

Earlier today, a friend--whom I recommended-- went to this gym to conquer his fear of lifting weights. I feel bad since it was my idea. That friend grew up in a very abusive household and for him lifting weights was forbade. He mentioned none of this during his consultation and several hours later he is told that this is not the gym for him by the owner and one of his trainers.This gym is not for beginners or for people who want to overcome certain fears.So, if you are a beginner or fitness is not your hobby, please reconsider.

Review №13

I trained with Howie, and I cannot say enough good things about working with Core Results. I loved that Howie eased me into making fitness a part of my lifestyle, instead of trying to force my body into doing what it wasnt ready for (like many other fitness programs do). Howie would always push me just enough past my limit so that I felt accomplished after each session, not defeated. He even gave me suggestions for what to do on the days I wasnt training with him and helped me with my nutrition. I have so much more confidence when choosing what to eat and how to make fitness a part of my everyday life. I highly recommend Howie and Core Results!

Review №14

Ive been working with Amer at Core Results for three months now. Theyre both wonderful! Amer is very knowledgeable about sports science and creates workouts that challenge me, but leave me feeling good (rather than sore). The Core Results facility is clean, organized, and has a great range of equipment. Because only people who are actively working with at PT are allowed to use the space, theres never a sense of crowding.

Review №15

I trained with Catie Puckett at the Core Results Raleigh facility over the summer. Hands down, she was very attentive and supportive from start to finish each session. With prior injuries and her expertise, she was always very well-prepared and mindful of recommendations for exercises. Catie is focused, drive, kind and truly dedicated to her clients goals from exercise, nutrition to overall well-being.I was impressed by the facility and location! It also was impeccable clean and other trainers were very respectful and accommodating to others in the space. I highly recommend Catie Puckett and the Core Results Raleigh facility!

Review №16

Core Results was just I was looking for. Eric is excellent at what he does. He is extremely knowledgeable in his craft. Being an aerialist, I have very specific goals, he took the time to research my sport and adapted the workouts to get the results I’ve been fighting for! I would highly recommend giving Core Results a chance, it will be worth it!

Review №17

Im a competitive fencer, and Ive been training with Raymond for about a year. Hes great at checking form to avoid injury and get the most from each exercise. With his expertise in martial arts, he understands what movements and muscles I need at my disposal. Hes a good motivator and changes the workouts up to keep it interesting. The gym itself is clean, friendly, and never over-crowded. This is my first experience with a personal trainer, and they made me feel right at home very quickly. I look forward to my time there!

Review №18

Go above and beyond to provide a great, personalized experience!

Review №19

I have been training with Catie since June and have been loving it. The facility that Core Fitness has is very nice and you dont feel judged while working out there. It is nice that you can only be there if you are working with a trainer because it ensures equipment is available and only a small number of people are at the gym. They have a lot of equipment and Catie has been super knowledgeable. She cares and will not just focus on the workout but will check in with you throughout the week to see how you are feeling. She also will work with you on your diet. A great experience so far!

Review №20

Very pleased with my training thus far. Ive been able to attain my goals in just 4 months, and highly recommend Core Results, on the basis that the trainers are all very knowledgeable and friendly, and pricing is fair. After 8 sessions, Ive decided to purchase another 25.____I read a few reviews online, all of which were great, and gave Josh a call to set me up with a trainer. My work schedule is crazy, so finding a trainer has always been challenging. Raymond was his first suggestion, and had him promptly reach out to schedule a consultation. After a few reschedules, we worked together to set up a regiment which fit my goals. Raymonds lifting style is unlike any Ive seen (in a good way), but has proven to be the most effective. Ive struggled with working out in the past, becoming lazy around the 1 month mark, but have been engaged and excited to continue with Raymond, after 4 months. My max bench has improved by 30lbs., and have seen an increase in arm diameter by 1.5 inches. Although the gym is smaller, it offers the equipment to achieve any goal. You will not be disappointed with the team at Core Results!

Review №21

I have been going to Core for close to a year and training with Howie. The results have been awesome. Howie is very knowledgeable and has been able to customize workouts that address specific deficits. He has been great at accommodating my schedule and coming in very early or on weekends. My one area for improvement is the gym could really use a treadmill to offer more cardio options. Can not say enough kind words about Howie!

Review №22

I have been going to Josh at Core Results for nearly 2.5 years now. I love the personalized workouts that I get, and the knowledge and expertise that a personalized trainer brings to any exercise regimen. The facility is top notch, always clean and extremely convenient.When I came to Core Results I was just aiming to lose some weight and tone, but over time my needs and goals have changed and what I love is that whatever goals I set (or we set together) Josh works with me to achieve them, motivates me to stay on track and (probably, for me most importantly) all completely injury free. I feel healthier and stronger than I was in my 20s and 30s.Last year I decided to run my first half marathon. I had never really run before and I was concerned that doing so at 40+ after having 3 kids would be difficult to do, especially without injury. It was an amazing training experience throughout. I completed the half marathon in November at a better time than I expected, felt great and NO INJURIES, thanks to the great cross training at Core Results. Now Im planning to run another in May... all the while still working on my range of motion, strength and overall fitness.If someone is serious about working out, are committed to their overall fitness, and want to see results, Core Results is the place to do it. No fads or gimmicks, true commitment to fitness goals, healthy outcomes and, yes, Ill say it, we have fun too.Jodi

