United Fitness CrossFit
9009 Baileywick Rd, Raleigh, NC 27615, United States

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I dropped in for a workout & everyone was very welcoming! Coach Phil made the workout fun & was attentive to our form. The gym is also clean & has a nice set up. Definitely recommend!

Review №2

I have been a member here for just over a month, and it is by far the best Crossfit gym Ive been to in the Raleigh area. The coaches are knowledgeable, kind, understanding and patient with those of us that are just starting out (or re-starting after Covid!) and have to scale the movements or weights. The other members are welcoming and friendly. Also, the facility itself is the cleanest Ive ever seen, which sets my mind at ease post-pandemic. Honestly, joining United has been the best decision Ive made in years.

Review №3

My demographic: Late 30s executive, average athlete with massive ADHD with zero prior experience lifting or doing any form of weight training.Great place to work out. The staff is extremely professional, knowledgeable and hospitable. The classes are very structured. The staff give one-on-one attention to each athlete, making sure athletes are using proper technique and not injuring themselves. The workouts are challenging, but fun as well. The music playing during workouts varies day-to-day which I love. Music recommendations are always welcome. The camaraderie is felt on your first day of training at United. After 4 months of training, taking 3 - 4 classes a week at United I lost 10 pounds of fat, gained muscle and can do exercises I never thought I could ever do at my age. United Fitness followed CDC guidelines by the book during the pandemic. I felt very safe working out at United during Covid. This is a great place to train. Take a class. Give it a shot. I promise you wont regret it.

Review №4

Went there for the first time today with a friend. The coach and members were all really friendly. I’m still pretty new to CrossFit, but they all made me feel very comfortable. Coach Phil was really great in making sure I had proper form. If you’re considering trying CrossFit for the first time, I recommend this gym.

Review №5

United is such a great place to go to work out and feel good. The coaches are super helpful and the people who work out there are very friendly! One of my favorite things about going there :) I’m new to CrossFit and was nervous about starting but choosing to start at this gym has made learning and being a newbie an enjoyable experience. Definitely recommend

Review №6

Dropped in while on vacation,. Great place to go. Very friendly, clean, and loads of knowledge on the sport of CrossFit. Would definitely go back.

Review №7

This is a great gym! I have been a member for almost a year now and the best part about this gym is the community. Like-minded people with differing levels of fitness from beginner to experienced across different backgrounds are members here. Both the coaches and athletes are positive and encouraging. We work hard, we have fun, we form meaningful relationships, all in the spirit of becoming better today than we were yesterday.

Review №8

To say “we love this gym” is an understatement. Our whole family from 3-40 years old feels welcomed and safe. The coaches are really professional and really help our our whole family with our goals and progress. They’ve done a great job navigating the quarantine restrictions and also helping our community stay healthy and safe.

Review №9

Excellence in fitness. The gym is 100% clean and regularly sanitized, the coaches are top class and adapt to where you are. They help you scale each exercise to your specific abilities. The atmosphere is inclusive and welcoming no matter your fitness level. I have been at United for 2 years now. I have made lifelong friends here and am never bored by the constantly new challenges that make me better physically and mentally. Come see us anytime, you will not regret it!

Review №10

Best gym of any type I’ve been to...coaching is great, people are even better. Really is a great community. Literally the cleanest gym I’ve ever been to. Other gyms in the area aren’t nearly as clean. Coaches preach safety before speed and weight.

Review №11

I have been working out at United Fitness for almost three years now and absolutely love it. I am stronger and more flexible than I have ever been in my entire life as a 34 year old man. The coaches are always on point, and know exactly how to push you to do your best as an athlete and reach your goals, beyond what you believe you can do yourself.United is not an uber-competitive group of athletes, but rather a community of regular people who just want to be healthy. Our values dont revolve around who looks good or promote obsession on appearances, though we celebrate gains and trimming up if that means you met your goals. We compete with each other and ourselves, but not mainly to win, but to be better than we were yesterday. That philosophy and sense of community is what makes me happy to be part of United Fitness.

Review №12

Having been a part of several CrossFit gyms, the community at United is second to none. The coaches are knowledgeable, friendly and have helped me modify my workouts through injuries and pregnancy. I highly recommend checking it out!!!

Review №13

Great gym just joined 3 weeks ago. Coming off an injury I took 4 personal training classes to learn the techniques. Coaches are fabulous and gave me all the modifications needed. If you are afraid of criss fit don’t be. It’s the best place to join a community and get fit. Loving it !!!

