Planet Fitness
404 E Six Forks Rd, Raleigh, NC 27609, United States

Review №1

Clean, fairly new equipment. Good options for just about all muscle groups. Would like to see some more free weights, but understand the limitations with space. Clean, newer locker rooms too. Not much into tanning, but did use the hydro massage and enjoyed the rub down...not necessary tho for me as part of the work out routine. All in all, a good gym experience!

Review №2

Overall it’s not bad but the machines can use a upgrade. They didn’t even have the triceps machine. The reason for 3 stars is for the coworkers that wanted to stand behind the desk and talk instead of helping me. Instead of showing me a machine I asked for you just point like I’m supposed to know what your talking about…. Also, no music was playing. Glad I brought my headphones.

Review №3

Great location with excellent staff and equipment setup!!! The fact that this location is walking distance from where I deliver, adding much needed cardio, is a plus!!!

Review №4

Great gym for the price.I’m editing this review to take away a star. Now there is a legal mandate for masking and this business has even printed out the regulation and taped it to the door. However maybe 50% of customers are wearing and no one is enforcing this regulation even though it claims compliance. I will likely suspend my membership until infection rates in Wake County decreases if lack of enforcement for this critical safety measure continues.

Review №5

Clean and well equipped gym

Review №6

I have a great time at Planet Fitness. It’s so affordable for all that you get, the efforts to maintain cleanliness are top notch, and the staff is nice as well. Great place to exercise!

Review №7

As a former gym manager myself, I appreciate seeing the staff actively cleaning the equipment. This is definitely one of the reasons why I joined a Planet Fitness to begin with. Also the air temperature was super comfortable as this weeks outside air temperature was 90+ everyday.

Review №8

Ease of membership sign up, cleanliness of facility and availability of equipment. Also the No Lunks attitude . . . very refreshing. No intimidation is very helpful to promote diversity. Also like the clean stations are very convenient locations. The hydromassage beds are also a total bonus! Looking forward to checking out the fitness classes this week!

Review №9

Jhamori friendly, helpful, continues to make me feel safe throughout my workouts I see him wiping areas down.Theres always sanitizer spray bottles also paper towels filled.Thank you for all you do

Review №10

I like this location due to how uncrowded it feels. I live closer to another planet fitness but this is the one my daughters prefer to come with me to, when we come together. They like the way the treadmills are not in front of a lot of other equipment.

Review №11

I absolutely love the cleanness of the place. Never have wait to use the equipment. Everyone clean the equipment after each use. And... they offer entertainment as well.

Review №12

I have worked out at this gym a few times because its close to my girlfriends house. The gym is really clean I must admit and the equipment is in pretty good condition but my main issue The constant harassment from the employees about a mask. I myself as well as other members Ive seen there will lower their mask to breathe or take a sip of water or Gatorade and the moment they do that here comes a planet fitness employee badgering them about keeping their mask up. From my own experience I had a planet fitness employee stand by the elliptical I was working out on. My face sweaty and my mask began to slip slightly. I put my head down to allow the sweat to drip on the floor and not the machine. I saw out of my peripheral vision someone standing there but I didnt pay it any mind because I thought it was another member waiting to use a machine. After about 3 or 4 minutes I was done with my workout and the moment I look up it was planet fitness employee standing there the whole time waiting for me to finish so she could tell me to pull my mask up and it hadnt slipped completely off my face just down my nose slightly. The other planet fitness do the same thing. While I understand youre trying to enforce a rule lets be reasonable here. Do you really expect someone to workout with a mask on the entire time? People are going to drop the mask briefly even if its just to breathe because exercising with a mask on is very unhealthy. Youre just breathing in the same air you exhaled. If they are that paranoid about mask then shut the damn gyms down again. While planet fitness is the cheapest option for a gym I have been to other gyms that do enforce mask usually upon entry and exit of the facility and members just social distance while in the gym. That actually works and members wouldnt mind working out there. I noticed in my time at this location the regulars I usually see I dont see anymore and when I see them at the store or mall they say they canceled their membership because of the constant harassment about masks from employees and Im about to follow suit myself.

Review №13

The staff is always incredibly friendly.

Review №14

I love this planet fitness. Always clean and friendly and the employees are always willing and able to help where needed!