Review №23

There are so many great things about Core Results. My trainer, Aaron, is just fantastic. He makes every workout challenging, but keeps the atmosphere encouraging and fun. He is very knowledgeable, and researches the best exercises to achieve my individual goals, and adapts our program as we progress and change priorities. The entire gym has an open, family-like atmosphere. All of the trainers are friendly and encouraging to each other and all of the clients, and there is a sense of teamwork among everyone working out as we help each other reach our goals. The gym is always clean, organized, and well-stocked. Josh has done an excellent job of creating a great place for someone to meet their fitness goals. I had tried for nearly two years on my own to increase my vertical leap with no success. Within weeks of working with Aaron I was starting to see results in this area as well as overall strength and conditioning. It is so much easier to reach goals with someone to guide and coach you; the right trainer may cost more than a standard gym membership, but I consider it worth every penny to see results and avoid injury. I consider myself very fortunate to have found the perfect gym and trainer.

Review №24

I have been training at Core Results with Eric for two years. As I am in my 60s, I wanted to work on building muscle and bone strength, improve balance, and improve my overall fitness level. Now I wish I had started long ago, but it is never too late! Eric is extremely knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition. I am amazed at how much he knows and teaches me. He is so encouraging and never intimidating. And to top all that off, he is friendly, patient, and kind. My hour with him is never boring as he always switches things around and presents new drills and moves which keeps it from being dull. I see and feel results. I also like the environment as clients are working one-on-one or two-on-one with a trainer. It is not a noisy and crowded gym. I highly recommend Eric and Core Results. You will not regret it!

Review №25

I have been coming to Core Results for about 6 months after seeing them online and I have no complaints. I am in the best shape I have been in since college, thanks to my trainer Whitney Kirby. She is extremely knowledge and incredible to work with. Her workouts are very efficient and challenging and she is always switching my routines up as well. Results have been great. I plan on staying a client for years to come.

Review №26

When I called Core Results Inc. over 6 years ago I was at my lowest self esteem and highest weight. Josh called me back within an hour and we talked about what my goals were and set up the initial free session.After the very first session I knew this was the place for me! I have been working out with Josh 2 or 3 times a week ever since. Josh also outlined what I needed to do for my diet and set up exercise routines that I could use at home on the days that I did not work out with him.I am very proud to say that Josh helped me loose more than 50 pounds and keep it off for over 5 years now!! This has really changed my life, I feel better now than I ever have!The Core Results facility is awesome. It has very impressive equipment and is just the right size with a great location. You really get that personal feel, not like the big box gyms.If you have been thinking about getting in shape this is the place to do it! Take the time and set up the initial free session and you will be on your way to a new and healthier life.

Review №27

Ive had a great experience at Core Results. Howie is very knowledgeable and provides top notch instruction! Highly recommend.

Review №28

I was never into fitness until I discovered Core Result. My goal was to improve overall body flexibility and core strength for better golf. My trainer James is awesome. He understood clearly my objectives and quickly identified my major challenges. His fitness plan fits right in and is fun! It really motivates me to exercise and become better. I can already see my improvement after two months of training with James, and my golf game is becoming more fun as well!I would absolutely recommend Core Result to anyone at any level if they want to get better in fitness.

Review №29

I have been training with Krista for about 2 months and love it! The tailored workouts and personal attention are just what I was looking for.

Review №30

A while back I was lacking motivation to exercise and decided to work with a personal trainer for a few weeks. I found Core Results Inc. online and I met with James on my first day. I took the initial 6 classes and found it to be very effective and motivating. James is very friendly, highly motivating and down to earth person. He has helped me get back to my workout routine with more motivation. He also looks closely at my weekly nutrition intake. He has always helped me go that extra mile. I now have better control over different muscles in my body, as each exercise is closely designed towards helping you gain the control. I have been seeing constant improvement in myself and it has boosted my confidence level. I highly recommend James if you want to workout and love doing it. I have already signed up for my next 26 package. I suggest you to start soon and get healthy.

Review №31

Ive been a client for the better part of five years now and I can say this is a fantastic gym. Whatever your goals, the staff will help you reach them. If you happen upon a community event that is fitness related, theyll find a team to do it with you. Simply put, Core Results has left me with a drive to better myself for years. If youre looking for a team to drive you to your ideal self, look no further.

Review №32

Core Results is terrific personal training facility. My trainer Aaron always holds me accountable and works with me to break through personal barriers. Its about more than just numbers there. Its about how you feel as a whole and how they can help you better yourself. Core Results and Aaron create a non judgmental environment while pushing you to build a better body .

Review №33

Chris has been great to work with over the past 3 months. Core Results is focused on the individual and the trainer helps you work towards your individual goals. It is personal training. I have found Chris knowledgeable and appropriately challenging as we worked through certain goals and targets for my fitness. The facility is well equipped providing a wide variety of equipment so each client can work out key muscle groups in multiple, non-repetitive ways.

Review №34

Great option for personalized training!

Review №35

I would highly recommend Core Results. Because they only open the gym to clients who are working with a trainer, the gym is never crowded - since Ive been working out there, I dont think there has ever been more than 3-4 people working out at once. All the trainers are highly professional and knowledgeable. If youre looking for a gym in Raleigh, I would definitely give them a call.

