CrossFit RDU
6808 Davis Cir, Raleigh, NC 27613, United States

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The gym is massive compared to most boxes, easily twice as large as every other box I’ve been to. Lots of convenient class times, knowledgeable and encouraging coaches, plenty of clean, well maintained equipment and an awesome, uplifting community! What’s not to love?!?

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Great gym, Great coaching, Great community!Steve Johnson and his coaches do a great job of creating community. CrossFit RDU focuses on proper form before increasing the weight and speed. The gym itself is in large facility that is clean and has clean restrooms. The gym is well equipped with lots of weights. The members of CrossFit RDU are encouraging to each other, there is a sense of community. I am proud to be a member of Crossfit RDU for the past two years, since moving to Raleigh. Crossfit RDU also has a lot of parking.

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Lots of weights and machines. Great crew working out there.

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Dropped in from Minnesota. Absolutely loved the facility and the customer service is amazing.

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Dropped in today for a class. Steve (owner), coaches, and attendees were all extremely friendly, knowledgeable,and helpful and made me feel welcome. The gym is exceptionally clean and well equipped. When in Raleigh I will definitely drop in again!

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Absolutely love this gym! Just started a couple weeks ago and I cant wait to be going 5 times a week. Everyone is so friendly and I can tell the results will come. Amazing place, recommend it to everyone who wants healthy competition and to truly push themselves!

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Stop by this gym whenever Im in town! Members and coaching staff are welcoming, knowledgeable. Love the fact their drop-in policy is free of charge as well. Would recommend this gym to anyone in the area looking for a place to drop-in or even full membership.

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Dropped in today, and loved it! Great welcoming culture. Huge box too.

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Just checked in and Crossfit RFU is AMAZING with even better customer service. This was my first drop in and everyone was very welcoming. Great community. Highly Recommended!

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I love this Crossfit! The trainers are knowledgeable and supportive and the other members are great. I am working harder than I ever thought was possible and loving every minute of it!

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Great facility. They host competitions outside the CrossFit realm. Great people.

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Huge facility, great coaches, and a wonderful community.

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Seeing results and working with people that genuinely care about proper technique and form is big for me. The friendly faces, healthy competition and friends I have made from working out at CrossFit RDU speaks volumes of how awesome this gym is!

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“I have been through a lot of life changing experiences over the past couple of years. I was in need of something to make me stronger, both mentally and physically. After watching several videos online, I was introduced and intimidated to try CrossFit because I didn’t think I was “good or strong enough”. After building up the courage I walked in to CrossFit RDU and met Steve the owner. He sat down with me and explained to me how I could do the workouts scaled, at my own level and that there would be coaches there to help me understand the workouts. I came to the foundations classes with one of the coaches(Logan) and I was very comfortable and realized that the fear I had in my mind, was only put there by me. I became a member at CrossFit RDU in February 2012, every time I finish a workout here I feel stronger both mentally and physically (just what I need). When I progress andWhen I am able to set personal records there are few greater feelings. Knowing that I am doing something people told me I can’t or won’t be able to do is far more gratifying than living in fear. I always tell my co-workers, family and friends that if I can do this as a single parent with two kids and work full time then absolutely anyone can. The coaches and members here are all very positive and knowledgeable. I am truly thankful and amazed at how much guidance I get from both coaching staff and members who come here. I don’t think I could have found a more accepting group of people.”

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I have had the pleasure of working out at CrossfitRDU for almost four years. Similar to most people, starting Crossfit was intimidating. I had never really worked with weights and body resistant exercises were difficult. As I celebrated my 50th birthday, I felt that I needed to change my workout program and my brother recommended Crossfit.After a couple of months with CFRDU, I began to experience significant improvements in endurance, weightlifting technique and form WOD form. I began to realize that if I could just get through the front door of the gym, the coaching staff would take care of the rest. As I saw improvements, it became easier to get through the front door.Probably the best attribute at CFRDU is that the coaches concentrate on form and scale the workouts so that you achieve incremental improvements over time. Despite my lack of experience, I have never been injured during the time Ive trained at CFRDU. That is a great testament to the coaching staff.With the help of CFRDU, Ive achieved significant improvements over the years:Cholesterol declined from 202 to 163 with improvement in HDL. My doctor had threatened to put me on Lipitor prior to the improvement.Lost fifteen to twenty pounds while building muscle.Fat from annual body scan declined from 26% to 19%.Improved 10K time by over five minutes.I appreciate the help of the coaches at CFFDU and their interest in my long-term health. Although improvements are not as drastic these days, I continue to increase strength and stamina under CFRDU programming. My goals are to improve my 10k time by another 2-3 minutes, lose another 7-10 pounds and continue increasing strength.I highly recommend this coaching staff and facility.

