Philadelphia Womens Center
777 Appletree St 7th floor, Philadelphia, PA 19106, United States

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I was taken care of really well, and with a lot of my body marks/scars, I’m used to people treating me horribly. This place really made me feel better, and many times I was on the edge of tears. Not to mention, my insurance wouldn’t cover and I started getting so scared, and they arranged finding to help me do a payment plan. The man who is the financial adviser really, really calmed me down. Because about 3 times I was on the verge of tears, and he helped me to understand there were options and not to panic. I highly recommend this center for anyone who needs it. The woman at security makes your privacy her top priority, and she makes you feel like a person. Even the woman with glasses and shaved headI met with in the back was amazing, and the guy who was able to take my blood: there was not one person who made me feel uncomfortable. Thank you so much.

Review №2

I am currently being rushed to emergency surgery because you did not fully removed the fetus from my body. I am very ill and I havent been able to eat or drink or even use the bathroom. My obgyn is rushing over now to finish what you did not.

Review №3

I would 100% recommend this facility to anyone in need of their services. The ONLY negative experience I had was the waiting period, but the patient advocates make you well aware of the wait way ahead of time so I was prepared. Other than that it was clean, & every member of the their staff made me feel safe, informed & respected. Keep up the great work!

Review №4

This place is amazing. I went there may 21,2020 just as scared and nervous as anyone else may be. My time scheduled to arrive was 7:40. i got checked in at the front desk and filled out some paper work. i soon after than got called back and met with a woman named amy who was very sweet and assuring that everything was going to be just fine. she did my ultra sound and answered any questions that i had for her and walked me back to the seating area. not long after i was called back for a second time by a nurse who was very sweet as well. she just asked me medical history and she also answered any questions that i had for her. Then after that i made my payment with a gentleman and shortly after that i was called back for my procedure to start. i walked in to a room with a nurse named julia who gave me my robe and a blanket to change into. i waited in another waiting room for about 30 minutes and then was soon called back for my procedure. the lady in there was very nice also. she complimented my eyelashes and made me feel very safe and aware of what was going on and that i would be okay ( i also had a fear of needles, i chose to be put to sleep for this) so soon after that , the doctor came in and talked to me and got me prepared, then the anesthesiologist who was great. i did not even feel the needle. amy who took my ultra sound was also in the room with me again and she held my hand until i went to sleep. even tho the procedure may feel like hours , i was only asleep for about 20 minutes. when i woke up , i had very nice nurses greet me again who helped me up and walked me to the bathroom to get changed. i was given my medicine to prevent infection and after that i was on my way home with very little bleeding and very little cramping. this place is excellent and will definitely make you fee safe and secure. the staff is absolutely outstanding and i would recommend this place to anyone anywhere. i was there for about a total of 4 hours which is expected. you have to understand that there are a lot of other girls besides you so just have patience and stay calm. your in great hands !

Review №5

Once again they made me comfortable, very supportive & professional. I would definitely recommend this clinic. Staff to me was warm, welcoming, & compassionate. Also clean environment. I even literally had both hands held during my procedure.

Review №6

This place is awesome great customer service I will recommend anyone to this place give the womans center 5 stars ️

Review №7

I love love love this place! Everyone is extremely nice and helpful. Went there recently nervous and scared! And everyone from the front desk to the doctors makes your experience there really comfortable. Theyre really hands on with every patient, I would highly recommend this place to anyone!!

Review №8

I couldn’t even believe there was any negative comments on here about this location! They were very very professional talked me through everything to where I understood, made me comfortable regardless the pain I felt, and were just very kind regarding my situation. If I ever need anything I will most certainly be returning here:)

Review №9

Always crowded and expect to wait a long time. Nice staff though.

Review №10

From the time I walked into the doors and the time I left. I was treated so well!! The staff there is so kind and very comforting about the whole thing. I decided to get put to sleep and when I woke up I felt pain they gave me some medication for it to Go away which help ALOT. And after that I haven’t had pain since and this is my second day recovering from it. They sent over medication to my pharmacy but I didn’t need to take it at all. Be prepare to wait. My appt was at 730 I left at 1230. It’s a process and step by step for everything. And you won’t be the only girl.

Review №11

Wait time wasnt bad, staff is friendly and they are very professional.

Review №12

I was there today this morning. I came from outta state, my overall experience with this company was good everyone was helpful, friendly, professional and respectful. I was asked different times if I was sure about my decision an that I . The only thing I didnt like was I was the first person their an it still was a long wait and the medicine to put you too sleep felt like my whole arm was on , the pain from the procedure is real like a 7 out of 10 but bearable. But other than that my experience was good this was a one shot deal so wont see me again.

