Chain Effect Physical Therapy and Performance Enhancement
2501 Blue Ridge Rd g130, Raleigh, NC 27607, United States

Review №1

I have had such a great experience working with the folks at Chain Effect! They were so easy to work with and very accommodating. Dr. Tremblay who I worked with was very knowledgeable and read over the notes from my spinal surgery so he knew exactly what I was dealing with. In six weeks he got me out of the back brace I had been wearing for four months and moving so much more naturally. He worked on strength training as well as skill movements to get back to moving in ways I haven’t moved since my accident. He was so positive it motivated me to keep up with the daily training program he set up for me which helped me to start rebuilding my stamina. He was a great listener too and incorporated training to deal with issues I brought up to him. He has a huge difference in my recovery and I am extremely grateful!

Review №2

I currently use Chain Effect for Nutrition Counseling. Caleb Frazier has been an amazing help throughout my journey of bettering my relationship with food and my health! In just a short five weeks, the advice he gave me and taught, used with proper exercise, I have lost about 17lbs and feel so great about my body and journey. I highly recommend starting your journey with him!

Review №3

Just what I needed to kick things up a notch! My Nutrition consultation was amazing. I felt heard and valued. I highly suggest Chain Effect if you are looking for that extra push.

Review №4

Grant is an amazing physical therapist! He has helped tremendously with my sciatica and other ailments. He listens carefully and tailors my sessions based on how Im doing that day, which is so much more effective than other PTs Ive seen. I am very pleased that I was recommended to Chain Effect.(Thanks Taylor, for not letting me cancel that first appt. You were right! 😊).

Review №5

I work in the building upstairs from Chain Effect and workout in their gym fairly regularly. It was a natural choice to visit them for a PT issue. Dr. Trembly went right to work. Ive got my range of motion back and generally feeling better after two visits. I highly recommend them.

Review №6

It has been great. Eddie works with me on nutrition and hydration. He helps me get exercise in and teaches me to listen to my body. I have lost 29 pounds in 5 months and I couldnt have done it without Eddies support. If you listen to him he will go above and beyond to help you.

Review №7

I recommend this place to anyone interested in working on building their confidence around eating right and getting fit. The staff is personable and empower you to make the best decisions based on your personal goals.

Review №8

Awesome attention to detail and helping understand that getting healthy is a process and you must take small but steady steps each day to succeed!

Review №9

When I tore my ACL this year, it was critical that I find the best surgeon and PT team in the area to help me get back to my active/athletic lifestyle including playing sports, CrossFit and heavy lifting. After talking to many people in the athletic and sports community, I knew I had landed the best surgeon. However, shortly after surgery, I was left feeling quite underwhelmed with my early PT experience. Often times, I was 1 of 2 or 3 patients seen by the PT so there was hardly any 1:1 time. There was almost no manual/hands on therapy which is so critical during the actuate stages of ACL recovery and I always did the same exercises every time I had a session (usually with the aid or assistant) which was 2-3 x’s per week. I was left feeling very disappointed and frustrated with myself and my progress. After expressing this concern to my surgeon and other athletic trainers, they all pointed me to Taylor and I’m so grateful they did. In only a handful of sessions with Taylor, I have seen remarkable progress and strength on my operative side. In addition to being an excellent therapist and trainer, Taylor is a fantastic teacher and always explains WHY we are executing each movement so I can confidently continue PT by myself in between our sessions.Other clinics may be suitable for patients looking for basic mobility. However, for folks looking to build strength and to gain or exceed athletic training and performance goals pre-injury, I will always and only recommend Taylor and CE.I look forward to working with Taylor during this long recovery and feel relieved knowing my long term health, safety and quality of life are in the very best hands.

Review №10

Ive been working with Caroline every week for the past six months. First we met for an hour, now 30 minutes. Every week I learn something new - about myself, about nutrition, resources available, recipes, etc. Each week we discuss an area to work on the following week. Some weeks I do better than others with regard to the specific goals, but sometimes something weve discussed will pop into my head right when I need it to help me make a better choice. It has been a wonderful experience and continues to be an important weekly investment for me.