Review №36

Trainers work with you to figure what is best for youTheir rates are definitely much better than other gyms and institutes I have been tooMy mobility is so much better nowThe place isnt super crowded and everyone is friendly, judgment free zone too

Review №37

I have been working with Core Results for about a month now and the training has exceeded my expectations. Very knowledgeable in physiology, which really helped me understand some key ways to overcome previous injuries. Highly recommend working with the team at Core Results.

Review №38

I’ve been going to Core Results for a couple months now and I couldn’t be happier. I joined because I needed the motivation. I have trouble keeping a workout routine on my own, even if I think I’m ready to commit. Having appointments with a trainer keeps me accountable. I see Whitney twice a week and she’s awesome. I have no experience with strength training and she makes me feel extremely comfortable. She motivates without pushing me past my limits. She’s also just full of knowledge and explains why different exercises are good for different things. Yes, personal training is way more expensive than a gym membership, but you pay for what you get. And for me, I was paying for a gym membership I barely used. The workout is completely personalized so I think Core Results is a great option regardless of your experience or goals, but the guidance has been especially helpful for this novice.

Review №39

Core Results is just that, a Results- based personal training group.It is wonderful to have the privacy and flexibility that Core Results can offer.Whether you are a novice in the fitness world, or a seasoned athlete, the workouts will challenge you, inspire you, and humble you!Jenna is very knowledgeable, very motivated, well-organized, and easy to work with one-on-one. She is able to tailor the workouts to your specific goals and target/ problem areas. And then, you see results.It is not an overnight sensation, but if you are dedicated and have chosen to be fit as a way of life or look great for a special event in the future, this is perfect. Healthy, strong, and able to see/ feel the benefits of weight training.I would highly recommend Core Results as a group to get fit with in the Raleigh vicinity!

Review №40

I called Josh to help me with some hip issues and was incredibly impressed by his knowledge and experience. Id spent some time in a gym before but not that much. Josh was easy and fun to work with and I never felt awkward or embarrassed, as I had sometimes before. The facility is well equipped yet comfortable and the trainers do a good job of working around each other as they are working with you. An excellent one-on-one experience with highly trained professionals with great attitudes. Highly recommended!

Review №41

When I first came to Core Results, Joshua paired me with Eric Johnson, that was two years ago.My goal at that time was to work on my core development and stamina for paddle boarding. I continued with Eric because he designed a thoroughly individualized plan for both muscle and bone care. He also allowed me to focus on my small muscle development, this I would need in my sport as well as life in general.Erics knowledge of nutrition is exceptional. He shares the pros and cons of how, when, and what to eat. Along with lessons on how and when to rest or continue to push.Combining all of this has helped me with my overall health and muscle development to the extent that Im in my personal best shape EVER.Thank you for everything Eric and thank you Core Results for providing a wonderfully outfitted gym in which to train.

Review №42

I’ve been training here twice a week for 6 months, and I would HIGHLY recommend Core Results for individualized personal training. Upon calling, I had an good conversation with the owner around my goals, and he was able to quickly match me with a trainer, so I could begin asap. The facility is especially convenient if you are in the downtown Raleigh / ITB area. Great facility, and as they are dedicated to personal training clients, you feel like you are at your own personal gym. I’ve been training with Chris and he is the most technically sound and knowledgeable trainer I’ve worked with in the past. He taught me a tremendous amount about strength training in addition to driving great results! To supplement my weight training, he would create running plans (he is a former Division 1 collegiate runner) for my non-lifting days as I was training for a half marathon. After being out of the running game for close to 2 years, Chris helped me achieve my half marathon goal after 4 months, a feat which took me much longer to train for on my own in the past.

Review №43

Being in my late sixties, I feel both privileged and fortunate to have been paired and working with Aleks for several years now. Her knowledge and love of not only her vocation but also her clients is evidenced in her professional knowledge and training skills, her genuine interest in me and my needs, her close attention to developing a varied personalized plan for me - unique to my getting older needs and goals, and her training style with its perfect blend of challenging, encouraging, and affirming, and lastly, THE RESULTS! Theres a marked difference in my physical strength, endurance, balance, energy, and mental sharpness (plus, the bonus of looking better)! Yes, the investment of working with a personal trainer is more costly than classes or a gym membership, but the payoff is well worth it! I look forward to the workouts and cant imagine going anywhere else, or working with anyone else!

Review №44

I have had shoulder issues for years and have never been able to work out consistently. Josh took all this in to account during our consult and was able to construct a work out that has allowed me to finally incorporate more strength training in my routine. I have worked with trainers before and no one has been able to give the attention to detail and personal goals that I get at Core Results. The facility is top notch. All the equipment is new and the work out area is very well planned. There is never a issue with space so works out flow nicely. Excellent experience.

Review №45

I have been working out at Core Results for several years now and cant say enough about the supportive and challenging environment. Aaron and I clicked from the beginning and I feel he is one of my strongest advocates. Taking my goals to heart and finding creative ways to get my there. He keeps my workouts interesting and varied. He is truly interested in his clients and fitness in general, always looking for ways to introduce new exercises that keep my brain and body challenged.

