Cheer Extreme Raleigh
1601 Garner Station Blvd, Raleigh, NC 27610, United States
Review №1

Beautiful spacious gym, love the nest cameras so you can check in and watch your kids practice from the car. Such a brilliant idea especially during a pandemic.

Review №2

I have a friend/co-worker who has a daughter that goes here. I have been shown videos and photos of how well maintained this facility is. The girls are always wearing their masks. Sometimes during tumbling or jumping, their masks may slide down, but who would expect them not to?! That doesnt mean that any rules are being broken or not being followed. When my toddler gets big enough, Id love to have her here!

Review №3

Cheer Extreme has been our cheer home for over 5 years. Both of our girls have thrived there with expert coaches who have poured into them their best teaching for cheer and life! The family atmosphere of fierce love and honest feedback is unmatched. The new facility is absolutely amazing! And in this very difficult COVID year, Kelly and team have gone above and beyond to keep everyone safe, healthy, engaged, and inspired. I could go on and on, but hope that anyone reading this who has an interest to come check it out yourself. You wont be disappointed!!

Review №4

I cannot say enough great things about this gym, my daughter lives out of state, Kelly set her up with the most amazing host family we could ever ask for! Everyone from the coaches the parents and her teammates are absolutely amazing people. My daughter is doing better than I ever thought she could in this gym. Not only have her skills improved but her confidence is so high. I know everyone in This gym only wants the best for my daughter. I could not be more thankful for Cheer Extreme Raleigh and everyone involved! Through this pandemic I have never once worried about the safety of my child, Kelly has done an amazing job making sure everyone is safe!!!

Review №5

This is our first year at Cheer Extreme Raleigh and we couldn’t be happier with the way this gym is run. From the communication to the protocols that make our daughter safe while still getting to enjoy the sport she loves. The staff is AMAZING and has been so welcoming to us. Keep up the great work!!

Review №6

Cheer Extreme Raleigh is the most incredible facility for beginners to elite higher levels for cheerleading and tumbling. I’ve had 2 daughters on the half year team and 1 on a Worlds team. All 3 have loved every minute. The gym is clean and safe. Every precaution is continually taken during this pandemic for the safety of the athletes. The coaching staff is world class. I highly recommend this gym to anyone with an interest in competitive cheer.

Review №7

Staff is amazing! very pretty gym and amazing athletes. 10000000 RECOMMEND

Review №8

Ive cheer here currently and love the gym the coaches and everything, but when i go to tumbling or skill building im being held back. I think its ridiculous that when i go to tumbling to get new skills and my coaches know ive had skill since i was 10. Need better tumbling coaches.

Review №9

Cheer Extreme Raleigh has created such wonderful memories and experiences for my daughters. Throughout the years training at the gym they have made treasured friendships and have gained so many new skills. We hold the coaches dear to our hearts and appreciate all they do for the athletes.

Review №10

This is our 1st year with Cheer extreme but our 4th year in competitive cheer and we have been so impressed with this gym, especially during this pandemic. The communication is outstanding and all of the safety protocols that have been put into place make us feel very comfortable! I’m so thankful for cheer extreme allowing a safe place for our daughter to continue doing what she loves and for all of the coaches who continually support and pour into these kids!

Review №11

Coaches love what they do and the atmosphere is amazing! best place i love to call my home!

Review №12

This is my daughters first time cheering! The entire staff have welcomed her with open arms! Communications and safety has been top notch! During this crazy time, I have always felt safe having my daughter in class!

Review №13

This is our first year with this gym but 5th year in the sport. Weve been so impressed with this gym, especially given the strange year. With all the safety protocols in place, Ive felt comfortable to allow my daughter to continue in the sport. Shes thriving and enjoys the coaches and gym!

Review №14

We joined Cheer Extreme in June 2020. We moved from out of state in the middle of a pandemic and could not be happier with our decision. The coaches and families immediately made my daughter feel welcome! The coaches took the time to get to know my daughter, her current skills and her potential. She is having an amazing first season at CEA!

Review №15

This is our first year at Cheer Extreme Raleigh and we love it. My son has learned so much and continues to learn every time he steps foot in the gym. Everyone has been more than helpful while he is achieving his goal.