Review №11

Educating you on making healthy choices and why. Excellent help.

Review №12

This review is LONG OVERDUE! Taylor has been treating me for many issues including neck, back and shoulder pain and I have experienced many positive results. Having been to several different physical therapists over the years, I absolutely appreciate the 100% hands on physical therapy that is lacking at other facilities. He is extremely knowledgeable and takes the time to understand your needs and how they relate to your daily life in order to provide a program of stretching, exercise, postural improvement. His support and encouragement have meant so much as I have made many lifestyle changes including working with the trainers available and improving my nutrition (so far, I have lost 38 pounds and feel better than I have in a few years!). The staff is very friendly and the facility is top notch-a full gym, personal trainers, and dietitians are available to meet all of your needs. I highly recommend them! GO TEAM CHAIN EFFECT!

Review №13

The premise that the Chain Effect of using multiple therapies to effect change in your self is the real deal. I was struggling with pain, weight, and diminishing mobility. By working with a trainer, nutrition, and physical therapy, Ive gained pain free mobility, gained strength to aide me in my everyday life, and lost weight. It takes effort to make life changes like this, but the folks at Chain Effect make the effort fun, and it works. I cant thank Taylor / Caroline / and Bryan enough for helping me get my life back on track.

Review №14

Dr Taylor is awesome at what he does! Also side note: I had been trying to get pregnant for over a year and I was telling Dr Taylor this and he suggested I try NuCalm. Boom. Pregnant! Thank you! 🙏

Review №15

I just completed my second dry needling session with Dr. Taylor Pope and I am very, VERY pleased with the results, as well as with the overall approach (identifying and focusing on weak/problem areas in my fitness and running technique). As a Brand Ambassador for Vibram and a competitive runner being sidelined for over 4-months due to heel and ankle pain has been very frustrating. I saw such incredible results after just one session that I came back for a second one! Not only my injury is rapidly healing, but my functional mobility is improving and I am already running faster than I did prior to my injury, despite missing so much training time.

Review №16

I would like to share my personal experience with Chain Effect Physical Therapy and Performance EnhancementFirst, they are true professionals starting from booking an appointment till receiving treatment. Upon arrival, the clinic was totally COVID safe, and measures are taken very well.I used to take physiotherapy sessions in the UK, and I needed to continue them in the USA. I was fortunate to meet Taylor; he is very friendly and explained everything in simple terms that I could understand.Personal opinionTaylor was one of the best physiotherapists I ever encountered; he diagnosed and treated the first sessions problem. The issue was having pain in my right shoulder and continue to my figures. We tried dry needles and other treatments.I highly recommend the treatments at the clinic.Yousef,

Review №17

Its really awesome that Taylor takes the time to explain the therapy, not just do it. Im learning a lot of how muscles work and why the specific therapy is needed. Also, making sure I understand the exercises to do at home has been beneficial so I know exactly what I must do on my own.I’ve also started nutrition counseling with Caroline, and she has been instrumental in helping me to understand serving sizes, moods associated with eating, and choices for meal plans. She is helping me set up a routine of when to eat and how much so I know how to make better decisions.

Review №18

Started going to here for a nutritionist simoly because their website seemed very much my style.... What a great decision. The staff is great and added personal training too, Im making great progress

Review №19

Caroline has been wonderful. I’ve only been seeing her for a couple short months now, and have seen such a drastic improvement and change in my weight and well-being when following her suggestions. I’m a new mom, so finding ways to eat right and exercise have been difficult, but Caroline has completely helped change my lifestyle. The atmosphere is very welcoming, and the rest of the staff are very kind as well. Definitely will continue going.

Review №20

I have been seeing Mrs. Caroline Pope at Chain Effect for about six months now and I couldn’t be more pleased with how she and the team at Chain Effect have treated me. I have struggled to gain weight as long as I can remember, but within the past 6 months I have seen incredible results not only to my weight but to my overall health and well-being due to her care and persistence in providing me with meal plans, tips, and general interest in helping me to achieve the weight I desire. Since the visits I have been eating more healthy and in turn it has really improved my appetite and sleeping habits. I recommend her to anyone trying to gain weight, lose weight, or live an overall healthier and more sustainable way of life!