Review №14

Started at UFC a year and a half ago. Its been a game changer for me in a lot of ways. The community here is awesome and the coaches are great. Highly recommend it!

Review №15

Excellent staff and excellent work outs!

Review №16

Excellent and purposeful coaching + great community of people. I’ve never enjoyed gym training it’s much as I do at United!

Review №17

Love the community and family I made here at United Fitness CrossFit. This gym is the cleanest CrossFit gym I have ever seen!

Review №18

I’ve been doing CrossFit off and on for over 5 years and most of it has been at this location. What keeps me coming back is culture that is fostered by the coaches and owners. It is neither too laid back nor too competitive. The members push each other to compete and achieve the most out of each work out but no one is pushing anyone past the point of safety. The biggest knock on CrossFit is that it’s dangerous and I can attest that as an older athlete going for personal best max lifts too often or trying to do rope climbs, handstand push-ups or muscle ups without having the proper skill and fitness level will get anyone hurt. This isn’t that gym. Coaches preach safety and don’t program us into overuse injuries. The option to scale is always there and the coaches will work with you so you don’t feel left out of a workout out of you have to sub out a movement or you show up to workout and know that it’s going to be a 80% effort because of a sore shoulder or a tweaky knee. I love this community. It’s incredibly supportive and friendly. There are many days that the hour or so I spend at United is the absolutely best part of my day. I’d highly recommend this gym for anyone who wants to get healthier.

Review №19

I love this gym! I joined less than a month ago and immediately felt welcome and wanted. The coaches are fantastic. As safety is a priority, you will be constantly coached on proper form while being pushed to improve your fitness in each class. Above all, United Fitness is an awesome place to make friends, be known, and have a good time!

Review №20

I’ve been to a lot of crossfit gyms where coaches and members aren’t welcoming or warm. United definitely bucks that trend. The class time I come to is practically one big family, with everyone pushing everyone to do their best, wherever they are. Both Nick and Phil (the coaches) are extremely friendly and knowledgeable, even if they made me do bar-facing burpees three times in two weeks lolIf you’re looking for a comfortable space to learn about fitness and get better, you should join!

Review №21

This gym is like no other I have ever worked out at. The coaches are great and the workouts are challenging but fun. The community of people that work out there are great and make coming each day easy. My fitness and strength have increased significantly and faster than any other workout program I have done. I highly recommend coming and checking it out!

Review №22

Excellent gym! I have been a member for a few years and I love it here! Great staff, community, and WODs! Anyone can workout here! If you have never done CrossFit before, they make it easy to learn. If you are already into CrossFit you will be glad you picked this gym! Come get healthy and strong! You will be glad you did!

Review №23

I have nothing but positive things to say. For me, the most impressive aspect has been the trainers. They are are all positive, supportive, motivating and clearly focused on safely performing the exercises with proper form. They send you through warm-up tailored for the days workout then walk you through the entire workout beforehand. For someone like myself who is new to Crossfit, their approach to training has made my transition and ultimately adoption much easier than I had expected.

Review №24

A local gym focused on your personal goals for health and fitness. The coaches provide guidance for proper and safe technique in a CLEAN facility with excellent equipment. The members provide an encouraging and welcoming community for all.

Review №25

Joined United Crossfit 3 months ago. It has been a great decision. Amazing workouts... world-class coaching/training/teaming... and an awesome culture and environment. Highest recommendation!

Review №26

Love United, great people, great trainers, great programs.

Review №27

Such a clean and professional gym. Not pushing me to injury, but pushing me to better health, longevity, and functional movement. This gym is truly for everyone. Beginner? its for you. Intermediate? its for you. Advanced? its for you.

Review №28

The only gym that made a difference for me! Ive tried the big box gyms in the past and just wasted money. The programming, support of the coaches and the friends I have made along the way keeps me going week after week. Now, my son has started going to the Teen class. He loves it so much that I dont even have to convince him to go! I am grateful for that. Thanks Coach Phil!!

Review №29

Wonderful community and amazing coaches! They push me daily to do things I never thought I could do but also enforce safe movement and encourage scaling. You won’t regret joining!

Review №30

I decided to join a month ago - awesome decision. The environment is fantastic! The coaches really work with you and the members are very supportive. Its quite the place...