Review №16

My child has been a part of the program for the last 4 years. During this pandemic I have felt well informed about what protocols the gym has implemented and have seen firsthand how the protocols are being enforced. Whereas they cannot control things that happen outside of the gym, they have done an awesome job setting up a protocol that will keep the kids safe while they continue to do the sport they love to do, while at the gym.

Review №17

This gym is really good. My nephew has been here for years and he loves it. My sister is a team mom and she always raves about it. I would definitely recommend this gym.

Review №18

The coaches are Amazing! Encouraging! Supportive! Talented!No matter your skill level or ability Cheer Extreme finds a place for you!

Review №19

Our home away from home! My girls have grown so much as cheerleaders in the two years they have been here. We love this gym and those who all work there! I am proud to call this gym family!!!!

Review №20

My daughter came to CEA three years ago after being a competitive dancer for 6 years. Moving from dance to cheer was the BEST decision we ever made. I have watched my daughter grow in confidence in ways I cannot even begin to explain. The coaches have encouraged her, challenged her, and pushed her to become the best athlete she can be. Each one has helped her set goals and continually reach them. We have been on a level 2, 4 and now a junior level 5 R team. Each team has been given every opportunity to thrive within their season, including winning Summit last year. She has made some wonderful friends these past few years, as have I. If you are looking for a place where your child can become part of a family, look no further than Cheer Extreme Raleigh.

Review №21

Cheer Extreme Raleigh is the best of the best!! We have cheered at 5 gyms in 8 seasons thanks to the military, and the biggest blessing for us was landing at Cheer Extreme! We are in our second season here and have nothing but the highest praise for this program!

Review №22

Our experience has been everything we could have ever imagined.My daughter’s favorite place is this gym. I could write a book but CEA Raleigh changed our daughter’s life. She struggled with major anxiety and confidence and these amazing people wrapped their arms around her (literally). The love these coaches have for these athletes is more than I could ever put into words. Today she is thriving! She is living her best life and growing everyday. No place I would ever want to be than right here!!❤️❤️ CEA Raleigh is the best of the best.

Review №23

Best cheer gym in the state! If you’re looking for a gym that goes above and beyond your expectations you have found it! We wouldn’t cheer anywhere else!

Review №24

This gym is transparent, honest, professional and has helped my athlete develop far faster than anywhere else. I’m so impressed and thankful to have joined!

Review №25

I love how every athlete matters, level 1 treated with the same determination as a level 6 athlete. They love cheerleading and they love their athletes!! True family environment with a crazy talented staff!!

Review №26

There is so much I can write about this gym and the impact it has made on my daughter but I will summarize. Kelly Helton and her staff are the very best in the business. My daughters first year at this gym she became a triple crown winner and won worlds. The love, dedication, and support they pour into our children is unmatched. We are Xtremely thankful!

Review №27

This is our 3rd year here- we started on the half year team & now we’re on a level one team— we have so much love for CEA ! The coaches are amazing. This has been the best thing about 2020 keeping it in our routine !

Review №28

Beautiful facility, impressive athletes, very nice families. The owner recruited one of the best CheerAbilities coaches in the country to start a team at CEA Raleigh. CheerAbilities is for athletes with various types of disabilities. Some have Autism, Down Syndrome, and others have physical disabilities where they need help moving like with a wheelchair. Our team, Dream Team, had a great first year bonding as a team, with the gym, their coach, and junior coaches. They performed publicly twice with no assistants on the floor. They practiced and stayed connected through the COVID19 stay at home order. Our girls all are immunocompromised in different ways and varying degrees. Once the gym reopened our team was ready and committed to work harder and longer than the year before. They happily got into the gym for a 90 minute practice and came out tired and happy everytime. They even challenge each other to workout outside of the gym. Now the OWNER has some disagreement with our CheerAbilities coach and couldnt figure out how to resolve it, so now our entire team is looking for a new gym. The owner talked to us the first and last day. Not much if at all in between. I thought she was respecting our dynamic and team culture, little did I know she wasnt REALLY committed to us. She saw an opportunity to boot us out and she did. Good luck CEA Raleigh.