Review №15

NEVER ABLE TO GET ON A WEIGHT BENCH OR SMITH MACHINE. Planet Fitness needs to look at what their patrons want and mix up the available equipment to match. I’ve come at all different times of the day and MAYBE one out of 10 times have I been able to get a weight bench or a smith. I change up my workouts CONSTANTLY accommodate THEIR lack of equipment. I’ve been coming here due to the was convenient for me to go before work, but now that more people are using this location due to another area gym closing, it’s been more of a frustration than anything.*****Reply to PF regarding contacting the club manager: I spoke with him yesterday and he informed me that “Planet Fitness Headquarters” was who decides what equipment the gyms have and that individual gyms can only request changes or upgrades of the equipment every “x” number of years.

Review №16

The staff is very nice, helpful & knowledgeable about all things planet fitness. They make you feel at home and their caring attitude really goes a long way! This really is a judgment free zone!!

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Review №18

Only my second planet fitness Ive ever been to, but it was really nice. It was pretty packed when I was there around 330 or 4. They have a good array of machines, but were missing two I was looking for. The glute kick back machine and the lay down hamstring curl machine. However, they had a great selection, dont get the wrong impression. Its in a good location and parking is plenty. Its very clean and well kept. The staff greeted me when I came in and left and was nice. Good gym over all.

Review №19

If you sign up for the black card (which is more expensive to begin with because you get “perks”) it costs $58 to cancel. So on top of spending top dollar for a membership with perks that I NEVER USED ONCE I had to spend $60 and spend hours on the phone trying to cancel this after moving away. When you call the number listed here it sends you to a generic planet fitness customer service line that DOES NOT know the protocol for this specific club. So they told me there would not be any more charges and to just send in a letter, which was completely wrong. There is no way to communicate directly with the club. They don’t care about their customers just about additional charges and policies written into the contract to gouge you and make it as hard as possible to cancel. I would never in my life consider a place like this. What a garbage company.

Review №20

Love this place.. great environment

Review №21

My favorite PF to go to, love all of the staff!

Review №22

Very nice staff and clean.

Review №23

The Six Forks Planet Fitness is clean and airy. Pleasant staff.

Review №24

They make it hard to cancel of you move.Im literally paying for two black card memberships right now, and this is the second time this happend to me. Their systems are not linked state to state they tell me: how convenient for them. Should be able to do it online this is 2021 and telegrams would be an improvement with planet fitness.

Review №25

I could get used to this. I’ll be back.

Review №26

Staff has always been as friendly and on task as can be at every location ive been to

Review №27

Very clean and excellent staff

Review №28

Eh most lackluster one yet. No changing rooms. Equipment seems outdated. No lobby lockers. Least favorite one Ive been to.

Review №29

Appreciate the employees keeping the whole club clean & disinfected

Review №30

Planet Fitness is a great value and I love being a black card member!

Review №31

This particular gym needs cardio row machines and more captains chairs. Otherwise, I love to workout here.

Review №32

Staff is exceptionally friendly and everything is super clean. Parking can be tricky, but if you have a small car it is not too bad.

Review №33

Even one there is so helpful thank them all

Review №34

Awesome i just wished they had a hot tub and a sauna and an indoor swimming pool

Review №35

Started going back after they reopened. We go early, and the staff are very friendly and helpful. This is my child’s first time joining a gym and they are coming out of their shell crushing their goals. They have treadmill machines deactivated to enforce social distancing between them. Everyone cleans often, and there are no people who walk around without masks. A lot of us train with our masks on, even. I’m grateful they have the integrity they have so we can go out to a safe place and be active as a family

Review №36

They dont have a leg curl like every other planet fitness in the country does, instead they have a seated leg curl at the yellow section. They have 2 more seated leg curls at the purple section of the gym. Seriously we all know seated leg curls suck. My workout is not complete. They are making me consider to drop the black card subscription and go with 24 hour fitness. I left a note to the manager.A month after I left my review they still havent changed their seated leg curl.

Review №37

Was asked to get off a stationary bike because i was too close to another member(social distancincing sign was not on bike). I did not get off fast enough because I wanted to finish the last minute of my 5 minute warm up; then another member, behind me on a treadmill, screamed at me to HAVE SOME RESPECT and the GM standing there did nothing. Cancelled membership on the spot. They have limited freeweights anyways.TLDR. They allow members to berate each other.

