Crunch Fitness - Creedmoor
6300 Creedmoor Rd #150, Raleigh, NC 27612, United States

Review №1

I joined slightly before COVID started here. I suspended my account for awhile and decided to cancel. They have made this process frustrating. Tried to cancel in the spring over the phone, was told I needed to come in in-person. I went in in-person, but was told canceling before the year was up would incur a fee. Fine, Ill wait, but you could have told me over the phone. Went in again today (a Saturday) and was told a manager was needed at the location to cancel my account and there wont be one until Monday.They are certainly doing their best to make certain I will never do business with them again.

Review №2

Staff is friendly, there is a good variety of equipment and the gym is generally friendly. However, mask enforcement is nonexistent when I go in the mornings (even trainers arent wearing them), I requested my membership level be changed and received no response, and the staff did not respond to complaints about excessively loud gym patrons. It is a nice facility but there is room for improvement.

Review №3

Aaron is the man! He helped me get through some tough fitness times. Aaron pushed me to get better every session without being overbearing like a lot of other gyms. Don’t get me wrong he is still tough but he doesn’t let you get away with a lot. I have never seen him get upset or have an issue with a client. I would at times see clients come in early to prep for their time with Aaron because of how much he can get you through in a single workout. I have even seen Aaron doing some of the same workouts himself during his own personal time so I know what he tells me works. If you are looking into joining ask for Aaron, I promise you won’t regret it!

Review №4

I wasnt sure what to expect after returning to a gym during Covid. Im impressed with the quality of the equipment and the cleanliness. But the best part has been the personal training. In the nearly 3 months Ive trained with Ryan Newman, Ive seen increased strength as well as muscle gain. But most importantly I enjoy my workouts and look forward to going to the gym. Im challenged every session and the results far exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend Crunch and Ryan.

Review №5

Hats off to Ryan Newman my personal trainer at Crunch. Ive had personal trainers for the last 10 years. Ryans the best of all. Great motivator, pushes me hard but focuses on form. Being in my 60s I am prone to injury. That was the case with my previous trainers. I am really progressing well with Ryan, lifting heavier weight than I have in many years, and rebuilding muscle which is not an easy feat at my age. Not to mention Ryan is a great guy and fun to work with. I highly recommend him as a trainer for all ages.

Review №6

This is is an amazing gym lots of equipment and very open space. I train with Ryan Newman who has helped me get back to what I love. He pushes me to be better than I was the say before and helps me set goals and accomplish them, which I really admire in a trainer. Couldn’t ask for a better trainer or gym.

Review №7

I have been going to crunch for almost a year and love the gym and everything they offer. They always have clean equipment and offer many classes and different things for you to get physically active. I have recently been doing personal training and have loved working with Ryan Newman who is very knowledgeable and professional in helping you accomplish your goals. I would highly recommend this gym and recommend Ryan for personal training.

Review №8

Ryan Newman is an amazing trainer, the best I have ever had. He knows how to push your limits and work you hard while also developing a personal relationship with you. You will see quick results after working with Ryan and crush your physical goals. I was weak before working with Ryan and now I am stronger and in better shape than I have ever been in. I highly recommend Ryan.

Review №9

I currently have a Personal Trainer named Ryan Newman and I can’t say enough positive things about him! He’s so knowledgeable and is always working to better myself every day. He always brings the energy!! He is easily the top trainer I’ve ever had! Highly recommend training with Ryan!!💪🏻

Review №10

Crunch is a wonderful gym with a great culture. All the folks I’ve ever interacted with there (whether staff or other folks working out) have been easy-going, friendly, positive, professional, and conscientious. I love the variety of equipment, and thanks to my great trainer Ryan, I’m learning how to use all of it! The zumba classes are awesome, too. Definitely recommend this place.

Review №11

I really enjoy the classes offered at Crunch. From yoga to 360 classes to Chisel. I also have a personal trainer, Ryan Newman, who is full of energy and really helps to push me and to make sure my form is the best it can be. I also love how easy the app is to use so that I can book my fitness classes and be on my way!

Review №12

Crunch Fitness is the best gym I’ve been to, and my trainer, Ryan Newman, is awesome! He keeps me motivated and never lets me give up on myself. After about 6 months of training, I’ve had great progress in all of my max weights and my overall confidence in the gym. Highly recommend Crunch & Ryan!

