Fitness 19
9101 Leesville Rd STE 129, Raleigh, NC 27613, United States

Review №1

Recently joined this gym and love it. while the gym may seem small to some , it really has everything you need without the hype. From personal training , to a very extensive weight training area to lots of stair masters and treadmills, it certainly meets the needs someone serious about fitness. The cleanliness is exceptional and all the equipment works ! I have to give a lot of credit to the owner who seems to be onsite everyday and is hands on. Everyone is friendly here but this is not a meet up place ....its a calm and serious fitness gym . Its a great value and certainly meets all my needs.

Review №2

I love this gym! Everyone is so polite and very friendly. All the workers are always on top of everything and always make sure to greet everyone with a big smile. Such a great gym to workout at… and it’s so cheap! Definitely recommend this gym if you are looking to make new friends and walk out with a smile on your face!

Review №3

Phenomenal local gym. Plenty of Cardio machines, free weights, upper and lower body machines.Excellent staff/trainers to help the beginner get a routine best suited for them. For the more experienced athlete they can provide a change beneficial to your form and add a number of different exercises to your routine.Professional and straight forward. For me and my family it’s unequivocally the best local gymFor our area. Check it out for yourself.

Review №4

Great gym. Supportive staff. New equipment. Always clean. Doesnt get as crowded at their peak afternoon times as other brand gyms. Lacks locker rooms but lockers are available, just not a changing space. They support the SilverSneakers program for older members on Medicare.

Review №5

I have gone to this gym on two separate occasions. The first occasion was January 2020, and the employees were definitely of high school age, but seemed very capable and professional, at least towards the other members. However, upon returning in May 2021, it was a vastly different experience. These employees and some members seem to retreat to an office behind the front counter usually just as you need an employee’s assistance. Things are INCREDIBLY messier and dustier than before and other members seemed to agree with this sentiment. It’s just an overall awkward and unclean experience and not safe to have no one at the register for long periods of a time. The prices seem decent but change consistently. It does have a variety of equipment and free weights, but it’s not worth it to me to sign up for a monthly membership with little to none cleanliness or professionalism.

Review №6

The price is good, but there never seems to be any workers at the front desk. Employees seem to hide away mostly in the office. Anyone could literally walk in without scanning and not be noticed. There also seems to be a lack of cleaning of machines. Good amount of rust and gunk in crevices. If it was not for the price and being one of the places with free weights available at the price point, I would never even consider joining.

Review №7

Been a member here for 5 years now. Just canceled last week. I think they are going of out business soon or something. I used to enjoy this gym. The equipment is breaking on a regular basis, the gym itself is dirtier than a high school locker room, dust everywhere. I haven’t seen the owner joshua or any adults working here in months. There is clearly poor leadership going on. All employees are high schoolers who hangout in the back office with the door shut the entire day. The staff is very friendly but could care less about the gym. Nobody works the front desk anymore so the gym is open to the general public. Only benefit is that I can bring 6 of my friends who don’t have memberships in for free whenever. For the price Planet Fitness is a much better option.

Review №8

Very shady business. Impossible to cancel! You must “leave a note for the owner” to cancel. Apparently it takes the owner 4 weeks to read your note. This is Not $10/month!! You will end up paying almost $200 in your first 2 months! SCAM!

Review №9

The owner Josh simply does not care about the business/customers. I have been trying to get into contact with him for months about being significantly overcharged. I have left 6 different notes with the front desk staff and still have yet to even receive a response from him. The gym has gotten even worse over the past few months, dirt/dust absolutely everywhere and the bathrooms smell awful! TERRIBLE BUSINESS, TERRIBLE OWNER.WORST GYM IN RALEIGH!

Review №10

For the price this place can’t be beat. It doesn’t have all the luxury amenities such as a shower and sauna but it has everything to get a good workout in. The staff and everyone at the gym are super friendly and easy to get along with.

Review №11

I just started today, and my experience was exhilarating and WONDERFUL!!! It felt SO GOOD to get back in the gym! And the staff is VERY professional as well as personable! I feel Ive made a good choice in joining this facility!