Review №29

Our 2nd year at this amazing establishment. The coaches and staff go above and beyond. My daughter has gained so much here and we are grateful to have found such caring and motivating coaches!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Review №30

Amazing coaches and staff. They truly care about our kids. There is a perfect fit team for everyone.

Review №31

Great atmosphere here!! Friendly and welcoming Staff!!

Review №32

My daughter absolutely loves being at Cheer Extreme. She looks forward to going every week. Her coaches are so supportive and kind.

Review №33

Kendall has always loved CEA. We moved here from Texas and tried out for her first Summit team in 2016 and they went on to win B2B championships in 2016 & 2017. In the time she spent there she won 2 Summit championships, 3 NCA championships, Cheersport, Triple Crown and numerous other national championships. Kelly and the CEA coaching team taught her tons of techniques and have shaped and molded her into a talented athlete.

Review №34

This is my daughters first year at the gym and we couldnt be happier! Incredible coaches and great communication in this gym!! She has learned so much in such a short amount of time all because of the commitment this gym has to their athletes!

Review №35

Love CEA Raleigh!! Our daughter has grown leaps and bounds since attending this gym! The staff/coaches are fantastic and our daughter just adores them.

Review №36

A friend of ours talked about CEA and how great the program was and how everyone was like family and encouraged us to come check it out. Three years later and we are still so glad we were encouraged to check it out.

Review №37

This is my daughter’s second season at CEA Raleigh and I have just one regret... not joining the program sooner! Excellent coaching, professional administration, beautiful facility and an amazing community of athletes and parents. I highly recommend CEA Raleigh.

Review №38

Best decision Our family ever made. We have traveled over 100 miles each way for seven years so my daughter could be part of the Cea family. This gym has made every dream she ever had as an athlete come true; she has made lifelong friends and the lesson she’s learned in Cheer will carry her forever.

Review №39

I absolutely can not say enough on how much they have nurtured and taught my daughter! She is where she is because the coaches care. They have really cared about my child and she is thriving despite a pandemic!!

Review №40

Cheer Extreme has been my daughter’s second home for the last 2 seasons. We are so thankful for this gym. The coaches and staff have been wonderful with her.

Review №41

I am eXtremely proud at my daughters progress and growth. There were many firsts for her at this gym and my wife and I are glad to be apart of it. Kelly Helton has a special place in my daughters heart and Cheer Extreme Raleigh has a special place in ours.

Review №42

My coworker has a daughter that goes here & I have seen videos of practices & competitions (before & after COVID started) & this is one of the MOST professional, clean, energetic, caring, & fun places. The owner works hard DAILY to make sure that the CDC guidelines concerning COVID are followed by everyone. You want a caring, loving, energetic, responsible cheer gyms.......Cheer Extreme Raleigh is where you need to be

Review №43

We are in our 4th season with CEA Raleigh and have the highest respect for our cheer family and coaching staff! Thank you for giving our children the support and confidence to continue this sport in a fantastic environment!

Review №44

We’re new to the area and my daughter loves all star cheerleading at CEA. The owner, staff, coaches are awesome and professional. I highly recommend the business.

Review №45

My daughter is in her 6th season at CEA.I love that she is being coached by the best in the industry!

Review №46

Couldn’t love our time at CEA more. We drive a good distance but it’s well worth it for the quality of coaching and programs offered

Review №47

This is the 4th year our 2 daughters are cheering with CEA. We have been at other gyms, but now that we are with CEA, we would never go anywhere else. No gym is perfect, and all parents and kids grumble at times, but what is amazing about CEA Raleigh is that the owners and coaches always strive to get the best from themselves and the athletes. They are constantly open to feedback from parents and athletes, seek to truly understand all concerns of any size or topic, and actually ADJUST - when appropriate - to keep making the program better. Every athlete and team is important at the gym - be they prep kids or world champs - and coaches use a wealth of different approaches to connect and bring the most out of each athlete. Kids are taught that teams are built with varieties of skills and strengths, that everyone has value. Expectations ARE HIGH from coaches, but no higher than from the athletes on the teams. Everyone is held to the same rules and standards. I think folks need to understand that when they come to CEA. If you embrace the pursuit of excellence, you will be thrilled with the experience!