Review №13

I love going to this gym. The staff is very friendly and welcoming. I train with Greg Summers and hes amazing to work out with. He helps a lot with my injured shoulder and is very knowledgeable.

Review №14

I’m currently a personal trainer at crunch fitness and this company is absolutely amazing to work for!! I can’t say enough positive things about the culture/environment here!! They listen to the laws and help reinforce the mask policy to keep everyone safe!! Thank goodness!!

Review №15

I left Planet Fitness to switch to this gym and I am very glad that I did. This gym is amazing and has a wide range of equipment that you rarely have to wait for.I decided to use one of their personal trainers, AARON and he is has done an incredible job helping me reach my fitness goals.

Review №16

Worst experience Ive ever received from a gym. Always got the run around on questions I needed answered. Wouldnt honor pricing from a gym I transferred from. Manager never on duty to help with customer service needs. DO NOT SIGN UP AT THIS LOCATION!!!! Thank me later.

Review №17

Thank you Crunch Creedmoor for taking the health and wellness of their members seriously and enforcing the mask policy. I feel safe to work out here knowing that it is a priority. We all need to do our part to protect others! Thanks again!

Review №18

The facility is always clean and staff is friendly. I also truly enjoy working with my personal trainer, Aaron! He is accommodating especially with my current pregnancy and helps me keep on track!

Review №19

I love crunch fitness — I even invested in a trainer! Ryan Newman is AWESOME!!!!! He pushes me every time we workout to make sure I’m reaching my goals. Ryan is the best! Definitely would recommend joining this gym!!

Review №20

I love this gym! It has helped me a ton on my personal journey of health.I couldn’t have done it without Ryan Newman’s coaching. If your are looking for a fun yet challenging personal trainer, Ryan is your man!!!Thanks Ryan!!!

Review №21

Ryan Newman was my personal trainer, he understood my needs and was more than able to help me reach my complete workout ability. I thought I knew how to reach my goals, but Ryan showed me that I knew very little! Im training on my own now and Ryan told me if I should ever need his abilities again, he would be more than happy to assist me!! Thanks Ryan!

Review №22

You guys sure know how to make customers dislike you. Saw the video and am in awe. Youre responding to reviews like you did nothing wrong. wow, just wow. Im switching as well. Maybe issue a statement or be honest in your review replies. Good luck with your PR

Review №23

If you see any review from someone whining about their “civil liberties” being infringed on, take it with a grain of salt. They probably aren’t even members of the gym and are just friends of a member who complained. It’s not discrimination for getting kicked out for not wearing a mask and being obnoxious about it. The mask mandate is set for a reason. Being discriminated against for anything would mean you have no control over something about you. Choosing not to wear a mask is something you can control, just like being selfish is! I think it’s great that the staff cares about their members’ safety enough to kick rude people out of the gym for not wearing masks.

Review №24

Nice and spacious gym with plenty of great equipment. Im new to the area and on a mission to lose 100+ lbs. My trainer Ryan is a great guy and excellent motivator. He’s relatable, high energy, and has good to work with. My experience at this location has been a good one overall

Review №25

Ryan Newman is a tremendously professional trainer that I have worked with at Crunch Fitness Creedmoor for the past 6 months and I see a transformation in my gym routine. As a 60 year old man who lost 40 pounds and recovering from a broken elbow, Ryan is thoughtful of these areas of focus which are important to me. As a person who was not someone that has used a trainer, I would encourage everyone to give Ryan Newman a chance to change your mind!

Review №26

I just want to thank the Crunch Creedmoor staff for enforcing the mask policy even though there are people who selfishly choose not to wear them. As a member I feel safer working out here and appreciate everyone who does their part and wears a mask. You guys are the real MVPs!

Review №27

This place has all the equipment I need and is actually clean (rare for a gym). I really appreciate all of the efforts the staff goes through with the various govt mandates (masks, etc.). I know a couple of people have taken out their frustrations on the staff, but they handle it with grace. Kudos team Crunch!

Review №28

Just got off the phone with Cameron Village who doesnt discriminate. This location is full of woke justice warriors who hate the people they pretend to serve. Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety. This location screams temporary safely, literally.