Review №38

Friendly staff and very clean facilities. There are plenty of machines, but the free weight area could be bigger.

Review №39

Love my workouts on clean machines

Review №40

Love going there to workout, everyone is friendly & will assist you if asked

Review №41

The facility itself is clean and offers a standard range of equipment. Planet Fitness as a brand does not offer freestanding squat racks, so be aware of that if you were hoping to get your leg day on 🚫🏋️‍♂️ They have tanning and massage chairs for members but no Total Body Enchantment like the other PF clubs. Also, this club lacks arm bikes and row benches, so theres no options for upper body cardio. 🚫💪 Some machines like overhead press they have too many of, while other similar machines like lateral raise they do not have any. It is a large club though, so there is plenty of space. 😃Joe, the manager, is kind and competent. The front desk staff are great and hard-working too.For a long time, they required members wear a mask while walking around but you could take it off when actively workout out. Now your mask must be worn at all times, even when on a treadmill. This can be very dangerous and unhealthy if your body doesnt receive adequate oxygen during aerobic exercise, inhibiting muscle function and risking passing out on a treadmill. ☠️ It is not their fault with the new governors orders but its something to be very careful of.

Review №42

Very clean but the machines could be updated

Review №43

I love this gym but please add more benches and freewheight. there is a lack of them.

Review №44

The gym is fairly nice, but their cancellation policies are such a pain that they deserve the low rating. Having to go in person or mail a letter to cancel are insane and borderline a scam and just part of how they try to lock you into your membership. We’re in the 21st century but unable to cancel over the phone or internet. Either it’s taking advantage of their customers or just backwards technology policies on their part

Review №45

Great employees and members! AWFUL corp suitsPPL that work here were great when this was my home club. Same goes for most members. Very clean. Usually more than enough equipment. would be 5 stars when including value, but the way corporate handled covid closings was AWFUL! Was charged for several months when it wasnt safe to use a gym AND given ridiculous lies and runaround when I asked why! They even called me accusing and trying to gather evidence against an employee for discussing internal data (which actually came from reddit. ridiculous) pretty sad, as i loved going PF, but I would rather spend my money where corporation isnt evil/greedy.

Review №46

Great place to work out! The staff is friendly and helpful. I am so glad that it is open! let’s all support our local gyms in this difficult time!

Review №47

Great trainer, Room Washington! Massage beds great as well. Clean with all sorts of equipment and stretch room.

Review №48

Hands down my favorite planet fitness yet. Always clean and the staff is amazing no matter what time of day. If anything gets broke it is fixed immediately. It is a huge PFit and the owner makes sure to have plenty of equipment.

Review №49

They have 2 True Stretches. Other locations dont have any. Goldsboro & Dunn & they really should.

Review №50

I feel safe and like the facility is clean and they are clearly taking precautions. I love the crowd meter on the app, so I can go when the gym isn’t busy.

Review №51

A truly predatory place; buyer beware, im not wasting time explaining the same thing as the other people already did regarding their making you jump through hoops to cancel, charging $58 cancellation fee during the pandemic; its sickening. Even after having to go to post office to send certified cancellation fee, they had the nerve to call me and try to talk me out of cancelling; can you read, due to covid im not able to use my membership! How dim are you; im sure your hoping i will continue to spend $10 a month for your useless services right?? And if i get a response from the owner I will go into more details outlining their deceptive, absurd practices!!!!!!!

Review №52

I love it.

Review №53

Jon, at the Six Forks location was absolutely amazing upon my very first visit. He walked me through the entire gym, taking the time to explain every piece of equipment, despite having many customers up front and interrupting us during the orientation. I didnt even sign up for this orientation, but he did it anyway. He encouraged questions and feedback every step of the way. He wasnt remotely intimidating as I find a lot of gym pros to be. Thank you for the beautiful experience

Review №54

Cool environment

Review №55

Absolutely awful. Do not give them your bank information because they wont let you cancel.

Review №56

I can get a better workout here than I can outside.

