Healthtrax Fitness & Wellness
8300 Health Park Suite 125, Raleigh, NC 27615, United States

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We love HealthTrax and missed it.

Review №2

Pay attention to the negative reviews on Healthtrax--they are truthful.After 5 years, we left--due to employee rudeness and managements disregard for courtesy. Did I mention that the Healthtrax CEO failed to respond to a complaint letter.And check the Better Business Bureau rating on Healthtrax.You will find better alternatives.

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This gym is the best in Raleigh. Everything you need in one place. Awesome staff and amenities. If we can have our regular weekend hours back that would be nice.

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You cant find a better place to go! Everyone is SO friendly and helpful! Oh and did I mention NO MASKS? Whoohoo

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MOTTO: “IGNORE CLIENTS WHO COMPLAIN, AND HOPE THEY GET TIRED AND GO AWAY.”RATING: MINUS 1I have been a member of several gyms in my lifetime and never have I seen a gym that cares so little for its clientele. A couple of weeks ago, after getting off a recumbent bike, the bike tipped over, fell on me and slammed my head against an adjacent bike. This was due to the lack of an anchor system for the equipment. THIS WAS/IS A DISASTER WAITING TO HAPPEN and unfortunately, I was the one who suffered the consequences.The injuries that I incurred included two contusions on my head causing ongoing dizziness and headaches, pain in my right shoulder where I had surgery less than 6 months ago and swelling in my legs.While this was a traumatic experience and one, I am still feeling the severe effects of, I assumed the gym would try to make things right- I was wrong. A few days later, I called the MANAGER- SANDY DORTA and shared what occurred. My hope was that they would come to their senses for the safety of their members and at a minimum anchor their equipment to the ground.Ms. Dorta, an employee of 26 years and head of sales, ignored my requests and indicated she had no power to help me in anyway, saying that their HQ would need to assist me. She would not provide me with the name of who this situation was referred to at HQ, and did not provide a copy of the incident report.The company makes it impossible to reach anyone at HQ. Since I reported my incident, my attempts to reach out to Ms. Dorta have been ignored. No one has at the Raleigh location would respond to my questions, nor have returned any of my many messages. I have cancelled my membership., Its very apparent that they could care less about me being that they already have my money.

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Great gym. Very nice equipment and knowledgeable instructors. I highly recommend.

Review №7

I will be posting a full detailed report of my experiences with both Tom and Susan in the Raleigh market . Be aware.

Review №8

I strongly do NOT recommend Healthtrax and highly recommend finding a gym that doesn’t post disinformation about it’s policies and then when you’re ready to sign-up change their story and inform you that they force members to wear masks while in the act of exercising/working out.Below is on their website and sign at the front desk: “Face Covering – I agree to wear a mask when entering the club, in common spaces and any place where appropriate physical distancing cannot be maintained. I agree to comply with all local regulations related to wearing a mask while exercising indoors.” Yet, when I asked, they said, oh your the first person to mention the sign, but no, you must wear all the time. Also, $248 for the rest of October and November for my wife and me.So, not wanting to over pay for the privilege of wearing a mask during my entire run/cardio/core/weight routine - I fired them and went to Lifetime, which charged us $209 for same time period, plus our 2 kids. Masks only when in transit, not at your workout station. Fight backagainst

Review №9

Be careful with this business . I signed up at my local Healthtrax for a pay ahead full year membership, only for them to quickly shut down and refuse to refund the money. This happen to myself as well as many senior citizens who paid ahead for classes and personal trainer fees. My advice is to think before committing to anything long term with them. Dont let what happened to me happen to you!

Review №10

Ive been a member for 4 years and I wouldnt go anyplace else! You can see what they have on their website, but you cant see the smiles and members taking to each other. Its just a really good place to workout, take classes, and make friends. And theres a great cafe for smoothies, salads, sandwiches and more. Take a tour, youll like it!

