8804 Gulf Ct, Raleigh, NC 27617, United States

Review №1

I tried out the boxing classes for the first time using the free-trial and they were so fun!!! The coaches go around and give you one-on-one advices and continue to encourage and push you, but at the same time make the classes so fun! I will definitely be getting a membership and continue to take classes here!

Review №2

Amazing gym! Intense but had so much fun at the same time. Would recommend for anyone whos looking for a good workout and a good community thats supportive!

Review №3

I had 3 days trials at Box-2B-Fit and I am so happy that I tried this, and would recommend Box-2B-Fit to anyone I know!I am one who dont usually workout (and it was even worse during last year after all covid situation), and havent experienced boxing ever in my life.(honestly I even didnt know what to do to punch the bag.)During one hour workout class I followed instructors program-includes warm up, body workout, and boxing. Instructors were super knowledgeable and helpful. Whenever I stopped and got confused, they were there to help me! I learned how to pose properly, got so much encouragement from everyone ---not only the instructor but literally everyone there! As a beginner, I loved how I didnt have to feel being awkward🥲. Not only the workout but I had so much fun because of people there. I was sweating a lot after all workout, and it made me feel so good! I feel like I already made a big progression for myself during this 3 days. I am definitely planning to come back very soon!

Review №4

I truly enjoy coming here. The support system and community I have found from this group is awesome. The classes are challenging enough where I am able to do what is within my limits but also push myself outside of my comfort zone. If you expect to be coddled, then this is not the place for you. Rick is not for everyone, lets be clear. His communication methods are not for the weak of heart but I will tell you he has a great heart and wants his clients to succeed for sure. I wish I would have known about this gym. Prior to this gym, I was a member of Burn Boot Camp in North Durham but did not feel the support as I do here. Glad I found this gym and will continue to advocate on their behalf. Thanks Rick! And be advised he is a neat freak and during these pandemic times, he has implemented plenty of safety and health measures to ensure we are not at risk.

Review №5

Box-2B-Fit is an amazing gym with trainers and members who truly care about your fitness goals and want to help you on your journey to exceed them! I have been a member for just over a year and a half, and the workouts have been consistently intense, the coaches have provided constant support, and the results for those who work hard and stick with it speak for themselves!There is nothing better than forgetting your workday and punching away at Box-2B-Fit!..... but don’t forget to wipe your feet on the way in, or you may not get the chance! : )

Review №6

Ive never been in a gym with a better vibe. I started working out at Box-2B-Fit about 2 months ago and I’m down 18lbs to date. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable, highly motivated, and awesome people to be around.Every workout is new and exciting. Rick is the gym owner and he is just so lively and energetic. He is always there to offer advice or encouragement and just keeps it real.You work hard but it’s worth it and your never alone! The sisterhood is real in the 6 o’clock class. If you want to be in the best shape of your life and be around positive people who motivate you, push you and hold you accountable Box-2B-Fit is for you.

Review №7

I love Box-2B-Fit! Im the type of person that doesnt like doing the normal gym routine (treadmill, elliptical, machines, etc.), and I do better in groups rather than by myself. Plus, I have so much fun doing it that I completely forget sometimes Im working out. This gym definitely gives you the full body workout youve been craving (the work you put in are the results you get, literally). I have had absolutely no complaints about any of the instructors. Ive only had a couple of concerns, but I was able to communicate them directly with Rick (the owner). Without hesitation, he listens to his clients (especially the ones putting in the hard work) and makes the changes necessary. Also, why not come and let off a little steam after a hard days work? Definitely would recommend you coming and trying at least once. Who knows... you may end up like me. One free class turned into a 1-year membership.The pic below was me about 3 months after joining Box-2B-Fit. I proudly show off these guns to this day (dont worry... theyre certified).

Review №8

This place is intense! I love the workouts. But most importantly I love how they dont make me feel like I am inadequate. I like the encouragement because it helps to build me up and push further. I tried it and LIKED it!

Review №9

This is completely a no-judgement zone. I’m only in competition with myself. However, it is exciting to not only see the changes in myself but in those around me. Trainers really want the best out of you and give one-on-one attention to ensure proper technique. When the training team joins in and partake in the class of a co-trainer, you know you are in the right place.

Review №10

Box-2B-Fit provides the absolute best workouts around. Their trainers are extremely knowledgeable and push you to be your best every day. Their workouts are for everyone for every fitness level, whether you are just starting out and looking to lose weight or start a fitness base or a very intense fitness guru like myself who wants to change up their workout and challenge themselves. I have been going to Box-2B-Fit for one month and the results I have seen are truly amazing. I started out with a good fitness base but was getting bored with my workouts and wanted something that would challenge me and match my intensity level. I have been to fitness classes or gyms before and left feeling like I could have done a better workout on my own, but this place was different. Every workout is tough but that is why I love it! I am able to push myself beyond my limits, and I have achieved a level of fitness I have never thought possible! Every workout is different, so i never get bored and I truly look forward to coming back each day. The other members are all very supportive of each other and keep a we are all in this together attitude, lets get through this together attitude. I honestly dont think any other gym can compare. Its exactly what I was looking for!

Review №11

This is hands down my favorite gym I’ve ever belonged to. The workouts are hard, but the environment in the group classes really motivates you to push yourself and keep getting stronger. Everyone in the classes is encouraging and rooting for you. The owner of the gym Rick keeps it real, and truly cares about his clients. He‘s there to make sure you get the results you’re looking for, you just have to show up and put in the work. I also recently did a month of the Lipo Laser bootcamp and I’m truly impressed by the results. I’m down a full pant size in just 4 weeks and I notice a big difference in my stomach. I’d highly recommend this gym to anyone who wants to get back in the best shape of their life.