Review №57

I just recently started going to PF on Six Forks Rd in Raleigh and I have been enjoying it. Feels great to be back in the gym since the pandemic, the staff has been super nice everytime i go in, they are cleaning machines after people use them, the tanning bed I used was awesome and upgraded from the ones in other PF I was going to prior, ive just been super happy here so far!!

Review №58

You can really actually get the workout you need.and feel good about it

Review №59

The Life Fitness ellipticals and the Cybex treadmills are the best. Please DO NOT upgrade the equipment if at all possible. The Precor equipment at the other locations is straight TRASH

Review №60

This place nice and cleanNice people work n there

Review №61

New to the gym very friendly staff and very clean.

Review №62

Even befote COVID Planet Firnrss made it part of the culture to encoutage all members to soray equipment after each use. Now even more so I feel safe there!.

Review №63

Staying healthy and clean planet fitness is good for cleaning around the hour

Review №64

Clean best place

Review №65

Nice gym. Good location. Wish they had a better tricep machine.

Review №66

Planet fitness is the place to be for your exercises and the workouts. They have plenty of equipments.. love to be there every single day.

Review №67

Great staff always friendly. Club is always spotless. Very clean

Review №68

It was nice an clean 👌

Review №69

Everything was clean, they seem to have mostly all equipment supplied from the Cybex vendor.

Review №70

The PF at raleigh six forks is always clean and staff is always friendly and helpful. Love the atmosphere there , always chill and relaxed .

Review №71

Great facility and staff that practice social distancing and wearing masks right now during the Corona virus... They keep the place clean daily

Review №72

The staff are always friendly and the equipment is clean and in working order. Lunchtime and the days immediately following New Years Day tend to be the busiest times, but eventually the New Years Resolutioners crowd thins. My rating is reflective of the business side of PF. You have to physically go into your home location to do most everything with your account.

Review №73

Great service

Review №74

Love this gym! The fact that its open 24 hours is a huge perk and doesnt limit when I can go workout, tan or use the hydro-massage chairs or the regular massage chairs. Great value for the price and convenience. Highly recommend!

Review №75

Like most PFs, it is always clean and well-maintained. Most of the staff is very friendly :) Also, this is a true 24 hour location (except holidays)

Review №76

They took members fees out, but my daughter cancelled back in March! I called 2x and know one answers! Some people are still not working!

Review №77

This was my very first time in Planet Fitness and was immediately captivated and mindblown by the way Caitlin articulated her words so flawlessly explaining the gyms benefits. I would have never guessed that shed only been working there for 2 months. She provides amazing customer service and anyone that comes in contact with her Spirit will be instantly intrigued and entranced by her genuineness. Needless to say she is Planet Fitness greatest asset!

Review №78

They charged my card even after I froze my account on August 30, 2020 because of the pandemic and my family is high risk. Cannot get no one to answer the phone. Sat on hold for over an hour. I am now calling my bank to dispute it.

Review №79

Planet fitness should’ve sued for their manipulation. You guys wants us to psychically cancel our membership without any notification that you reactivated it during a pandemic, typical business mindset clowns

Review №80

Not nearly enough weight benches. Seriously, good luck trying to do some dumbbell exercises in the morning or after work. I see the same people hogging a bench (sometimes two) for themselves for over 20 minutes which means the rules aren’t being enforced.

Review №81

Gym just open up for public on 9/1 and from its opening day, about 60% of the customers are not wearing masks in the gym (while they are not working out) and staff members are not monitoring or checking what people does or follow rules required to follow in the gym. Afraid to go there now.

Review №82

A good, clean PF. I appreciate the extra precautions they have in place regarding Covid and it helps that fellow gymgoers are social distancing and wearing masks. Ill keep coming here for sure.

Review №83

This gym has an outstanding collection of exercise equipment. Everything is top quality, perfectly maintained, and kept immaculately clean. The staff is friendly and helpful. Ive been going to various gyms for a few decades. This is my all-time favorite!

Review №84

Horrible membership plan. Purchased membership for my daughter. She never went. They wont let you cancel and they wouldnt let me transfer it to my other daughter who would have *loved* to go. Thus, had active membership being paid for a year with no one who wanted to go able to use it. Then, without advance warning, charged me the annual membership fee again and corporate refused to even refund that. Dont go unless youre committed to a full year. Watch out for annual fee for any membership not used. Id go somewhere else. Too many other options. Gym isnt that great.

