CrossFit TTG
2845 Jones Franklin Rd, Raleigh, NC 27606, United States

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I truly love coming into CrossFit TTG. The people are great, the workouts push you, and Travis (owner/coach) is awesome. The gym is very spacious and has tons of equipment. Travis knows how to adapt the workouts to fit your skillset. Its not like other big box gyms where you just go workout and leave. You get to know those around you and they become like a second family. I highly recommend trying it out. Im glad I did.

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I love CrossFit TTG! Everything is scalable which is good for me as I get older. All of the coaches are awesome and each adds their own expertise. They all know how to push me just enough to improve my fitness. I know by continuing with CrossFit TTG that I’ll reach my personal goals. Another thing I like are the members. Everyone is very friendly and so supportive. We are all there to improve our personal best and support each other in the process!

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Choosing to join CrossFit TTG was one of the best decisions I ever made! It’s a great training space- lots of equipment and enough space so that it never feels overcrowded- and the coaches are incredibly knowledgeable and supportive. Above all, I met an incredible group of people who made me feel at home in no time to at all.I’m a professional rugby player (I’ve represented Brazil at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games) and the pandemic forced me to come back to NC and stay with my parents. I had to adapt all my training without access to equipment, so discovering CrossFit TTG was one of the best things to happen during a pretty challenging year. Over the past three months, I was able to push my limits, learn new skills, and, most importantly, rediscover the fun in pushing towards my goals. While I’m sad to be leaving so soon, I know where I’m working out anytime I’m back in NC. I can’t thank Coach Travis enough for all the support (and always telling me to get lower in my squats).

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Best place to training and gain fitness conditions

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This is my second week at CrossFitTTG and I have already seen some great changes in my health . The coaches are very knowledgeable , supportive , eager to help and pleasant, especially coach Travis. The daily workouts are different and challenging but fun. The gym is clean and well equipped. The members are very welcoming and work together as a team. This will be my CrossFit family as long as I live here. Thanks CrossFitTTG!

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This box is awesome. Great coaches, amazing community, challenging workouts. Plenty of weights and equipment.Update:I’ve been coming to CrossFit TTG for just over a year, and I can’t say enough good things. I’ve improved quite a bit in all of the movements and workouts. Coaching staff are always friendly, funny, and able to provide excellent cues to help improve form and technique.When everything closed at the beginning of the pandemic, we didn’t miss a beat. Equipment was loaned out and it was business as usual with the help of Zoom classes.Now that we’re back in the box, great care is taken to sanitize weights and equipment between and often during class.I’ve visited other boxes when traveling, but none have come close to TTG.The BEST thing about the box, by far, is the community. Each class has a core group of regulars, who of course insist that their class time is the best one, but, more importantly, helps to make sure everyone feels like they belong.Come to TTG, and I’m confident you’ll find your “home”

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The coaches at Crossfit TTG are very friendly and knowledgeable. One thing that I really like is they give back to the community. They recently had a canned food drive.

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The staff at TTG are awesome! They really want to make sure your workout experience is at your own pace and comfort level. There is no pressure. They just want to make sure you achieve your goals, whatever your personal goals may be. If youre hesitant, dont be. Push yourself and take that step. You wont be disappointed.

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I dropped in at TTG and it was a great experience. Coach was knowledgeable and welcoming and all the members reached out to welcome me as well. Good programming and a huge, clean space. Really enjoyed it.

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Awesome box. Coaches are knowledgeable, considerate, and professional. They consider each individual and help you to maximize strengths and improve weaknesses. I appreciate that coaches are constantly critiquing my form and helping me to improve as this makes it feel safer than some other places Ive been. The community is wonderful with a wide variety of athletes who all care about each other. I recommend the free Saturday workouts to all of my friends.

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TTG really is like a second family. The coaches, Juice and Nate, are super knowledgeable and encouraging. They take the time to go over the basics and make sure form is correct. Scot and Sara are genuinely some of the most welcoming people I have ever met. The facility is always clean and has updated equipment. Whenever I leave CrossFit TTG I cant wait to go back the next day!

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Scott and Juice prepared a 3 month class with our 17U American Legion Baseball team during the Dec - Feb off-season. My boys were so into the program and rarely missed a week. The dedication on both sides was very impressive. Any team sport should consider a group class at TTG - its physically rewarding and a great team building exercise. As a coach preparing the program I appreciated the flexibility of the staff to work out all obstacles. It was great!!!.