Review №29

Service was great but no spare or towels to wipe down after use of equipment. Must remember to bring my own disinfectant

Review №30

I have been training with aaron for quite some time he’s been a huge help with where i am inside and and outside of the gym , he pushes me past my limits and challenges me to do better and better session by session definitely the best I’ve looked and felt in my life . if you’re coming to crunch and looking for a great trainer ask for aaron . Hands down he’s the man !

Review №31

I have been Training with Ryan since February 2021, he has helped me reach my fitness goals and pushed me to complete 3 spartan races to earn my Trifecta. Ryan is positive, professional and an all around great guy!

Review №32

I am certainly willing to drive a bit further for a gym that doesnt discriminate against science and freedom. Disgraceful. Thanks for sharing my man.

Review №33

People arent wearing masks 🧐Oh, they also play anti-american propaganda on the tv (fox news it isnt news by the way since otherwise theyd get sued, they said this themselves). Seriously, just put on sports and cooking shows. The only news that should be on TVs at the gym is PBS

Review №34

I wanted to cancel my membership and was told I could not until May 2021 because I had signed up for the one year contract (and still had a few months left). So I would continue to be charged until I could cancel in May. On April 24th I noticed a pending charge on my credit card for $78.95. I called to find out what was going on and was told this was the annual membership fee (which I already paid for 2020 in September). I explained that I was told I could not cancel till May, so why was I being charged in April for another year before I could cancel? I was told that the person who handles accounts would not be there till Monday.Went in today and explained things again. I was told they can cancel my membership but cannot refund the money since that is the date when it automatically comes out. Again, I explained that I was told I could not cancel till May so why was I getting charged for another year that I do not want in April? I was told again that I could cancel but they could not refund the money. Why? Because that is the date when the money automatically comes out. That was the answer and that was that. So I cancelled after being charged the gym fee for another year that I made clear I did not want and was told I could avoid by coming in and cancelling in May.Clearly this place does not care about doing right by their customers. I would have likely came back again when my schedule changed but after this experience they have lost a customer for life.

Review №35

Joined Cameron Village Crunch Feb 2019 in person and on-line by accident at Creedmoor Crunch. No communication from Crunch Creedmoor and paid double dues at both locations until Feb 2020. Cancelled Cameron Village membership Feb 2020 and never knew I was still paying a membership to Crunch Creedmoor. Aug 2021 went to Crunch Creedmoor and found out I have been paying for Crunch Creedmoor membership since Feb 2019 and never knew it. Talked to the Creedmoor Manager and they said there was nothing they could do. Very disappointed I have paid for a membership at Creedmoor for over two years I never knew I had.

Review №36

If you dont want to get yelled at or tyrranized into complying with silly no-exception mask policies at Creedmoor, go to the Cameron Village location. I have to drive a few more minutes but its worth it for the freedom from oppression.

Review №37

The training staff is awesome. Garrett and Greg have helped me with my movement patterns and corrective exercises to reduce back pain!

Review №38

I appreciate that they take the health of their customers so seriously and the staff is awesome!!!

Review №39

Lol how in the WORLD are you going to try and push this nonsense mask mandate on all of the customers when their own personal trainer (Aaron C) won’t even wear a mask. This is illogical at best. Becca the manager will get on you immediately for not having a mask on yet Aaron waltzes around in his extra smedium Hollister shirt flexing his roided up guns and none of the staff bats an eye. Unprofessionalism at its finest here folks.

Review №40

I learned alot from the personal trainer Aaron . Aaron gave me a diet and a workout regiment that made me better my workout .I would tell my family and friends if they need personal trainer to go to Aaron.

Review №41

Great selection of equipment, lots of cardio available, staff always willing to help, clean facility, put some iron in your diet!

Review №42

My experience was nothing unique, funny to see a generic/denigrating response to my review when it is in the power of the gym to change their procedures. Sad

Review №43

Thank you for making it clear that you care more about appearing to be politically correct than helping people get in shape. Switching memberships to a gym that does not bow down to tyranny.

Review №44

An obnoxious woke crunch trainer singled some guy out for not wearing a mask and screamed at him in front of everyone. None of us were masked along with a few employees, but this guy was on a power trip and should be shown the door. Your response leads me to believe you have no intention of changing your woke policy. Switching to Goliath Athletics, Goodbye.

