O2 Fitness Brennan Station
8111 Creedmoor Rd, Raleigh, NC 27613, United States

Review №1

Maggie is amazing and so welcoming. The workout machines are professional and a real luxury gym! 5/5 stars across the board!

Review №2

I thoroughly enjoy working out at O2. The environment is friendly, and the staff is courteous and professional. The men’s locker room is well maintained. My personal trainer, Bryce, is both personable and adept during my workout, and I feel I’m achieving my goals in a fun, informative way. I highly recommend anyone looking for a gym membership to consider O2.

Review №3

The staff is amazing 👏And there new Fitness Director Bryce has such an energetic personality and is so positive.The gym is clean and that is greatly appreciated.I took advantage of there 21 day FREE trial membership and I havent stopped yet.

Review №4

Great gym, has everything I look for in a gym: a safe, encouraging, and positive place to workout that has caring and helpful staff. I signed right up no hesitation after my 21 day free trial! Also, free personal trainer sessions with trainers that know their stuff? Bonus!

Review №5

I just started working out there for the first time and I like the facility. I like the people and my trainer, Bryce, is a cool guy. He makes training fun and I’m learning a lot about health and fitness. I high recommend this gym.

Review №6

This is the cleanest gym I’ve seen in 20 years of going to gyms. Excellent range of exercise equipment as well as barbells and heavy lifting weights. Pleasant and informed staff. And, no piped in music!!!

Review №7

What an awesome experience from the time I walked in the door and was greeted by the smiling O2 Fitness front desk staff, to the quality and selection of equipment. Keep up the great work!

Review №8

Showers haven’t been cleaned in 3-4 weeks. Same bandaids on top of each soap dispenser, some dudes dental floss is hanging on support rail. Please hire someone who can maintain covid hygiene measures.

Review №9

Out of all of the locations, Brennan is #1! As soon as I walk through the doors I feel warm and welcomed! Definitely recommend to visit if you haven’t!

Review №10

Been training with Josh and have had incredible results. Love this place!!

Review №11

I was thrilled to have the club reopen after the COVID shutdown. The staff has been meticulous about cleaning and making sure the members clean their equipment after use. Masks are required & after a few hiccups in the beginning, everyone is wearing theirs.Weekends are not as well monitored as there are less staff members working.Maggie has been a joy to have as a manager at this club. She gets things done & makes it a point to know the members. This is an important asset since all the gyms are opening now & people have a choice of where to go.Glad to see new TVs in the club. Need some expertise in getting them all working properly.

Review №12

I love this location , I enjoy coming here early mornings or on my lunch break. The front desk staff is great along with the trainers and fellow gym goers are great as well. Check out this location if you are in the area.

Review №13

I especially appreciate all the precautions taken during these challenging times of Covid19. The area is maintained at the highest degree of cleanliness and supplies for cleaning surfaces and machines are readily available and supplied to all customers.The personnel (the lady) at the front desk is especially knowledgeable and forever helpful in making customers welcomed and the exercise activities most enjoyable

Review №14

Bryce is an excellent trainer, very professional and knowledgeable.

Review №15

This gym was super clean and the staff was all in good spirits!

Review №16

Zach has been my trainer for a few years, and it has changed my life for the better. Before joining O2, my health was very poor and bad habits were abound. He pushes me beyond my comfort zone every time, and it has dramatically improved my overall quality of life. Im off medications I was once on and feel like I have a new lease on life. Old injuries come up for sure, but thats were working with a professional comes in, and can work around them safely while still challenging me. I enjoy when he breaks down the Kinesiology of the exercises we do to get a better understanding of whats going on and how my body is working and changing. I would recommend O2 at Brennan Station any day of the week. They truly did save (and are saving) my life.

Review №17

Great fitness club. Nice people, very clean and a wonderful manager..,.Maggie is so good!

Review №18

I can’t say enough good things about O2 fitness at Brennan. The gym is always incredibly clean and the staff is always there to help me with any questions. There is a nice spread of equipment even with the socially distanced ones closed off. I never have to wait for equipment to open up. The classes are fun and engaging, and I know the staff cares about keeping the gym clean and sanitary. I will be coming here for a long time.

Review №19

This location is awesome and the staff is amazing!! Maggie is the nicest person ever and deserves a raise and a Lamborghini!!

