Heat Studios
400 Glenwood Ave, Raleigh, NC 27603, United States

Review №1

I have been doing online training with Jake at Heat for over a year now and it’s been the best workout experience I’ve had. The trainings are tailored specific to my needs and fitness level and doing it online gives me the flexibility to fit the workouts into my schedule. If I lived closer to Raleigh, I would join in person but this is the next best thing! I love their approach to fitness and they have been absolutely amazing to work with. I highly recommend!

Review №2

The staff at Heat know what they are doing and always provide creative and challenging workouts. One thing youll find here that you dont at many fitness studios is a great sense of community!

Review №3

I honestly think this is my favorite fitness studio I have ever been to, I was staying in Raleigh for a few weeks and had the opportunity to try some heat classes. I loved this place, it is the only studio I have ever been to that provides strength training classes that focuses on completion of heavy compound li;5 a with adequate rest time provided. Perfect for a somewhat out of shape, lacking motivation individual such as myself who has always been interested in weight training yet is easily intimidated in the weights section of the average gym. The crowd here is very social and friendly and so are the trainers. They seem extremely laid back yet helpful. I genuinely wish I lived in Raleigh just so I could continue working out at Heat lol.

Review №4

I absolutely LOVE the entire Heat family, but I gotta give it to my main man Brandon!!!!! For the last 2 months, Brandon has been my personal trainer. I lost 7 lbs of fat, gained roughly 3 lbs of muscleand my BMI went down 2%. IN 2 MONTHS!!!! Aside from being a top notch trainer, Brandon is just an awesome dude. You can tell how much he cares about his clients. When we reviewed my progress today, you could see him absolutely beaming, even behind his mask. I could tell he was so proud of how hard Ive worked and how far Ive come. You really cant get a better experience than that!

Review №5

Heat Studios is more than a gym -- they treat everyone like family. I could not recommend this gym more. Everyone is wonderful and they work hard to help you reach your fitness goals, while offering a range of community and social events. When COVID hit, Heat staff went out of their way to ensure that we had videos to keep us going and never lost their positivity. Thank you Heat Gym - yall are awesome :)

Review №6

Ive been at Heat member since 2017 and Ive logged my best metrics within the first year! Their trainers are very experienced and motivating. The programmed workouts are always challenging regardless of your background. They also host social events and retreats throughout the year, I would highly recommend joining them!

Review №7

Been a member at Heat for years and I couldn’t ask for more from a gym. Heat is a super inclusive, technique focused gym that always makes me feel comfortable and pushes me to work hard and reach new personal goals along the way. I appreciate that Heat is focused on healthy movement with proper form rather than just busting out reps or compromising form and risking injury just to finish a set.It’s easy to see that the trainers put so much effort into curating workouts that include continuity and variety, to keep progress apparent but also keep things interesting day to day. If you are considering a new gym and are looking for a community of people who want to lift you up, support you and hold you accountable- look no further. This gym is for you. Positive vibes abound at Heat.Heat Strength and Hustle and Flow are my favorite classes. Both offer a very different look on what fitness classes can be. I appreciate being able to go in one day to focus on lifting then the next day to focus on cardio and restorative yoga.This is more than just a gym. This is a community. This gym doubles as social hour and throws a pretty awesome party every now and then too. I love attending Heat because in addition to the physical benefits, I also get to surround myself with people who encourage me to be the best I can be and who support me in every way.

Review №8

Ive been goin to heat for about 3 years now. They have exceeded my expectations during covid. They offered virtual classes and still are for discounted rates. And they have social distancing measures setup inside to keep everyone safe. Going to the gym and staying healthy during this wild time is a big deal for me. So very very happy with Heat and their dedication to their Heatletes!

Review №9

I started at Heat to get in shape for my wedding and now have been a member for a few years now. This is a great gym with an even better staff. The trainers do a great job at offering a variety of challenging workouts and always stress technique first. Heat has also done an amazing job creating a community within their gym which makes it very easy to meet new people and keeps you wanting to come back.