Review №21

The moment I walked into this gym, I felt a 180 difference from previous gym experiences. The facilities are impeccably well maintained, and the staff treats you like a VIP guest. I train with Bryan, who not only has the compassion and enthusiasm of a great personal trainer, but the higher education to design effective workouts. And with 24/7 access, I can manage to work out around my atypical work schedule. I highly recommend this gym!

Review №22

I cant say enough wonderful things about Nutritional Counseling at Chain Effect. Ive been working with Caroline weekly for about 3 months now and its been incredible. It was important to me not to focus on a scale or calorie counting, but instead focus on giving my sugar heavy diet a much needed nutritional overhaul! I always feel like my concerns are heard and worked with, I never feel deprived of anything, and Caroline will always adjust to what works best for my mental health, in addition to my nutritional health.Since we meet every week, its much less stressful for me because I can make small, manageable changes that Ill be accountable for every week vs trying to hit bigger benchmarks over a longer period of time. Approaching it this way, Ive seen progress quickly which makes me want to keep going!Ive noticed a huge uptick in my self confidence, I feel better overall, my clothes fit better, and Im empowered to keep this up long term! After every week, I come out with a consistent plan to make me successful, on my own, long term.Working with Caroline has been the best decision I ever made for my nutritional health and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to take that positive step towards eating healthier!!

Review №23

I have been working with Eddie Fitzgerald, RD. Like most people, seeking guidance on how to improve your diet and life can be a little nerve racking. Eddie will but you at ease and help you achieve your goal. He understands that life happens and working through the challenges is part of creating change that will stick. FYI his services are normally covered by health insurance, usually with no out of pocket expense.

Review №24

I highly recommend Chain Effect! Caroline has been great to work with!

Review №25

Caroline Pope has been a great RD to work with. I see her because despite a healthy diet and regular exercise I have very stubborn weight to lose, Hashimotos Thyroiditis and a high A1C. She helped me make small changes that have had a huge impact on my health. No supplements, major calorie deficits, etc, but instead tracking macros, eating at specific times during the day and adjusting water consumption. She has suggested great foods to add to my eating routine and Im making awesome progress. If you are debating seeing an RD I highly recommend her.

Review №26

Dr. Pope has treated me several times for various sports-related injuries. Each time Ive been thrilled with the results. He not only got me back onto the field, but gave me a program of strengthening and stretching to avoid re-injury. In addition to providing great treatment, he does a really good job of explaining the physiology behind the treatment, helping to visualize the goal of the physical therapy. I highly, highly recommend Dr. Pope.

Review №27

I have had an amazing experience with Eddie Fitzgerald. He is one of the nutritionist at Chain Effect. They have transitioned to telehealth seamlessly. Eddie is super knowledgable and consistent! Cannot recommend this place enough!

Review №28

Review for Eddie Fitzgerald, nutritionist at Chain Effect. Eddie was my first experience with a nutritionist, I would highly recommend visiting him if you are looking for a local option. He was super flexible with scheduling, even allowing me to book after work for my first visit! Eddie took a realistic approach to my goals, habits, etc . He always followed our meetings with detailed notes and tips/goals to implement and experiment with between the next session .Eddies highly professional and friendly attitude made the experience for me. It felt like getting expert advice from an old friend, even on the very first session.

Review №29

I did not think I would be able to regain mobility in my neck—after four weeks I can look up at the stars again! So thankful to Taylor and his staff.

Review №30

Been a gym member since they opened almost 5 years ago. Always felt comfortable....clean, friendly, supportive. Started 1 dry needle PT session recently with Taylor and I can already tell a difference. So glad I made the choice to do PT!

Review №31

Great gym! Owners are awesome. Helpful and professional staff. Weights and equipment are neat and organized. Locker room and showers are CLEAN!!! Yay for that! 24/7 access. All around good stuff.

Review №32

Chain Effect is a state of the art facility. Gym is organized, clean, and open 24/7. Taylor Pope is very knowledgeable and works great with the patient. He diagnosed an injury of mine that other therapists did not take the time to look at. Dry needling is also a great functional therapy method that I strongly recommend everyone gives a try.