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The facilities are pretty nice. The staff runs the gamut from dumbbell experts to just plain dumbbells. Travis is especially helpful/willing to help you meet your goals. As an avid spinner, there really arent enough classes to spin with a work schedule. There is a pool/sauna that are usually busy.

Review №12

Great staff, friendly and highly customer focused. Wide range of equipment and classes for people to use...rarely needed to wait to use equipment. Personal training sessions with John K exceeded expectations, by providing high quality, rigorous training, that was customized to my needs. I recommend Healthtrax to anyone interested in continuing their wellness journey.

Review №13

Great staff, clean, welcoming. I have 2 great personal trainers (Sam and Mark). Wonderful Silver Sneakers program. They make sure you know how to use equipment, tailor program to your individual needs. Diverse population. I love it here!

Review №14

Healthtrax (Raleigh) is perfect for my needs. The gym is clean and well-equipped, the salt-water pool is excellent for lap swimming, the staff is courteous and professional, and the hours are convenient. I wouldnt consider another gym!

Review №15

Great location for kids swimming lessons.

Review №16

I have been a member at Healthtrax for 3 years and have thoroughly enjoyed it. However, recently the management has decided to make changes to some of the classes and those changes have upset many people. The Monday Fit for Life class that I have been attending was cancelled without notifying the class members. The management told us classes are cancelled due to lack of interest which is definitely a false statement since the Monday class was always at capacity. To have an effective gym, there needs to be stability in staff and clientele. To remove their best instructor is absurd. They have inserted another Fit for Life class on Thursday with an instructor who does not provide comparable, intense workouts. Unless the management changes their practices, I would suggest looking elsewhere for a more consistent and worthwhile workout. We have already joined another gym in order to maintain our level of fitness.

Review №17

Im a new member here at Healthtrax and so far Im loving it! I work until 6pm each day and am so thankful that they have some group fitness classes later in the day so I can attend them. I find the instructors very helpful and the classes challenging. The other members have also been very supportive of me and are generally friendly. I would definitely recommend this gym!

Review №18

My first week was great, working with the elliptical and group classes - Silver Sneakers, Fit for Life, Groove, and Blast. Allison and Angie are great motivators in the Groove dance style fitness class, there is even a disco ball. The Blast class really worked my core, I was sore, Ill be back for more, thats for sure. Thank you Healthtrax for so many options.

Review №19

Well trained staff. Nice facilities. Clean. Great variety of classes. Fantastic personal trainers! Group fitness instructors are the best!

Review №20

Great facility with a great staff!

Review №21

Just a quick comment about a very negative review that mentioned a staff member by name.I think that the staff member who was mentioned (Julie K) is warm, engaging, and friendly. I think she is that way to each and every person who comes to HealthTrax.I feel bad when a negative review is written. I believe Julie to be an amazing individual... someone who will ALWAYS go out of her way to help others.Just take some time to meet Julie... she is just great!!

Review №22

Great facility, exercise options, and people. Inviting and low-key. Good ratio of equipment to members, so waiting for equipment is rare.

Review №23

I have just started going to Healthtrax but I am happy with the help the staff has given to me. Everyone is more than willing to assist me and to answer all your questions about programs.

Review №24

My gym for the past 6(?) years after leaving Healthtrax and evaluating O2. A more mature crowd keeps the place clean and a germ-free as a gym can be. Great classes.

Review №25

Healthtrax is a great, friendly, clean well run facility.Helpful Professional staffI attended classes run by personal trainer Michael PetersonHe was very quick to access each persons abilities and proceed with a plan that worked for the entire class

Review №26

Clean, well maintained equipment , great large pool and they offer individual trainers and a extensive variety of classes, adding new ones recently

Review №27

I recently re-activated my membership at Healthtrax and am glad to be back. Healthtrax has friendly, helpful staff. I have a great trainer there, John, who has developed a detailed fitness plan to get me moving while working on problem areas. I find the facility clean, with a variety of classes, equipment, and fitness areas both inside and out. Healthtrax has a pool as well. They are currently redesigning some of the fitness areas. I hope this helps alleviate some of the crowding that can occur at peak times late in the day. Even so, I rarely have to wait long and always get a great workout.

