Burn Boot Camp
4701 Atlantic Ave, Raleigh, NC 27604, United States

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My home away from home. Burn bootcamp North Raleigh has some of the best trainers in the industry and wonderful staff to help you get started on your journey. Not only have I lost weight, but Ive gained strength, self love, and confidence from being here. My kids love it too. They are diverse and friendly. There is no judgment when you walk on the floating floor. I love that even when I was in a boot I could still workout because they took the time to create modifications so I could keep moving and continue to make progress.

Review №2

I’ve been a member here for a year and a half and it is such a wonderful community. From my first camp, I felt so welcome even though I hadn’t exercised in a long time and had trouble keeping up with the workout. The trainers and members are so kind and helpful. There isn’t judgment, just encouragement. The trainers are wonderful and they go out of their way to offer modifications and personal training for each individual in the group fitness setting. I’m very thankful to have found Burn North Raleigh and I recommend them for anyone at any fitness level.

Review №3

Burn Boot Camp North Raleigh is amazing! A serious workout with amazing trainers who really care about not just your physical health, but your emotional health, your family, etc. This gym comes together so much to support one another and their community! They provide personalized meal plans and goal-setting meetings (included in the membership) to help their members reach their health and fitness goals. I left for like 2 years to try another gym. And while the other one was good, there is no place like BBC! Highly recommend it!

Review №4

This is such an amazing gym and community! 5 stars is not enough to do this place justice. I have been going to this gym for over a year and went throughout my pregnancy, up to my due date. It helped me to gain only a third of the weight that I gained during my first pregnancy and helped me lose that baby weight more quickly once I returned. I could never find a gym that I could stick to, but once I went here I was HOOKED! I have never done the same without twice, and Ive been going over a year and a half, 4-5 days each week. Its only 45 minutes and anyone can do it, no matter the fitness level as they provide modifications for all exercises. The community is so supportive. You really get to know your girls (or guys at some time slots) if you go the same time each day. I could go on and on. LOVE this gym! Come out and give it a FREE two weeks and youll see what I mean!

Review №5

The gym is a nice size with a variety of gym equipment & a large workout floor. Inspirational quotes are on the walls throughout the businesses. There are also bathrooms and storage areas for your items.I recently signed up for a 6 week Commit to Fit special. During the six weeks I obtained awesome results losing inches, lowering my weight & body fat percentage. Recently I joined the gym knowing that I will continue to get great results.The trainers like Sarah, Sam & Lindsay are amazing. They are so motivational & encouraging. The trainers make a point to know your name & keep you on track. Modifications are also offered during the 45 minute workout. I love that the workouts are never the same. Each week a protocol is released to inform you about what the workout will focus on each day.The gym also offers focus meetings to discuss your goals, work on any issues such as your diet and determine your progress.BBC also offers childcare for individuals that have children. The gym has fun events like date nights and Christmas parties. They even donate to good causes throughout the year. With a membership you are able to go to other Burn Boot camps in the area. This gym keeps me motivated & wanting to work out frequently. Check them out with a free two week trial!

Review №6

The ladies who run this gym are the absolute best and most encouraging people Ive ever met. I walked in the doors nervous as I hadnt worked out in years and was wayyyy out of shape. They didnt bat an eye and immediately made me feel welcome. They are always providing modifications for exercises if you need it (which I do!). The other clientele is also supportive and welcoming. Definitely check this gym out! You wont be disappointed.

Review №7

I’ve been at Burn now for the last 3 years. It was the key to what I was looking for after many years of just attending classes and trying to do weight training at the local gym. I love that the majority of classes are female only, and that we aren’t competing against each other. It is a reminder on the walls and from the trainers to challenge yourself and be inspired by others. The focus meetings help me feel like I’m known.This organization as a whole consistently gives to the community. And the members are family. Burn is more than a a great workout!PS. The floating floor is priceless!

Review №8

Love love love Burn!! Everyone is so welcoming at the Gym...& the workouts are amazing!! You’re constantly getting a different workout with each class and week that passes!! 10/10 recommend you consider joining the North Raleigh location you won’t be disappointed 😊

Review №9

I thoroughly enjoy going to Burn Boot Camp each day. The exercises are always different which keeps it from becoming a monotonous workout routine. The absolute best thing about this location is hands down the trainers! They are extremely motivating and knowledgeable. It is a great workout!