Review №46

Ive been going to Core Results for about six weeks now and really enjoy it. Raymond is great to work with, he listens to me and adjusts workouts as needed. I had never used a personal trainer before and didnt know what to expect and well the experience has been great. I already feel better than I did. I would highly recommend Core Results.

Review №47

Joined about a year ago. I was suffering from chronic pain on my neck and upper back from working long hours, and couldnt quite get myself to stick to a gym schedule. I met with Josh, who runs the place, we had a nice conversation over what Im trying to achieve, and he paired me with Howie.Howie is fantastic. He is calm, goes over each exercise in detail to help you get it right, only encourages you with positive feedback, and switches things up every now and then during the sessions so as to keep them from being boring. Thanks to our sessions, the chronic pain is a thing of the past *and* my overall fitness level is better than its ever been. The whole process was not intimidating at all, and I actually enjoyed every minute of it. I was looking forward to going there! (This is doubly remarkable given that I am not really the kind of person that enjoys physical exercise.)I was so pleased with the whole experience, that two months in, I encouraged my girlfriend to join. (She did, trains with Howie as well, and shares the same sentiment.)Everybody here, from owner to trainers to clients, is polite and professional, and the place is clean and quiet - I absolutely *love* the fact that its not a place full of gym bros. If youre on the fence, I highly encourage you to give Core Results a go. It was a fantastic investment for my health; I actually regret not giving it a go sooner.I am moving across the country and I can definitely say I will miss this place!

Review №48

Ive had nothing but positive experiences and results at Core Results! The facility is great and Derrick has helped me set goals and helped me work hard to meet them. His knowledge of not only fitness, but nutrition, has also been really helpful. Im literally in the best shape of my life and Core Results, and Derrick specifically, are a big reason why. Derrick also makes training sessions enjoyable, which is not always an easy task. I give my highest recommendation, training with Core Results has definitely been worth my investment.

Review №49

Fantastic gym run by a wonderful team! I worked with Raymond, who is knowledgeable, fun, and motivating! The gym is bright, clean, and has a LOT of space to workout and move, as they only have their own clients in at any given time! I highly recommend this place to anyone!

Review №50

I worked with Ray at Core Results and found him to be incredibly knowledgeable. He developed a training regime for me that worked despite being incredibly time constrained. He is extremely knowledge about the body and helped me refine my form to get the most out of my workouts.

Review №51

Highly recommended! Theres nothing fancy about Core Results, but thats good, because theres nothing fancy about me either. It sits in a nondescript office building downtown and is quite small, however, they have everything you need including awesome people. I have been working out with James since November and I cant say enough good things about him. He is very knowledgeable about everything fitness related and can easily supply the why behind everything we do. James pushes me when I need it and is reassuring when I fail. Is it expensive? Yes, yes it is, but this is a personal trainer were talking about. For two hours every week theres a person whose only job is to help me reach my goals; its hard to put a price on that. He also keeps me from winding up in a Workout Fails compilation on YouTube which is priceless. If you are looking for someplace to see and be seen they might not be for you, but if you are looking for a laid-back, supportive and goal oriented environment to workout in then give them a try.

Review №52

I am a huge fan of core results. I absolutely love it there! They are very accommodating and do their best to work with your schedule. My trainer James is great. Hes always introducing different and challenging workouts which gives me that extra push I was lacking in my workouts before core results.

Review №53

I worked with Raymond on and off for about a year - on/off due to the fact that I have stacked up a good number of surgeries on my spine over the years. He was the perfect trainer for me - so knowledgeable about mind-body connection, willing and patient to work with my changing abilities due to trigger point injections, spasms etc. I would HIGHLY recommend Raymond and Core Results

Review №54

A great facility full of great trainers! Ive been working out with James Shore for around for 6 months, and every workout has been unique. Ive always struggled with enjoying lifting. The average routine would be fine for a month or so, but then I would lose the motivation. James has been able to identify what motivates me, and build out routines that keep me excited and looking forward to the next workout. Ive made massive improvements on all my major lifts, and have never been happier with my progress. If you are considering a trainer, seriously consider Core Results.

Review №55

Ive been with Core Results for almost 2.5 years and love going. Raymond is an awesome personal trainer! I was so nervous calling in the first time. I wasnt toned, hadnt worked out in a while, and wasnt sure I was ready, but took the leap. It was worth it! Raymond gives me positive compliments, tips for stretching and exercises throughout the workout, and counts your reps ;). I have trimmed down in weight and toned my muscle much more than if I were training alone. Although I have attended any, the group often runs races together as a Core results team as well. Core results holds me accountable, which is what I love most. Would definitely recommend giving it a shot if yourre on the fence!

Review №56

I retired last year from a sedentary, demanding career and knew I wanted to work on fitness. I wasnt sure about Core Results going in--I thought I should be able to do this on my own. My wife has been a client for a long time, though (and its done wonders for her) and really wanted me to try it. After meeting Aleks and having one session with her I knew this was the right way for me to go. She is awesome! I have had two hip replacements and she is very knowledgeable at focusing workouts to meet my needs. Im amazed at the progress--Im in the best shape Ive been in in over 30 years. Ive lost 25 pounds and am much more flexible. My family noticed that Im getting up and down off the floor to play with the grandchildren with ease--very different from past years! Aleks has given me solid nutrition advice which has paid off. She makes the workouts fun even when hard and is great to talk to--the hour flies by. Core Results has great equipment and I like the open space and that theres usually 2-3 other people here at most. I highly recommend Aleks and Core Results. Great results, great team!