Review №12

Great workout equipment. Friendly staff.One of the few gyms that permitted individuals to make a personal decision to exercise and attempt to remain healthy, while using common sense cleaning practices. Despite the governors arbitrary closure of businesses, I like the fact that Fitness 19 left it up to each individual the liberty to make a personal decision whether to patronize their business.

Review №13

Great personal training along with a wonderful environment. The staff are competent and are well trained employees. In addition it is a very clean gym. I highly recommend joining this gym.

Review №14

I wouldn’t recommend this gym to anyone. They do not disclose all of their fees that come with their membership, make it very difficult for you to cancel your membership, and refuse to send you verification that your membership has been cancelled. Hence why many people have left reviews stating that their accounts keep getting charged after they cancelled. They have zero customer service skills whatsoever and you just get the run around from everyone you talk to. I encourage you to read through all of the reviews that state the same thing. I have no other choice but to call my bank and report fraud for their charges.

Review №15

So glad they are open!! Love that they are also enforcing masks, as well as taking other precautions during this pandemic, really looking out for our safety. 10/10 experience, a great place to workout filled with enjoyable people

Review №16

This gym is smaller then its local competing gyms but it still has plenty to offer to get in a good workout. This was one of the first gym to reopen since covid lock down and I really appreciate the staff doing there part to keep it up and running and take the risk they do each day to keep us all safer. The freindly staff, short driving distance from my home and low monthly pricing is what keeps me coming back.The only real draw back is all the young people that flood this gym during after school hours up to early evening hours. If you dont want to deal with the circus its best to try to aviod times after 3p to 6p.

Review №17

This gym is extremely family friendly and provides a great workout environment. The staff are super helpful and the equipment is very clean and well maintained. My family of four have been members for years and we love it!

Review №18

For the price, you can’t beat it! Owners are wonderful, staff is very friendly and only $5 extra bucks a month to use the daycare. The equipment hasn’t given me any issues. But again overall, for the membership rate, you are getting more than what you’re paying! It’s affordable for anyone and the gym is clean!

Review №19

Great people, great business and very reasonably priced. Love the owner and his family. They have gone over and beyond when it comes to being a genuine person and not just someone on the job.

Review №20

I love the simplicity of Fitness 19 and is a better option for my schedule than mega gyms. It is a locally owned small-biz and I dont mind paying $10 a month to support it during shut down, and hopefully re-open soon!

Review №21

Good prices, good staff service, acceptable facilities for the money.

Review №22

Very clean gym with all the equipment you need. They offer cardio equipment, weight machines, free weights, an HIIT section, and more. Their childrens area is cute and quiet and I never have to worry about my daughters safety. The staff is friendly and always offering to help. The staff of the childrens area has taken time to know me and my kids in the short amount of time that we have been going to Fitness 19. We will be happy when they open back up.

Review №23

I love the environment. I feel like I’m part of the family and I’m not just a number. They really care about you. It’s always clean and professional.

Review №24

A little crowded but the majority kept their masks on and people kept space if they werent together. Great equipment and atmosphere.

Review №25

Perfect size. Perfect price. Perfect gym.

Review №26

The staff is very friendly, the place is clean, the equipment works, they take your temp upon arrival, and mask are required...I recommend it.

Review №27

Good overall gym. Never have to wait for cardio

Review №28

Love this place, get after it!!

Review №29

Our family absolutely love this gym!!! It’s the BEST gym in the Triangle for so many reasons especially for its value!! The owner and his staff has exceptional customer service! You are always greeted with a smile upon arrival. The play room staff is wonderful and our children adores them. I can’t say enough good things about this place!! My husband and I would highly recommend this gym!!!

Review №30

For the price this place can’t be beat. It has everything to get a good workout in. The staff and everyone at the gym are super friendly and easy to get along with. Can’t wait to get back in to work out.

Review №31

Our entire family have been members for years and love going there to work out. Very clean, the equipment is well taken care of, friendly staff and ownership.

Review №32

Great place to workout and train.