Review №10

Simply put, this place is worth it. Worth the time. Worth the money. Worth the effort. Worth the sweat. The trainers at HEAT are captivating, passionate, and incredibly knowledgeable. Every trainer I have interacted with is willing and enthusiastic to meet you where you are at on your fitness journey. For me that started with modifying the modifications, slowing down the treadmills, and 5lbs weights-- every trainer went above and beyond to make me feel welcomed and capable, while also continuously challenging me to improve. You can tell when the trainers show up at class everyday it is where they want to be. Their focus and energy is infectious and motivating. I’ve been at HEAT for almost 5 months and it has quickly become my favorite part of everyday. It’s an honor to be a part of a community of such strong and inspiring individuals. If you’re thinking about it—do it!

Review №11

Excellent group fitness workouts! I tried several gyms in Raleigh when I first moved here, and Heat was the best workout for the price. I’ve definitely grown stronger in my year as a member - I can actually do a pull-up! They also structure classes and other events in a way so you can meet people. I would highly recommend to anyone!

Review №12

I’ve been a member at Heat for two years now and have enjoyed every minute of it. Over the last two years I’ve gotten incredibly stronger, watched my body composition change, and made a fantastic group of friends. Not only do you achieve your physical and wellness goals, but you also achieve your personal and career development goals by surrounding yourself with the members of this gym who strive for greatness in every aspect of their lives. If you’re looking for a gym or community that will push you to be your best at every turn Heat is the place for you!

Review №13

Love HEAT! Joining has been one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself. All fitness levels are welcome so the level of comfort from the beginning was amazing. But most importantly I’ve seen results. Highly recommend!

Review №14

HEAT is my happy place! In addition to the fantasticworkouts and trainers, HEAT has created a strong sense of community that is unlike any other gym I’ve ever been to. Since joining HEAT, I’ve no longer dreaded working out, I’ve gotten stronger than I ever thought I could, and most importantly I’ve had so much fun along the way!

Review №15

I first started coming to Heat in June of 2019. Before walking in the door, I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into. After meeting with the trainers they recommended the strength classes for me. I was nervous that lifting weights might make me bulky, but learned quickly that is a myth. They started me out with the appropriate amount of weight, and I’ve slowly increased from my baseline over time. I can honestly say this is the best shape I’ve ever been in my life. I have more definition now and noticed results in as little as 6 weeks. The trainers are so helpful and watch you closely on form and technique. Not only has Heat helped me physically, but it has helped my confidence and develop me as a person. Best workout in town.

Review №16

Heat is amazing! Ive been a member at Heat for over 1 year and have not only seen amazing results but look forward to each class. The coaches are amazing, both knowledgable and personable, and the classes are always engaging, energetic and challenging. The sense of community Heat provides sets it apart from other gyms- I would highly recommend!

Review №17

I waited 3 months to write this review. This is my favorite gym Ive been to. Ive tried other group fitness classes but they were either too intense or too easy. The workouts are well constructed, and well explained / demonstrated with individual attention for those who need it throughout the workout. It is a great group of people as well, worth checking it out.

Review №18

My favorite gym by far! Megan and Jake (owners) have completely transformed this gym. They have turned this gym into a community in which i look forward to taking classes and seeing my now friends in each class. I love the energy in Matts Heat classes!! I would recommend everyone to try this gym. 5 Stars for Heat!!!

Review №19

Excellent staff!

Review №20

I’m new to the city and HEAT has been so welcoming. If you’re looking for a community to challenge you and help you reach/maintain your fitness goals, this is the place!!!PSA: try hustle and flow, but don’t forget your workout sneakers! I forgot mine the first time I took this class thinking it was only yoga and one of the owners let me borrow an extra pair of hers without a second thought—- they are truly great people!

Review №21

Heat has changed my life in so many ways and it will always have a special place in my heart. I would definitely not be where I am right now if it wasnt for the awesome training I got with here. Seriously, a big thank you to Megan, Jake, Matt, and all the trainers for creating such a great environment and program.

Review №22

HEAT is hands down the best gym I have experienced! The trainers give you individual attention and are extremely knowledgeable and caring. They teach strength, mobility and whole body health. I love how challenging and fun the workouts are! Ive moved and worked out many places. HEAT has the best trainers, people and results!