Review №85

Dont be fooled. Make sure you know that this is a business..... Out to make money they will charge you for use of the Gym even if you dont go. They will not let you in if you dont pay but will still take your money

Review №86

Very clean!

Review №87

They may as well install a circular lobby with lounge chairs.. in the middle of the workout area because people continually text on their cell phones while sitting on the machines between sets for 10 minutes at a time...... Other than that it would be a great gym... It could maybe be rectified by sending a couple of emails to the populace of the membership...

Review №88

Staff members are so nice and welcoming. Ive always been super intimidated by gyms in general so I have to give a special shout out to Mariah who from the start has been so genuinely nice to me and went as far as to memorize my name! Shes wonderful, so kind and welcoming!

Review №89

Friendliest gym employees Ive ever come across. Super nice and inviting. Clean facility. Its never over crowded but I do go a little later. I really like the layout of the gym.

Review №90

Best gym I have ever joined. The staff is AMAZING , no over exaggeration. You are always acknowledge and welcomed. Extremely clean facility and machines are always, ALWAYS in tact. Now 24hrs so it does free up machines more. Tanning beds are also very clean and there is always one available. They offer everything you need for tanning, along with gym bags, and tshirts to represent positivity and encouragement. If you happen to forget your water, they offer great bottled drinks from water to muscle milk. The hydro beds and massage chairs make for great relaxation after any intense workout or work day. You can not go wrong with this facility. Thank you planet fitness for all that you do!!

Review №91

The equipment is all new, clean, and easy to adjust. This location is also not super busy all the time which means equipment is normally available when I need to use it. They don’t have all the equipment that other locations have as it is a smaller location but still plenty available for a great workout.

Review №92

Best customer service of the Planet Fitness that weve visited. Meghan is very helpful & incredibly friendly. She always greets us with the biggest smile and we look forward to seeing her at the front desk each time we work out.

Review №93

The BEST gym in all of Raleigh. I absolutely love it. Its clean and the staff are absolutely amazing and nice. I always see them cleaning and smiling at everyone. Donald is very nice and such a hard-worker. The manager and owner are both very nice as well. I enjoy coming here! :)

Review №94

Always been intimidated by gyms, but PF does fairly well, making sure they have what I need. I love the Six Forks location. Everyone there is super nice. But with all gyms, its packed and when I get off of work, and it is almost impossible to get a decent workout. Especially, if you are strength training. Its just gyms these days. I try to go in the early morning 3-4 am most days, but thats tough when you arent a great sleeper. Overall, PF is awesome. I just need to find a schedule that works for me. ✌️

Review №95

Clean and friendly the few times I have visited this location. Although a bit older than a couple others in the area the staff works hard to maintain the equipment as well as work to keep the locker room and showers clean. Though I have not been during their peak times in the late afternoon, there is always plenty of treadmills,bikes, or weight machines to use. Have not had to wait to continue my work out.

Review №96

This is actually a nicer planet fitness location - nicer tanning beds, solid variety of equipment. I wish there were 1-2 more free weight benches. Overall clean and well equipped!

Review №97

It sux bio waste every where no interiors cleaned, it is a bio hazard from people funk run away they are Cheap,dirty and careless

Review №98

Had lost my AirPods in the gym and had a bit of a situation but the manager Jon West handled everything appropriately and in a timely manner. Kept his promises and made me feel a sense of security even though I had believed that it would be gone for good.

Review №99

Ive been going to this location for the last few months. The prices for the tiers are affordable and the amenities included are a definite bonus. Being just down the block from my apartment is even more beneficial; plenty of time to get out of my work clothes and get started (unless I just want to use the locker). Plenty of machines and free-weights that are easy to learn and use.The staff at this location are always friendly and helpful. They maintain the gym well and are always around if you need anything.You can work at your own pace and never feel pressured to work outside of your comfort zone by trainers or other patrons.I have joined in with the specialized classes. They are quite enjoyable. (If only they were more available to my time away from work during the week).As long as I live in Raleigh, you will see me at the Six Forks Planetfitness!

Review №100

This is one of the larger planet fitnesses. I enjoy this GYM and work out in the AM before work. Moderately full during that time.

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