DFX Crossfit
6241 Westgate Rd #100, Raleigh, NC 27617, United States

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DFX CrossFit is a Top Notch facility. The coaches and staff are super knowledgeable and work with you to make sure you are doing the movements properly. Overall, its a great facility and with a great atmosphere to workout in.

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I have been going to DFX CrossFit for almost 5 years and it is the best investment I have ever made. I have become stronger and lost weight and constantly become better overall. Ashley and Jonathan are such wonderful owners who invest their time and knowledge in every member. The head coach Heather has also helped me become better and is helping me achieve new goals that I have set and is one of the best coaches I have worked with. The other members of the gym have become family in and outside of the gym. I can’t recommend this gym enough!

Review №3

Great community of athletes that are supportive and fun to be around!

Review №4

This was my Crossfit family for 3 years. Coach Ashley and Jonathan are wonderfully knowledgeable, patient, and welcoming. I miss my 6am crew. If you are looking for a great place to work out, test yourself and build your tribe, then this IS the place for you.

Review №5

When my former CrossFit box closed during the COVID-19 pandemic, I was lost and had to find a place to go that fit my needs, as well as fit the personality that I expected from a gym. After my search I found this in DFX CrossFit. They have welcomed me with open arms, and the community has rallied around the new members and made me feel welcome and allowed me to regain my strength and enjoyment that I was missing. Id recommend it to anyone who is looking for a new CrossFit home!

Review №6

Im in my mid-30s, Ive never owned a gym membership, never gone to the gym - I was a runner. I decided to check out North Raleigh CrossFit 3-4 months ago and I havent looked back since. I NEVER thought I would say this, but I look forward to going to the gym and working out. 1) Everyone is nice and supportive. After a few classes youll feel like youre working out with friends youve known for a long time. 2) Coaching is fantastic. Proper technique is highlighted in each class and everything is scalable so folks at all skill / strength levels can participate. 3) Results! This is why we go to the gym right? Im already stronger, Im definitely in better shape than I was just a few short months ago and Ive already lost a good bit of the weight I needed to shed. Bottom line: North Raleigh CrossFit is the best all around. Its a great gym, so expect a great workout, but its also community, so come ready to wear yourself out with some new friends.

Review №7

MARVEL is my new gym and I am so happy. I was in need of a change so badly. Having to talk yourself into going to the gym.... trying to make up a workout on your own that you think is good enough... all that sucks.I love going to MARVEL because it is similar to playing a sport. I arrive at a certain time (6 options per day) and my coach is there to help me and my peers through the workout. I joined in September and Ive already gotten better. I dont dread coming here like I did my old gym.The coaches are fun, intelligent and the atmosphere is welcoming and happy. I would totally recommend it for someone who is ready to start a great new habit or for someone who was an athlete in school and is looking for a great new workout regimen.

Review №8

Marvel is about as good as it gets no matter your fitness goals. It combines a great intelligent staff who cares about you, a wonderful facility, and an atmosphere that is beyond comparison to any other gym. I have worked out for years until it became dull and boring, Marvel allowed me to rediscover the fun of pushing yourself and for the first time in two years I am seeing positive changes in my physical fitness and feeling great day in and day out. So what are you waiting for? Try it out!

Review №9

I have been going to NRCF since august 2015 and I cant recommend it enough. When I started I could hardly squat with an empty bar, but the coaches have diligently worked with me and helped me to push myself more than I ever thought I could. Coach Ashley in particular has a passion for what she is doing and makes every class she teaches a fun and challenging experience. The member community is excellent as well. Everyone is friendly and approachable.

Review №10

I absolutely love North Raleigh CrossFit! Its a positive, friendly environment and the coaches do a great job. This gym is my first experience with CrossFit and they were fantastic at the beginning helping me scale back the workouts and figure out how to modify them so I was working hard and getting better. Id recommend North Raleigh CrossFit to anyone!

Review №11

Love this gym and the coaches. Very supportive community. Focus is on building athletes. No judgment - only motivation. They offer introductory specials too so, give it a try!

Review №12

Awesome gym! The workouts are a great combination of strength and conditioning and you get lots of personal attention from the trainers to make sure youre doing the workout properly - so you dont hurt yourself and so its as effective as possible. The gym is near Brier Creek and I live in downtown Raleigh - this place is worth it.

Review №13

The coaches and members at NRCF are super friendly and helpful. They get to know each and every member and help them work towards their own goals. I joined up after a 4 week Groupon and, despite a busy schedule and caring for a new baby, am already seeing results. Cant recommend highly enough.

Review №14

Dropped in today for a great experience. Ashley is a great owner and amazing coach. Big, clean box.

Review №15

I have been a member of the gym since it opened and I cant speak highly enough of it. Prior to joining I had been crossfitting regularly for about 5 years. After joining, thanks to excellent programming and coaching (I have not varied my attendance or diet much) I have seen big jumps in all of my lifts, and workout performance. The gym has a friendly, welcoming atmosphere, and is a fun place to workout. Sometimes they even let you pick the music :). I would recommend this gym to anyone looking for great crossfit style or boot camp classes!!!!!

Review №16

North Raleigh Crossfit is my home away from home. I started well over a year ago after being at another crossfit gym and immediately started noticing big gains in my lifts and conditioning. Ashley is an incredible coach and all the people make this gym a place I look forward to going to every day. I cannot recommend this place enough!

