North Raleigh Fit Body Boot Camp
7400 Six Forks Rd #25, Raleigh, NC 27615, United States

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A great, quick workout. The people are nice and there seems to be a great community!

Review №2

Working out has always been a part of my lifestyle, but Ive struggled with getting the results Ive wanted now two years postpartum. The workouts at FBBC have changed my entire outlook on working smarter and harder without the extra time commitment. In just two months, Ive lost inches off my waistline, decreased body fat and increased muscle. The coaches are genuinely invested in your progress and the classes are motivating and varied. Youll come for the workout, but keep coming back for the people.

Review №3

I have always done some type of exercise but this is the first time I actually look forward to going to an exercise class every day! The coaches are knowledgeable, energetic, and make it fun. There are different types of HIIT exercises everyday so while it is challenging it never gets boring. The best part is that for the first time in twenty years I am seeing positive changes in my body, fitness, and overall diet and health. I highly recommend it for any shape or size person!

Review №4

NRFBBC has become part of my daily routine, I am so disappointed when I miss a class. The trainers are so encouraging and truly care about your success. Everyone is a family and working towards the same goal of better health. I feel better, stronger, and leaner which has always been a huge challenge. 30 minutes is all it takes! Give it a try, you wont regret it!

Review №5

I cant say good enough things about this gym and the people who run it! The coaches are really welcoming, supportive and encouraging. The workouts are only 30 minutes long and super effective! Every day brings a different workout so you wont get bored here! I highly recommend this bootcamp gym to everybody.

Review №6

I went to the 8:30 AM Boot Camp today on a Saturday morning. The trainer was super friendly and explained all the exercises. The owners are very encouraging and motivating. Best workout I’ve had in a long time! I would definitely recommend giving them a shot if you are already in good shape or getting started. You can work at your own pace and that’s what I love about it!

Review №7

This has been the best experience for me! Super encouraging and friendly atmosphere. The trainers are the best! Feels like a family and I look forward to coming each time. I have had great results in a short time. I have lost inches and pounds that has given the confidence to continue to want to succeed in my journey to good health.

Review №8

I love being a member at North Raleigh Fit Body! The 30 minute workouts are always fun and challenging. The coaches and staff genuinely want you to succeed and are so supportive. Theyve created a comfortable space for those of all fitness levels to join together and workout! Would recommend to anyone!

Review №9

This is a great, super friendly, and welcoming environment. It truly feels like a small family. All staff are extremely helpful and dedicated to your fitness goals. The workouts are always different, continuing to build and strengthen all parts of the body. I’ve been going for two months and am extremely happy with my experience and would recommend highly to others!

Review №10

I love FBBC! The owners and staff not only want you to succeed, but take the time to know you and learn about what motivates you. The 30 minute workouts are created so all levels of fitness can benefit. The constant encouragement during the workout (and to get you to the classes) is something I have never experienced before. Great job on creating a new way to train.

Review №11

NR FBBC is perfect for what Im looking for in a workout. After the free week trial, I was hooked. Ive tried the go to the gym and workout for at least an hour plan, working out with a trainer, gym memberships, etc... As a middle-aged woman, I love that this is ONLY 30 minutes, but the burn continues long into the day - the 15 inches Ive lost in the last 3 months proves it works! I need variety; repetitious programs get old for me. In the 3 months Ive been going to NR FBBC, I have yet to do the same routine twice! The nutritional guidance is also a super bonus.

Review №12

I have been looking for the right gym for a long time, and I finally found what I was looking for at North Raleigh Fit Body Boot Camp. The classes are short but intense; great location and parking; motivated trainers; cool people; very clean facility; great music; meal planning ideas; and motivated staff. I really like the app too for scheduling classes and the different monthly challenges like Bingo- both are great for accountability.Give it a try!

Review №13

This is the only gym that I enjoy and Im excited to come to even at 5:30am. I love the coaches and the fit family I have gained! I definitely recommend coming to visit us!!!

Review №14

I am participating in the Paid to Drop Pounds Challenge and have been getting great results. The coaches are great and always greet you by name. The workouts are challenging, but allow you to work out on your own level. And I love that the workouts are 30 min. You walk out tired, sweAty and empowered.Lisa P

Review №15

I love NRFBBC! The 30 minute HIIT workouts are effective and fast, and the coaches are always encouraging and pushing you to do your best! I also love my 6:15am community!

Review №16

The coaches, varied physically challenging workouts, and positive atmosphere make me want to keep coming back. 30 minutes of work for great results!

Review №17

Both the coaches and the people taking the classes motivate you. For the first time, I feel like I have found my gym family.

Review №18

You want to come to a high class facility that actually works. Come here. One of the best workouts Ive had and was in and out in 30. Amazing.

Review №19

I started with NRFBBC sometime in December 2019 and have been going there ever since. I travel a lot for both work and pleasure, and on days when I cannot make it here, I genuinely feel guilty and sad, because of how amazing the entire unit is. The people are amazing. David, Mitchell, Vanessa and everybody else working here encourage you and make you feel good Everytime. My fitness level is non-existent, haha, but these people take care of my needs to build my endurance and stamina too ! I wish I had known about them earlier and started long back.

Review №20

I LOVE Fit Body Boot Camp! Not only do you leave feeling like you got an amazing work out, but you feel like you’re a part of a family. The 30-minute high intensity work outs are great for my schedule. I get bored at a regular gym and end up having inefficient work outs that take up hours of my day. North Raleigh Fit Body Boot Camp has the best trainers that design fast and effective work outs for you so that you’re in and out, but still burning calories all day. Love this place and would encourage everyone to come give it a try!