Review №33

I am really disappointed with this company. They make it easy. To open a membership but make you jump through hoops to close the membership! I called back December to cancel and was told I needed to cancel in person with the manager between 8a-5pm m-f. Mind you I have a fulltime job and 3 kids. So I finally come in person early January at 8am. I am then told that the managers hours are between 10a-6p!. So 2 weeks later I come again in person to finally speak with the manager. He closes my account and sign the document on his computer. So 30 days later I get 2 more charges! I called today and was told the manager forgot to tell me that cancelling takes 30 days in which I would charged one more monthly fee of $10 and another 10 cancellation fee! So i not only got charged $20 but also 2 overdraft fees from my bank for the transactions! I called them today and was given the too bad speech and that unfortunately how the owners run their business (exact words).

Review №34

Listed as a participant of Tivity Health Prime membership online and called to verify they were accepting new memberships, only to find out they are not willing to participate during covid because they arent getting paid enough. After a phone call and 30 minute drive, i wasnt allowed to even have a day pass without signing up. I understand its a business but they shouldnt be money hungry and say they are accepting these type of memberships via phone.

Review №35

I love the simplicity of this gym. Crammed full of Equipment. Get in, work hard, and get out. And the owner Josh is a great person!

Review №36

Look, if you need a pool or a sauna when you work out, go spend $100 a month someplace else a dozen miles further away. If you just want to exercise with free weights, machines, or get some cardio, and spend a tenth as much to do it, this is your spot. I tried the other places, but the convenience and the cost of Fitness 19 beats them hands down, and I actually exercise more here, too.

Review №37

You have to pay 69 just getting those do not recommend

Review №38

You could say great place to workout love the atmosphere and customer service !

Review №39

Have been coming to this gym for a few months now and have been nothing but happy with it.Just recently a new squat rack and deadlift platform were put in which wiped away my only compliant (lack of squat/power racks).The staff here is always incredibly friendly and the gym is well maintained (constantly vacuumed and equipment is in good condition).Prices are great, would have trouble finding a cheaper gym. Avoid prime-time hours and you will have no trouble using the equipment.

Review №40

This is the perfect no nonsense gym. Plenty of equipment, which is alway well kept. Excellent employees, friendly clients. I can get in, workout and be gone in good time. Was worried when I left my old gym. But this place has been fantastic. And the price is excellent as well !!

Review №41

The people who run and work in this gym are terrible people. Dishonest about associated fees that come with memberships and they make your life miserable when you try to cancel your membership or ask them about fees that you were never told about. Some of the shadiest business practices I have ever seen and I plan on reporting them.

Review №42

I’m curious as to why I’m still getting charged a monthly fee for a gym I haven’t been able to use for going on two months now due to a pandemic & the facility is physically closed. We have several gym memberships as we travel often & none of our other gyms are charging us for something we CANNOT use. It’s super unprofessional.

Review №43

Not overcrowded and friendly staff

Review №44

Very clean gym with friendly staff at a convenient location with onsite daycare!

Review №45

I love the staff, very friendly! I love the daycare.

Review №46

Thank you for being open for those of us who require fitness in our lives.

Review №47

Love it I finally can release some stress

Review №48

Great place

Review №49

Love this gym. Friendly staff, great price and good hours. If you get the right time down the gym can be pretty spacious and sometimes even have the place to yourself it feels.

Review №50

Signed up a couple years ago. Called to cancel my membership in December 2018 because I was moving away from the location. Was told I needed to mail a letter to cancel. Mailed a letter, followed up 4 days later and was told they received it and it would be cancelled. Last week I got an overdraft notification from one of my older bank accounts that I rarely use because of charges from Fitness 19. After researching, I realized I had been charged triple fees every month since I cancelled. I contacted Fitness 19 to find out why and they said they don’t have record of my cancellation and that there was nothing they could do. The gym is a very mediocre gym and the customer service is worse than anything I have ever seen. STAY AWAY unless you’re ok with paying for this the rest of your life.

Review №51

Friendly atmosphere and staff and also very affordable. I joined this gym at 260 I lost about 90 pounds pretty quickly. If I can do it anyone can do it.