Review №20

I’ve been with 02 for about 6 weeks or so and I love it! Friendly environment, great equipment and very clean! Shane is my trainer and he’s awesome! Couldn’t say enough about this place ❤️

Review №21

I’ve been a member at this gym for years now. It’s only gotten better with age. An extremely friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable staff. Amazing personal trainers! Clean and well kept equipment.

Review №22

Love it here! Comfortable environment and nice staff!

Review №23

Great gym ,great staff very clean facilities

Review №24

Great place! I have been a member of many different types of gyms and this is the only one that I can see myself at long term. The environment is very friendly and welcoming! I would not describe myself as comfortable in the gym, but the staff work hard to make sure you are welcomed and comfortable. They are great with remembering names and saying hi often which means a lot. Shane is a great personal trainer!

Review №25

I have been going to 02 Fitness Brennan Station for about 6 or 7 years and it has really made a positive impact on my life. I have been working out with my personal trainer, Amanda, for the last 2 years and she is wonderful! She is dedicated to helping me meet my fitness goals. Our workouts are fun and challenging! She keeps me focused and gives me inspiration to get into the gym! Highly recommend!

Review №26

Great place to work out super friendly people as well. Trainers are outstanding as well always working hard to make sure the customers get what they want or what they need. During covid I always see the workers cleaning or moping as well. Front desk employees always very nice and very helpful always trying to make the customer feel welcome and motivated before comeing in to work out.

Review №27

Great people and always clean! After trying several gyms in the area this O2 has the best trainers in Raleigh. Ask for Mike or Shane!

Review №28

Ive been a member of O2 Fitness at Brennan Station for about a year and have been doing personal training with Mike Z. (the fitness director) for about 6-8 months during that time. Ive never done personal training until this year and it is well worth it. Mike pushes his clients in every session and encourages them to have a goal to work toward. If you want to gain additional knowledge about working out/nutrition and need an extra push or kick start, I would give personal training a try! Overall, this is a great gym with a friendly staff and welcoming environment!

Review №29

James at the front desk was incredible!!

Review №30

Ugh. Here we go. Another gym more concerned about their cash flow than customer experience. I’m not going to go into a lot of detail because they will say “It was a miscommunication, we are so sorry.” I ran my agreement until the end of the agreed terms. I didn’t try to get out early, even tho I had stopped going and had started going to Planet Fitness off of Strickland. (GREAT FACILITY.) I asked an employee at the front desk IN JANUARY (not sure of his name) to make sure that February 1st was my last billing, and that I did not want to be billed in March. Apparently the protocol is for the member to go and do it online...well, he logged into the front desk computer, typed around for a second and said “You’re all set.” I said “Thank you.” And left. March 1st, I get billed. After emailing the manager of the club I am told there was a miscommunication and that staff do not have the ability to cancel an agreement. I asked for a refund. DENIED. I asked again. DENIED. This gym made $702 off of me in 13 months, and they won’t even back up THEIR OWN EMPLOYEES MISTAKE over $54. Pathetic.Not to mention the whole reason I stopped going was because the atmosphere is semi-toxic. Front desk is nice. Management is nice when AT the front desk. Trainers won’t even speak to you, or smile. Typical gym. Planet Fitness is the polar opposite of this place with double the value at more than half the cost.Do better.

Review №31

I have been a member of O2 for a couple of years. I switched from another local gym because O2 had more variety of equipment and more cardio machines. I can always get a good workout in no matter what time of day because there are plenty of things to use or do. Amanda has been an awesome trainer for the past year and change. She has helped keep my workouts fresh and I have seen major improvements in my fitness. She challenges and motivates me with every session.

Review №32

I have been going to Brennan Station for a number of years and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Sure, the equipment etc is great and the atmosphere and layout contribute to a motivating workout, but the people there are awesome. The personal trainers are talented and knowledgeable in addition to being very personable and professional. All are a great bunch.I have had sessions with Usha and cant say enough about her professionalism and dedicated approach to her clients. I have been tremendously helped by the exercise routines she gave me and her constant follow up .

Review №33

Great place gym and staff!! Ive been to all the so called premier gyms. O2 Fitness Brennan Station is where its at!!