Review №12

This place is the real deal! Im so glad to have found it. Everyone is very supportive and friendly, but they are serious about fitness. The owner, Rick, really knows his stuff and all of the trainers are a reflection of that. As long as you come through the door motivated to change yourself, you will get all of the direction and support needed to reach your fitness goals. Ive been a member for 4mos and lost about 35lbs, so far. As a woman of size with no previous weight-training, I was apprehensive, but immediately felt comfortable the first time I walked through the door. Its not easy, but its worth it.

Review №13

I love this place! I like that it’s a community most of all. Everyone there whether it’s the coaches or members are so motivating. I needed to work out and I needed accountability. Need someone to push me! The first couple of classes I had were great; taught me things I could do with a free weight I never thought of. After a few classes one of the members asked if I’ve tried the other classes (boxing) and I said no. She said “girl it’s amazing! I’ll see you Tuesday!” I’ve never talked to her until our coach had us do a partner exercise. Like I said I love the community. Went to the boxing class and met another member who motivated me even more with a simple “great work!!”.

Review №14

I have to say when I first walked in the doors after purchasing my Living Social deal I was VERY intimidated, but that quickly faded when the Boot camp class started. Everyone was so supportive and helpful that all of my fears went away. Lamar is intense but in a good way, he knows how to get you results and pushes you in a positive manner. But Damn those mailbox runs! :) You go at your own pace without feeling like a failure, I am not as good as I once was but after that class I felt AMAZING!!!!!! You cant help but feel successful after getting the best workout of your life. My entire outfit was soaked within minutes of starting the class and I loved it! I have since tried the spinning classes with Jessica and really enjoy it as well. All in all my experience Box-2B-Fit has been a positive one and I really look forward to becoming a member. If you want your hand held or special treatment or a place to put your purse, you should probably go to another gym. If you want a incredible workout that makes you remember why you signed up, then this is your place! You get out of it what you put in to it.

Review №15

I love this gym. Why...because I love a good, solid hard work out. If you are someone who wants frills and fluff, this is really not the gym for you. It is definitely for me because it is solely about the fitness. The gym provides all I need to get this done. There is quality equipment, instructors that are caring and creative in designing class activities that help me develop in all the ways I want to develop. I am not a fit person by nature and I love that in this gym, I can work side by side with people that are and feel comfortable going at my own pace

Review №16

Heres the deal, if you want to work out and I mean work with a group of people who cheer and challenge you this is the place. If you are looking for someone to make you feel good about being unhealthy and lazy, this is the wrong place. Come to work and stay for the results! After the first week I felt like I had been hit by a car, but I came back the next week feeling stronger than I have in a long time. This place is great for women who what to transform their bodies. The classes are full of women with every shape, age and ability.

Review №17

I initially decided to join this gym through a deal on Groupon because I really wanted to do kickboxing. When I first came to the gym, I will admit I was a bit intimidated because this place definitely isnt a frilly, cute workout center, its a REAL gym. Ill be honest, if your looking for a place where you can take classes and try to fudge through the workout and think no one will notice, or if your coming to look cute and not give it your absolute all.. then this place is definitely not for you. The trainers here actually care about you getting in a good workout in and want you to learn the best techniques. They will push you to your limits, but you will feel so good after the class is over... or better yet when you look at yourself in the mirror. Just a little less than a month, I lost 8 pounds and Im able to do things that I could never do.I will tell you that before I decided to join, I was one of the most unhealthiest eaters and I NEVER worked out. So if your actually serious about changing your lifestyle and you want a serious... SERIOUS workout, then you should definitely try it out. I really do love working out here, the trainers and the variety of classes really do keep me motivated! Coach Dorothea is amazing!!

Review №18

I went to this gym initially because of a living social deal. I truly enjoyed it. The thing I loved most about it is the variety of classes they offer. I tend to get bored easily with working out, with all the choices there is always something I can do to keep me involved. The trainers were always great, they were encouraging and helpful during the workouts. I enjoyed the time so much I am willing to drive across town to go here.

Review №19

This is hands down the place to be if you are serious about working out. Great Staff of instructors, push you to where you need to be to see results. Great atmosphere, always enjoy getting my work done. Many different classes to choose from. Great place for younger ones looking to learn correct technique and conditioning for sports. Very Happy Here!!

Review №20

I have only been to a few workouts and already I feel like I am getting more fit. I have tried cross fit, cross training at gyms, and personal trainers and no place has made me feel this good. Being a D1 athlete, I have missed group workouts with trainers that understand limits and are willing to push those limits. I leave feeling great each and every time I have gone. 100% recommend trying Box 2B Fit, you will be satisfied with the results.

Review №21

Purchased a month membership on a chance siting and I can truly say it was worth the purchase. Attending the ABS & ASSETS BOOTY CAMP and have seen a transformation. Glad I chose to do this. Great class and if you have a chance to take it, you should. Total body workout. You will work up a sweat!

Review №22

Box-2B-Fit is a gym that you go to if you want the best workout you have ever had! Each and every class is both challenging and rewarding at the same time. Rick, Lamar and Amy are all incredible instructors who truly care about you and your individual needs and push you to do the best you can to achieve maximum results. So if you want a no frills butt kicking workout this is the place for you!!Candace C

Review №23

I have been going to Box-2B-Fit for a month now and love it. They are helping me to achieve my ultimate goal of being tone. I appreciate this type of gym as they push you to do more and work harder which ultimately will help you achieve a greater result. After a class I feel great knowing that I gave it my all and had great guidance in doing so. This is not your average gym or diet plan this is a real way to obtain your perfect body!

Review №24

Great place! Very welcoming and engaged. The workouts are actual workouts and everyone is very helpful.