Review №48

Excellent with children! Kelly & Ms. Amanda are absolutely great.PSA - The reviewer “Biocotin King” below appears to be spam. The picture he posted is of my friend’s teenage daughter and her friend who lives in Kentucky. The photo was not taken at Cheer Extreme, but rather at my friend’s personal residence and they somehow got this personal photo - which has been reported. If you look at this dude’s reviews, he has also reported a handful of other places for allegedly giving him Corona. Really unsure what this “Biocotin King” gent would have been doing at a cheerleading gym for adolescents anyhow. Sketch.

Review №49

CEA Raleigh is such an amazing place. CEA has been a tremendous blessing to my quiet and reserved daughter. From the minute she stepped foot inside of CEA in July 2020 her confidence and self esteem has been built up by the amazing staff. As a parent we never want to see our children feel like they are worthless or doubt themselves. With CEA my daughter has begun to come out of her shell and realize her worth. She is finally in a place that makes her feel wanted and safe. Kelly, the staff, and the coaches are all amazing. Thank you CEA for being the second family for my daughter. We are extremely happy with CEA and all they do.

Review №50

My daughter who had never cheered a day in her life started here 1 1/2 years ago. At that time she could not do a cartwheel or even hold herself up in a bridge for that matter. In the short period of time we have been with CEA my daughter has excelled and achieved more than I could have ever imagined for someone so young and inexperienced. With the love, support, safety, hard work, dedication, and inspiration from the staff at CEA my daughter can now do multiple back walkovers in a row, count a routine, gained flexibility and is more determined to be a better athlete each and every day thanks to what has been instilled in her by her coaches here. Everyone at this gym starts out as strangers but ALWAYS ends in lifelong friends! My daughter once said she didn’t like cheerleading because it was too hard and she didn’t know anything or anyone, but thanks to CEA she has found a passion in this sport that she now loves, has found strength to push through when things get tough, has learned self-discipline, and how to work together as a team! It saddens me to see that some folks have given this amazing cheer gym a one star rating due to jealousy and hate towards the gym for being open during a pandemic and yet these folks have never stepped foot in this cheer gym and have no business rating it that way. The CEA Cheer family will always fight for what our children so desperately want and need and that is to cheer and be together even if that requires cheering with a mask and limiting the number of people and or hosting virtual practices when necessary . All I know is, I work in healthcare and have witnessed COVID first hand on many occasions now and I could not be more proud of the owners of CEA and their staff for how they have handled keeping their business open, following all of the CDC guidelines and taking all precautions necessary to keep our children safe while allowing them to have what normalcy they can these days! I love seeing my daughter grow as an athlete here at CEA and I look forward to many more success stories and witnessing the goals she will achieve through her time here at this incredible gym that I recommend to all!! (*side note: I was a college athlete and my husband a professional athlete so we have a lot of respect for this gym and staff and are so thankful they didn’t give up on our athletes. They understand and recognize the importance of continuing to train in the safest and best ways possible even through a worldwide pandemic!)

Review №51

The staff, the facility, the owners, the coaches, the family feel of all that goes on at Cheer Extreme is like no other! No other cheer gym comes close! My Madi has been a part of the CER family for 13years... love, skills, talent, and friendship doesn’t get any better than that! Thank you Kelly, Randall and everyone at CER for everything you have done and given to Madi and I! We love you!

Review №52

We have been with CEA since the fall, when we moved to Raleigh. My daughter was formerly a competitive gymnast, and when we moved, she wanted to try something different. CEA has blown my expectations out of the water! Her coaches are supportive and professional, but they still encourage her to grow her skills and try new stunts and tumbling. She has learned more in the past four months than she learned in her entire last year of gymnastics. Additionally, there seems to be a culture of inclusiveness and support, friendship and positivity at all times. We could not be happier with the choice to join CEA. The world of competitive cheer is new to me, but so far we are loving it!

Review №53

This is our 5th season at CEA Raleigh. My daughter has grown leaps and bounds from this program not only as an athlete but as a person. When she started she was quiet, shy and afraid to get involved in a group. Through CEA not only has she become an amazing all around base on the ground but it seems that she has found her voice. This program is about so much more than just cheer. It is about confidence building, growth, courage and pushing yourself to be your very best at everything that you do each and every day. Cheer may be a luxury sport but the skills gained at CEA certainly extend far beyond just the mats.