Review №57

Ive been working out at Core Results for a couple of years now and am very happy with the experience.My trainer, Aaron, is highly knowledgeable. I change my goals up occasionally and he always listens and modifies my workouts to meet my newest goals. He pushes me enough to challenge me but never pushes so hard I feel defeated.I would recommend Core Results to anyone!

Review №58

The Core Results Raleigh facility is well equipped and very clean, but I’m most impressed by their trainers, Raymond is an excellent trainer who helped me recover from a shoulder injury. I was amazed at how his instruction matched what my physical therapist had planned at each phase of my recovery. I can’t recommend Core Results enough.

Review №59

Ive between working out with Aaron for more than a year and have had great results. Hes helped me work through a couple of running and age-related issues, given me great nutrition advice, and improved my overall health and fitness levels. I cant recommend him highly enough - hes an awesome trainer who makes getting in shape fun.

Review №60

I had plateaued doing high intensity interval training. I came to Core Results with a specific request to get stronger. James set up a program that has done just that. Results are tracked and every exercise has a purpose. There is focus on doing exercises correctly and understanding which muscle groups are being worked. The facilities are great and James is really knowledgable, encouraging and passionate about what he does. For someone looking for targeted, focused personal training I would recommend checking out Core Results.

Review №61

I have had the pleasure of working with Raymond as my trainer at Core Results for almost 2 years. He has great knowledge of what works, and what doesnt, in order to tailor workouts to your goals and to ensure proper form to protect against unnecessary injury. If you are looking for a high quality gym and a true professional to work with, I highly recommend Core Results and specifically Raymonds services.

Review №62

I have been going to Core Results Inc. for only two months and honestly I am impressed. My trainer is Raymond and he is honestly the BEST, extremely knowledgeable, and a true professional! I am not one to write reviews unless something is really exceptional and this place is truly great!! The facility is always clean and everyone is very helpful and friendly. I love it!

Review №63

Ive been training with Josh for over 2 years to help gain strength and speed for my golf swing. Ive gained over 20 yards off the tee and more than 1 club with my irons. He does a great job of varying my workouts and always making them relevant to my goals. Highly recommended!

Review №64

I really enjoy working out with Raymond at Core Results. He makes every workout challenging and is very encouraging at all times. Hes clearly very knowledgeable in the area of exercise and nutrition and is an enthusiastic teacher to his clients. I appreciated his smile and friendliness from the very beginning and his calm demeanor is refreshing in a gym setting. The facility itself is calm, extremely clean and neat and definitely aesthetically pleasing. Its compact but not crowded and never feels like tight quarters. The location is very convenient with easy in-and-out and parking.

Review №65

My husband and I love working out with Josh. He is extremely knowledgable on fitness and nutrition, yet makes the workout fun. If I were left to my own devices, I might not make it to the gym; or when I did, the workout would probably be the same dull workout every time. But Josh keeps it challenging and rewarding! He changes it up each time; pushes us to our limits and makes us stronger! We look forward to coming back each week!!!

Review №66

Best fitness experience Ive ever had. Highly recommend Core Results. Facility is clean and atmosphere is not intimidating. Great place to achieve your goal. My trainer, Terry, is very knowledgeable and focused on my needs.

Review №67

I have been working out with Terry at Core Results for 2.5 years. He has not only helped increase my muscle strength but he is also helping me stay motivated on my weight loss journey. 75 pounds down so far - and with his help I know I will reach my goal. I am amazed at the changes I am making with his help!

Review №68

I have been working out at Core Results (with Josh Hutchins) for about 4 years. I love being in a private gym. No loud club music and muscle heads walking around trying to pick up every female. The trainers are focused on giving you a good workout and making sure you are performing each exercise accurately so that you get the most benefit. I have had hip surgery and a broken arm and we were able to work through both recoveries without much of a loss in strength or fitness. I cycle and run and Josh has made sure that I am fit and ready and injury free for all of my events.

Review №69

I have been training with Core results for a year or so and it has been an excellent experience. My trainer Aaron Hornstra pushes me every day and I have seen incredible improvements in my muscle growth. It is a very personable experience and most of the time there are very few people in the gym. I would recommend Core Results to anyone that wants to loose weight or put on muscle. They will cater to whatever your needs are.

Review №70

Ive been training with Aaron since the summer of 2017 and could not be happier with my results. At first, I was intimidated by the idea of personal training and the cost associated with it. After the first 6 sessions, I saw the value in the whole process and decided to stick with it. Im so glad I did. Each workout is unique and challenging, yet fun and something I look forward to. Aaron also helped me refine my diet and work through a painful shoulder injury. Any goal I set hes willing to develop a program to help me achieve it. Ive never felt better. Thanks, Aaron!Give them a try, you will not regret it!

Review №71

So far, so good! I was pretty stubborn about doing personal training but this has really worked out for me so far. I was feeling pretty sluggish and out of shape, but after just a few weeks I can feel my energy levels rising. Its great to have someone that can push you and to design a workout that caters to your specific needs and goals. I highly recommend anyone considering a personal trainer to reach out to Core Results.