Review №45

Greg Summers and Ryan Newman are the best trainers.

Review №46

Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

Review №47

I get it in 5 days a week... Love the location and staff at the Creedmoor Road location.

Review №48

Man, I’ve been to a lot of gyms... and I’m so pleased with the cleanliness of this place. Especially the locker rooms/bathrooms. Always clean, always picked up.Great staff of folks and super happy to be a member.

Review №49

Three weeks after I purchased a membership the gym closed. Now more than half a year later after not being able to use the gym they are trying to charge me an annual fee. Even after contacting them they were not ashamed to keep doing it. It wasn’t an oversight it was part of their business model. Very shady business practices. Be warned. If you do join this gym I would strongly suggest a month to month membership.Update: The new manager resolved this issue. This may have been an issue with the old manager being a poor manager.

Review №50

Its not open yet but they have much better equipments than the other gyms in the area.Edit: The gym is open as of now March 12th 2019.

Review №51

Did the trial recently. Gym seems nice however the mask requirement not enforced. Over 1/2 members not wearing them properly and some not wearing them at all when working out. 🤦‍♂️ Bummer.

Review №52

My partner and I both go to Aaron. My partner gained 10-15 lbs of muscle mass by working with Aaron, which convinced me to use him to help me get back to the gym.Aaron makes a training session seem to go by quickly, and he has a very easy disposition. I’ve been to trainers before who were either too intense, or not enough so. Aaron has a way of making you think about things without being pushy. He is very focused on his clients, and counts every rep. He isn’t a distracted trainer, he watches your form, and helps you correct it to receive optimal results.

Review №53

Cherise and Emily are amazing every time I walk in their smiling and always so welcoming. I am glad they work there. They have positive attitude and always recommend the energy drinks of which one is good and which one works. I’m glad they work there. The fact that they welcome you and smile that’s a good thing. They are very helpful when it comes to asking questions. Please go to Crunch fitness you won’t regret it.

Review №54

Did a trial and masks were not enforced very strongly at all. The front desk worker working with me was even pulling his down to speak to me less than 2ft away. I dont think they understand what the mask is for.

Review №55

Tried to cancel due to covid and was informed my contract was changed without my consent. They now locked me in to their contract until next June 2021 even though I moved and was only planning on being a member until November 2020. Only option I was given was to buy myself out of my own contract so the gym could collect their money. Don’t feel I was treated fairly given the circumstances of my move and the literal pandemic going on. However, even though I wasn’t treated fairly, the gym in good shape. Just don’t expect management to work with you.

Review №56

Great gym, new equipments, friendly staff, clean place!

Review №57

LOVE this gym. Ive just recently switched from planet fitness and the equipment and vibes are so wonderful here I just love it. Ive also stepped out of my comfort zone and got one of the trainers there they offer. Hannah has really pushed me out of my comfort zone and has helped me gain so much confidence within myself and in the weight room. You will not regret booking this gym.

Review №58

I have to say, being the second gym Ive ever been a part of, I have been pleasantly surprised. Being such an introvert, joining was really out of my comfort zone. BUT, from the very beginning, Emily has been the greatest help! Every day, shes been super nice and always so accommodating with everything. The rest of the staff is also very helpful as well. It has just been a very great experience and Im glad to be a part of this gym.