Review №54

This is our 5th season of cheer and 2nd at CEA. The coaching is top notch and they genuinely care about every athlete from Worlds to Tinys and everything in between. This year has been one for the books and the protocols put in place to keep our athletes safe and doing the one normal thing in life right now were above and beyond. Communication has been clear and ongoing. Cheer is probably the place I feel safest at for my daughter right now. We are so appreciative of everything my daughter has learned, not only skills, but also the life lessons under the guide of CEA coaches. Cant imagine my daughter cheering anywhere else.

Review №55

Great organizations start with great people. Cant say enough good things about the staff, coaches and athletes that make Cheer Extreme -Raleigh

Review №56

We have been with this program for 6 years. I can truly say Kelly and get staff care about every single one of the athletes at this gym.

Review №57

We love CEA!! Great coaches, talented athletes, and wonderful friendships!

Review №58

CEA Raleigh is amazing! We drive 3 hours one way and it is totally worth every second!

Review №59

Excellent facility! Clean, safe and extremely professional

Review №60

The owner kicked the Exceptional Athletes (Special Needs) Team out of the gym because she deemed them as ‘lesser than’ and didn’t want to pay the coaches the same nor keep them in the gym longer than an hour, but still charge the families full tuition. Disrespectful to those kids who don’t understand why they can’t cheer anymore.

Review №61

My daughter has thrived at cheer extreme and the coaches are top notch! Very grateful

Review №62

Our daughter began at Cheer Extreme in 2017 by taking tumbling classes. She improved so quickly under Willies coaching that she quickly wanted to join a cheer team. At age 12 she was a little older than most beginning cheerleaders. I was very thankful for the half year program that Cheer Extreme offers. It was great to get a taste of competitive cheer without committing to the full year scenario. With local competitions and only one practice per week she was able to learn all she needed to know about competitive cheer to see if it was the sport for her. We quickly realized that through the supportive environment at Cheer Extreme she not only loved what she was doing but developed quickly into quite an athlete! At the end of her half year season she begged to join a full year team for this season. We are more than happy with our decision to proceed with this gym. Coaches are very knowledgeable & athletes are well prepared for every competition. Coaches provide instruction in a positive coaching manner that encourages athletes to grow. Kelly and her staff also provide outstanding opportunities to connect high school athletes with colleges that offer scholarships for cheer. It is quite a distance from our home with traffic but well worth the drive. We wouldnt go anywhere else.

Review №63

This is my daughter Katelyn’s 3rd season at Cheer Extreme Raleigh. To say she has lived a fairytale cheer life in the last 2 1/2 years would be accurate! We are so humbled and grateful for the opportunities that have come her way since being here. She has been pushed beyond what she even thought possible. The coaches are the BEST at knowing what is right for your child! This is hard as a parent sometimes to turn over control and trust the process, but worth it! Thank you Cheer Extreme Raleigh for loving, supporting, motivating and believing! Friendships, memories and unbreakable bonds with coaches and teammates....beyond the titles, backpacks and jackets this is what Katelyn will remember most. ❤️

Review №64

My best friends daughter cheers here and I have a 6 yr old daughter who tumbles here with one of the coaches and she LOVES IT. She doesn’t cheer but I will definitely be signing her up to cheer here next year. Coaches , parents , and kids are so welcoming . Only been going to the gym for about 3 months and I can say that I am very pleased by everything with the gym. Not 1 disappointment

Review №65

The professionalism and care for the athletes is first class!

Review №66

This is our third season at Cheer Extreme Raleigh, I have three girls that are in love with cheer but mostly in love with this program and every single one of their coaches, they all bring something different to the plate. My girls feel safe, loved and very important. The coaches always make sure that every kid knows that no matter what your position is in the team you are all equally important because they couldn’t be a team without one athletes part. I always wanted my kids to learn what team ethics was and we have found that and more, we are a big family and I know my girls have all the peers they need for cheer and in their personal life. Couldn’t ask for more!! I highly recommended!!