Review №23

My wife and I met Jake over three years ago, and have followed him to his new facility, HEAT. We started trying to firm up and become healthier in general. Jake designed a program that has seen us progress every week, every month and every year. We are both stronger, and have better balance. Our workouts are short but intense, and designed just for us. It is a sad day when we have to miss a day of training. Even when we are not feeling like training, when we finish, we feel great. The atmosphere is great. The trainers are all really good and personable. And, there is not a lack of equipment, even if there is a large class going on. Raleigh should be proud to have HEAT as a community partner. We are looking forward to expanding into Yoga with HEAT this Fall. As long as Jake and Megan and the team are at HEAT, we will be too!

Review №24

For years, I drove past Heat on Glenwood south and always wondered what it was all about. I was inspired by a friend who had found success there and I began with personal training, and Im so glad I did! I quickly moved into the group classes and was overwhelmed with the friendliness and support not just from the trainers, but classmates as well! The community at heat is unlike anything I have ever found in a gym. Its a close-knit group that care about each others goals and lives alike. Since joining heat, Ive lost 50+ lbs through group classes and personal nutrition coaching, and dont plan on stopping! This place has quite literally changed, and probably lengthened, my life! But maybe more importantly my self esteem, energy, and ability are at an all time high! I surprise myself everyday I step into heat. It has become part of my daily routine, and its one of the best parts of my day. I cant recommend enough!

Review №25

This gym.. where to begin! The classes, the people, everything about this place is amazing. Ever since the first day I walked in everyone was so nice and welcoming. Some gyms can be a bit intimidating when you dont know anyone but I have never once felt that way at HEAT. The coaches are all so well versed in what they do and always challenging me to take my workout to the next step. If you are looking for a place to grow mentally and physically, this is the place to be!

Review №26

Long story short, HEAT saved me in so many ways! The community is just as important as the workouts and with the TOP trainers in all of the triangle you cant go wrong. Never have I been apart of a gym that made me feel so welcomed, pushed me past what I thought were limits, and encouraged me to be a better person all the way around. I have made incredible friends that help hold you accountable but also enjoy all that Raleigh and NC has to offer. Weekend retreats, fundraising, community service, hangouts and of course workouts are just some of the benefits that come with HEAT. I encourage everyone to at least check it out, you may be surprised.

Review №27

HEAT is a life changer! Ive been going for the past 2 years and its been one of the greatest decisions Ive made in regards to my health and well being. Great classes, engaging and energetic trainers, lifestyle changing habits and offerings that arent offered anywhere else. Members motivate you to be better each and every class. Love this place!

Review №28

HEAT has it going on when it comes to fitness and an overall healthy life style. Every single workout is different and well planned to keep us on our toes. The trainers take the time to know every person that comes through the doors - they even know what weight you can/should use and know exactly how to push you. I love the wide variety of classes - outdoor, strength, intervals, mobility, kick boxing, and hustle and flow. You are NEVER bored!! The owners truly love what they do and it shows every day!! with weekly updates in a newsletter also written on the wall when you walk in you know about upgrades with equipment and or new class offerings HEAT is always on the up!!

Review №29

Well planned workouts for each day of the week and muscle group. Great “gym family” environment and friendly competitions.

Review №30

Joining Heat a year ago has been one of the best decisions Ive ever made since moving to Raleigh. While the awesome location and big windows draw you in to the studio on Glennwood Ave, the trainers and their ever evolving programming is what keeps you here. Theyve managed to establish a sense of community here that separates them from the rest... it truly is an awesome experience top to bottom.Workouts are fun, appropriately paced, and include just the right amount of instruction and coaching from the Heat team. These guys are real pros who get to know you as an individual quick and help you tweak the workout so that it stays challenging but doable, regardless of your workout ability. Really solid stuff.Passionate trainers. Excellent programming. Great community. If you sign up for a two week trial be prepared to become a monthly member, thats what I did.