Review №34

O2 Fitness has been the place that has gotten me motivated to get into shape and stay fit. The primary reason is I lucked out and was connected to the BEST personal trainer, Denise Handibode. She mixes up routines and always encourages me to do my best. Denise is the main reason I go to O2 and continue to work out. It is an outstanding place to work on and maintain your fitness goals. I encourage anyone to try it out and utilize a personal trainer. Many of them are good, but of course I am partial to Denise!

Review №35

Love my trainer (Christopher)-- encouraging and sequences well. Love the upbeat attitude of the staff. Mike (fitness director) is fantastic-- positive and genuinely seems to enjoy his job. I also use Kids Club, and I am so grateful to have that feature, because my kids love it (and awhile all the staff in Kids Club are great, they love Leah). I dont attend classes (I love Zumba, but it has never been at a convenient time), but I do use *most* of the machines and the free weights. I think its a great facility filled with great people.

Review №36

My husband and I have been members of O2 Fitness Brennan Station for the last 10 years. There is a great variety of equipment and cardio machines, and a very welcoming staff. The last 8 months have been the best since I finally decided to hire a personal trainer, Tyler Coats. Tyler has made such a difference in my overall health with creative workout routines that are geared to challenge an older client without injury. He pushes me to do my best and I have a new commitment to working out and maintaining my strength as I age. He makes working out fun (even at 5 AM!) and my only regret is not hiring Tyler years ago.

Review №37

Great place to workout. They are doing their due-diligence to keep it clean and safe.

Review №38

My personal trainer, Zach, is awesome. I started with him over two years ago to help my golf game. I wanted to improve my distance and, most importantly, eliminate nagging back injuries. My game has definitely improved..... Im hitting the ball much further AND my injuries are a thing of the past. Im about ready to head out on another golf trip and my back is great! I just recently decided to play without a cart and walked 18. No problem!..... and shot one of the best rounds of the year. Couldnt be happier.I love the atmosphere and all the staff at Brennan. Its always a pleasure to see Amanda and her smiling face and Mike is always super welcoming. To all the staff.... keep up the great work!

Review №39

Best trainer ever—Zach! Always challenging me with new training goals and different training routine. He keeps me inspired to go to the gym...even when I could think of a million other things to do. Grateful I found him...I’m healthier because of him.

Review №40

Super clean establishment! Staff is always welcoming and very friendly!

Review №41

I LOVE O2 BRENNAN STATION!! I’ve been a member here for many years and it is what gets me going in the morning!! From the moment I open the door I am welcomed and enveloped in an atmosphere of positivity..I genuinely look forward to seeing everyone from the front desk staff to the management—everyone is awesome!! I’d love to give a special shoutout to the personal trainers: Tyler—my personal butt-kicker, as well as Denise and Amanda for all your support and encouragement—thank you so much..every single day ;) Also, Mike has been an awesome addition to an already amazing Team!! Oh! Wait!! Don’t let me forget the Group Fitness Instructors!! Seriously, you guys are the best!!! Thank you everyone for helping me get up every day!!

Review №42

Cleanliness is obviously one of their top priorities!! The staff is outstanding and very friendly.

Review №43

I started training with Amanda October 2018 and feel I like a different person now! I have gained so much strength and confidence from our sessions. It’s an investment that has permeated many aspects of my life.

Review №44

Clean gym and awesome selection of weight machines and cardio equipment.

Review №45

I’ve been working with Amanda for over a year now. Getting a personal trainer, and specifically Amanda, has had a significant impact on my life. I’ve never felt stronger or healthier. Amanda is accommodating and hard working. She is always working to find ways to challenge her clients and take them to new levels; I’m doing things I never thought I physically could because of her. I not only have a PT in Amanda, but a great friend.

Review №46

Sauna needs to be hotter. 175 at least

Review №47

New, clean, helpful staff and great variety of exercise equipment.