Review №31

As a traveling photographer I have to work with several different gyms in different cities. United has always gone out of the way to make sure I felt welcome every time I’m in Raleigh and to make sure I get in a good workout (even when I accidentally showed up at the wrong times) 🙃 All the coaches manage to remember my name even when it’s a month between visits and help me adjust the workout if I just did the same movement the day before at a different gym. It’s definitely my home away from home.

Review №32

I was a skeptic at first, having been a personal trainer myself and hearing the horror stories of the Cult that is CrossFit. HOWEVER... skepticism OUT THE WINDOW once I joined United!! The workouts are always different, and the coaches do everything they can to ensure they are fun but most importantly...SAFE. They are ADAMANT about proper technique and form and always encourage scaling workouts for the most benefit. They even honor your music requests!! And most of all ...the COMMUNITY of folks that I have the privilege of working out with almost daily. We encourage each other, inspire each, share LOTSA of sweat...and sometime tears :). This is a magnificent group of folks and we truly are...UNITED!!!

Review №33

For decades, I’ve belonged to fitness gyms. United Fitness Crossfit is, without doubt, the best experience I’ve ever had. It’s the complete package - it has professional coaches who have helped me reach new levels of fitness. It has unique programming like nutrition coaching, and yoga for greater flexibility. But, the “special sauce” is the amazing sense of community there. This gym is awesome!

Review №34

I recently joined United almost 2 months ago. I was hesitant and nervous at first but felt so welcomed on my first day from the members and the coaches! And I came back! I’m excited to workout again and I’ve become so committed and it’s because of the community and the coaches! You not only get great workouts but you also get an amazing community who is going to cheer you on every step of the way!!! 👊🏼 So happy that I found United Fitness!!

Review №35

The community at United Fitness Crossfit is one of a kind! Everyone is very welcoming and encouraging. The coaches are very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and dedicated in what they do. The gym is always clean and the equipment are well kept. I look forward to working out at this gym everyday! Im glad to be part of the United family

Review №36

I have been a part of this gym for 5 years and love this community. Excellent coaching, excellent facility and programming.

Review №37

This team cares about its people and their whole bodies. Excellent coaching with top of the line equipment. Special events like the most intense and fun 5k I’ve ever participated in keep them current and FUN. Shoutout to Michelle for being a great coach & nutritionist.

Review №38

This place is awesome. The coaches are very informed and have helped me meet my fitness goals. Do not be intimidated by crossfit. All the members are really encouraging and will push you to work as hard as you can.

Review №39

Awesome place! Very knowledgeable on skills and friendly community! Best CF gym in the area !

Review №40

I loved my initial nutrition coaching with Michelle. She was a good listener and very knowledgeable about different diets. Michelle was good at giving hope and motivation for results via nutrition.

Review №41

Gym is super clean and all the coaches are really knowledgeable and encouraging. Couldn’t ask for anything more from a CrossFit gym!

Review №42

It is awesome to see how much Ive learned at United Fitness CrossFit. Since I started, Ive been supported and guided by all the trainers who are very professional and love what they do. They are very patient, motivating and teach you all the different techniques and movements to help you reach more than your 100% in every workout. Thank you Trainers Michelle, Philip, Dalton, Casey, Caitlyn for all you do at UFCrossFit. Wonderful Experience!

Review №43

Im not a avid cross fit person but my first experience was with them and it was hands down the best experience. Despite the fact that cross fit is difficult and tiring, the coaches, people and the environment made the whole process extremely fun. I would highly recommend to give it a try!

Review №44

Crossfit United has been awesome to me! The community is unlike any other gym. I’ve visited other Crossfit gyms and none have the atmosphere and the community United has. The coaches have created a friendly, and fun community but also teach and encourage well. I would not enjoy working out as much if it weren’t for Crossfit United. Come try it out!

Review №45

Visited, this past January, and was welcomed like family!! The sense of community is genuine and demonstrated by all of the members we encountered!!! I highly recommend this gym!!!

Review №46

Great facility, staff, instruction and workout!

Review №47

When I was visiting Raleigh, I was convinced by friends to tag along to complete my first Murph challenge at United Fitness Crossfit. The staff here are really supportive, encouraging, and friendly. Love it!

Review №48

Probably the nicest CrossFit in the triangle area. Great coaches, challenging WODs, incredible members and just an awesome place to workout.

Review №49

Love the community here at United Fitness CrossFit.

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