Review №25

I joined doing the 30 for 30 with a girl friend of mine. We absolutely love it! Yes the coaches talk junk but you know what? When they do it literally instantly motivates you! I can feel Im at my limit & unable to lift a weight one more inch and Rick will say get mad at it, or you want to be in that bikini? and BAM! my weight is in the air! The bottom line is you join a gym to do what? WORKOUT! So if you come in & play and youre too lazy to even try then it is YOUR fault youre not fitting in! I havent seen ONE person in my classes Ive taken just lying around and not at least trying! You want to join a gym to find a love partner, date, or etc...this is not the one for you! You want to join a gym where youre actually going to be working out & not caring that there is sweat literally dripping down your b*** then by all means come on in!

Review №26

Box 2B Fit has some of the most intense workouts I have done in a long time. All the staff are friendly and the patrons are helpful too. There are a wide-array of classes that work every muscle. I have been able to learn boxing from the ground up and have improved not only my fitness but my abilities. I strongly recommend Box 2B Fit but only for those who want to push themselves and really make a difference in their life physically and mentally.

Review №27

I am a month into working out at Box 2B Fit and Im hooked!! I have had the best work outs there. Rick and Lamar are amazing and provide the perfect work out. The class schedule is great and there are times to fit all needs. Give Box 2B Fit a wont regret it!!

Review №28

I used a living social offer and have been really enjoying the classes at this gym. There is such a variety within the boot camps and kickboxing classes that I never know what the next class will bring but I am always sure it will be a great workout! The instructors are also wonderful and will take the time to help you with form or how to do a particular exercise if needed. With every shape, size, and age group working out here I never feel judged and know I am working to get in shape.

Review №29

My husband and I first came here to try something different from our typical gym workout. The instructors are great and we enjoy the creative workouts so youre not doing the same routine in the class every week. I recommend trying this place out if youre looking for something different to try!

Review №30

We joined Box-2B-Fit because we were bored out of our minds at Planet Fitness and because we wanted to lose a few pounds before our wedding. My wedding dress and my fiances suit now require major alterations. The workouts are intense which is just what the doctor ordered. Every fitness level is represented in the classes. If you dont think it is possible for you to complete a class at your current fitness level, trust me it is. Come watch the fat and inches melt away.

Review №31

I wanted to find a place that did not make me feel bad for being overweight. Rick has been very supportive and always willing to talk to me about my weight loss journey. I LOVE working out now because of Rick and the class instructors. I have been able to tone my body (which was my main goal more than losing weight). It is a place where I can come and enjoy my workouts without feeling judged or insecure about my body. I would recommend this gym to anyone!

Review №32

I have worked out at several gyms in the triangle area and working out at this gym kicked my butt! I also bought the Living Social deal and because of how amazing the workouts are, I am joining the gym. The trainers are amazing and the individuals that workout here are very supportive. As Ty said, I havent done the same routine twice and have lost a few pounds already!!

Review №33

I am glad I found a place that will keep me motivated and challenged. I have been a member at O2 and YMCA and I always find myself bored of the same class routine. However with Box to be fit you never repeat the same routine, it is always exciting to find out if they will have you run outside with kettlebells, tires or sand bags combined with a variety of exercises inside. I always prepare myself mentally to give my best because they will challenge you no matter in what shape you are. I will definitely recommend this place and I will be joining with my husband.

Review №34

Box 2B Fit is helping me to make life changes! I am gradually doing workouts that I could not do months ago and I have gotten back into clothes that I could not wear for years. I love this place and the 6:00am M-W-F class is top notch! Rick and my classmates are the best, they are determined, supportive and encouraging. If you want to see real results you need to head to Box 2B Fit for real!!!!!!!

Review №35

I discovered Box-2B-Fit through a social living deal. Ive really enjoyed taking the kickboxing boot camp classes, but this place offers a variety of classes that you really cant find in this area. The atmosphere is upbeat and you definitely get a high intensity, differentiated workout I would definitely recommend this gym if youre looking to challenge yourself and switch up from the generic work-out routines.

Review №36

I have never in my life been so sore and exhausted, yet completely pumped up after a work out in my entire life!! And a 30 minute work out at that!! I did the living social deal for 1 month and feel like i accomplished more in 3 days a week for a month than i have in several months at my regular gym. If you want a pretty gym, this isnt the place for you! But if you want a gym that is going to push you and require you to give everything you have (and then some), this is it! If you want a gym that is going to push you so that you can be the best you possible, then this is the place to be. The classes Ive taken mixed throwing ropes, using kettle bells and running outside, never doing the same thing twice! This way you dont get bored because its different every time! Its all about giving all you have for the entire time you are there. No taking it easy is allowed, and it shouldnt be!! Why go to the gym if you arent going to give it all youve got!! I highly recommend this gym if you want to make difference in your life and your health!!!

Review №37

Very Professional environment. Staff is really nice. This is my 2nd week and the workouts are really challenging but you have to stick with it to see results. Be prepared to sweat and work hard :)

Review №38

I love, Love, LOVE Box-2b-fit! It gives me the structure I need to reach my fitness goals! Workouts are always different and YOU WILL SWEAT! Workouts are tough but who doesnt like a tough workout? When I leave I feel accomplished, not like Ive just gone through the motions. Trainers make you want to curse, and sometimes you might, but the atmosphere allows you to pull off of the energy of others and keep it moving! You MUST come give it a try, promise you wont regret it!

Review №39

I am one of those people that gets bored on the treadmill. I can honestly say that I have never been bored at Box 2B Fit. Each class is a really hard workout and the time passes quickly. After each class, I leave feeling accomplished. I feel stronger, more in shape and all around healthier. The people who go there are great, the instructors are patient and know what theyre talking about. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone.

Review №40

I have no motivation when it comes to working out. Since coming here, I have felt nothing but motivated. The trainers push you and I leave every workout like I really put in work! Love this place!