Review №48

Shane is outstanding at helping with your fitness goals. Knowledgeable in building a plan to meet your goals. More importantly, a great personality and makes working out enjoyable. I highly recommend him

Review №49

Huge, clean, crisp, wonderful.Without a doubt my favorite gym ever. The staff is friendly and helpful, but not in your face. The equipment - I cannot state this enough - is radically better than anywhere I have been. The equipment is state of the art but more importantly - CLEAN and maintained. As a technician, I appreciate proper maintenance and “giving a damn” about my machines and tools. Almost any other gym has out of order machines and other poorly maintained equipment with chipped paint, worn grips, etc. You will find nothing but pristine equipment at O2. This alone speaks volumes. There is a huge assortment of equipment - the best variety I’ve ever seen as well.The locker room is the final icing. Again...a CLEAN, downright good smelling locker room? Believe it. Better yet: go see it, and sign up.

Review №50

Love Amanda Novack she is a great personal trainer! I’ve been with her for 2 years now and have seen a lot of changes with my body and love what I see. She always has different things to do when I see her so I’m never bored.

Review №51

For the most part, this gym looks like it will fill our needs. We like the idea of everyone carrying a spray bottle to wipe machines down but concerned about people not wearing masks.

Review №52

Great gym, everyone here is nice. Phenomenal personal trainers. Lots of varied equipment to get in a good workout. You cant go wrong with any trainer here. So glad I joined!

Review №53

The staff is amazing. Friendly, helpful. Equipment is well maintained and diverse. Also appreciate the membership size does not preclude me from getting a good workout due to having to spend a lot of time waiting.Charles is probably one of the best, if not best, personal trainers I have had in all the years Ive worked out. His workouts maximize our time together and have a good balance of exercises - even when it leaves me crawling out the door! :)Its been a great experience so far...

Review №54

This is great place, awesome staff. Personal trainers have great professionalism and dedication. The place is quiet, is very easy to be focus on your workout

Review №55

I have been going to O2 fitness for 8 months. My primary reason for coming here was due to a bulging disc. I had undergone PT and several injections, but I continued to have pain. My option at this point was surgery. I decided to work with a personal trainer to try to optimize my health. Mike Zerbato is my trainer and I have nothing but the utmost respect for his knowledge. He is very encouraging and always positive. He pushes me enough but is always aware of what my limitations may be. Within the first month I noticed significant improvement of my back and my functioning regarding daily activities. Now at 8 months out I have very rare and minimal discomfort. Thank you to Mike Z. and O2 fitness.

Review №56

I have visited many different O2 Fitness locations. As a result, I have had the pleasure to meet many employees and I wanted to acknowledge Usha. She is always friendly and helpful whenever I am at the gym. She is always smiling and happy to answer any questions. She is a great asset to the Brennan Station location.

Review №57

Has everything we need in an gym

Review №58

I’ve been a member of O2 Fitness for 5 years and quit my membership today. During the winter months there was no heat and I never complained, just started my workouts in a hoodie until I warmed up. It was bearable but not anymore.There has been little to no A/C for months. I sent an email on June 15, 2021 in regard to the lack of a/c and stagnant air and fans were brought in. That was 38 days ago and still no working a/c. It is unbearable to work out under these conditions and corporate has done little to fix the problem. It was suggested to me to go to the Briar Creek location, I didn’t join O2 for the Briar Creek location!There are too many other gyms in the area to have to suffer this lack of a/c. I’ve had continuous 2 x week training during my membership. That’s a lot of money folks! Another lady came in and dropped her membership as I was leaving. It’s always the same response…we’re working on it! Nothing is being done! O2 has had months since reopening after Covid to fix this!!! You can see in the photo the units are not even operating. This is not a recent dilemma, but an ongoing one.Update: As of 8/18/21…still no a/c!!!

Review №59

Clean friendly staff. Maggie is great.

Review №60

Denise Handibode has been my trainer for the last two years and has help me change my fitness level through exercise and proper diet. I would recommend her for anyone who wants to get control of their health

Review №61

O2 Fitness is a great gym. It has every kind of training for every level of athletics. The staff and trainers are wonderful. I have had many sessions with Personal Trainer Amanda Novachek and she is amazing. She is so motivating. She helps you accomplish more than you believe you can. She is awesome!

Review №62

Ive been going to this O2 Fitness for 3 months, having Usha as my Trainer. Shes been great, teaching me many exercises I can do to improve my core strength and overall fitness. This is a friendly and welcoming place to workout.

Review №63

Good vibes

Review №64

Great place, clean, lots of good equipment. Zach Banks is spot on as a trainer and makes early morning workouts enjoyable. Couldn’t recommend higher!