Review №33

I highly recommend Chain Effect as both a gym and for deep needling. Taylor is great at what he does, knowledgeable, and friendly. He walks you through what he is doing and why he is doing it throughout the process. Plus he gives you some take home tools to continue the healing process. I have seen Taylor for a multitude of injuries including neck, shoulder, calf, and IT band pain. All have been a great experience.

Review №34

I went to the Chain Effect to rehab a lower back injury in June 2018 and couldnt recommend it more highly.- Taylor and the team are friendly, responsive, and deeply knowledgeable. Taylor has a rare gift for providing an intelligent-and-easy-to-understand orthopedic explanation for my issue and the treatments we pursued, very helpful- The facility is clean, modern, and highly functional. I loved having gym access in addition to PT services- Most important they drove meaningful recovery. I have more mobility and less pain – cant argue with results.Hopefully I wont need to go back! But Id recommend the Chain Effect without qualification to anyone who needs PT in Raleigh.

Review №35

Taylor is a fantastic PT and has really helped get my shoulder function back. Thank you.

Review №36

I cannot recommend Chain Effect enough. First, its run by a young husband and wife team, which I love. I have taken a bunch of classes at this gym and am consistently impressed by how hard they push you and how much I get out of a 45 minute class. Caroline is probably the best class instructor Ive had anywhere, she switches up our exercises every week to keep things interesting. Plus, she works her ass off while leading the classes. The gym is very clean and they offer showers and a nice locker room. Dont hesitate to check this place out!!

Review №37

They leave you alone and let you work out in peace. The equipment is all clean and functioning.

Review №38

I have been looking for someone like Taylor and Chain Effect for a very long time.I found him out of exasperation, not knowing where to turn after getting blank stares in orthopedic offices regarding my sports-related leg injury, that seemed to arise without an acute incident. We began with dry needling and some proprietary treatments for about a month before moving to look at my training in the in-house gym (which is absolutely phenomenal). Taylor noticed some significant issues in my movements, and began reworking my regiment while still treating the leg. As the dry needling treatments worked & the issue subsided, we have since been primarily focusing on building my training to align with my vision, and it’s paying dividends.Recently, I began working with Katie here, a registered dietitian, and have had more progress with her in a handful of meetings than I have in the last year with multiple prior providers. Absolutely thrilled.I came here to solve a leg injury mystery, but after a few months working with Taylor and his team I can honestly say that I am operating at the peak fitness level of my career, and only expect it to continue to increase.Jo, Katie, Jenny, Taylor, & the entire Chain Effect team are extremely professional, efficient, and knowledgeable.Taylor’s drive and knowledge show; this is truly a top-notch operation.

Review №39

Ive been a member at Chain Effect since the day it opened. It is a fantastic gym that meets all my requirements; clean, professional, members that are focused on working out as opposed to chit chat and most importantly, a wide variety of services from Physical Therapy, Personal Training, group fitness classes, dry needling, nutrition and weight lose instruction. I have already taken classes, had dry needling and physical therapy along with my regular weight training. Fantastic owners that care about their members and have made adjustments to meet members needs along the way.

Review №40

Taylor is great! I got excellent care with him. He understands the needs of athletes, primarily the desire to get back to our best level of fitness and not spend a lot of time at the doctors office! All my appointments with him were excellent :)

Review №41

Ive been here for personal training and physical therapy. Dr. Pope is the best physical therapist I have seen. He handled an Achilles tendon injury as well as tennis elbow. Those are probably two of the most difficult conditions to treat effectively and he really helped me. Dr. Pope does use dry needling. Ive had it done before (its not my favorite although it does get results) and you can tell that he really knows what he is doing with it.I like that Dr. Pope takes a holistic approach to the treatment and looks at your body mechanics as a whole as opposed to just the condition that you are there to have treated.The facility is very clean and the equipment is top notch. Everyone Ive worked with there was incredibly knowledgeable and had a true focus on functional movement.