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CrossFit truly is for everyone. I wish I listened to people who told me that sooner. I was a non-believer and afraid to try. This year, as a result of joining CrossFit RDU, with self-discipline and the fantastic coaching, I lost 30+pounds (kept it off), discontinued blood pressure medicine (7 years) gained self-confidence and friendships and ran my first ½ marathon.When I joined the CrossFit RDU gym, I NEVER thought I would look forward to lifting weights, but I actually enjoy it. I used it as an starting point to reach another goal I’ve always dreamed of…running a marathon…Every individual in the gym has different goals. Some people are there to get “fit”, some are competitive, some are like me and some have combined agendas. You need to remind yourself of that when you are there. YOU are there to reach YOUR goals, not anyone else’s.CrossFit taught me not to quit. I initially avoided going to CrossFit when I didn’t “like” a workout, I soon learned the workouts I didn’t “like” were the ones I needed most. CrossFit also taught me to STOP and rest when I’d had enough, and know it was ok to do that.Success is measured by you and YOUR body and what YOU are capable of. As long as you have worked your body the best that YOU could have, YOU will be a SUCCESS. Be true to yourself, that’s all that matters.

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I have been part of the CrossFit RDU community since May 2013. Looking back, I wish I made the decision to join much, much sooner. I had been a CrossFit skeptic for quite some time. I had friends participating in CrossFit in other parts of NC and throughout the US for years, and all of them told me how great CrossFit was. I worked out in the traditional sense for over 19 years. My routine consisted of lifting 4 days a week and maybe the occasional run or bike ride for my “cardio” workout. I was THAT guy you see them in the gym all the time. The guy who works his chest and arms and finds every excuse in the book to neglect his legs. That was me. When some of my friends were joining CrossFit gyms, I was always telling them they couldn’t get stronger and you couldn’t build strength that way. I was set in my ways and thought traditional training was THE way to build muscle, get stronger, and have lasting endurance. In March/April 2013, I became curious about CrossFit and the endurance aspect it proclaimed to provide. I ran a 5K, really struggled with my “wind”, and barely finished in under 27 minutes. As I approached 40, I was also beginning to pay more attention to my heart health, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, etc… as my family history is really bad in all those regards. So, I began researching other training routines, and CrossFit was one of them. I watched Youtube videos of various CrossFit workouts and also snippets of Crossfit Games competitions. I instantly identified with the camaraderie, and the physiques of the athletes appealed to me as well. The other aspects I really liked, were the personal coaching and level of attention to proper form and technique and enthusiasm/motivation all the coaches provided. The set class schedules, relatively small class sizes, and the always changing “Workout of the Day” also was a big positive for me. After the research, I thought I would give Crossfit RDU a try. I came in and went through all the movements and a few short, sample workouts. I could tell right away my personal endurance would be severely tested, and if I could stick with it, should see results pretty quick. Boy did I ever. I have gone from a 5’11”, 210 pound top-heavy guy, to a more balanced, lean 185 pounds in 4 short months. The enthusiasm/coaching from the noon coaches (Steve, Logan, and Pete) combined with the effort of my other noon CrossFit classmates have really challenged me to go outside my comfort zone, work harder than ever before, embrace the challenging workouts and strive to get stronger and fitter than ever before. Never did I think I would deadlift 400 pounds, do 100 pull-ups in a single workout, or run a sub 6:30 mile again. In 4 months, all of those have been accomplished. Every day I look forward to the workout and to continue striving to become a fitter, healthier person. My one regret was not finding Crossfit RDU years earlier.

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I became familiar with CrossFit by watching the CrossFit games on ESPN. I remember thinking how crazy in shape these CrossFitters are and I could never do those workouts. I have been lifting weights most of my life and in the past few years prior to CrossFit I was doing P90X and Insanity with varying degrees of success and became bored with them. I initially thought that I would do CrossFit for three months and move on. I have been at CrossFitRDU for 8 months now and I am totally addicted to the lifestyle. I have lost 25lbs and look and feel better than I think I ever have. The coaches and staff of CrossFit RDU are amazing and will help you obtain your fitness goals now matter how big or small.Becoming a “great” crossfitter is akin to eating an elephant. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!

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Its like having a second family

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Great coaches, great facility, great people

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Friendly people and they are there to help!

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