Review №65

The renovation, cleanliness, and cardio equipment upgrades are great. Also, its nice to go to the area near the garage door and do a cool-down and stretch without feeling like you are invading someones workout space. I wish the other O2 clubs I go to in the triangle could match the quality and cleanliness of the Brennan Station club!

Review №66

I am so glad to be training with Usha. She challenges me and ensures that I am using correct form. Highly recommend!

Review №67

For 15 years O2 has helped me keep fit, healthy, play my game - tennis - longer (Im 64!), and even helped me thru rough times like the 2009 recession. O2 is well-managed; equipment is super well-maintained; members and staff are diverse, serious about fitness, but also pleasant and keep an upbeat environment.The past 18 months I added Personal Training, mostly with Mike Zerbato: I cant say enough about his professionalism; knowledge; positive attitude; flexibility; close attention to my needs, preferences (I hate planks! ;-), and limitations. He injects bad jokes, and human physiology lessons, all while making me faster, stronger, and more confident about my health and my physical capabilities. Any doubts I had about the value of the extra cost for his services are long gone when I look in a mirror, step on a scale, or hit the tennis court! (btw hes also just a really smart, great guy to hang around.)In summary, O2 has long been a lot more to me than a gym - its become an integral - key - part of how I pursue continued health, fitness, and happiness at this stage of my life. * FIVE STARS! *

Review №68

A clean and very well equipped gym. O2 has a variety of cardio, free weights, and machines to suit all needs. The staff and general manager, Alysia, are amazing. Would definitely recommend to locals in the area!

Review №69

I love this gym! Everyone is so nice and the gym is very clean and well equipped! They also offer a variety of workout classes . All the personal trainers in this gym are excellent. Usha is my personal trainer and she is so knowledgeable, professional and exceeds my expectations. I train with Usha twice a week and I’m proud of my results. Working out with Usha, I always feel motivated, challenged and supported in my efforts towards my weight loss and physical strength goals. She has taken my fitness to a new level but more importantly her training is a great investment to my health. If you are looking for a trainer I definitely recommend her!

Review №70

Amanda N. at Brennan Station is an awesome trainer! She’s very knowledgeable about fitness, and the workouts she designs are both effective and fun!

Review №71

Reading some older reviews I can see why some people rated with low stars. I have been a member of O2 fitness about 3 years or so. Though many things were true about cleanliness and holes in walls, broken equip. etc. the past few years since GM Vic took over things actually started to slowly improve. Now they have a ton of new awesome equipment and new paint job on walls, the cleaning attendant Brenda, is always there maintaining equipment and bathrooms clean. I can say they definitely improved in all areas and I have always had a pleasant experience with the staff. The trainers are all top notch. They only hire the best of the best. All in all very pleased with O2 fitness Brennan.

Review №72

Great staff.

Review №73

Awesome gym. Super clean with all of the equipment needed. It’s never super packed and the group fitness instructors rock!

Review №74

Ive been going to this O2 Fitness for the better part of maybe 2-3 months so far.Good: - It accomplishes the role of gym for my needs in that it has :numerous free-weights, machines, and cardio equipment.- The staff there are friendly in that they greet me, tell me have a good day when I leave, and they will small-talk you if they see you around the gym. All-around friendly people.- Its never crowded when I go. Usually 3-4 days a week around 5pm right after work. Ive never had to wait for a piece of equipment or felt like I was crowded or rushed (except one exercise that Ill name below)- They have signs posted up currently that state theyre in the middle of upgrading the locker rooms, and a few pieces of the equipment and the site as a whole. I havent seen them begin it yet, but I assume itll be soon.Bad: - They only have 1 Squat rack. If youre looking to do free-weight squats or anything where youd want a squat rack to assist, then youre going to have to wait or work in-between sets of other individuals that use the rack. This is the only station that I ever have to wait on or have others ask me if they can work in-between my sets. Id love if there was 1 or 2 other squat racks at this location, but they only have the one and its tucked into a corner.

Review №75

I’ve been going to different gyms for 8 years. In my past experiences, the personal trainers I have came across have always been pushy and make generic training programs for clients to follow. Michael is the opposite of this. He actually knows what he is talking about and focuses on what is relevant for me. Nothing but 100% good things to say about Michael and O2 Brennan station.