Review №67

My daughter has excelled by leaps and bounds since moving to Cheer Extreme Raleigh 3 years ago. The coaches and owner have a passion for coaching and the expertise to make your athlete shine. There is a reason why so many parents through out North Carolina and even out-of-state are willing to drive their athlete there. Cheer Extreme Raleigh is literally a world-renowned gym. Your athlete will never out grow this gym nor is it too advanced for them to start at. They shape and mold all of their athletes to be the best they can be. Most importantly, my daughter loves her coaches and friends she has made there.

Review №68

My family came to this gym a few years back and it has been the best thing we have ever done. Our daughter is not the most athletic child but she was made to feel welcome day 1 and has excelled beyond anything we could of imagined . She now competes on a Worlds team, something we never thought possible until we came to Cheer Extreme. The guidance and love was everything she needed to reach her goals. I highly recommend this gym to all walks of all star cheer athletes . This is definitely the place to grow and become family

Review №69

My daughter has grown tremendously since joining this program. Amazing atmosphere, amazing staff, best family ever!

Review №70

My daughter started at Cheer Extreme a few years ago with the recreational tumble classes. She had taken tumble at several gymnastics gyms in the Raleigh area but she was never challenged enough. Coach Willie and Gabe gave her the confidence to move beyond back bends and cartwheels and didnt hold her back when she wanted to learn more. We loved that they let her progress at her own pace rather than by what year she was in. She is currently in her first year of year round cheer and loves every minute of it. The coaches are amazing at what they do and we feel that this is the best place for her to pursue her passion.

Review №71

My daughter joined this gym just a few months ago after trying one of their cheer camps. She had danced for five years and decided that she wanted to try something different. The coaches and staff are so knowledgeable and were able to help us get her into a tumbling class perfect for her as well as suggesting the half year team. When she started she didn’t know how to tumble but after a few months at Cheer Extreme she has gained so many skills. She has made so many friends from cheering and has grown into a more confident young lady. I’m so thankful that we joined Cheer Extreme Raleigh.

Review №72

After six years at another cheer gym, we switched to Cheer Extreme Raleigh. It was a great decision! In two years, my daughter’s tumbling has improved tremendously in technique and skill level, and the coaches helped her find her confidence. She went to the Summit for the first time last year and had a great experience! No matter where she competes, her teams are always competitive! I only wish we had switched gyms earlier!

Review №73

This is our first year at CEA Raleigh, and I just don’t have enough time to list all of the things we love about it! My daughter’s confidence has vastly improved in this very positive and uplifting environment. The coaches are amazing. They are professional, and incredibly knowledgeable, and at the same time truly care about the kids. Don’t listen to any negative you hear about this place. The haters are simply jealous of this amazingly successful program. The athletes are held to a high standard here, and Kelly and the rest of the staff are equipped to help them rise to the occasion. We truly should have come here years ago.

Review №74

This is our family’s first year at CEA and we’ve been impressed by this first class gym since day one. Coaches are super knowledgeable and there is always a class or offering to bring out the best in your athlete. My daughter has grown leaps and bounds as a flyer and tumbler, and I couldn’t be happier!

Review №75

My family moved here late summer 2018 because my husband has been relocated for his job. My daughter has cheered for 10 years and a small gym in Michigan. The first day of practice she was welcomed with open arms, team mates had been waiting for her arrival. All I can say is that this experience has really solidified her love for cheer. Cheer extreme is very different from where we can from. The parents care about ALL the athletes on the team doing well. The team moms are attentive, giving and make the athletes and parents feel appreciated. The coaches are positive and wants the athletes to do well and also cheer on every milestone. My daughter is a first year cheer extremer and has made a level 5 team. She has more confidence and has made friends from all teams. If you are looking for a cheer home this is the place to be.

Review №76

This is our first year. We live an hour away from gym but its well worth the drive. My daughter gave up high school cheer to work with the amazing coaches and talented cheerleaders at this gym. The coaches encourage the kids to do their best and keep improving. Team moms are assigned to each team to keep us organized and informed. Community involvement and volunteering is promoted.