Review №41

I learned about Box-2B-Fit through a deal on Living Social. I must admit, I was both excited and somewhat skeptical when I saw the website. Ive seen (and been to) lots of gyms that have turned out to be little more hype. However, this gym was different. VERY DIFFERENT. The first thing I noticed is that its a real gym, where real people come to get a serious workout. If you are looking for a place to look cute and play, this is NOT the place for you. However, if you are someone who is looking for a serious place to workout, where everyone is there to make a difference in their life and health...THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU! I am more motivated to push beyond my limits and reach my fitness goals. Not only do I enjoy working out here, but I love the daily emails that keep you inspired and motivated. Keep up the good work!

Review №42

I tried this gym from a living social deal because Ive been looking for a gym that will challenge me and help me to meet my goals. Well after my 1st 30 days Im joining and have recommended the gym to others because its exactly what Im looking for..Its a full body workout and it pushes me to my limits. I also like that Im able to discuss any questions or concerns w/the trainer. If your willing to be pushed to your limits to see results I say give them a try.

Review №43

No-frills gym where coaches will work your butt off...literally. There is no judgement. The coaches are awesome and motivating. There are people of all fitness levels in each class so there is definitely a place for everyone. You will feel the workout...or youre not doing it right. There are a lot of classes to choose from, and the coaches are good at mixing up each class so you wont be all!The members of this place are fantastic! They are great at helping you with getting equipment, technique, or instructions if the coach isnt right by you at the time. Its a great encouraging (but no excuses!!!!) family atmosphere.

Review №44

BEST WORKOUT IN RALEIGH. I tried Box-2B-Fit through a Groupon with some friends, and it ended up being JUST what I had been looking for! A great gym and a great staff that keeps you motivated, involved, exhausted and excited. Ive been going there a few weeks and already notice a difference in my strength and endurance. I dont get bored in any of their classes (and they have a lot to choose from) and I actually look forward to going and getting my butt kicked. Definitely check them out!

Review №45

Like many, I was looking for a new gym in Raleigh and took advantage of the LivingSocial one-month membership. I really love this place-- its always challenging, but the challenges are achievable. Workouts are always different and interesting and difficult... Let me repeat the difficult part ;). Before deciding to join, I even tried other local boxing gyms to see if it was really the gym I loved or the boxing. It was easy for me to immediately see that it was the gym. The instructors motivate you, challenge you, and get to know you. The other members were friendly from day one, which helps encourage you to attend regularly and be excited about class.They dont hold your hand and try to gimmick and sell you into becoming a member (which I appreciate; some people may not). If you come there with the drive to get fit and really work out, the gym and the instructors sell it--no gimmicks necessary. Ive highly recommended this gym to several close friends.

Review №46

I came to box 2 b fit through a living social deal. I completed my full 30 days and my experience there was a pleasant one. I had an opportunity to try several classes and the instructor is very knowledgeable and helpful. The workout is completely different from a standard gym however; I find it to be a good fit for me. I am larger and working on getting into shape and I do not feel out of place at all. The members are friendly and encouraging as well. You will definitely work out harder at this gym and push yourself, but I think it is worth it in the long run!

Review №47

I was tired of the way I looked and more importantly the way I felt...I decided it was time to make a change!! I ran across a special for the 6 week body transformation challenge, decided to try it out, and LOVE it!!! Rick is very much involved in your progress and helping you get the results you are looking for. Hes there with you every step of the way, which is very hard to find these days!! No class is ever the same which I like, it never gets boring! For the first time EVER I enjoy and look forward to getting up at 5am!!! Thanks Rick and Box-2B-Fit!!!

Review №48

Ive been going to Box-2B-FIT for about a month now, and I love it. They have a variety of classes to keep things interesting, and each one is equally as fun as it is challenging. The gym is super simple, no fluff, and I appreciate that because like me, everyone is there to work out hard!

Review №49

You only get out of the workout what you put in. At Box 2B Fit, they make you give it your all the ENTIRE time. So you have no choice but to get results. They will encourage you, teach you the right way to do an exercise, but yell at you too! Ricks like my sports coaches growing up and it only motivates me to work harder. Its no frills, but he promises results or double money back guarantee. I can almost bet he doesnt have a lot of refunds... In the 6 classes Ive been to, Ive burned an average of 800 calories each hour. Its insane... and I feel GREAT!!!

Review №50

I am really enjoying Box-2B-Fit. I like the different variety of weights, cardio, boxing, etc. In addition, I think they have every piece of equipment imaginable. This is a workout facility I would recommend to people of all fitness levels. Everyone at this gym is extremely supportive!

Review №51

I was a punch-card member for many years (prior to 2012), then I fell off and the pounds fell on everywhere. I tried a trainer at my other local gym, even tried working out on my own, and was not successful. So…I realized I was my healthiest when I was attending the kick-boxing classes 3 days a week or squeezing in a boot-camp workout at noon. I decided to return to the gym for a weight-loss challenge, it was the best decision I made in years! After 3 weeks of dedication; I feel so much better and seeing actual results as well. I recommend this gym to anyone, no matter where you are on the health scale (and weight scale)…there is a class here just for you (and their trainers/instructors are awesome!).

Review №52

I had discovered this gym from a Groupon and decided to try it out. I was currently a member at a typical larger gym but thought this place would be fun to check out. It turned out that it was the place I was looking for. Great availability of classes, great location, and great community of people. I felt welcome in the first boxing class I took. I am excited to add this location to my typical routine and ditch the regular gym atmosphere.