Review №72

I have been training with Core Results for two years and my experience has been wonderful. As a professional golfer , fitness is critical for performance. Josh keeps our workouts engaging by introducing new challenging workouts every week. Core Results has helped increase my power, flexibility, strength and overall fitness allowing me to take my golf game to a whole new level.

Review №73

I hate to work out and seriously lack motivation. I work with Jenna because she keeps me motivated to get to the gym. Shes flexible to meet my needs. Ive been to trainers in the past who felt the only way to keep me happy was to mix it up and try new things and that doesnt interest me. I want to learn how to do an excercise well and concentrate on repetition and on not hurting myself learning choreography or complex moves. She found some great core and basic exercises and made me a routine that works for me. Shes still on the look out for new moves that I can try as my strength and flexibility improve. If I need her to find an alternative exercise she does. I appreciate a lot that she listens to me and helps me listen to my body. But I know if I need something new she can deliver.Jenna is very reliable and supportive. I appreciate her positive attitude and personalized service for my training needs. My work schedule and childcare needs sometimes messes with my training, but shes always willing to work with me to find a time to get together. She even offers to give me routines to follow when I have to travel out of town.Due to life changes I had to stop meeting for several months and when I was ready to start again I came back to Jenna. Shes fun to work with.

Review №74

This is the best personal training organization I have found in Raleigh. Youre immediately partnered with a trainer who takes the time to get to know you and your needs. While youre there, your trainer is always working with you so you dont have to worry about your form or even what to do next. Its an intimate space and, despite that, theres never a crowd or a line for any of the equipment. Ive been training here for about a year and, while I still have quite a ways to go, I continue to be in the best shape of my life--all thanks to my wonderful trainer Aleks! Im looking forward to continuing my fitness journey with Aleks at Core Results.

Review №75

Great trainers that take their time teaching you the right way with great results!!

Review №76

I have been training with Raymond for over a year at Core Results and he has been great! He changes up the routine to keep things interesting and is constantly reassessing what my current goals are. He has been very flexible when schedules change and is available when I have a question any time. The gym is for training only so your never competing for equipment with some guy doing his 500th set for the day. All the trainers I have met are highly qualified and get to know their clients well. I highly recommend Core Results if you are looking for a great personal training experience.

Review №77

Core Results is the perfect place to work out, if youre like me and dont enjoy being on display at the gym! Because of its intimate size and feel, I never feel uncomfortable, or like Im being judged. My trainer is Terry Gogets, and he is awesome!! We have been working together for quite some time now, and he always makes me feel comfortable, but still encourages me to push my limits. Its definitely worth getting up for early in the morning! If youre looking for a great trainer and a great gym, give Terry and Core Results a try!

Review №78

I have always loved going to the gym, and am no stranger to working out, but got to the point that I wasnt seeing the results in the places I was hoping for. Enter Donnie and the Core Results team. Every workout is different, customized just for me, and the results show. In ten months clothes are fitting so much better, and I have once again found muscles that I thought had been lost for good. If you are struggling to see those results, step away from the cardio equipment and give Core Results a try!

Review №79

My mom and I started going to Core Results with Eric about three months before my wedding. Eric gave us a nutrition program and workouts to do on days when we were not there with him. Eric is great at adapting exercises to fit our needs and he does a great job of pushing us to be better while keeping us comfortable at the same time. We keep track of our exercises each session, so I can look back see tangible results over the past year that I have been working out with Eric. I should not forget to mention that I have drastically increased my muscle mass and feel so much better than I did before. Since Eric tailors the workouts to our needs, my hour of working out with Eric maximizes my time and I have overall increased my physical abilities (muscle mass, cardio and flexibility) so much more than I would have at a conventional gym.The gym itself is clean and all of the equipment is top-notch. There is a shower and lockers for the women (and I assume the same for the men). Ive been going there for a year, and even when there are a couple of different people working with different trainers Ive never felt crowded. All in all, a great experience for workouts twice a week. I highly recommend Eric and Core Results!

Review №80

I have been training with Chris for about 6 months and I have been very satisfied. I am a runner and suffered a series of hamstring injuries in both legs which severely curtailed my running for more than 2 years. As a result of the workouts with Chris at Core Results, I see significantly increased strength and flexibility, I have been able to steadily lengthen my runs, and I recently completed the ATT 10 miler. Chris is a runner himself and he has great insights into both the physical and psychological aspects of running. Chris is great and I am extremely happy with my training program

Review №81

I spent 11 years involved in the military and once out started packing on the pounds and completely lost the motivation to exercise. Last Fall I decided to get back into shape for fitness. I wanted to work on core fitness, get rid of the spare tire, gain strength, etc...The owner called me in the same day as my request, discussed options and what type of trainer was I looking for. Jenna Bremiller met with me in person the following week, gave me a tour and we did a light workout. I can say that I actually like going to the gym. Core Results is a small family on the days I attend. Same folks, same time. Jenna keeps making the workouts challenging and pushed just enough every day to get about all I can give and then a little more. It is always exhausting but very satisfying to finish a workout. I have seen little successes almost weekly. My two girls 10 and 12 years old are disappointed in that Dads Cuddle is gone. I highly recommend Core Results regardless of your body make up.Mike B