Review №17

I have been so busy for the last 3 months with work that I had forgo going to any gym for my workouts. I felt bad but I had to give up one place. As I was driving home I saw Marvel banner so I stopped in. Ashley the owner and coach of the gym took a lot of time with me. I mean, class was OK, she could have told me to come back later and give me a flyer. I reall.y appreciate that and she told me about Living Social to give a try! Hey, for $49 for the Foundations classes and one month of unlimited classes, you cant beat that.I am really loving this gym. It is a smaller group of people which I like. The workout for the day is spelled out clearly - Strength and Conditioning. Ashley is superb. She watches each one of us and give corrections and man, I need a lot of help. I dont feel stupid or intimidated here. I feel in time I can set some realistic goals and attain them. I am really looking forward to that.If you feel intimidated of going to other gyms then you should give this gym a try!

Review №18

Great coaches and great gains. If you are looking to build strength and endurance, all while maintaining your form then this is the place for you.

Review №19

Love the bootcamp! Small group classes and amazing trainers. The workouts are fast and effective which is perfect for a tight schedule.After a year with NRCF I am faster, stronger and actually enjoy the gym.

Review №20

This is by far the best CrossFit gym Ive ever been to. The coaching is top notch, the programing is scaleable and challenging, the people are great, there is plenty of space, everyone is respectful and courteous, the gym is always clean and tidy, and the equipment (rig, rowers, bumper plates, bars, KBs...) are all well maintained and clean.

Review №21

I have recently joined NRCF and feel right at home. There is great instruction and encouragement without the pressure to do more than you are comfortable with.

Review №22

Im So glad I found Marvel Strength and Conditioning. Ive been a member of one gym or another my whole adult life. Its been a struggle to maintain a program without becoming bored and losing focus on goals. CrossFit style workouts are extremely challenging and fun. The strength training is functional and you can feel your entire body getting stronger. I love smashing such a high intensity strength and cardio experience into one workout.The coaches at Marvel are amazing and focus on form and technique to ensure safety first. In the years Ive spent in gyms no one ever really spoke to anyone else. Marvel has an awesome community and family feeling. People encourage you and support you if you are struggling during an exercise. Great experience. Best place to workout in the triangle.

Review №23

So many good things to say so little time! What makes North Raleigh CrossFit so great is a combination of the excellent coaching and the people. Ive been to other CrossFit boxes and hit a wall because the coaches werent able to give me the attention I needed. Ashley has a great way of making everything logical... the movements make sense. Example: some coaches will just say squat deeper Ashley will watch you and then tell you what you need to change to squat deeper. Going to class is like being with family - we encourage each other, share in our triumphs and help each other when its a tough day. If youre looking for a place thats not intimidating and has probably the best coach in the RTP area, come on in and work out with us!

Review №24

I cant say enough about how much I love NRCF. I came into the box super nervous and afraid Id never be able to keep up, but from day 1 Ashley, Jonathan and Jess made me feel like I belonged. I have never felt less than any of the other members because Ive needed to scale, in fact NRCF has some of the best members. Everyone encourages each other and is super supportive. Ive dropped into other boxes in the area and no one compares to Coach Ashley. She has helped me find both the mental and physical strength that I never knew I had. I mean it when I say NRCF and crossfit have totally changed me for the better!

Review №25

I joined Marvel in August because I was looking for something to motivate me and frankly, make me look better! I was intimidated by the idea of Crossfit and who would be there so I got the groupon so I could check it out before making a commitment. Ashley and Jonathan are not only extremely knowledgable, they are genuinely good people. I have learned more about form and my body in the last few months than with any other workout program Ive ever done. The coaches are truly coaches and I feel safe under their tutelage. Best Crossfit box in North Raleigh, hands down...

Review №26

My wife talked me into using one of their groupons to try it out, as I dont like working out and didnt really want to commit to it. Months later, Im still there, and there are a handful of reasons.First, the coaches actually coach you. If youre inexperienced in lifting, or crossfit, or just working out in general, it doesnt matter. The coaches here arent cheerleaders, theyre coaches. They tell you if you need to do something differently so you learn the right way, and so you dont hurt yourself. This was a big deal to me as I had no prior crossfit experience.Another big reason Im still there is the people. Ive heard a lot of people mention the way crossfitters are, being condescending to people who dont do Crossfit and so on. I literally have not met one person like that at North Raleigh Crossfit. People are friendly, easy to get to know, and theyre fun and encouraging to work out with.Possibly the biggest reason that Im still there is something I never thought would matter to me at all. Its the accountability of working out in a group. Ashley programs the days workout. I do my best to do the workout, because thats what we all do. If I worked out by myself, some days I just wouldnt feel like pushing myself, so I wouldnt. I can say, 100% without a doubt, that I work out harder at North Raleigh Crossfit than I would if I worked out somewhere else by myself or just with a buddy. I get more out of my time there than I would in any normal gym, and it even provides an opportunity to be competitive if that is important to you.I cant recommend Ashley and North Raleigh Crossfit enough. She does a great job making the experience challenging and fun, while making sure you learn what you need to learn to continue making progress. Thanks for all your help so far Ashley!

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Coach was friendly, equipment looked clean and new. Process are a little high... But its CrossFit so.... Not cheap

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