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CrossFit TTG is an awesome box to call home. The box is clean, has a/c and heat, and quality Rogue and other top name equipment. Everyone is extremely friendly and its an easy going environment - perfect for beginners! The programming is top notch and after only 3 months I am making huge gains in my strength and conditioning. Come check it out!

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I dont know of a better place to work on yourself. Surround yourself with positive people with common goals and you will feel yourself change! My time at TTG has been short, but I am enjoying every minute of challenging myself! Great ownership, coaches, and peers.RESPECT THE TRAINING, HONOR THE COMMITMENT, VALUE THE RESULTS

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- Great instructors (Katie and Juice)!- Very nice working out program- Other members are very friendly. That helps me to reach the day goal together!Recommend!

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I have been a member since December of last year and I love it. The trainers are awesome and its always a great working that is challenging in every way. I am in better shape and stronger than I was when I started. !

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If you have ever thought of trying CrossFit this is the place. I have tried other workout places and routines but this is the best. The coaches are amazing and the workouts are above all. They help you to improve where you are weak and push you where you are strong. The community of people at the box are a friendly fantastic bunch and encouraging to work out with. If you Trust The Process you will be Trained To Go. You should try it out!! Try an open gym--you will keep coming back. See you at the Box!!

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Attended my 1st TTG competition today as a spectator. The atmosphere was great the facility was so clean even the restrooms. I know for a fact that coaches care about each athlete. By the way they interacted with athletes asking about they did and giving advice on how to improve their personal best. I truly wished I lived closer to attend.

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Excellent workout place ! Challenging yet supportive. Programing top-notch nothing ever gets easy or boring . Coaches adapt members for all levels of workout. Extremely inclusive,friendly and even fun at times. So glad to have TTG apart of my dailey life. Good peeps! 👊💪🏻👍

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Great facility, but even a better group of individuals. From both the coaching staff to the athletes, everyone of every skill level is accepted as if they are part of the community already. The programming is top-notch, and definitely makes you better than you were the day before.I would highly recommend this place to any one and everyone!

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Clean facility with all new equipment. Worked out with a great group of friendly people. Liked the programming and experienced coaching. Would definitely recommend hitting the open community workout on Saturday. Its free why not?

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Started in June . Absolutely loving it. Coaches and owner are amazing. If you want to get in shape this is the place to be.

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Best box I have been too. The coaches keep pushing you and taking time to work with you. Owners are really nice and approachable. Atmosphere is extremely friendly and absolutely no judgement no matter what your fitness level is at.

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What makes a great a great Crossfit box? How about coaching, community, and a welcoming atmosphere? TTG has it all. Clean new equipment, great people, and thoughtful ownership. Excellent programing as well!

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CrossFit TTG offers a close knit community, with great equipment, and great coaching. I recommend this to anyone looking to get into CrossFit. They really know how to make you feel comfortable, if you are having doubts about CrossFit.-Drew Wyrick

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Great place to work out. Ive made this box my crossfit home while Im out of town for three months. The gym is clean, the programming is intelligent, and the coaching is top notch. I would highly recommend this box for everyone in the Raleigh/Cary area.

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CrossFit TTG is GREAT!! The coaches are very knowledgable and always have your best interest at heart. They know when to push you and the best ways to help you get the most out of your workout. Everyone at the box is very personable and welcoming. Its a great place to train and make friends!All of the equipment is new and top of the line. The programming is designed to build your strength and push you to new limits. The Saturday Community WOD is free and a great way to see what TTG is all about.

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Dropped in travelling through, experienced knowledgeable trainers. Great atmosphere!

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If you have ever thought about trying CrossFit, this is the PLACE! The community of people I have met are friendly and make it fun to workout! It doesnt take the coaches long to figure out how to coach you to get the results you want! Stop in and ask for Scot or Sara. . . most genuine owners in the area!

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Crossfit TTG is an awesome box. The programming is great and the community that has been built here is incomparable. Every person in this box is welcoming and friendly and has made it the best box experience Ive had.

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This is like my second home! Great coaches, great programming and great community! Plenty of equipment, heat in the winter, AC in the summer, and a very clean facility. Ive a member since it opened and love it here. Come and join us on any Saturday and try our free community WOD (workout of the day).

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Ok, who actually enjoys burpees? No one! But the team at CrossFit TTG make it so even an old slacker like me can get motivated. The instructors are fantastic, they help you get on track and stay safe while performing just above your limits. The facility is great and everyone I have met there has been welcoming and encouraging. This is the best exercise experience Ive ever had.

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Great Crossfit Box. The coaches are very attentive to athletes at all levels and the owners are great to work with. Also a great community of people to sweat it out with. Highly recommend.