Review №28

I dont know about other Healthtrax, but I found the one in Raleigh to be family unfriendly.There is one staff member that walks around trying her absolute best to exercise what little authority she has. We were never told we had to be in the pool with our kid. The exact wording is supervise, not participate. She belittled us, making a show of it. I at the time thought maybe it is the policy of all health clubs. NOT TRUE. Other health complexes when told of my daughters athletic accomplishments, and want from the health club, just accepted us with open arms. And clearly told us what is and is not allowed. Not waited until a so called violation was made. We will never come back to this place, and recommend the owner of this establishment to train this staff member with some customer service skills.

Review №29

Great facilities! Courteous and well-trained staff! Easily a 5-star facility.

Review №30

I was 5 months pregnant when i joined healthtrax and till last days i did my exercise which helped me a lot . I met Sandy Dorta the person who helped in joining healthtrax. The environment and cleanliness is too good there. I used water aerobics a lot the instructors were great. There are lot of activities to do .. the gym instructors are good too..

Review №31

I have been a member of Healthtrax for several years and it only gets better. HealthTrax is a family friendly gym and spa and extremely well-managed

Review №32

Love healthtrax! Polite and happy staff always willing to help. Extremely clean equipment, restrooms, changing area, showers, pool, hottub etc.

Review №33

Wonderful classes great staff helpful and knowledgeable

Review №34

Perfect place for healthy foods and personal trainers. The equipment is in tip top shape too!

Review №35

A little pricey but worth the money. Great instructors for group exercise, large and diverse workout areas, luxurious womens changing room, and a free child watch area!

Review №36

Great area to work out ! Been going for years and always meets my expectations! Just had to put in a great word, because they deserve it!

Review №37

The gym is wonderful, office staff is horrible. Front desk staff has yelled at people before in front of others and the billing is questionable. I recommend one of the Rex health centers.

Review №38

Very friendly staff, and they are willing to help set up a program for you

Review №39

Good, clean gym. Generally friendly staff. Crazy crowded from about 10 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. with lots of GOFs (Grumpy Old Farts ... see caveat #2 below). But if you got in the early morning or late evening, its nearly empty. In fact, 7:30 p.m. onward, youll have almost the whole facility to yourself. Its awesome! Convenient location in north Raleigh, about average price ($89 per month for a married couple). I think they lost a lot of younger members to the nearby Lifetime Fitness that just opened.Some caveats:1. You must bring your own lock (for the locker room) and towel. Members are allowed 1 sweat towel per visit. You can add towel service to your membership for an extra fee, or rent a towel each time for $1. At $45 a person for a membership, towels should be included.2. This isnt a meat market, as others have pointed out, and thats great. But it is an old fart market. A rude YANKEE old fart market. I have never seen so many northern, scowling, rude old people in my life. Some come to the gym and are shocked—shocked!—to discover that, yes, other people use the facility, their membership does not entitle them to exclusive use of the facility, and they might actually have to be courteous (gasp!) and share equipment from time to time. Seriously, there seems to be a spirit of grumpiness that rests on this place. In the short six months since Ive been a member, Ive noticed numerous instances of rudeness and discourtesy. You have been warned ... be prepared to make your way through the geriatric forest.3. We got a heavy dose of sales pressure when initially signing up. We were 90% sure we wanted to sign up when we walked in, but nearly didnt simply because of the pressure.Overall, a decent gym with the above exceptions.

Review №40

Many things to do for all ages. Location is great.

Review №41

Not fancy, but all the equipment you need, swimming pool, basketball, great classes, and great staff.