Review №52

Effective. Clean facility with friendly people. Always get a great workout when I am there!

Review №53

Fitness 19 is a small local gym. The equipment is good, and the staff friendly. They open early and close late - so its good for almost any schedule. I have been an active member there from about a week after they opened.

Review №54

Horrible experience at termination of contract. Josh failed to send me the cancellation receipt via email as promised. Apparently josh employs no other person trustworthy to take care of such matters nor does he leave a way for his restricted employees to contact him to resolve such issues. Finally got my receipt after arriving with RALEIGH PD and his recognition that there was then a public record of my cancellation. My time as a member at the gym was great I have nothing bad to say about the facility. Just wish josh had followed through with his responsibilities at the time of initial request as promised. This is why I have given a poor review

Review №55

Just recently returned to the gym. Feels like home!! The new renovations look great but one thing that hasn’t changed is the friendly staff and “neighborhood” feel. I would definitely recommend this gym to anyone interested in a great work out experience.

Review №56

I live ~5-10 minutes from here. Ive been going here for 3 or 4 months and have had an excellent experience. Very reasonable monthly rate for everything you need.

Review №57

Great facility for the price, my only complaint is the front counter kids working ordering chinese food so you can smell it the whole time you’re working out...

Review №58

Great gym! I go early in the mornings during the week. They are always open at 5AM and the staff greets you with a smile. Lots of equipment, clean and affordable. I have been a member at many fitness facilities and Fitness 19 is by far the best for the money - it is a real bargain.

Review №59

Pretty clean, not too loud inside, equipment is in good shape, they have daycare if needed. Front desk people always seem friendly. Id love more free weights, but the environment in the gym is usually one of polite sharing.

Review №60

Has the basics and is cheap! Looking for classes and fancy equipment this isnt your spot.

Review №61

I have been going to this gym since it first opened. It gives me everything I need for a good workout and none of the stuff I dont need. The staff and owners are first rate people.

Review №62

If you want an inexpensive gym that is in immaculate shape than this is the place for you. The owner is kind and is literally vacuuming almost every time I go in! Good lay out and enough free weights and cardio where I never have to wait.

Review №63

Im a new member who works close by. I joined to take brisk treadmill walks on my lunch since I sit most of the day. Ill add weight training to my visits in the next week. The staff is super friendly and the facility is bright and nicely equipped. Glad I found Fitness 19!

Review №64

I love this gym! Its the perfect place for a busy mom who just wants to get in a good workout! The drop in child care is easy and there are plenty of pieces of cardio equipment to choose from!

Review №65

Gets the job done at a very low price. I dont have any particularly great or bad to say about Fitness 19. Its what you would expect from a place that charges you anywhere from $5 to $20 a month based on your obligation and upfront cost. Its a relatively clean, small space, with the minimum amount of equipment to get a good workout. Youre not going to find 8 benches and 4 squat racks, but for the money its a good spot. I also like that its near a Food Lion (on Leesville Rd anyway).

Review №66

The ONLY place I go to de-stress. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I can ask for advice and receive HONEST, helpful answers. For someone fighting health issues, this has been hugely helpful.

Review №67

The worst experience I have ever had with a gym membership and customer service.

Review №68

Great for the price. Super cheap gym, but recently renovated. Doesnt feel cheap. Great staff too.

Review №69

A no frills gym is a good way to describe this place, but thats why I love it. It is very affordable & gives me access to all the weights & equipment I need. There are no real classes & no swimming pool but I wouldnt be too likely to use those options even if they had them. Staff are friendly & the equipment (& bathrooms) are always very clean. Plenty of lockers. I wish they were open later at night since I work night shift, but thats my only complaint. Great gym!

Review №70

Convenient and affordable, but cardio equipment really needs to be updated. They are planning an upgrade, so maybe this will change. Nice people, too!

Review №71

Nice gym at a good price.

Review №72

This place is convenient to all locations. It meets all my fitness needs. Ive been a loyal member for 10 years now. Thanks to Josh, Greg, Eric, and Donald for MAGA.