Review №82

I started going to Core Results about two years ago. I knew I was out of shape, and I wanted to fix that, but I didnt have a particularly good idea how to.Core Results has lived up to its name and then some. Over the past two years, my trainer Aaron has done a phenomenal job; as Ive gone from generically getting in shape to setting weight goals and strength goals, Aarons designed great programs, and Ive gone from fatiguing quickly and struggling on light weights to being able to do heavy weight sets and go on long runs. Throughout the process, Aaron has helped me push myself incredibly hard, but always with calm attentiveness, and never with the kind of drill-sergeant attitude Ive seen in other gyms. And that seems typical of what Ive seen from all of the trainers are Core Results: theyre firm but encouraging, listening well to their clients and being careful to make sure youve got great form, not just strength.Beyond that, the gym itself is small and quiet, and the trainer-only nature means youre never dealing with people hogging equipment or using the gym to socialize. Where in the past Id struggled to go to the gym *despite* the environment, I now find I enjoy going to the gym in part *for* the environment.If youre looking to get in shape, or to become stronger, or to increase your endurance, I can really heartily recommend Core Results.

Review №83

I have been going to Core Results with Alex for 7 months and have had a great experience. She pushes me just enough and is very encouraging. She is fun to work with. I would definitely recommend her to friends.

Review №84

I started working out at Core Results in 2012 and been extremely happy with the results. When I started working out I was battling chronic and severe back pain as the result of a medical condition. Josh took the time to research and understand my medical condition and then build a personalized workout which allowed me to become more active and begin getting back into shape. Over the last few months the rewards of working with a personal trainer are becoming very evident as I feel stronger and better then I have in years. The facility at Core Results includes all new equipment and provides a great setting for one-on-one training. Over the last year Ive worked with a number of the trainers at Core Results and all of them have provided excellent training experiences. I would highly recommend Core Results to anyone interested in working with a personal trainer.

Review №85

Ive been working out at Core Results for a few years. My current trainer is Terry Gogets, a really awesome trainer and great guy. Both the facility and the training staff at Core Results are fantastic. They listen to your goals, create the right training plan, and modify it accordingly based on how your body responds to the work outs. And, its actually FUN to work out there. Theres a lot to be said for that. If you want to achieve your goals and actually enjoy the process of doing it, Core Results is the place to go.

Review №86

Core Results is a great gym for anybody who is serious about getting in shape and is willing to work hard. They will personalize your workout to make sure you attain your personal goals and can usually work around your schedule. All around a great place to work out.

Review №87

Almost six months ago, I decided I wanted to get a personal trainer to lose some post-grad chubbiness. After consulting Google, Core Results seemed like the best option... and IT IS. Shortly after expressing interest, the owner Josh contacted me, and set me up with a free consultation with Raymond. Ive been working out with Raymond twice a week ever since! He really understands my fitness goals but also understands the things I hate (like running), and he makes sure every workout is really fun but also really effective. He even texts me to remind me to work out on our off-days, which really helps me stay motivated. After 5 months of weight training, Im a lot more confident in my body and have really lost a lot of jiggle. Ive also come to appreciate being in shape and healthy over being skinny. I used to have constant lower back pain from sitting at a desk all day, and since working out with Raymond, I never experience this anymore. My golf game has improved too, Ive added 20 yards to my drive. And not to give too much information but I look awesome naked! Trainers aside, another great thing is that Core Results isnt a big public gym... nothing is worse than that feeling of judgement from all the gym rats, and you dont get that at all due to the private environment. If you need a trainer and want to get in great shape, Core Results will meet your needs. They are worth every penny!

Review №88

Core Results has been great at helping me recover from a herniated disc. My trainer Aaron took his time to understand the problem and work with me in getting my core and other muscles stronger. As I cannot do all the exercises, Aaron was great in modifying them and fit them for my need. I have shed some pounds as well and hope to keep progressing at Core Results.

Review №89

Love Core Results! My trainer pushes me during every workout to do my personal best. I have had much better results working out with a trainer then working out on my own.

Review №90

I’ve been going to Core Results for a couple of years, and have genuinely enjoyed my experience. The facility is great - small and nicely equipped. My sessions with Aaron have been challenging, and he takes the time to focus on what I need in each session. It has been a great complement to my marathon training.

Review №91

I am three weeks in with Eric at Core Results and I am thoroughly pleased with the experience. He understood my goals and now we are working hard to achieve them. I have no hesitation recommending Core Results for anyone that is serious about getting in shape.

Review №92

I started at Core Results with Eric about 2 months ago. While still at the beginning, I have definately noticed better balance and flexibility -- which were my biggest concerns coming in. The place is great and you definately get the personal space, encouragement, and program. 1st class facility and staff. Thanks Eric!

Review №93

I started training with Derrick Morris late last fall and am thrilled with my results. I have lost about 25 pounds, while tripling the number of pushups I can do and increasing my maximum bench press by 50 pounds. I am very pleased with the results Ive achieved since the change in my diet and fitness routine Core Results consulted me on and would recommend that anyone who is serious about living a more healthy lifestyle call to schedule an appointment.The Core Results facility is always very clean and well maintained , which has made for a nice environment to work out in. Derrick has made himself available to help me train at all hours, sometimes as early as 5:00 AM. As I stated earlier, I cannot speak highly enough about my experience with Core Results and would recommend it to anyone.