Review №42

Matt Hartshone at Chain Effect delivers attentive, quality physical therapy sessions. Doesn’t pass off to aids or assistants. Very well educated, thoughtful, and personable. He gives his full attention and expertise towards getting me better. Highly recommend seeking out Matt.

Review №43

Chain Effect, as well as Matt Hartshorne, provided a comfortable environment in which I was able to heal and strengthen myself against future injuries. As a swimmer, I was prone to overuse and other injuries that stemmed from weaknesses or inflexibility. Matt worked with me to not only mitigate harm, but to educate me for the future. After my time with him, I now understand how the body works and connects to itself in various ways. Although I spent little time with him, Taylor is an equally charming guy that works hard to maintain a pristine gym. The two clearly believe in what they do and make sure to be as knowledgeable about their craft as possible.

Review №44

Taylor has a lot of experience as an athlete and as a doctor of PT, which definitely helps him understand his patients needs. He has a distinct, hands on approach towards healing with no judgements about your level of pain or personal goals. Chain Effect is a highly recommended service for injured athletes or those hindered by the movements of daily life.

Review №45

I absolutely love coming to Chain Effect! I work at the Atrium building and the location is unbelievably convenient for me. The facilities are always clean and the staff is always welcoming.

Review №46

I’m headed to college as a competitive gymnast and I feel more than ready to compete on a higher level, thanks to Chain effects physical therapy!

Review №47

Definitely the place to go for Personal Training or Group Fitness. They have new facilities and a wide range of various exercise equipment. Taylor Pope is an awesome Physical Therapist, very knowledgeable and works well with athletes or people recovering from injury. I took a class here that gave me a better understanding of weightlifting and completely changed the way I train in the gym.

Review №48

Great overall practice - from physical therapy to nutrition to personal training; I have used them extensively for all three and have found all of their staff to be very well-rounded and skilled at their respective disciplines. I recommend Taylor for excellent physical therapy and training, and Eddie for practical and useful nutritional coaching.

Review №49

Chain Effect has changed my life in the last two months. From Taylor who has been working with me & the dry needling to showing me how to make my back stronger. Also the dietitian Eddie who has helped me drop weight and show me things about food that I never knew. Ive had two back surgeries and have been in pain for the last 5 years, as one last try I found these guys and for the first time in 5 yrs, Im pain free!!

Review №50

Taylor and his staff are fantastic! I was referred to them by a friend because of hip pain. Turned out I needed surgery and Chain Effect was spot on with pre-treatment and helping me recover quickly. I love exercising there too; the equipment is in great shape and there is plenty of variety - no waiting for something to become available. I highly recommend them!

Review №51

I already had a pretty solid lifting base. Just when I felt like I knew my stuff, Taylor was able to show me how much more there was to learn, particularly in the small (yet crucial) details. Strong hip extension, hip alignment, when to unhinge hips on a KB swing etc. Lifting has become even more fun. Thanks dude!

Review №52

This review is for Eddie Fitzgerald:I began going to Chain Effect about a year and a half ago with a buddy of mine and initially utilized it as my back up gym when it was convenient as I used to work in the same building. After a couple months went by this quickly turned into my full time first choice for where to workout. There were multiple reasons that contributed to this, including the maintenance of the gym, the availability and choice of equipment, and lastly and probably the biggest reason, the staff. Everyone there is very welcoming and they go out of their way to give advice/help even if not specifically hired to do so.I would consider myself an intermediate lifter and pretty knowledgeable when it comes to nutrition but was not expecting to learn as much if anything from the staff as I usually keep to myself but Eddie made quick remedy of that. To keep this short, after a few months of small talk and realizing that he is a master of his craft with science backed advice, I decided to start working with Eddie for his expertise in being a dietitian. With a wedding/honeymoon coming up my main goal was to get into the best shape of my life so I could bring my best physique.While I was already nutritionally sound and without giving away any of his secrets, Eddie made multiple small adjustments and recommendations that have had a HUGE impact on my fat loss, recovery and overall health. Roughly 3 months later I can already tell that Im the happiest Ive ever been with my physique and nutrition and Ive still got a month to go. He works with any type of programming you prefer as well (i.e I hate cardio and can grow tiresome of diets quick however I didnt touch the treadmill once nor have I felt at any point like I was struggling with the diet). If youre looking for a professionals help with regards to nutrition I would strongly suggest talking to Eddie!