Review №53

Id like to begin by stating that I absolutely ADORE Box-2B-Fit! The instructors Ive worked with (Rick, Lamar, and Amy) and the lovely ladies in the 9:00AM class I take are all wonderfully supportive, utterly fantastic people, and I feel quite lucky to know them!Now, Ive never been a gym rat by any stretch of the imagination; and, to be quite frank, I didnt expect to enjoy exercising when I purchased a one-month trial membership on AmazonLocal. But Ive been struggling through a really tough period for the past year or so, and a fair body of research indicates that exercise can help mitigate both stress and depression. And so, one fateful morning in September, I stepped nervously into the rather unimpressive-looking building at 8804 Gulf Court.Well, its now nearly April, and I still make the half-hour drive from my apartment to Box-2B-Fit almost every weekday morning! Because the environment at B2B is so lively and welcoming, I actually look forward to exercising, despite my natural couch potato tendencies. In the few months Ive been working out, Ive gained a tremendous amount of strength as well as a few pounds of muscle--in short, Ive gone from being a scrawny nerd to being a skinny nerd who can beat other nerds at arm wrestling! I doubt Ill ever be much of an athlete (coordination continues to be a problem); but the great thing about the trainers at B2B is that theyll work with you as you are to help you achieve your personal best.That said, the best thing about B2B, IMHO, is the culture--both the staff (and especially the owner, Rick) and the other patrons have shown me incredible kindness in my time there. My personal circumstances havent changed much since September, but I can definitely say that Im a much happier, healthier person for having joined Box-2B-Fit.So if youre looking for challenging workouts, supportive trainers, and awesome gym buddies, I recommend giving B2B a try! Dont trust online reviews? Come to the 9:00AM class (ladies only--sorry, guys!) and talk to me in person! Im the dorky-looking one; they call me Scrabble. :)

Review №54

Hands down the best place to workout, especially if you are too lazy like me to workout on your own. You will see results in 8 weeks. Plenty of options in terms of timings and level of workouts. CJ is the man and Dorothea is the beast. Highly recommend to check it out for 30 days and see it for yourself.

Review №55

I can not say enough good about this boxing club and their classes. Love it. Ive been going for about a month and a half now and honestly am very disappointed if I have to miss a class.Ive seen my strength and endurance increase. My body fat % go down. As a runner, the sprints, and shorts but intense bursts of cardio have made me faster. A variety of classes and times are offered. The instructors are great too. Extremely motivational and will push you to limits you didnt think were possible.

Review №56

Absolutely love this gym. I take primarily boxing classes with CJ and he is a great motivator and will work you harder than you ever thought you could! I tried a 30 day pass and was hooked! I am easily bored in a regular gym, but not here! So worth it!

Review №57

I joined Box 2B fit after using a Living Social deal. The classes are challenging and fun, not just your normal gym experience. The instructors are great and provide just the right amount of motivation. Overall, a great experience!

Review №58

Box 2b Fit is the ONLY place that I have been to that I really felt good about my workout after leaving. You really get a good sweat in, and the teachers really push you to keep going. In an hours time, I feel like Ive done ten times more work than I do when Im on my own in way less time. They have really fun classes that switch it up every class so youre not always doing the same thing and many of the workouts here I have never seen before or done anywhere else. I also love that they have a lot of classes throughout the day that can fit in anyones schedule. The people are really laid back and funny, they really make you feel welcome. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone I know.

Review №59

I have been going to Box-2B-Fit for a little over two months now and I can say that this is a gym that will not get old and boring. I have not done the same routine in a class yet. The instructors change things up daily to keep it difficult and entertaining. I get excited about going to the gym now because I know I am going to get a good workout. I always had a hard time getting myself motivated to go to my old gym because there is nobody motivating you to push harder and longer when you are by yourself. These instructors definitely push you to your limits. I would highly recommend joining the gym. You will see results quickly!

Review №60

Started my journey on May 20th...well 2mths later with the help of a keto diet, intermittent fasting and boxing at Box 2B Fit, I’ve lost 37.6lbs The instructors are awesome and they care about helping you get better!

Review №61

Ive only just started but Box-2B-Fit is SO much more than boxing!! They have a TON of great classes and great trainers that will challange you regardless of fitness level. Its a no frills gym and they go HARD!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the classes. A friend and I tried the gym during a LS voucher and loved it!! We dont live close but we are joinging up and carpooling to get there!! I definitely recommend this gym, you will not be disappointed!!

Review №62

I went in to try the gym 11/5/13. Let me start off by saying, I read all the hype and encouraging info on the website and had previously purchased a living social deal I didnt use because I was a little intimidated. I walked in to a man yelling at his staff. At first I took it as him just being hype about what they do there and thought that when he finally got around to addressing me and why I was there, that his attitude and demeanor would change. No such luck. He asked me what do you want? I was taken aback. I put the lack of customer service aside and still tried to get what I came in there for......a workout. After dealing with his crass attitude, signing the waiver, and asking about the free week they advertise on the website I was laughed at when I asked to use my living social voucher as the rules of that voucher allow. I did not workout, I left very discouraged and in tears. I was more than willing to pay to workout there, but that guy said hes been there for 11 years and didnt give a fu€#. I am willing to pay 3 times as much elsewhere to be treated well.

Review №63

Awesome instructors. Clean, neat and organized gym.

Review №64

I became a member through a living social deal. Im not going to lie, I was hesitate about the gym because of the reviews and website. However, I looked at the videos online of the actual classes and saw who was there and how the classes worked. I saw normal people working their butts offs. So, I decided for the price of the deal Id join and see how it went. Turned out, I loved it. Yes, it is extremely hot, yes, it is hard core workouts that make me want to die. BUT, I am doing HITT classes with a great group...We all are at different levels and everyone supports each other. I tend to be the last one who finishes but I finish and the coach and coaches for other classes, who take the class all cheer me on and motivate me. I was in a wreak and my back hurt for a bit, they told me alternative exercises to do.So, the short of it all, this is an old school gym that has classes, boot camp style (but also boxing and Zumba but havent tried them) which I was looking for, get in and out quick. Classes are hard, its hot, no one will baby you but the people care when you need it, its not as intimidating as people make it. You dont have to be fit to join, thats why you join. Im glad I did.