Review №59

On tha real?This is the only gym in Raleigh I like better than the Plantation Point Lifetime. (The only commercially owned and operated gym that is.) It is clear to me that this company has made it a priority to offer as wide a range of equipment as possible and they have done a great job!First, what I like most about this gym is the fact that I wouldnt have to leave here very often just to drive to another gym, where I have another membership , just so I can do x y or z there and nowhere else. If youre living that gym life u know what I mean - anyway, there are quality punching bags and boxing equipment, there is a turf area for sprinting and using a sled, there is a crossfit style pull-up / all that other stuff rack with medicine ball targets AND a corresponding array of medicine balls I thought someone was playing a trick on me. Yea kettlebells too. Plyo boxes. Like I said it had a real WOD feel to it.But then even more - they have all the essentials for weightlifting i.e. the various benches and padded rests and cable or plate loaded exercise machines the general population cares about. All the hammer thiss and thats, ****there is a hammer jammer*** (standing push press machine) thats the first time Ive seen one of those since the creepy old fitness connection-celebration gym which had one along with a square box built in the 1800s they called a squat rack.Additionally, they have a decent amount of power rack stations with integrated platforms. The bars are Olympic style bars - both mens and womens - albeit they arent top of the line - but they are nice Olympic bars especially for this type of gym and they would certainly meet the needs of just about any weightlifter. The stations are also complete with bumper weight sets.There are also a few very awesome Smith machine type pieces of equipment there that are designed to allow for movement on multiple planes of motion and had a variety of options/ possibilities as opposed to the more standard version of the machine - which they have as well for the stuck in their ways crowd.OPEN SPACEThe other thing I really really loved about this gym is that is one giant open space. Not only is it more relaxing to me personally, but it stays comfortable temperature wise because of this and it is that comfortable type of ambience that makes just enough white noise to have a private conversation about people right near you while not actually being private - Lol jk.STAFFI was surprised at how friendly and helpful the front desk staff was. As far as trainers - this gym actually requires their trainers to have a NATIONALLY ACCREDITED certification. Yes, this is what all commercial gyms tell everyone. However, having worked in commercial gyms for the last 10 years, I can tell you that half of the trainers have NO certification or a JOKE online certification from a company that is run out of someones basement. Crunch apparently actually holds their trainers to this standard. If that doesnt sound like a big deal - then go tear your ACL or give yourself some kind of injury and see how that works for you for a day or two - because statistically you will be possessing the exact same results most people end up quitting personal training for in many gyms. (Learning the correct training protocols tends to allow you to avoid hurting your clients.)It is also a clean gym with nice whatever else there is to care about in a gym.

Review №60

I really enjoy the welcoming staff, especially Andre, he’s very nice and always really friendly and pleasant. The gym itself is a great value for the price of the monthly membership. I would definitely suggest this gym. I really dig that they have a boxing area too. If they had an indoor basketball court and a bigger sauna it would be even better though.

Review №61

My whole family has membership here. We love this facility. I have been a member of various gyms since the 1980s! and this place is just amazing. Its brand new, immaculate, and has an unbelievable array of equipment, classes and trainers. The locker rooms are the nicest I have seen, with large lockers and even a sauna. The manager Cherise is very friendly and works really hard to make the gym great. On top of all that the membership rates are a stupendous value.

Review №62

I LOVE Crunch Fitness. I have only been a member for 3 months and I’ve seen results already! All credit to their group fitness classes. I am in the best shape I’ve ever been in. The staff and classes are AMAZING at both locations (Creedmoor and Cameron Village) Join this gym. You won’t regret it. You are truly treated like family.

Review №63

When I first came here Cherise showed me around the gym. I was very picky about which gym I wanted to go to to start working out again, but the friendly atmosphere made me feel right at home. Cherise was extremely knowledgeable and understanding about my personal fitness goals that I wanted to achieve there, and helped me believe this was the place to achieve those goals. Not the biggest gym in the world, but not overcrowded either. In my opinion, the perfect place to get In a workout whether youre a beginner or an experienced lifter.

Review №64

Everything that you need in a gym is right in this place. Good equipment, very clean, ongoing maintenance and always a GOOD VIBE!!! When ever I walk in I get treated like its home away from home! Cherisse and Emily are awesome individuals that brings the right vibes day in and out to make sure your day is priority good or bad... House music is off the chain as well. Feels good to be a bodybuilder there!

Review №65

I have been to a lot of gyms and I’d say I have a pretty high bar for a gyms quality. I’ve been going to crunch fitness for some time now and I’m super impressed with the facility.There are lots of squat racks and a lot of free weights which is always a concern of mine.The staff is amazing the assistant manager Emily who got me to go to this location does an incredible job and really did sold the facility to me.The amenities are amazing especially the massage chair thing id highly recommended that.Overall it’s a great gym and I’m glad I go to it!

Review №66

After moving because of covid, I found out I have to visit in store or mail to cancel my membership. I’m hours away, and who’s to say they’ll sort the mail before my next billing cycle? Changing policy without notifying people is ridiculous. During a pandemic it should be easier to order or make changes to subscriptions. I’ve seen on other posts how contracts have also been extended without ppl being notified during the pandemic. I’d recommend taking your business elsewhere where management doesn’t change your contract without informing you.