Review №31

I can’t say enough good things about Heat. It’s literally the best gym in the Triangle. Not only will you get a great workout, but you’ll meet some awesome people too. It’s not just a gym, but a community of people who love working out and hanging out with each other. The classes are physically challenging and push you to your limits, but you don’t fear injury because the expert trainers ensure that you have proper technique. They offer a wide variety of classes – from high intensity interval training to kickboxing, strength classes and yoga – and all members are very supportive of each other. Like many people in their late 30s, I played sports competitively when I was younger and tried to stay in shape as an adult by working out, but nothing has produced as many positive results as Heat. I can say that I’m in the best shape of my life thanks to the Heat family.

Review №32

I’ve always been into fitness but it wasn’t until I joined Heat 6 months ago that I was able to see actual results. Heat has helped me improve both my strength and endurance weekly. I cannot speak highly enough about Matt’s classes. Every time I go I am challenged in different ways and the classes are never the same. I’ve met some great friends along the way too and happy to be a small part of the Heat community!

Review №33

Fantastic space with brick walls right on Glenwood. Coaches and athletes are all incredibly friendly. Great group dynamic and even better workouts to whip you into shape no matter what level of fitness you are. Huge plus is they have their own parking area so dont have to drive around trying to find a place to park!

Review №34

Best Gym in Raleigh no contest! Ive been going for 3 years and Im in the best shape of my life. They have something for everyone. Currently offering 2 weeks for $25 so no excuses to not come out and check out the different classes they have to offer!

Review №35

Great studio and a fun atmosphere. I definitely recommend checking this place out if you are looking for small group classes in downtown Raleigh.

Review №36

Heat is one of the premiere gyms in Raleigh. I have been going for over a year now and love the results. They pride themselves on teaching proper techniques and guiding people in the right direction to live a healthier life. You will get a mix of yoga, lifting, kickboxing, and high intensity workouts at Heat. These trainers really know wheat they are doing.

Review №37

I started at HEAT during a promotional trail they offered and a year later I wish I would have started sooner. Jake and crew have created an atmosphere that is inviting to everyone who walks in the door no matter their fitness ability. Ive gained a new appreciation for working out and enjoy the variety HEAT offers between strength training, HIIT workouts and yoga. Even if group classes are not your thing the personal training and small group sessions offered are tailored to your personal goals.I would recommend HEAT to anyone looking for a local gym Raleigh.

Review №38

Ive never been a fan of group themed exercises (outside of sports) until I gave HEAT a chance. It has completed changed my attitude towards the workout experience. Each time I go I consistently get one of the best workouts and in a variety of ways.The personal trainers here are incredibly friendly, knowledgeable, and possess all the necessary traits that are required for instructing healthy and safe exercise. I’ve had several different injuries (not from HEAT) and the trainers always ensure to monitor and provide adjustments to account for said injuries.HEAT is a great atmosphere and I would suggest it to all who have a desire to better themselves both physically and mentally.

Review №39

HEAT is my favorite gym Ive ever worked out at! There are such a talented assembly of trainers, no two days have been the same for me in the previous 6 months Ive been a member. At 35, Im in the best shape of my life thanks to this crew. I love the sense of community Jake & Megan have created.

Review №40

HEAT has workouts that challenge the fittest while still being accessible enough for people just getting into shape, and thats a plus because youll always be inspired by the people around you. The strength classes are my favorite because we get to play with heavy weights (most other studio gyms only go up to 25lb dbs). I appreciate that the trainers are as invested in my success as I am.

Review №41

Great gym and coaches! Highly recommended for a good workout for all fitness levels

Review №42

Thankful to have found such an incredible gym and community! The trainers at heat push me harder than I could ever by myself! I have truly learned to love my body, enjoy getting stronger, and not only focus on just being “skinny.” I feel happier and healthier than ever!

Review №43

Ive been a HEAT regular for about a year now and have not had a bad workout yet. Before going to HEAT I would workout about 4-5 times a week and was having trouble mixing up my routine. I no longer have that problem. Jake and his crew always keep it fresh and will give you the workout you need for the body-type you want. They also have a variety of different classes (yoga, tabata, strength, etc) so youre bound to find what youre looking for. The trainers get to know you on a personal level and will make recommendations based on what your strengths are and what your body goals are. Keep it up guys!!