Review №65

Absolutely love working out here. Ive been looking for a place like this for so long. Im glad to have found it.

Review №66

I heard about this gym through Living Social. I am glad that they used the service for advertising, because I have lived in the area for a while and never knew about the gym. Wished I knew about them years ago. Ive been going for 2 months now and have enjoyed the classes. There is so much variety in the workouts and I never get bored with the same old routine. I have found the trainers to be helpful in demonstating new exercises or correcting my form. Overall, I am happy with the gym.

Review №67

I have seen results from my workouts. I love it. The workouts are intense, but GREAT. I have to give credit where credit is due. The instructors are wonderful and keeps the workouts entertaining.

Review №68

This gym is amazing. It has so much to offer and they really do push you. The instructors give you that extra push that most people need to stay on track. The first time I went, I thought I was out of my league but the more I went, the more I felt so much better each time I left. Dont get me wrong, its definitely hard work and you have to be motivated and dedicated. This is not some gym that you just walk into and do whatever. These classes are tough but well worth it. Theres never a dull moment and you know when you leave that you have truly had an extensive workout. This is the only gym I have ever experienced that is always looking to offer new and more challenging classes. You will never have to be worried about getting bored working out at this gym! You can leave the ipods and earbuds at home!

Review №69

I signed up after a month later after using a living social deal. The workouts taught by Lamar is awesome. If you want to get In shape while being challenge this is the place.Katina

Review №70

I have been coming to box2bfit for just a couple of weeks. I generally take the hour long boot camp type class with Lamar. The classes are great - they are a challenging workout, but you will not be disappointed. I find the instructors helpful and encouraging. When I am doing something incorrectly, they correct my form. When I want to quit, they offer words of encouragement. They have an amazing amount of equipment - everything from free weights, kettle bells, ropes, TRX, sandbags, bikes, etc. The class is always different! Honestly, this is one of the first exercise programs that I truly miss on the days I am unable to attend! Try it for 30 days and see for yourself!

Review №71

The owner is a jerk, very rude and unprofessional over a groupon. I ended up taking my money and going to Title Boxing which was overall a much better experience!

Review №72

If results are what you are looking for, BOX-2B-FIT is the place to go! Ive tried a number of different workouts around the Raleigh/Cary area and am happy to have tried the Boot Camps at BOX-2B-FIT. You can catch a totally action packed 30 minute workout or you can catch two back-to-back. A great mix of kettle bells, TRX, ropes and cardio blasts! I havent even tried the other options, but there are MANY! Im neither young nor in great shape (YET), but I get a great workout thats appropriate for me. Ive noticed improvement in my overall strength in just a few weeks! You need to try this no-nonsense way of getting in shape!!!

Review №73

I love this gym! If you are not willing to push yourself and go hard, this gym is NOT for you! After the first workout, you will NOT come back if you are not willing to work. I joined this gym by way of living social and I am glad that I did! I am disappointed if I miss class! The instructors are really helpful and they really push you. Everyone that attends this gym is real about their fitness and WANT to see results.

Review №74

I learned of Box2BFIT through Groupon and wanted to try it out because Id done some kick boxing in the past and also I wanted to try out the Lipo-Laser Boot Camp. I must say that I have been pleased that in 8 weeks I can see a drastic difference in my waste and my because of my commitment and the support from Rick, the owner and the rest of the trainers. Theres no judgement but lots of support in reaching my goals. I would recommend all curious and serious people to give it a try.

Review №75

This gym has a great selection of classes to choose from with intense workouts. The trainers encourage you and teach you the right way to do an exercise.

Review №76

Ive been a member of a gym for years now, going 5-6 times a week. Logging endless hours on the elliptical or treadmill, and never seeing a single result. I started going to Box2bfit a month ago, and Im down 10 lbs and have seen noticeable changes to my body. Im more toned than Ive ever been and this is only a month in. I cant wait to see the results in the next few months. If youre looking for results, Box2bfit is the place to go.

Review №77

Box-2B-Fit is a great place to get an intense old school boxing workout. I began going there just to get in better shape for the summer and found myself not missing a day for month. The staff prides themselves on varying the workouts so even if you take several of the same classes during the week, its never the same routine. The are a variety of patrons there, with varying levels of fitness. Beware, the classes can be INTENSE, but if you a highly motivated person who wants to get the most out of your time at the gym, blow off some steam, and just plain old get your butt kicked, Box- 2B-fit is the place for you. Youll see me there. Ill be the one drenched in sweat wondering, Why am I doing this again? lol.

Review №78

So I was never a person to go to the gym, until now! I go about 4 to 5 times a week.Love the TRX, Kickboxing and the High Intensity Cross Train classes.I think Couch Candace is Great, but they all are!If you so to the gym to run on the treadmill, then this is not for you!!I am glad I found this place. After each class I am soak for sweating .Hever had a work out plan like this before!!!Thanks Rick

Review №79

The staff at box2bfit are always friendly, I went in for a 7 day trial and just feel in love with it. just after the 7 days i could tell the difference. This is defiantly not like any other gym i have been a member of. It gives you variety in your exercise routine not just the same ol elliptical or treadmill work out everyone is used to... give it a try you will love it as i did..

Review №80

While the appearance might throw you off at first, this is a kick your butt kinda place. Its not the type of gym that you just drop in, do your thing and leave. You pick a class that interests you and you work your butt off for thirty minutes or an hour. Each class Ive been to has been different which is great bc my body isnt getting used to the same routine. You can move at your own pace but still be challenged to increase. Word of advice, dont start with a 30 min class thinking it will be easier...defintely start with an hour class..Ladies, the Booty Camp is GREAT!