Review №67

Always clean. Friendly staff.Get Jacked 🏋️

Review №68

I’ve been at Crunch on Creedmoor since the first day it opened and love it!!! The staff is friendly and super helpful! The gym has everything you could want - weights, machines, classes, yoga, tanning, childcare and more! The best part about the gym is how CLEAN it is and I love that it’s full of energy but not too crowded!!! Cherisse at the front desk is always friendly and remembers my face and my kids dash in to the childcare room because they LOVE coming! Highly recommend this gym!

Review №69

Love this gym! Great amount of space, nice range of equipment and machines to use, great music, and amenities :) ...only thing that I would like to see added is the adductor and abductor machines. I was told they are at the Cameron Village location, but I live much closer to Creedmoor.Also, Dre is an awesome guy! He has a warm greeting, very helpful, and seems to love his job! Keep him around!

Review №70

I have been to many gyms all over the country and Crunch is by far the most well equipped for the price! The machines are all new and well kept up. Emily the manager always greets me with a smile and asks how my day is. The entire staff truly cares about their members. I would highly recommend this gym to anyone.

Review №71

I didnt know Mr Krabs had a claw in the toxic fitness industry. If you want to cancel, prepare to be waited out past deadlines, strategically ignored, have payments delayed, and stalled into providing information thats none of their business. Wish there were negative stars for how they SHAMED my lady for (mandatorily) requesting a cancellation in person, calling others from the side room to spread the word intervention-style. You can lose weight by running 10k away from this place 5 times a week, pushing up your standards in gyms, and using the $2000 you save to buy kale.

Review №72

I wish I didnt even have to give them one star. Do not join this gym! They will keep charging your bank account which they did during COVID and now Im trying to get out of contract where no services were rendered and they want money for that. Beware and stay away.

Review №73

Great gym. Its not too crowded on most days. Their locker rooms are really clean. Their showers are remarkably well maintained. The fact that they have shampoo dispensers makes my life easier. The only thing I dont like about this location is their sauna, I wish they had a traditional one but its not too hard to overlook it. All in all this is a great gym.

Review №74

Crunch Fitness in North Raleigh is becoming one of the best gyms in the area. Not only is the facility great, but the staff is too. Nate has been an extraordinary part of the team. He is knowledgeable about Crunch as well as ways to help improve your workout. I will continue to use Crunch as my gym because of team members like Nate. Thanks, Crunch Fitness!

Review №75

I am absolutely so happy I discovered this awesome Crunch fitness gym. It is clean, lots of space, and I have to mention that everyone here especially Emily is so amazing. She has gone out of her way to make me feel so comfortable and has been so accommodating with my membership. Kudos to you Emily and the awesome gym you represent. It is also so convenient to my home.

Review №76

The location is still new, the equipment is clean and the facility is well maintained.Im always greeted by a friendly staff member. Cherese and Naomi are especially amiable on each and every visit.Overall, Im very thankful for Crunch and the convenience it provides me in staying fit and healthy!

Review №77

This is a great gym, plenty of equipment and space. My trainer Darius hooked me up with a workout plan thats easy to follow and now Im back on track. All the other employees , like Emily and Steven, are friendly and always making sure youre having good time.

Review №78

This is a great gym and great value for my money. The equipment is just what I need and I love the atmosphere. The staff are professional and welcoming, especially Emily who represents Crunch so well!

Review №79

Love this gym! It’s the best place in the triangle that has proper weights, but also makes everyone feel comfortable! I had Garrett Plantier as a trainer and he not only helped me reach my weight loss goals, but knew how to help me create a lifestyle out of fitness. He pushed me to be better and I feel so much better because of it!

Review №80

I would definitely recommend this location to friends and family! The membership prices are affordable and include many amenities. The gym and the locker-rooms are always kept clean, as well. Most importantly, the staff is amazing! They are all so friendly and helpful. You can tell that they take pride in their job. Special shout out to Cherisse and Emily!

Review №81

Love this gym! Since signing up with Dre Ive felt very welcomed coming this gym. Everytime I walk in his energy brightens my mood. Other than that, the atmosphere is great, clean and not busy when I come! Best gym in Raleigh hands down.