Review №73

For the money, you really cant beat it. It has plenty of cardio machines (other than in early to mid January :) as well as plenty of dumbbells ranging up to 100lbs. Also for circuit training there are plenty of machines that hit about every muscle group and I appreciate the two different calf raise machines.I didnt give a 5 for the simple reason it doesnt have a shower, but I think thats the point. A low frills gym for the serious folks who want to workout.

Review №74

I love the new stair climbers and new funtional training area, with stadium turf and the new platforms for deadlifting. By far the best gym in the area with state of the art equipment.

Review №75

Amazing affordable gym in North Raleigh

Review №76

Was lied to about prices. Charged my account without my permission. Was not informed of any annual fees. After about 2 months I was charged a annual fee that I was not aware of, desk representative at the desk had a very nasty and rude attitude because I requested to cancel my membership. I do not recommend this location. Yes it is cheap but you get what you pay for, no showers, and only 2 changing rooms. Fitness staff are unprofessional and rude.

Review №77

When you sign up for a free day pass they will NOT honor it! THey try to pressure you into buying a membership on the spot without even trying the place out!Save yourself the trouble and move on!

Review №78

Good gym with very reasonable prices. Has all the stuff you need. Equipment is basic but in good condition.

Review №79

The advantage of this gym is the bang for the buck. At a relatively good rate, it has basic cardio equipment and weights. (Cardio is elliptical, bikes, treadmills; and a couple of steppers. Weights is free weights and machines.) Except for a couple of times during the day, it is not a problem getting to a machine. The place is clean and reasonably staffed. Equipment is typically in good repair. They have child-care services if you need it. They have changing rooms, but no showers :( .

Review №80

Great price for a no frills gym. Equipment is in good condition and the staff are friendly.

Review №81

The staff is amazing - shout-out to Jason, Lamar, & Caleb.And Greg is cool too, I guess.

Review №82

Not bad $ need to upgrade equipment

Review №83

The gym has gone thru an upgrade of at this location, makes it the best place to work out in the area. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and I can work out at my own pace.

Review №84

Love this gym, staff is very friendly and welcoming, super clean! I’ve since moved and will miss coming here

Review №85

Been a member here since its birth. It is the quintessential suburban fitness center. It has 2 bench presses, 1 incline bench, 1 squat rack, 1 smith machine, 4 cables, 1 leg press, a large set of dumbbells up to 100 lbs. Many weight machines for those who are just getting started. A lot of ellipticals, treadmills, and bikes for some good cardio.Essentially, it is a basic gym that allows you to get the workout you need at any fitness level. No glitz and glamour with steam rooms, courts and all the unnecessary stuff. Just a plethora of weights and cardio equipment. It has treated me excellent for the many years Ive been here.

Review №86

Great, low cost place to workout. Trainers and staff are friendly. Wished they were opened earlier on weekends :)

Review №87

Great no-frills gym at a low price; well-maintained equipment, including plenty of cardio machines: treadmills, elliptical, bikes, stairsteppers & 1 rowing machine.

Review №88

Great experience for a great monthly price. Staff is super friendly, as well.

Review №89

Renovation looks great! Everything you need in a gym, and a great place to train.

Review №90

Great hours and machines. Perfect place for my daily workout

Review №91

They were very rude when trying to cancel service during the pandemic and the stay-at-home order.

Review №92

Great gym. Remember it is an affordable gym, you get what you pay for...

Review №93

Clean and I can always find an open treadmill.

Review №94

Great place, clean, helpful and great info about the equipment. Staff is very helpful.

Review №95

Friendly knowledgeable staff, accommodating hours and well maintained equipment all for a reasonable price

Review №96

Not really sure of the quality here. $5 per month for machines in a big open room.

Review №97

Ive been going here off and on for 3 years and I have only good things to say. Great price, friendly and clean.

Review №98

Nothing fancy. Good place for a workout for the money.

Review №99

Clean, open space with large selection of equipment. Very affordable at $7/mo. I would have a membership if they opened one closer to my house.

Review №100

Low cost basic gym, staff is friendly, Place is clean, it is not a high end gym. Meets my needs

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