Review №81

This was my review two years ago, and I am still going strong at Box2BFit. Classes are still challenging, and except for the Burpees I love it!!I am 52 and have been a gym member for many years at a local gym where variety of classes are limited and the exercises are always the same - I could almost do the routines in my sleep. I was a bit intimated to walk into this gym, but have to say am so glad that I did!! Still a bit intimating to walk in, but cannot wait until the next class when I leave. The classes are great and different every time. This is not a typical gym - no frills, no locker rooms, but after you take a couple of classes those things do not matter. What matters is being challenged, getting healthy, and feeling good about yourself, and that is what this gym does!

Review №82

The owner kicked me out of the gym because I told him I did not want to continue my membership after 1 week of joining. The reasons why I wanted to cancel were: the instructor teaching the class starts late or ends early without any reasoning, the instructor cancelled class because only 3 people attended class, and the instructor seems to only be interested in his body results and not the same for the customers. One week later, I get phone calls from their billing department stating I owe money. B2Bfit can kiss it where the sun does not shine.Note: Do not be fooled by the excellent comments. Excellent comments can be bought. The owner is a shrewd businessman.

Review №83

I bought a living social on a whim that I might follow through. I have been attending at least 3 days a week for a month now, and plan to join. As others have said this is not a fancy frills gym..but thats what I like about it. I felt welcome from the first night..and the classes really kick my butt..but like others have said I feel comfortable working out next to someone who is in incredible shape. the trainers are really good and they push you like no other place I have been to. I have lost about 5 lbs..but really feel the inches only 1 month. I actually look forward to going and the way I know I will feel afterwards..try it out, you will not regret it (except maybe 40 min into the hour long

Review №84

Great instructors! Tons of equipment variety!....a challenging workout no matter who is teaching or when you go! Genuine people. Hooray!

Review №85

I have spent 30 years in Raleigh at a great sampling of all the health clubs and have concluded that if your goal is to get in the best shape possible, Box2bfit is the best gym in town. The intensity of the workouts are extreme, but they do allow for adjustments to more modest fitness levels. Box2bfit has changed the way i do my laundry. I used to be able to throw my lightly soiled gym clothes in the laundry for me to attend to at my convenience. Now I need to hang my soaking wet clothes up overnight to let them dry out before they go into the laundry or they will be way too funky before laundry day. It IS different.

Review №86

I started going to Box 2B Fit on a 1-month Living Social deal and now I am hooked. I attend class from 5-6 most weekday afternoons, which is taught by Lamar and usually consists of ropes/kettlebells/TRX. The thing I love most about coming here is that I really feel like I earned it. The people here are serious about fitness and I have not been able to match the level of intensity I experience at Box 2B Fit.The reason I rate this 4 stars is because class sometimes starts about 2-3 minutes late. Not a huge deal, but on the occasion I only have 30 minutes that day, its a little annoying. But once class gets started, its soon forgotten. Also, I wish the music they played during class was different (mostly rap/hip-hop, which is not MY thing, but most others dont seem to mind it.)Overall, Im getting stronger and Im really enjoying my time here.

Review №87

I LOVE this place. The workouts are fun, hard, and rewarding and the people are real.

Review №88

On July 25, 2013, my wife and I decided to try Box2bfit through a living social deal for a month. Our month is up now and we want more!!! Our experience throughout the month was completely satisfying and all of the class instructors/trainers are really good in delivering the workout routines that will get you in shape in no time. I will say the classes I mostly participated in were intense and if you are just starting to workout for the first time it will take more than a couple of classes to feel you can complete a class but please do not be discouraged. Do what you can each time and stick to the workout routine and you will lose the extra pounds as well as notice an increase in muscle tone and strength.I was attending 4 to 6 times a week and the class schedules were very flexible. Thus I had the opportunity to participate in most of the classes and met different trainers. I cant say I have a favorite since most classes were outstanding but I mostly enjoyed the 5pm class with Lamar and 6pm class with Candace (Mon, Wed, and Fri) and 6pm class with Mike (Tues and Thu). If you cant make it to either of those Michelle teaches a 7pm strengthening class on Tues, and Thu. Theres also a kickboxing class at 7pm on Mon, Wed, and Fri. Although I didnt have an opportunity to try the kickboxing class, I know it is a popular one. There is also a great Saturday 10am class with Lamar. What is yet more satisfying is that whichever class you select, the workout routine will be different each and every time (some of the same exercises but different routine). In my experience it kept it interesting and I was never bored. On the contrary, I was always looking forward to the next day.Whether you want to lose extra pounds, stay fit, be functional and you are serious about joining a gym and getting the most out of it each day with each workout, Box2bfit is definitely for you!!! See you all there, as my wife and I will be rejoining to continue the great experience and new lifestyle.Equipment used in classes:Kettle-bellsBattling-ropesdumbbellsTRXspin bikeTires-various sizedSandbagsHeavy-bagsBoxing glovesSledge hammer....and more

Review №89

Great gym! Trainers and classes are challenging. Best deal for a Crossfit/Boxing combo in Raleigh.

Review №90

This is a great gym to get a serious, hard workout. Expect to be motivated and challenged!

Review №91

Got started here with a Living Social deal and couldnt be happier I found it. Classes are great, tons of variety I never feel like Im doing the same thing twice, tires, kettlebells, trx, ropes, sand bags, this obstacle course, this place has it all, the instructors know what they are doing and I know that every time I show up Im going to get a killer workout and leave drenched in sweat and exhausted, A+

Review №92

I’ve been searching for a gym I can really dedicate myself to and see results. I’ve tried Crossfit and various other gyms and classes, but nothing was as enjoyable and results-driven as Box2BFit. The class times are convenient and there are a variety of activities to fit any goal or interest. The trainers are knowledgeable and take their job seriously. In terms of the boxing, I was initially intimated but was welcomed into the ring and encouraged by the patient trainers. Box2BFit doesn’t have fancy facilities and instead chooses to focus on fitness. If you are serious about getting in amazing shape, then you’ll really enjoy this experience.