Review №10

I absolutely Love BurnBootCamp North Raleigh!! I moved here from out of state and had no friends or family...Joining Burn changed my life! Not only did I get stronger and more firm, I gained new friends and a sense of family 💙 The trainers are top notch and the owners really care about you being there. All the trainers help you achieve your goals (not just weight loss). I cannot day enough good things about Burn North Raleigh...try them out with their no obligation 2 week free trial and see what their all about! You will NOT want to Stop!

Review №11

My home away from home! I look forward to the daily workout, being challenged, and making connections with all the women in the North Raleigh community. I also love that I have a universal membership so I can visit other Burn locations when I am away. I learned so much about form, nutrition and mind/body connection from the trainers; they are extremely knowledgeable, make the workouts challenging and fun, provide modifications (if needed), and give positive reinforcement and challenge you to push outside your comfort zone.....because that is when change really happens!

Review №12

This place is amazing! I never expected to enjoy this type of workout and avoided boot camp style workouts for years, but now I’m mad I waited so long! Lindsay, Sarah, Sam and Kim are the BEST trainers, they make it fun and you better believe you will see results. My husband even joined and looks better than ever. I can’t endorse them enough!

Review №13

I know that so many people have heard of and tried Burn Boot Camp but it needs to be THIS location. BBC North Raleigh is on a level all its own because it goes above and beyond their absolutely killer workouts and effective nutritional guidance. They are a caring group of trainers, owners, childcare givers, and ambassadors who care about every single member and the community and support cant be beat!

Review №14

I love BBC! I have been gym hopping for quite some time now looking for that perfect workout that fits my schedule. I finally found it here! The trainers are so encouraging and really push you to be your best. You gain a new support group because everyone is so nice and friendly! They also offer nutritional support and have really helped cut things out of my diet that I can tell make a big difference. Love this place!

Review №15

Don’t be intimidated by the words boot camp! Yes, you will get a challenging workout, but the amazing and knowledgeable trainers will help you modify to your fitness level. This is definitely a community that you won’t regret joining!

Review №16

A close friend is a member of Burn Boot Camp in Charlotte NC. Her physical transformation over the last 8 months is truly amazing. She shed excess body fat and is now running marathons. She has never been as fit as she is now at the age of 51.I was very excited to find out about the new locations in Raleigh. I joined the North Raleigh NC Camp with personal goals for myself to achieve peek fitness and have more energy.I like the outstanding support, motivation and community. I look forward each day to the challenging and fun workout.Lindsey, our trainer is very welcoming, knowledgeable and offers expertise for your nutrition and physical fitness goals.

Review №17

Highly recommended Burn Boot Camp. I was tired of the same old fitness routine I had been doing, so decided to try Burn. Every day is a different workout, so it’s never boring. Each day is challenging and I’m often sore afterwards, but it’s a great feeling! The trainers are welcoming and encouraging and offer hands-on instruction. It’s a great environment - give it a try!

Review №18

I never thought I would enjoy working out, but then I went to Burn Boot Camp - North Raleigh! This place has introuduced me to a new lifestyle that has my confidence at an all time high. The trainers and other attendees are extremely helpful and encouraging in helping you reach your goals, whether it be to do push-ups on your knees or completely change your body composition. This truly is a place that is for ANYONE at ANY fitness level, as when I walked in the doors for the first time I had done NO physical acitivity in years. I am so thankful for this place and for the wonderful changes it has helped me make!! Thank you will never be enough!!

Review №19

Ive hated exercise for the past few years, but finally Ive fallen back in love with fitness all due to BBC! Its a quick 45 minute workout that I can fit in each day. The community is not only supportive, but constantly motivates me to want to work out and push myself. All three trainers at the North Raleigh location care for each individual in the class and lead high energy, varied workouts. If youre looking to get back into shape, want a non-intimidating environment, and something cost-effective, then look no further! I love love love Burn!!

Review №20

I walked into BBCNR over 2 years ago and have been addicted ever since. The workouts are great and different every time, but what is even more impressive is the community that the trainers have nurtured. All for one and one for all!

Review №21

I love Burn Boot Camp North Raleigh and have never been this committed to an exercise routine! The trainers are incredible and keep the workouts challenging, fun and ever changing. You never get bored and are pushed on a daily basis to be your best you! Plus the women you meet are encouraging and amazing! I have the best muscle tone Ive had in years...maybe even ever. Come check it out! You wont be disappointed!