Review №53

Dr. Pope is fantastic! I’ve been to other physical therapists that simply follow physician’s orders to strengthen “these” muscles and stretch “those” muscles. Dr. Pope took the time to look at biomechanics and dig into the root cause of the pain. Once he understood the cause he was able to fix it very quickly. He is much more knowledgeable and skilled than anyone else I’ve been to.He starts and finishes every appointment exactly on time. Every minute of the appointment is used constructively. Every appointment is one on one with no distractions. He does not have you waste time doing exercises you could be doing at home. He gave me a home exercise program that was simple and effective and I could actually follow through on. He had realistic expectations about the amount of time I would spend on home exercises. During the appointment he focused on manual therapy and dry needling (things I couldn’t do at home on my own). It is a completely different experience than any other physical therapist I have been to and it works!He is very skilled at dry needling and was able to get rid of the knots in my back that have been there for over 2 years in one appointment. The main reason I went to see him was pain in my knee that had been present for over a year. It prevented me from running, biking, swimming, hiking, doing squats and lunges, jumping, using the elliptical or the rowing machine. He understands that athletes want to continue training when they are injured and helped me come up with activities that I could do while recovering. In just a few appointments I was back to exercising several days per week with little to no pain.Dr. Pope really cares about the progress of his patients and works to restore function as quickly as possible. I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Pope. He’s awesome!

Review №54

Taylor Pope is a healer! His diverse PT background combined with his dry needling expertise has helped me overcome a tear and joint injury. For the tear, his treatments and recommendation to start stabilizing/strengthening Pilates helped me avoid surgery. You can tell he loves his job and takes great pride in figuring out and designing the best therapy for each patient. I have been to PT folks before that were not engaged and never remembered one session to the next. Taylor is just the opposite and goes beyond - treating more than just an injury and helps promote a healthier, more self-aware lifestyle. For all these reasons, I am grateful for Taylor and highly recommend him. I wish him and his wife, Caroline, much success in their new business.

Review №55

The best place to get PT in Raleigh. Hands down. Highly recommended

Review №56

I will be forever grateful to Dr. Taylor Pope. For two years I struggled with hamstring pain that made sitting painful and stopped my running. I had been through 3 physical therapists who were unable to bring me any relief. With the right exercises, dry needling, and increasing my physiological awareness Dr. Pope was able resolve my pain and get me running again.

Review №57

Dr Taylor Pope was fantastic with his dry needle therapy. I pulled my glut/hamstring muscle during sport activity to the extent that i was not able to move or bend and he made me ready to play again in 7 days.Highly recommending , if you need physical therapy than Taylor Pope is the answer

Review №58

I recommend Chain Effect to people so often, I feel like a walking advertisement. I spent literally decades with overwhelming daily headaches and frequent migraines. Since starting physical therapy and dry needling with Taylor Pope, the improvement has been nothing short of phenomenal. For the first time in my 44-year life, I refer to that time of chronic headaches in the past tense. Taylors interest in my case and confidence in his ability to help were obvious and so encouraging from Go. I am so happy to have found a medication-free way to control headaches that works better than anything else Ive ever tried!! And the Chain Effect facility is impressive, too -- professional, clean, comfortable, well-equipped. I love that theres access to so many valuable services in one place from people I know I can trust.

Review №59

I highly reccomend Chain Effect! The studio is very impressive and the staff is great. Ive had tons of different physio therapists across the eastern USA and this was by far my best experience. Taylor is very good at diagnosing and treating :) the dry needling was super effective for me!

Review №60

I have had a great experience with Chain Effect. I initially saw Dr. Taylor Pope in the fall of 2017 for tight hip flexors, shoulder pain, and overall posture improvement. With his assessment and exercise plan, the issues were completely resolved within a couple months, and I have not had any problems since. Taylor also taught me a number of kettlebell exercises to incorporate into my workouts, which have been immensely helpful. I would highly recommend Chain Effect for anybody with mobility issues, or anybody just looking to improve their posture and develop proper movement patterns.