Review №42

Nice casual gym, indoor pool, good classes, many machines and some free weights. Covered parking is a plus

Review №43

Every one is very helpful and the machines are well maintained.

Review №44

I contacted personal trainers twice by phone and email to inform them that I was sick. NO One contacted me back!

Review №45

Professional staff and friendly members makes this an ideal place for adults serious about health.

Review №46

Healthtrax is a fantastic facility , great staff, incredible group fitness schedule with a lot of variety and something for everyone.

Review №47

Excellent facility with complete aquatics center, new equipment, knowledgeable staff, and plenty of televisions.

Review №48

This is a great gym! Very clean and the staff and trainers are very friendly!

Review №49

Overall great place all things health!

Review №50

RALEIGH STAFF DISRESPECTFUL!!!The gym at Healthtrax was nice but the STAFF was DISRESPECTFUL.I took a new membership print out to the gym and was met by a hostess who allowed me to fill out a form. I then proceeded into a room to take a survey with what seemed to be a PISSED off WOMAN (Julie Knebi). I wanted to play some basketball that day with a couple of friends, and they referred me to the free 1 day pass for guests.What ended up happening was you have to run through a 10 question survey/tour which the lady then ended up asking me about 3-4 questions for each one on the survey. I told her kindly what she asked, but she kept wondering what I was doing in Raleigh when I worked in RTP and lived in Cary. I finally got tired of her questions after 10 minutes and said I just want to play some basketball with a few friends who come here. This is the point she freaked out on me. She said “I don’t have time for this!” She took me out of the room and showed me to the exit. She then said “It’s $20 for a guest pass for the day.” I’m fine with paying but what really ticked me off was when I came back. I had a friend meet me at the front after going in to ask how much a guest pass was. He told me a guest pass for the day was $10.Why would she tell me it’s $20 for a guest pass and then someone else tell my friend that it’s $10. Does she want to pocket $10? Once my friend called me I came in and someone on staff said “Are you kidding me?” I paid $10 and was let in. The people I came with are lifetime members that have brought dozens of other memberships to the gym as referrals. What kind of nerve do you have to say “Are you kidding me?” after it’s all been said and done? Just take the $10 and move on with your day.Once I got in things went smother, but when I left I said “Have a good night” to the staff and the girl who was questioning me was at the front. She avoided eye contact with me and tapped her ring on the counter with a look of disgust on her face while trying to force a smile by pressing her lips together as she nodded.Sure I was there trying to just get a free day pass but the manner I was received with once I told them my intensions was absurd. They tried to cheat me out of $10. They then insulted me when I came back in. At the end of the day they still had no remorse or apology, only distain in their mouths.The worst part is, I’m moving to Raleigh soon and they just lost a customer.

Review №51

I hadnt been to HealthTrax for months, but didnt stop their automatic $67/mo withdrawal from my bank account.Finally my credit card was about to expire, so they sent me an email notification. I called them, as advised by the email.Since I discovered they now charge a fee, $15, even for inactive membership, I said to just cancel.I was instructed to either come in to cancel in person or to mail a statement of cancellation, preferably by registered mail.I was advised if I didnt follow instructions, the account would not be cancelled and would go to collections.The HealthTrax rep was self rightously making moralistic arguments about why that is the policy when I terminated the conversation.

Review №52

Clean well kept equipment not too crowded

Review №53

Great gym, play area for kids.

Review №54

Not worth the inflated price. This is a total geriatric gym so if you want to share the gym with rude fossils then this is your place!

Review №55

A great facility and people.

Review №56

Nice workout place for the more mature

Review №57

Had a good workout at Heathtrax

Review №58

Love this gym with covered parking

Review №59

Nice, clean place to workout!

Review №60

Awesome gym😁

Review №61

Fantastic fitness center!

Review №62

Great gym plus.

Review №63

Best workout ever!!!

Review №64

Rude and insensitive staff members.

Review №65

Great gym

Review №66

Very clean!

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