Review №22

Burn Boot Camp - North Raleigh is pretty much my favorite place to be. I call it my happy place! Heres the deal...the workouts are killer, the trainers are amazing, I am stronger, I am faster, I am more knowledgeable, and I could go on and on. But the most important thing about BBCNR is the community of amazing, supportive, strong women/moms that I now call my friends. And to be honest, many of them are now my best friends. If you are looking for the thing that is gonna stick, THIS IS IT!!! We are more than a gym. We are your people! Joining BBCNR was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. Make it yours too!!!

Review №23

When I had shoulder surgery in March, I was concerned that I would not get my strength that I had back-and that it would take a long time. 3 months later, I was back at Burn North Raleigh and the trainers helped me work my way back to even heavier weights than I was lifting pre-surgery! They are so attentive and focus on form. This is a super uplifting community with support from all around!

Review №24

This is the best gym around. The trainers are so knowledgeable and encouraging, while the workouts vary day to day. I have been 5 days a week for over 2 years and have never done the same workout twice. Even at 33 weeks pregnant, I am still able to workout everyday with the help of their exercise modifications. I cant say enough good things about BBC North Raleigh!

Review №25

This place is AMAZING!! Camps are always fun & challenging! Results are fast, trainers are great, & the community of women is priceless! Highly recommend! I’ve been consistently going at 6:30am for about 15 months now. What a great habit! What are you waiting for?! You won’t regret it 💪🏻

Review №26

I look forward to my daily workout at BurnBootCamp North Raleigh. I exercise 6 days a week and enjoy the ever changing camps. I am in my 60’s and appreciate the floating floor which lessens the impact on my joints. The trainers focus on form, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle in a nonjudgmental supportive environment. From day one they knew my name and know when to push me. Thanks Lindsey, Kim, Sarah, Sam and Haylie for your tireless support and energy.

Review №27

This is way more than a gym! Its a community of women lifting up women. The workouts are killer and work muscles I didnt even know I had. I leave every day feeling refreshed and stronger than when I walked in. The trainers are so knowledgeable when it comes to exercise and nutrition and they strongly encourage a one on one focus meeting once a month to make sure youre on track. The accountability is amazing! BBC North Raleigh has lit a fire in me that I lost long ago and I am so thankful!

Review №28

Absolutely love this gym. The Burn community and trainers are fantastic. I wish I would have found it sooner.

Review №29

The absolute best gym and community of supportive women I have ever encountered. It is addicting and will absolutely change your life. If you’ve been thinking about it, I can’t encourage you enough to get started. How do you get started? Walk in... and just do it! Free childcare and focus meetings/nutritional counseling included which is so helpful.

Review №30

As a busy mom of two and a full-time graduate student it sometimes feels impossible to reach my personal goals. After having my second baby in the middle of my first semester of grad school, my eating and working out was way off track. I felt down about myself, I couldnt make it to my gym, and if I did, I wouldnt push myself. Stress eating became a way of life. Im so fortunate that I found BBC North Raleigh a few months ago and have been turning all of that around. Lindsey, Kim, Sarah, and all the members there are so encouraging. I look forward to having my butt kicked each week. With friendly faces to greet me, exciting and ever-changing workouts, great childcare, and one-on-one focus meetings with the trainers, there are no more excuses to not reach my goals. Already I have broken through the plateau I found myself in after my son was born. You wont find a better, more encouraging community than BBC North Raleigh.

Review №31

Burn Boot Camp is a life changer! It provides quick and effective workouts and the nutritional support and guidance needed to really change your lifestyle. Im not saying the workouts are easy...because theyre not. But if they were there would be no results. As resistant as I have been to change my diet, Lindsay has really helped me see the importance of supplementing a great workout with a healthy diet and encouraging me every step of the way. Not to mention that as a head trainer, she is constantly pushing herself and committing to new levels of fitness too! Shes such an inspiration and passionate about educating the community about overall health and nutrition . Give BBC and Lindsay a try! You may be sore, but you wont be sorry!

Review №32

Amazing gym. Scott is a great coach and all the women at the gym are so encouraging. Very challenging workouts all the time, always leave feeling like I had a great workout, but fun at the same time! I highly recommend this gym for women of all levels of fitness.

Review №33

The confidence and improved health that this group has given my daughter is unbelievable! Great group and a great program for health!

Review №34

I love this gym from the very first day I walked in and Serah welcomed me I felt like home. Serah & Sam always motivate me to give my best even when I think I have no more left in me. Burn North Raleigh are the best.