Review №77

My daughter used to cheer at a gym 5 minutes from our house. Wanting more opportunity to grow, she begged us to switch to Cheer Extreme. Switching for us meant giving up that 5 minute commute to the gym. Switching for our daughter meant higher level tumbling and stunting and the opportunity to reach her goals. My husband and I saw our daughter craving the environment of Cheer Extreme and gave in and let her switch. Now in our 3rd season at Cheer Extreme, I can say without a doubt that making the switch was by far the BEST decision!! Our daughter has grown exponentially under the coaching of Cheer Extreme and we love being part of the teal family! I would highly recommend Cheer Extreme to anyone interested in cheer, tumbling etc. There is something for every level and I’m confident kids will grow and thrive at Cheer Extreme!

Review №78

Best Cheer Gym in the Southeast...PERIODT!!

Review №79

Amazing gym! We are New after a few years in another state/gym and we are so impressed. The facility is great but most importantly the staff, coaches and owner are professional, athlete focused and world class. We could not be happier than to be at this incredible gym!

Review №80

Cheer Extreme Raleigh has to be the largest small gym Ive ever encountered. Meaning that even though they have hundreds of athletes, you still get the feeling of a small gym environment. Kelly takes the time to get to know and form a relationship with every athlete and their family so that they feel completely comfortable and are able to reach their fullest potential. The coaches are great, the parents are great, hands down the best gym experience we have ever had. I wouldnt trust my daughter to anyone else.

Review №81

Many hours spent outside in the car! Thanks COVID19!

Review №82

My daughter and our family love CEA. They are so organized, dedicated to their athletes and honest. I fully trust the staff and feel like my child is 100% supported in and out of the gym. She has made friendships life lasting and the coaches are outstanding. She is ALWAYS treated respectfully, kindly and has been supported emotionally and physically in her “off days”. We are forever TEAL!

Review №83

Our family has been at Cheer Extreme Raleigh for 12 years with both of my girls moving through the program from Tiny to Worlds and I wouldnt trust anyone else with them! The coaching staff, owner and administration are the best in the business! The full experience of life lessons mixed with pushing to be the best you can be is something every athlete should experience and CEA Raleigh has it all! I cant say enough positive things about the first class cheer gym! If you are looking for a new gym home look no further this gym has it ALL!

Review №84

My daughter is in her 3rd season at Cheer Extreme Raleigh after transferring from a small gym of 5 years. Prior to transitioning, we were apprehensive of it being a larger gym and her potentially getting lost in the shuffle, and boy were we wrong! It was amazing the immediate effort the coaches and staff put into learning my daughter’s name as well as investing in her strengths, needs, and interests. In addition, my daughter has gained valuable interpersonal skills while being taught how to collaborate, communicate effectively, and adapt to any situation to reach goals. Thank you, Cheer Extreme!

Review №85

My daughter came to CEA mid season. Coming from a smaller gym I had many fears. Somehow they are able to manage over 400 athletes and not once have we felt like my daughter was just a number. My daughter has been welcomed and treated as if she’s always been a member of her team. Very positive atmosphere and highly organized gym.

Review №86

Cheer Extreme Raleigh is well established and known for developing award winning teams as well as athletes. Kelly Smith Helton has a passion, drive, and vision for putting stunning routines on the mat, year after year. She is a key opinion leader within the competitive cheer industry and keeps well-certified, engaged coaches that motivate and encourage the student-athletes to be the best version of themselves inside and outside of the gym. Cheer Extreme Raleigh is the best of the best!

Review №87

This is our first year at this gym after being at our previous gym for 6 years. I was beyond impressed at the communication with Kelly right from the beginning. She answered my email at 1:00 in the morning and the communication continues to be top notch. The coaches are AMAZING! They put every athlete in a position to be successful. I have seen my daughter go from being shy and doubting her abilities to a strong and confident athlete. Cannot wait to see where our journey takes us and there is no doubt in my mind that we made the right decision.

Review №88

My daughter and I absolutely love everything that CES has to offer. Everyone is welcoming and always greats you with a smile. The coaches are great and want nothing but the best for every kid that steps in that gym. The owner is doing an amazing things with our kids and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for mine...