Review №94

Soooo pleased at my experience at Core Results! Not only am I losing weight and looking MUCH better - but I also FEEL so very much better inside my body. My cellulite is almost gone and lets just say that I am over 50!Working out with Eric is addictive - hes a terrific trainer who really understands the physical, nutritional and stress-management issues that we all deal with. Hes flexible - will alter workouts if something is not working right or is hurting me, and hes also willing to change times when we need to. And hes fun!

Review №95

I have been training at Core Results since June 2015 and am very pleased with every aspect of the experience. The gym is not particularly large, but it is well equipped, clean and open. There are all levels of clients there, from the extremely fit to those just starting out with a fitness program. The training for each client seems to be unique to the individual’s needs and goals. I have been training with James from the beginning of my time at Core Results and I think he is great. He is personable and knowledgeable. He insists that exercises be done the correct way and with the correct form. I had come from a gym where this was not so much the case and I appreciate James’s emphasis on this aspect of training because it prevents injuries. My workouts are challenging and varied, always well thought out, never boring. I have definitely seen improvements in my fitness and strength over these past few months. And, while James is awesome, I think that the other trainers are good as well. They each have a slightly different slant to their workouts, but I don’t think you can go wrong with any of them. In short, if you are considering going the personal trainer route, I would highly recommend Core Results.

Review №96

I went to Core and had a wonderful experience! Josh Hutchins is amazing and provided a challenging workout while attending to form and technique. The facility was clean and everyone was friendly. I highly recommend Core Results!

Review №97

I began working with Aleks, a trainer at Core Results, about 2 years ago. From that first meeting, we connected. Aleks is engaging, outgoing and really understands my approach to fitness and what I want to achieve. She has been consistent yet flexible to vary my exercises to what I need at each session. I look forward to our workouts – I hate to miss them! – and the time flies because we are having fun. I feel we have reached many of my goals and I look forward to more workouts this year.

Review №98

They have good equipment and a large staff of trainers. The rates are fair, and you are guaranteed to find a trainer that will help you meet your goals.

Review №99

I started my journey with Josh at Core Results in 2007. I went in that first day simply wanting a six week “get fit” plan to shed some pounds and get in shape and here I am 6 years later continuing my workouts with Josh! I love the fact that I have a plan and don’t have to think about what to do in the gym – Josh takes care of that. Depending upon what my goals are at the time (they change every so often because who doesn’t fall off the wagon on occasion, right?) he modifies my workouts to suit my goals. I also do triathlon and when I started doing those races, he focused my workouts to help specifically with swimming, running and biking and it MADE A DIFFERENCE! I got stronger and faster. When my focus is on fat and weight loss – he gives me feedback on my food journals and it never fails, whenever I go on what I call “the Josh plan,” I lose the weight and feel better. Forget the gimmicky stuff. Just in these past 6 weeks I got focused again and have lost both pounds and inches. I’ve seen Josh 2-3 times a week for the past six years and it is a priority to me. Health and fitness impact daily life, stress, attitude, etc. and if budget is ever an issue I’ll give up shoe shopping if I have to in order to make sure I get my work outs done!! One last thing – all the trainers at Core Results are great. I’ve seen several of them when Josh is out on vacation and I would recommend them all. They care about the clients and their goals. If you are searching for a personal trainer – call Core Results!

Review №100

Very satisfied customer here! I started going to Core Results three months ago. My goals were all over the place (Lose weight! Flatter stomach! Smaller waist!) but after the first (very thorough) meetings with Josh and then with my trainer Raymond, I realized my real goal was to not have age and my sedentary lifestyle limit my ability to enjoy life and take care of myself and my family. I turn 60 this month and figured aches and pains, not being able to do as much, were inevitable, along with the lack of coordination, slumpy posture, etc. that I’d always had.And then I started working with Raymond. His knowledge of how the body works is incredibly vast, especially how minor changes in movement can produce huge improvement in ability. I’ve never gotten this level of instruction and education from any gym, doctor, etc. He explains WHY my balance is off, WHY my movement had become stiff and klutzy over time, and has a variety of workouts for every issue. His feedback is never critical—he focuses on what I need to do differently, not what I’m doing wrong. And he’s easy to talk to, respectful, great sense of humor—all qualities that make working out fun and not a chore to get through. I trust that if I’m having an issue that day (arthritis flare-up, etc), he can find other workouts to compensate so I never feel like I wasted my time. The gym is small but very well-equipped and since there’s never more than 2-3 people, if that, at one time, it feels spacious. There’s never any “judge-y” vibe, which makes trying new things easier.Personal trainers aren’t cheap, but before Core Results, I was spending $$ on a gym membership I’d stopped using, equipment that just sat around, books on fitness that sat on the shelf. What I’ve gained: daily aches and pains have decreased at least by half if not more. I have more energy, travel more, and am more confident I won’t injure myself. I don’t get as tired from a busy day. I don’t avoid stairs or carrying heavy things (and grandkids) like I did before. I finally understand proper posture and how to make my body work the way I want it to. People tell me I look like I lost weight and that I look younger, from improved posture, flexibility, and mobility (and from strength training starting to show some welcome body sculpting). I’m not afraid of aging like I used to be. That’s well worth it to me.

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