Review №35

Best trainers around! Trainers are prepared to work with you at your specific fitness level no matter what! They provide a supportive environment. I cant say enough great things about the community of people who work out here!

Review №36

It’s like this place sells a ton of milkshakes or something. Since I joined, ALL the boys are in the yard. Must be that proprietary AfterBurn protein I’ve been chugging. Also, I don’t want to brag, but I’ve managed to become addicted to burpees. And if anyone challenged me to a duel I would 💯 pick double-unders as my weapon of choice, they’re going to regret their challenge! Since building all this muscle I volunteer with the fire department to lift heavy objects and save tiny kittens from trees. This gym is good for the physical and mental psyche.Seriously this place has been such a positive and rewarding experience, I can not recommend BBC North Raleigh and the amazing trainers, staff, and community enough. Try it, so you can save kittens too! Or just feel really confident and welcomed❤️

Review №37

I have been in this location for about 2.5 years and I love it! Amazing workout amazing trainers and awesome community!

Review №38

This place is changing my life, one plank at a time! Burn Boot Camp is insanely addictive. After only 3 days of attending, I knew I was hooked. I have never looked forward to or been enthusiastic about working out. I am excited to get up in the mornings to attend the 5 a.m. class. The camps are very intense, but they give me a sense of accomplishment after I finish. Head trainer, Lindsay is absolutely amazing! She pushes you out of your comfort zone and encourages you to go hard(er) every day. Being a part of BBC makes me believe that my weight loss goals and becoming fit are attainable. After this experience, there is no way I see myself in a regular gym; Im here to stay! My only regret is not finding out about it sooner!

Review №39

Lindsay Gilbert is an outstanding coach and trainer!! Gets us pumped early every morning g at 5 am, is motivational and so helpful. She is able to provide workouts for everyone regardless of fitness level. Great community of women who just want to live a healthier life!!

Review №40

Im going to give them two stars for two reasons. One, Im not a fan of EDM/Tech music. That seems to be the type of music they play when you attend a class there. The second reason is due to the workout itself. Im huge on form after injuring myself in the gym a few years back. Burn Bootcamp does not focus on form. When you have 20+ people in a class all on different stations and one instructor, theres bound to be a few people who arent doing it right. I see all the five star reviews and I wonder what made their experience better than mine. Not sure, but it wasnt for me.

Review №41

What can I say, Lindsey is LIFE!!! Im really enjoy my Burn Boot Camp experience. At 5am Im motivated to push that extra 20 seconds and Im loving it. The support is phenomenal and the workouts are amazing!!!

Review №42

I must be in the minority but I did not enjoy going to Burn for a few reasons. First, the movements between exercising are very quick leaving only a few minutes for each exercise. Also, doing a sequence of 10+ exercises are expected to be memorized after seeing the instructor doing it once. What I found this led to was, improper form, rushing so much between exercises left me and a lot of other people not using proper form and obviously the instructor can not keep their eye on 30+ people to correct. Improper choice of weights. You have to make a quick decision to grab the weights you think will work. If they are too light or heavy you are pretty much out of luck because the exercise is so short. Last, having to memorize so many exercises left a lot of people looking around for what to do. Also, way too many burpees. It wasnt my cup of tea so I thought I should share my experience as to why.

Review №43

I love Burn Bootcamp North Raleigh they have helped me with nutrition and accountability. It’s challenging yet fun with different exercises. You will never get bored with the same routine. They provide modifications if needed. If you are not apart of this special place you are truly missing out and need to take advantage NOW!

Review №44

As a former crossfitter I was looking for a workout that would leave me feeling worn out and accomplished, this is the place. Lifting weights fast is an awesome form of cardio. The accountability, the positivity, the constant push to do better is amazing and well worth the price. My husband makes sure I am up and going to BBC as I am always in such a good mood the entire day after my workout. It is true that working out is the most under-utilized fix for what ever ails you.

Review №45

I absolutely love burn bootcamp north raleigh! This is a not a gym, not even close! This is a community, a place where you get a full support system from the members and the trainers! Speaking of the trainers, they are amazing, so welcoming, and they will push you to meet your personal goals!

Review №46

A great place to work out, get individual attention, nutrition guidance and a great group of friends!

Review №47

Fantastic workout. Challenges even the strongest. Everyone gets personal attn from the trainer regardless of the size of class.

Review №48

Just I want know how much every month?

Review №49

This place is awesome, trainers are amazing they really care about each individual person.

Review №50

Very good

Review №51

Love this community of peeps!!

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