Review №89

Our children ages 8 and 16 have attended several cheerleading, stunt and tumbling camps at Cheer Extreme Raleigh. We were welcomed and treated like family since the first time we walked through their doors. The coaches are enthusiastic, encouraging and talented. The facility was well appointed with all of the equipment needed to grow into a better athlete. I only wish we lived closer so that we could go more often,

Review №90

I have only been at cheer extreme for a week and am already loving it! The coaches are extremely nice and really care about every athlete and what is best for them and the team. It is a very welcoming program and truly lives up to the great reputation of amazing coaches and teams that they’ve earned!

Review №91

This is our third season with Cheer Extreme Raleigh. The coaches and staff are professional, courteous, and care about each child as an athlete AND an individual. They are committed to helping develop your child as more than just an athlete. The parents are supportive and enthusiastically cheer on every achievement, big or small. You hear the whole gym clap just as hard for a childs first back walkover as you do for a first full. It really is a family!

Review №92

We have been at this gym for five years! It has been a wonderful experience being here. Kelly is amazing and the coaches are as well. We couldn’t ask for a better place to be!

Review №93

We moved here from Orlando with no idea where to cheer. My best friend said it had to be Cheer Extreme as they develop amazing athletes. She was right. We are only into our first season, but our daughter has learned so much in her short time. She went from a level 1 team to level 4 and she continues to be challenged daily. If your child is ready to be part of a team, learn how to be competitive and learn sportsmanship then this gym is for you! I only trust reviews from parents who have athletes who attend or who have attended which is why I wanted to share my experience.

Review №94

We were at another local gym for 3 years. We were unsatisfied for most of it. When we came to CEA my daughter blossomed into an amazing person, athletic, friend and teammate! This gym is family. There are many amazing opportunities offered here and we can’t wait to see what the future holds! We would highly recommend this gym for your child! 💖👗

Review №95

My daughter joined the Cheer Extreme family in May 2017 having been relatively new to cheer, and since that time she has flourished! The coaching and support staff are exceptionally talented and remarkably dedicated to each and every athlete. They have created a safe, encouraging, and cooperative environment for athletes and parents alike, which we are thrilled be part of.

Review №96

Cheer Extreme Raleigh is absolutely amazing! The coaches are very caring and will help your child with whatever they need. Everyone goes above and beyond to make you feel like family. Once family always family💙

Review №97

My daughter started Cheer Extreme in May of 2018 after being in gymnastics for years. My daughter was very intimidated by being one of the younger girls at tryouts and seeing so many girls of higher skills. Kelly went up to her, introduced herself and erased all those fears. From that point on, my daughter has been in LOVE with cheer! She went from years of gymnastics practice with a back-walk-over, from learning a back handspring in just 2 months! She is now currently working on back-tucks and has only been at Cheer Extreme for 9 months! The coaches there are amazing and push the kids to their highest potential. Even though Cheer Extreme is a large gym, the coaches of all levels are very knowledgeable about cheerleading and push their athletes to be their best. I highly recommend Cheer Extreme to anyone who is interested in cheering or tumbling.

Review №98

Kelly and her staff do an excellent job instructing the athletes at this facility! We moved here from a small gym and were worried that my daughter would be just a number, that was far from reality! Kelly knew my daughter by name inside a week!!! They care about each and every athlete at the gym and work hard for each child to go above and beyond their potential! It’s not just a gym, it’s a family!

Review №99

My daughter has cheered here for two years. We drive three hours round trip and I can tell you it the experience and expertise makes the drive worth it! We love the family atmosphere and amazing coaches!!

Review №100

We have been at this amazing gym a little over 2 seasons now! What an incredible gym! The skills that are learned here are priceless! My children both grown leaps and bounds. The coaches really do care about even the simplest skill learned to the hardest skills. They are personable and friendly but most of all are teachers! They make sure that your child not gets the skill but that it’s executed right so they don’t get hurt. They work hard. They play hard and they have the skill and they expertise to create talented winning teams! I’m sad that this is my oldest daughters last year. Crossing my fingers that Code Black comes away with an amazing year as well Angels!! 5 stars!!!

3.6 Rating
  • Address:1601 Garner Station Blvd, Raleigh, NC 27610, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 919-876-8325
  • Gym
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
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