Review №76

I’ve been a member of 02 Fitness for over 13 years. The recent updates are awesome including new ellipticals, bikes, stair masters, and treadmills. I enjoy working with trainers to keep me accountable. Cost is affordable.

Review №77

Love the Location been going for 5 months, love how friendly the staff is, but I mostly love the group classes, one thing I noticed last week when i took the Zumba Monday class was that there was new instructor i didnt know there was switch i was out for a month. That instructor is something else I dont know who hired him or where he came from but wow does he have fiery passion for the class and you can tell people are loving it because more people have been coming that its hard to find a spot, even Im loving it that I didnt know you could sweat that much in a Zumba class, if he teaches anywhere else nearby do let me know that has been the most fun Ive had in a Zumba class. Also i need to remember his name he keeps saying it but i keep forgetting, all I can say is that for a short Latino young kid he knows how to get the crowd going. That class really needed someone like him with his wild spirit.

Review №78

O2 at Brennan Station is a great place to workout. There is a very comfortable feel here. The size of the facility is just right - not too big, like the mega facilities popping up around town - not too small, it has all the equipment you need and want.There is a very friendly feel here. You will feel like you belong. My wife and I have been O2 members for close to three years now. We made the right choice going with O2.Notwithstanding all of the positive things mentioned above, the number one reason we go to O2 is our trainer who we have worked with from the beginning - Zach. We are in our late 60s and early 70s, and Zach has constructed exercise programs that cater to our needs. His degree in Kinesiology from UNCG has prepared him well for his work here at O2.Our years with Zach has prepared us for a huge challenge we have accepted. Next year we will be walking the Camino de Santiago, a 500 mile walk across northern Spain. Zach has modified our program to help us ensure a positive outcome for this effort. This speaks highly of Zach. His flexibility in modifying our fitness plan has already helped us make significant gains in conditioning for this walk.BTW. It has been interesting watching the other trainers work with their clients. They are a group of motivated professionals who serve their clients well.

Review №79

My experience has always been excellent. First for getting me into better shape, and for really helping me recover quickly following hip replacement. Training staff is first rate the facilities are always clean and well maintained, and all the staff are very friendly.Ive been going there for over two years and dont plan to leave.

Review №80

Fantastic gym! The staff is kind and considerate, most know me by name and always do whatever they can to help. The child care is truly amazing. Miss Jamie and Miss Helen go above and beyond to care for my kids! This place feels as comfortable as my own home!

Review №81

I’ve been fortunate to train with Denise Handibode. She knows her stuff, but is just a nice, personable person with whom it is a joy spending 30 minutes. She isn’t one of those super hard core trainers walking around with a gallon jug - which is exactly the type of trainer I need. I would recommend Denise as a trainer for anyone, but especially people like me, who aren’t huge gym rats, but want to get in-shape and need a trainer with a personality to make the experience bearable.

Review №82

Imagine being a member for 3 years, and relocating to a state with no O2 fitness. Trying to cancel a MONTH TO MONTH contract was nearly impossible, had to stop by multiple times because they were dodging me. Once I got someone to agree, they charged me for a 30 day cancellation notice, and then they never drafted it and sent on to collections?! I thought better of you guys, O2!!! After so much money and time thats how you treat your loyal members?

Review №83

I joined O2 Fitness over two years ago. Since then, I have participated in small group workouts, been training 1x per week with Denise as my a personal trainer, and used their cardio and weight lifting equipment on my own. I love the supportive atmosphere and staff. Also, the recent renovation has created a totally refreshed environment.

Review №84

I love this gym. I have been a member for 3 years now and I am a happy customer. Great classes and various places to go to as an option

Review №85

I have been a member at O2 at Brennan Station since it opened. I has all that I need and working with a Shane from the training staff I have definitely upped my game in fitness, balance, and strength while adding some variety to my workouts.

Review №86

Love location came back from Lifetime but ....the spin bikes are very dated. They really need to spen a few bucks and get new ones !

Review №87

Ive had a great experience with O2 in the years ive been a member. The staff is friendly, there are plenty of machines, most of the group fitness classes and instructors are awesome. its also super convenient, and I *LOVE* the childcare offered. My twins often beg for more time to play.