Review №82

Switched to this gym at the beginning of the year and I’m so thankful I did! It has pushed me out of my comfort zone in a good way and has challenged me to level up. Dre is always so welcoming and helpful with any issues that come up while I’m there. I wish I had joined sooner!

Review №83

I love this gym. The staff is very friendly and welcoming when I walk in. The facility is always clean. The classes and instructors are awesome. Cherisse signed me up and has been is so encouraging ever since. I definitely recommend this gym to others!

Review №84

Andre has given a great impression of my experience here. Always cleaning, never have I come in here at night and the gym be a mess. Was at fitness 19 before and it’s incomparable. And for a low cost. 0 complaints!

Review №85

Thank you for your response. I typically don’t like to leave a negative review and for this reason I did not disclose why l left one star. I do understand it’s policy but I feel like it could have been handle and worded differently. It’s a real inconvenience to make the drive to this gym to just be turned away with new management attitude, to enforce new rules or policies. I also want to say my daughter is not under 11, as you mentioned in your response. Never the less I will put this behind and look forward to working out at this gym with my daughter who is now 12 for the record . I will say the staff has always been nice prior to this matter.

Review №86

I highly recommend this gym. The Hoist exercise machines are high quality machines. It is very clean and well maintained. The staff are friendly and professional. I also recommend the Acceleratehiit Class taught by Felicia. She is an excellent instructor who will give you a great workout.

Review №87

Great gym! I highly recommend it. Tons of machines/equipment to choose from and the staff is fantastic. Special shout-out to Emily, who has been immensely helpful and friendly, no matter the situation.

Review №88

Love this gym and the environment! Everyone is super friendly and helpful. The assistant general manager Emily is so sweet & super helpful. She gave me advice for any classes that would be to my liking & answered any questions I had. I truly felt she really cared about my needs. I love to gym hop around & find the best gym for my needs. This is most definitely one of my favorites never super packed there is always an open machine for you. The gym is very clean and they also have a sauna you can step right in after a great workout !

Review №89

Ive been going to Crunch on Creedmoor Rd since it opened and it has always been great. They have a huge selection of free weights and machines, so getting on one is rarely a problem, even when its crowded. The staff is always very friendly, especially Dre, who has taken the time to answer any questions that I might have. Although my main focus in a gym is resistance training, they also have a ton of classes that I can take if I want. If youre shopping for a gym, you should definitely pay them a visit. I think youll feel welcome there.

Review №90

Great gym i love the energy it brings. Andre was extremely helpful showing me around would highly recommend. Thee sauna and hydro massage are amazing too!

Review №91

Very clean gym and friendly staff. Dre at the front desk is the best, he always welcomes you with a smile and gets you ready for your workout more than 2 scoops of preworkout ever could. Would definitely recommend checking out this gym!

Review №92

This is an incredible gym. The staff is always nice and friendly especially Dre he is very helpful and always willing to answer any questions I have. I would definitely recommend this gym to anyone interested in working out!!!

Review №93

The gym equipment great, all new and always appears to be clean and working properly. I wish there were more classes and class times, but I assume that is just because it is a new gym. The front desk staff is great, the reason for my 3 stars is because the GM and PT Manager are both horrible. They are rude, pushy, disrespectful, and conveniently not available when requesting to talk to them. I was checking in at the front desk and the GM came to the front and told them that he didnt want to deal with anything else today so tell people if they ask that Im not here. This, along with other unprofessional encounters, is why I would not recommend this gym.

Review №94

First time I came to the gym I was greeted by this beautiful girl Cherisse !! She gave me such positive energy , gave me a tour of the place a diligently explained things to and from there on out we developed a friendship!! I’m glad to be apart of this gym because of her and the other nice staff members

Review №95

Love this gym, I’ve been big into the gym community for a while now, and it’s literally got everything you could want for an affordable monthly payment. Cherise and Emily are basically a part of my family, and it’s a great start to any day. Thanks for everything! -Trey

Review №96

Clean and spacious. Conveniently located. I was apprehensive at first but the staff is friendly and the classes ARE GREAT!!! If you join you must attend the classes, they are upbeat, fun and customized for all fitness levels. The gym is not overcrowded like planet fitness which I love, lots of equipment to reach your fitness goals.