Review №93

LOVE Box2BFit! If youre looking for a hard-core, no-frills workout this is the place for you! Rick, Lamar, Michelle and Dorothea are truly invested in my success - they push me hard each and every workout. Their bootie camp, cross training and kickboxing classes have become a part of my weekly routine that I truly look foward to. If youre ready to work hard and see results, come join me!

Review №94

I have been going to Box2BFit for a month and am extremely impressed. Every day the trainers have new and hard workouts that challenge your muscles and strength. Ricks kettlebell workouts have turned my already strong arms to rock hard, and I am able to lift and do much more than a month ago. Candaces classes work my full body and test my agility and speed. Lamars classes have pushed me to my limits; I leave covered in sweat and proud of myself. I have done Insanity for years and was obsessed with it, and yet I have never done anything that compares to how my body has changed from Box2BFit. Within a week I felt stronger. Going is an addiction, and I love it!

Review №95

I LOVE THIS PLACE!!! Seriously. This is a no-frills gym, and will have you building up a sweat and cursing in no time. There is no judgement here. Its not a meat market or social club... but it is FUN, and TOUGH, and MOTIVATING. The classes are tough, but there are people of all fitness levels and ages... most everything can be modified. If you want to stay cute while working out, this isnt the place for you. But if you want to really FEEL your workouts, and get results, this is the place. I priced almost every Crossfit type gym in Raleigh and the prices were outrageous. You can get a workout using many of the same workouts and principles for far less here. One thing I will say is that I see people that have complained about Rick having an attitude. Hes straight forward and to the point, and after just one class, you get him. Hes actually very funny and wants the best for you. He will work your tail off. Just dont expect to be coddled and held. This is a REAL gym type atmosphere. And if you are serious about wanting to get healthy and in shape, and stay in shape, its awesome. One thing Ive learned in a short time is Rick is who he is from day one. He doesnt play games, and hes not going to give you a sales pitch. If you want to put the time in and get dirty, he will be there to make sure it happens. This is a no-excuses kind of place. For those that are serious, its a very refreshing change of pace. This place isnt for everyone. But it IS for people that are serious about their health and fitness, and that aint always pretty folks.

Review №96

Yesterday I purchased a Groupon to this establishment in hopes that I could have a long term fitness relationship with their facility. Prior to coming to my very first class I thought it might be wise to call and find out if I need to come in at a certain time to fill out any forms. I figured if the class starts at 7pm then they probably wouldnt want me time come in right at 7pm, Right?The person who answered the phone was just plain nasty and condescending saying to me, Well you know you gotta fill out a waver dontcha!!. I said, actually I didnt know that, thats why I called. He then rudely repeated the exact same thing to me.I then said, well maybe I wont come there...His reply, Well then please dont.And so I am not. My Groupon has been refunded. With what word of mouth is today, I would air more on the side of caution when berating individuals (new clients) over the phone when you have no idea who they are, or who they know...

Review №97

Originally, I found Box2BFit online, looking for a kickboxing gym in Raleigh. I later found a coupon through the website Living Social and decided to take advantage of a trial period. Their work outs are awesome! I feel completely exhausted and muscle failure after each work out, which lets me know that I have worked to my full potential. Instructors are motivating and will push you to work harder. Each class is different, so it is not repetitive and has a variety. We work out inside and outside of the building so it gives you a change of atmosphere, which I love so you are not just stuck being in a building during a work out. I absolutely love the kickboxing class. You do not have to a professional boxer/kickboxer to join this gym, as their tag line says you train LIKE a fighter. The non-stop intense cardio will surely get your heart rate up and burn some calories. Month to month, Box2BFit is also very affordable!

Review №98

Since participating in the Living Social offer, Ive been impressed with the caliber of workout Ive gotten at Box-2B-Fit. Lamar and Rick both give great workouts to people of all levels. I have had the opportunity to try the cycling class, whip it, kettlebell pump, kb and trx, and the bootcamp and they were all awesome. They push it to another level. What Ive really been impressed with is that everyone there is really nice and while they expect a certain level of dedication from you, no one is in your face yelling at you. I have really enjoyed working out there and can feel a difference in my fitness level after 4 weeks! I look forward to seeing what the next few months will bring!

Review №99

Thanks to Living Social I was introduced to this boxing club. Lamar brings energy,enthusiasm,motivation and creativity to his classes. Every class was different and challenging.I am a triathlete and I was looking to change up my resistance training routine. The TRX,Kettlebell,ropes,and bootcamp classes were high intensity and I noticed positive results. I highly recommend this club!!shannon

Review №100

I tried out Box 2 B fit for a living social deal. I like the facility because theres nowhere else I can obtain such a complete workout for the money, with no contracts. Ive tried the cardio, boxing bootcamp, weights, kettlebell and TRX and they all were killer. The facility is always neat, clean, and organized. And the instructors will give you a workout. It is a real boxing gym so its no frills. Now as far as the staff goes they are knowledgeable and they pay attention to your form,etc. Now let me address as the other reviewer and the owner Ricks dispute: Well Rick is not a salesman, but a trainer. He reminds me of the football and basketball coaches. They arent big on niceties either, but they get the job done. In spite of all that, I do feel like its a place where you can work out and will understand financial hardship, which is good in these tough times. And I appreciate that I have never been badgered to join or commit to a contract.

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