Review №44

Knowledgeable coaches. Great workouts. The members make you feel welcome whether you are coming for a day or are looking for a new gym.

Review №45

Under new management, HEAT studio is run by one of the best trainers in Raleigh. He takes a thoughtful, personal interest in every class and every member. There is always science behind his workouts, which are tough but leave you with a feeling of accomplishment. With HEATs trainer Ive lost weight, gained muscle, healed old wounds and feel more fit than ever before. If you live near Glenwood South, you should try it.

Review №46

Ive been going to Heat for about 8 weeks and I am really enjoying it. I play soccer and distance run, so Heat is great for developing full body strength that you just cant achieve through running alone. The classes are very welcoming to people of all body types and ages. Its not uncommon for the ages to range from 19 to 60 years old sometimes.The staff and trainers are all very supportive and really create a communal, team atmosphere. Each trainer has a unique style, but they are all great. The classmates are all very welcoming and supportive too.Heat offers a variety of classes including lower body strength, upper body strength, tabata (a high intensity cardio/strength workout) and free foam rolling and yoga after class. Its easy to naturally find the perfect trainer schedule and routine to match your goals.

Review №47

Best gym in Raleigh! The trainers are truly wonderful and create workouts that can be tailored to any athletic ability. Love Jake and Matt!!

Review №48

Great location, fantastic staff!

Review №49

Went to try a class and two of the members talked the entire time about one of their coaches affair with another member. Not cool, wont go back.P.s. heat keeps trying to delete my review. But the public deserves to know.

Review №50

All signed up and ready to go. They made the process easy!

Review №51

Best class ever! The instructors are simply amazing people and they manage to help you push a little more every single time with outstanding results.Go HEAT!

Review №52

Dope trainers. Comfortable atmosphere. Great place to learn about nutrition and fitness!

Review №53

Best place for either a group work out or personal training. Everyone is very friendly and very supportive.

Review №54

I cant say enough about HEAT and how great it is. HEAT has really helped me reincorporate and maintain fitness and activity as part of my lifestyle. Ive been going for about 2 years now and have no plans of straying away anytime soon. The coaches/instructors are great - very motivating and educated - and the constantly share information and the science based logic behind almost everything they teach. Fellow members are always super positive and encouraging so youll instantly feel welcome and part of the team. The comradery and friendly competitiveness helps everyone push a little be more so you get the most out of each class. All the class are dynamic and no matter whether its HEAT(HIIT), Yoga, Tabata, or Kickboxing, the variety of workouts are both challenging and fun but most importantly - Effective! The classes are versatile by design so no matter what your current fitness or strength level is or what your fitness goals are, if you’re looking for a great place to get started or to take it up a notch, I totally recommend you come check out HEAT!

Review №55

Best place to go for fitness. Very helpful and knowledgeable staff.

Review №56

My workout routine in the past has always been running, yoga, and simple core exercises (re: I was not interested/scared of weights). I started going to the Hustle & Flow class at Heat on Fridays through ClassPass for the past year and a half and felt like it was comfortable place to learn how to incorporate strength training and HIIT activities into my routine (Melyssa is helpful, encouraging, and friendly, particularly to a newbie like me). Recently, I joined Heat full-time for 2 months before I moved, and I regret not joining full time earlier. Sure, its likely more than youd like to spend on a gym membership, but it is fun, challenging, and motivating. Its more like small group training with the one-on-one attention and help you receive from the trainers. I attended classes taught by Jake, Matt, Megan, Melyssa, and Jenna, and I learned so much from all of them. It was a bummer to move and not have something like this in my new city but wanted to post an honest review of my experience at Heat, which was awesome. Well-worth checking out if you want to incorporate a new workout routine or figure out a way to compliment your existing one.

Review №57

Jake and the staff here are great. I always leave with a great workout, pushed to my limit and engaged.

Review №58

Awesome trainers, great people, and challenging workouts!! Best gym in the Raleigh area!!

Review №59

This place is so annoying. I hate that it exists.

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