Review №97

Oh my God where do i even start? I have been to numerous gyms in the area including lifetime and fitness connection and let me just say crunch by far has given me the best experience and hospitality thus far. Not only does the front desk greet me every time i come in but the managers do as well. The equipment is always clean as well as the locker rooms. I will definitely convince my friends to join as well!

Review №98

Crunch has been such a great experience for me! LOVE the variety of classes, instructors have all been wonderful, (special shout out to some of my faves-Felicia, Jeffrey, Kara, Lyndada, Mahogany, and Tina), and the new schedule is awesome! Love the crunch community. One last shout out to Emily, general manager, who has been a tremendous addition to my crunch experience since day one.

Review №99

First of all, the tone of the manager replying to all negative reviews is extremely flippant. Dont reply to my review because I dont want to hear anything you have to say. Anyway, Im writing this review to tell you about my experience. Firstly, this gym is extremely unprofessional. At any given moment, you walk in and the front desk employees dont even greet you with respect, theyre on their phones, laughing about things, and overall unhelpful. Secondly, they DO have good equipment, but with the way youre treated when you walk into the door is pretty off putting. They offered a free gift card for signing up and then use an aggressive sales approach to get you to sign up for their personal training services, which unfortunately, I fell into. Their personal training sessions are overpriced for the quality of training you get. After telling the trainer repeatedly that I suffer from lumbar injuries, the trainer continued to push me resulting in further injury. I had to miss work because I wasnt able to walk and my partner had to carry me up the stairs and had to help me bathe for a good week after this session. At my next session, I informed the trainer of this, and he still continued to push me beyond my physical limits despite the fact of the injury. My doctor immediately advised me to stop the program and I sent in a note from my physician to cancel. Only to continue being charged for months after the fact and fighting with corporate and the staff to get them to stop charging me. I received an email stating that everything would be cancelled and I thought everything would be fine. Only to then get a threatening letter a few months later stating that I would be sent to collections if I didnt pay my past due balance! After more fighting with corporate and the poor management team, I was finally able to get my membership and personal training contracts cancelled. Maybe. Who knows, they might show up again with another letter in a couple months stating that I still owe them something. I have never had to fight with a GYM this hard to get things taken care of due to their own negligence. I would not sign up to be a member here unless you really love it and plan to commit for a lifetime, god forbid you forget to cancel by the renewal date. There is a lot of blame being shifted around inside of this gym. Whenever a mistake is made, it seems like nobody owns up to it. Anyway, I HOPE I am done dealing with them. I had high hopes as I live across the street from this gym, but Id rather drive 10 minutes up the road to the much cheaper Fitness Connection where I feel like I get real value for my membership. Sure, its not state of the art and they dont have a weird body fat composition scanning machine or red light room, but you can still get fit for less than $15/month.Edit 12/18/2020: I asked you not to reply, but you replied anyway. The manager replied saying there’s no record of me, which is fine. But I have tons of email proof of communication and a doctors note. I have records of me calling ABC financial, who manages the gym payments, etc. I have no reason to lie. I was injured by Darius M. who was the personal trainer and he did not listen to my concerns during our sessions when I said I had a previous injury and continued beyond my body’s limits. I missed work because of this. Steve M., the fitness manager or whatever he does, was completely incompetent and failed to rectify my issues on several occasions. So having no record of me is complete BS. I have no reason to lie and my review is 100% factual.

Review №100

They’ll keep charging you after you try to cancel your membership. The only way to cancel is to email the manager. The manager is conveniently never there. When you do finally get to talk to him, he’ll give you some story about how he never got your emails. He will agree to cancel your membership. He won’t. You will still be charged. I’ve been trying since September to get my membership cancelled, and now money back for October, November and December.Updated after comment from Crunch:Even if I did email the wrong email address before November 18th (I did not because your desk staff told me my emails had been received), that does not excuse all of the other ways I tried to contact the manager to get my membership cancelled. It also does not excuse me being charged for the month of December if my cancellation request was received in November. I called the center multiple times, left many messages, and I emailed all since late August/early September. I do not believe anyone at Crunch Creedmoor went “above and beyond.” The fact that I had to write several negative reviews on multiple platforms to get this resolved shows that no one cared to help me.

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  • Phone:+1 919-948-6541
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Working hours
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