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The excellent coaches and programming at TTG make it the best CrossFit box around! Enjoy a fun CrossFit community and a challenging workout for any experience level.

Review №36

Ive done Crossfit for about 6 months and for the last month at TTG. In that time, Ive found that the quality of a Crossfit gym, in general, is hugely dependent upon the quality of the coaching and the culture of the other members. TTG has quality coaching in abundance. The coach I work most with, Angie, has been attentive, knowledgeable, friendly, energetic, and more than willing to help build custom plans to help reach my goals. While I have only worked occasionally with the head coach, Juice, due to scheduling, his programming is excellent - with well designed programs structured to develop equal parts of strength, explosion, technique, and capacity. The gym takes scaling into consideration as well - a very important part for new people. I have never seen anyone encouraged to take on a weight they might not be comfortable with and technique is addressed early and often, before catastrophic failure occurs. The coaching staff communicates with the whole gym frequently and organizes fun events, like weight loss challenges or fantasy football, to bring people together outside of the workout.The culture is one of camaraderie. The folks (at least in the classes that I have been frequenting) are encouraging, positive, and ready to work. Theyre here to get better and want to see you do your absolute best. No complainers, no whiners, just good people here to improve.The facility itself is top-notch. Sufficient, well-maintain equipment abounds. More than enough weight and rigs to accommodate anything but the largest class sizes.Overall, TTG is a great gym. I am enjoying my time here a lot. Everyone from a first-time gym goer to a RX+ mashing beast will find a spot here. Just be ready to work.

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Such a great and encouraging atmosphere, Juice and Nate are amazing coaches and are very knowledgable and helpful. I would definitely recommend TTG to anyone!

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Loved my experience would still be there if I didnt move

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I joined Crossfit TTG at the beginning of the summer looking to for a place to work out. Come to find out it became much more because I found something new that motivated me. This place became a second home through the welcoming community, staff, and owners. By the end of my first weeKmy coaches and peers had allowed me to find this motivation with obtainable goals for myself; not only in the gym but out of it as well. Yes I physically got stronger, but mentally as well. I highly encourage anyone looking for their motivation or anyone that wants to try something new to give Croasfit TTG a try!Trust me, youll love this place!RESPECT THE TRAINING, HONOR THE COMMITMENT, VALUE THE RESULTS

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Crossfit starts with a foundations course. You have to crawl before you walk. You have to learn the crazy amount of terminology and the proper form before you can crossfit. Injuries are bad, mkay? The coaches are patient and do a very good job at helping you through foundations.The learning doesnt stop after the conclusion of foundations. There are some moves that arent covered that are simple enough to learn. There are other moves that have been covered that youll have to practice quite a few times before mastering. The coaches watch everybody carefully, and they make sure to guide those who are deviating from proper form.Those who are new to their fitness journey, or who have stepped away for far too many years like me, should not be afraid to join. There are some truly incredible athletes here. There are less incredible athletes, like myself. I have never felt judged by any of the incredible athletes. In fact, many have shouted words of encouragement and helped me push through the workouts. Above all else, the members who train at this gym subscribe to the overarching Crossfit idea of bettering yourself, first and foremost.I have truly enjoyed my time thus far at Crossfit. I feel better than I have in years, and Im starting to look better as well. I am also motivated every day to get better.

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Fantastic gym, consistent and involved coaches, fundamentals are stressed, and high quality equipment. Also, HVAC!

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Best workout program Ive ever done. Whether your trying to get in shape, Looking to change up your training, or raising the bar to do competitions TTG is the place to go.

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I had been interested in Crossfit for years but had never tried it because I thought it was too expensive. Then one day I just decided to try it! Crossfit TTG was the closest box to me at the time so I went there, and Im so glad I did! Im addicted to Crossfit now and the cost doesnt even bother me because its just so worth it. Not only do you get the most amazing workout every day, you generally see the same people in class every day so you build a close relationship with each other, encouraging and pushing each other. You also often have the same coach, who gets to know your strengths and weaknesses and is able to give you all the guidance you need to make you the best version of yourself. And no matter which coach you get, they are all amazing and experienced, very friendly and always happy to talk to you, work with you, and help you come up with additional workouts if you want to improve yourself in certain areas. Its almost like having a personal trainer every day!I actually ended up moving to North Raleigh when my husband and I bought a house and because the drive was so long to Crossfit TTG (about 20 minutes with traffic) I briefly considered moving to the box that was about 7 minutes down the road. But in the end I just couldnt leave because Crossfit TTG is just THAT amazing!

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Good place

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