Review №88

This gym has great atmosphere to workout in not crowded most days I attended. The cancelation policy is absurd because they run a best deal ever plan but do not tell you that it is 30 months long and you cannot cancel. I was there for 16 months and tried to cancel but they are still requiring me to pay for the remaining 14 months of my contract. Just for having this dumb policy they get a 1 star from me because that is not good customer service policy. So when you sign up be careful about there so called Best Deal Ever plan.

Review №89

This place just sent me unsolicited spam mail to my new address that I dont have on file with them, sketchy. That kind of fits the bill from what I remember about them, and from my friend who recently cancelled. They cost way to much for what you get, and have that classic runaround sketchy membership cancellation policy shenanigans. Strict on trial memberships over school breaks (may have changed). Either way, much better gyms in the area (lifetime, fitness connection etc) give them a look before you get trapped.

Review №90

Very bad , I regester for 1 year and after the year ends they keep taking money from my bank accont for auto renewal which I signed with out letting me know about it and they refuse return the money back

Review №91

Been going here for awhile now. Overall o2 is the best in the area all around for the price (brennan station being the best in my opinion.) Unfortunately today a problem arose between my wife and a few trainers. Once we spoke to someone via Facebook the issue was addressed promptly and professionally. The way the whole situation was handled was what you would hope any business would do and most ignore u or whatnot. Today affirmed the fact I will continue to use o2 fitness and their training staff. A step above any other gym in the area from customer service to the equipment.

Review №92

If I could give it a 0 I would. I was charged for a monthly membership after I cancelled well in advance to not be charged since I was moving to California. They still took my money and I’ve been in contact with several people about refunding me. Tried to talk to the store manager as well as get in contact with the area manager. She sends you straight to voicemail and her voicemail is full so that goes no where although she did try to call me at 3am one night for one reason or another which looks very unprofessional. It’s been several weeks and the receptionist told me “she’s busy training so she will get to it when she gets to it” they are looking for a lawsuit.

Review №93

The good: From day one of going to O2 the customer service of the staff has been excellent. They are always friendly and polite. The free weights were nice and the machines were in good condition, plentiful, and high quality.The bad: When I first started going to O2 at Brennan it was nice, well kept and a premier gym in Raleigh. By the time I left it was none of these. Although I continued to go to O2, it was for convenience only. The treadmills were constantly out of order or the TVs in them didnt work or had lots of static. The bathrooms looked bad. There were holes in the wall. They needed to be repainted. The shower head leaked. The wall lockers were broken, chipped or missing numbers. About four years ago the hinge to the key holder broke....its still broke!! One door hangs loosely by one hinge. Most of these things are easily and cheaply fixed. Somehow they have been overlooked or simply ignored. I have no plans of ever returning.

Review №94

I really enjoy my workouts at this location. The gym is always clean and the staff is very helpful .

Review №95

The area is spacious. Excellent customers service. They have all the high quality machines youll need for your workout. Must try.

Review №96

The layout of the gym is perfect. They have a full range of machines and free weights and are never too crowded for me to get the work out I need.

Review №97

The membership is worth it for the fitness classes alone. The only thing I dont love are the spin bikes. They work okay, but are not in the best shape.

Review №98

This really is a fantastic gym. It has up to date equipment, it’s clean, and their customer service is top notch.

Review №99

Staff is wonderful, great equipment, lits of classes, and personal training worth the extra price, especially if working out with an injury. Jenna is fantastic! Have noticed the dedication and professionalism of all the personal trainers as well.

Review №100

Great gym. Cleanliness is very important at this facility.Staff will know your name.Jenna Beth AWESOME trainer.

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4.4 Rating
  • Address:8111 Creedmoor Rd, Raleigh, NC 27613, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 919-676-5802
  • Gym
  • Fitness center
  • Personal trainer
  • Physical fitness program
  • Pilates studio
  • Yoga studio
Working hours
  • Monday:5am–1:30pm
  • Tuesday:5am–1:30pm
  • Wednesday:5am–1:30pm
  • Thursday:7am–12pm
  • Friday:7am–1:30pm
  • Saturday:7am–1:30pm
  • Sunday:7am–1:30pm
Service options
  • Online classes:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
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