Review №21

Great Quick Effective Workouts!The owners & staff here are super encouraging & friendly, they create challenging workouts that vary enough so they are never boring & the calorie burn/strength you develop in 30 min workouts is no joke. They can meet a variety of fitness levels too--so its a great workout for anyone--from a novice to advanced. I still lift with a great trainer regularly but adding FBBC a few times a week into my regular routine has taken me past a plateau. I can even do legit pull ups now for the first time in my life!

Review №22

I am loving Fit Body!! The staff and coaches are encouraging, supportive and very knowledgeable. The workouts are always changing so you never get bored and it’s easy to fit into a busy schedule. I am happy to be a part of this group and would recommend it to anyone!

Review №23

If youre looking for a great place to help you get more fit with friendly staff, a nice facility, and ready-made workouts then look no further! These quick and dirty workouts are busy-schedule friendly and can challenge people at all fitness levels! Come check them out!

Review №24

Amazing, energenic workout that fits into my insanely busy lifestyle AND aligns with with my personal fitness goals! Their facility is clean, the trainers care and the atmosphere is so motivating and fun I actually look forward (and CRAVE!) my next workout!

Review №25

I joined North Raleigh Fit Body Bootcamp several months ago and I couldn’t be happier. The entire staff is amazing - encouraging, friendly, knowledgeable and professional! They offer a wide range of class times which works well with my hectic schedule. Highly recommended!!!

Review №26

Such a great facility! You are sure to get an amazing workout and the staff are always happy to help you reach your fitness goals. Highly recommend!

Review №27

My wife and I have been attending almost every weekday for about 10 weeks. We love that the 30 minute HIIT classes are fast and effective. Theres a large number of sessions each day from 5:30 AM onwards so were almost always able to find one that works for us (or in other words, we cant find legitimate excuses not to go). We generally work with David who is positive and encouraging, but weve also enjoyed Malik & Mitchell. We highly recommend North Raleigh Fit Body Camp.

Review №28

Its like having your own personal trainer. Great place to workout.

Review №29

What an amazing place to workout! So positive, great trainers, and they get you in and out in 30 min! What more could you ask for!

Review №30

I’ve been coming to this gym regularly for one year and just hit 200 classes! Such a great work out, great coaches, and always fun with the other members!

Review №31

Great workouts! Love the enthusiasm and love more the transformations. Never boring, always something new and challenging.

Review №32

Challenging and different workouts every class! Great energy and coaches. Highly recommend.

Review №33

Fantastic workout! The team definitely will push you to the max. Definitely worth it!

Review №34

What a great community! The trainers are so supportive of your goals, the workouts are always different and they really push you to push yourself to do what you think you can’t.

Review №35

I always know I am going to get a great workout at NRFBBC! Such friendly staff who greet you by name when you walk in the door. Each class you receive instructions on correct form for each exercise with demonstration and then the coaches are there to guide you through each one. Mitchell, David and Malik are so encouraging and supportive and just when you think you cant do any more they cheer you on to do 5 more! After each workout, I feel a sense of accomplishment and can see my body getting stronger. Come check out North Raleigh FBBC, your body will thank you!!

Review №36

Love going to North Raleigh FBBC! Great trainers and staff offer intense but short 30 minute HIIT workouts and twice weekly yoga. Thanks all!

Review №37

Love this gym! I’ve done a lot of group workouts and this is my favorite! Friendly environment, caring coaches, challenging workouts, good class times, and fast results!

Review №38

Great 30 minute workout! High-intensity everyday, all day!

Review №39

The classes last 30m but the burn lasts all day! Circuit interval training is amazing ... ropes, slams, box jumps, TRX, weights ... always something a little different to keep you interested ABCs wanting to come back for more. The staff is knowledgeable and encouraging without being overbearing like at some HIIT gyms. Love NRFBBC!

Review №40

Good place to go for a great workout. I would definitely recommend it to anyone at any fitness level.

Review №41

Beautiful location and very awesome rockstar team can’t wait to visit again!!!! I feel unstoppable

Review №42

The Best 30 minutes of “me” time you will spend 👏 amazing staff.

Review №43

I am loving fit body Boot Camp! The staff is super friendly and the workouts are intense but you leave there feeling energized and inspired.

Review №44

The trainers and staff members are very knowledgeable. Its a great place to really get a workout in 30 minutes.

Review №45

The workouts are great and varied throughout the week, so youre never bored.

Review №46

Very positive environment! Great work outs that can be worked into any schedule!

Review №47

Great workouts abs coaches! Love the variety and small classes!

Review №48

North Raleigh Fit Body Boot Camp has become my fitness tribe. Not only do they have excellent and unique 30 minute HIIT workouts everyday but they encourage you to be healthier inside as well. I recently signed up for their New Year New You Challenge and it has changed my life for the better in 7 short weeks; the challenge is only 8 weeks but seeing the results on myself and the other participants has been inspirational.. Im eating healthier, working out everyday (sometimes 2 times a day) and encouraged to push myself every time I show up. Thanks you NRFBBC!! #youguysrock #ifeelluckytohavefoundyou

Review №49

Great facility....great staff....great members....GREAT workouts! Very encouraging atmosphere!

Review №50

Best workout in just 30 minutes. Fantastic!

Review №51

Great place to workout, with friendly staff, and tough workout for only 30 minutes!

Review №52

Great workout!! Such a supportive community!!

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