Review №61

I came to chain effect because I wasn’t satisfied with the assembly line therapy mill at one of the big orthopedic rehab places. Taylor and his staff designed a hands on custom approach that not only brought me back from injury, but helped me become stronger than I was before I got hurt. It was work, but thier approach was both caring and effective.

Review №62

I have to say that Taylor is AMAZING! He not only helped relieve pain, but he worked with me on correcting my form to prevent any future injuries. And not only was he able to help me with my sports related concerns, he has excellent life advise, which allowed me to graduate on time. If I still lived in Raleigh, I would for sure continue to see him.

Review №63

Chain Effect is a great place for any personal fitness or physical therapy needs. The staff is knowledgeable, the gym is fully stocked, and the classes are geared specifically to meet your weight loss or personal training goals.I highly recommend a session of dry needling for anyone that has chronic muscular issues or lingering injuries - especially athletes.

Review №64

I really love Chain Effect. I started attending group classes through ClassPass and tried a bunch of local gyms, but Chain Effect classes were so much better that I cancelled CP and joined Chain Effects unlimited classes instead. The instructors are highly knowledgeable, are able to tailor the movements to the individuals in the class, and focus strongly on body alignment/mechanics during the workouts. I get a great workout every time, feel confident that Im building opposing muscle groups evenly to reduce the risk of injury, and its fun. Highly recommended!

Review №65

Very well maintained, with a great selection of equipment, and the staff is very friendly and helpful. Highly recommend if you are looking for a enjoyable place to work out.

Review №66

Not enough stars! I play professional ultimate for the Raleigh Flyers and was evaluated and treated by Dr Pope for loss of cuttting and running power due to achilles pain. After just one visit I can already feel positive results with return of lost range of motion and explosiveness. The office is a state of the art set up and the customer service was top notch. The website is useful and easy to navigate and appointment availability was within 48hrs of my request.update: I went back this year (2019) after being pain free for 2 YEARS even during a grueling competition and training schedule. I had a recurrence and Dr Pope had me walking out feeling good again and I know the path to recovery. Im 100% satisfied with the service I received

Review №67

Taylor Pope is simply fantastic. He is very experienced and knowledgeable. He got me back into action in a couple of weeks from a shoulder injury, after being out of commission and not improving for 3 months.

Review №68

Dr. Taylor Pope and Liz Hurley have created an excellent program for runners called Iron Body Running Workshop. They teach proper running technique and exercises to prevent injury and improve performance. Now, I feel stronger when running. And, the amazing thing is that once you implement these techniques into your run, it results in faster times WITHOUT EVEN TRYING. Just running properly makes you faster! Since starting the program a month ago, my short run (4 mile) and long run (8-10 mile) times have increased by a whole minute per mile!What a bargain to have TWO instructors with such credentials in the same class to give one-on-one attention to the class members and make sure that everyone is doing the exercises properly! Certainly, I could read about such things as core activation and running exercises on the internet, but at home I would not know if I were doing them correctly. And it takes multiple sessions to make sure that my form is correct. Each class, they point out minute little details about properly performing the exercises to make sure that I dont hurt myself by using incorrect form. A friend who is also in the class, and has been going to classes at other gyms for years, says that she is learning that she has been doing many exercises incorrectly, and that may have contributed to injuries that she has had.A fantastic benefit of the class is that Dr. Pope takes a video of each class member running on the treadmill, and then discusses the video with each of us. From this, Ive learned that theres a weird little motion that I do with my right foot that probably explains why my right knee hurts at times while running! Dr. Pope has told me what to work on to try to correct that problem. He also suggested that I have excess arm motion that may lead to increased fatigue when running long distances, like the half marathon (which is my goal). Id have never figured these things out on my own.Now I can take these proper techniques with me for the rest of my life to ensure that I can keep running as long as possible without nagging injuries to interrupt the process! But I may decide to take this course on a yearly basis as a refresher!Thanks, Dr. Pope and Liz! Great class!

Review №69

Taylor is very knowledgable and professional. Highly recommend the services provided by Chain Effect

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