Review №13

Got here at 10 am and waited 4 & 1/2 hours in perhaps the most uncomfortable waiting room ever. Its somewhat disconcerting to hear babies crying while wrestling with the life & death consequences of the action being undertaken-at an ABORTION clinic. Insensitive to put it mildly. You have to jump thru several hoops...seeing the intake person, seeing the finance clerk, wait an hour, then see some research student who wants you to participate in their study, wait another hour then finally see the nurse...who basically does all the work. I saw the Dr. for a total of 3 minutes & 37 seconds-because I timed it. I wont put her-the female doctor-on blast by mentioning her name, but her bedside manner was subpar & there was no hiding her lack of empathy for these patients. She came across as judgmental & acted as though I was inconveniencing her with my poor, uneducated problems. Spare yourself the indignity and find a more empathetic facility

Review №14

Left yesterday for my procedure at 15 weeks. and I must say every time I come to this place . The staff , doctors , anesthesiologists, nurses are so sweet and make you so comfortable and welcomed. They are very careful in how they treat you and assure the best care . Now as far as the pain you feel when leaving is different for everyone . Everyone pain tolerance is different . They don’t purposely put you in pain for those who make ignorant comments like that . And when I say pain you’ll feel a little cramping afterwards. Which is totally normal you just got a fetus removed but it stops by the end of the day . Put a heating pad on and take ibuprofen you’ll be fine. I would recommend this place to anyone . Thanks you guys for taking care of me yesterday !

Review №15

I arrived on time for a 9:30am appointment. I didnt leave until 5:15pm. I waited 8 hours for a pill.

Review №16

I’ve read other reviews here about the staff of Philadelphia Women’s Centers being mean to people and I have to tell you that my experience was the exact opposite. From the second I got there everyone was very polite and nice. They have an incredibly hard job as it’s not easy for anyone there. They’ve been around for a long time and have had several friends go there so they must be doing something right.

Review №17

This is obviously not a place you want to go to. You go because you have to go, and they try really hard to make it feel comfortable. But they dont succeed in everything. I had an appointment for 7:45 AM but I got there super early and I was the second person checked in. This truly worked in my favor. I was in the clinic for about four and a half hours. The wait times for me werent terrible but I got lucky. You just wait to speak to so many different people, and most were very kind. The one nurse taking my vitals and history wasnt the best and she went through everything super fast and acted rude. The patient advocate was very sweet, I was taken aback when she asked why I was having the procedure done, but she did say I didnt have to answer the question. So, it felt like an invasion of privacy but it is what it is. When I finally got into the procedure room, I was given the anesthesia and the doctor and nurses were fine. After I woke up in the recovery room and came to realize how much pain I was in, they basically didnt care and were trying to get me out the door as quickly as possible. I had severe cramps as soon as I came back to reality, the worst cramps Ive ever experienced. They didnt let me fully recover from the surgery and I was crying and bawling as I left. I was in the elevator with random people who werent even from the clinic on the way downstairs, and I was in so much pain I was almost screaming. As my husband went to get the car I had to sit down in the street and continued to cry because I was in that much pain. In the hour long car ride home I couldnt stop vommiting and begged my husband to make the pain stop. I made him drive me to the ER. By that point, roughly an hour later the cramps became bearable. But I truly feel like the clinic should let people recover and listen to them when theyre crying in pain. They said I could experience cramps but this was the most pain Ive ever experienced in my life. I wouldnt not recommend this place, just get there early and prepare to be there for hours. Most of the staff is great just be aware that it could be a painful experience.

Review №18

After having a horrendous experience in New Jersey, I came to the Philadelphia Womens Center. Throughout the experience, the other women at the clinic and I were treated with dignity and respect and I felt confident that every nurse practitioner, nurse anesthetist, physician, and medical assistant I came into contact with was competent and good at their job. Those qualities can be hard to come by in centers like this due to stigma and lack of funding. I experienced little to no pain (although this will vary for everyone. I deal with chronic pain every day of my life so my tolerance is really high). Thankfully, I was back to my normal self the next day. Thank you, PWC, for making me feel like a person who deserves respect during a difficult time. Id highly recommend your facility to anyone. (Also, I wont show up in your patient records due to anonymity. Apologies.)

Review №19

This place is so unprofessional. I came to my appointment today at 11:00 and waited there until 4:30 for them to tell me that they couldn’t service me because of my medical history. And they knew my medical history before I came. And on top of that the nurse just hands me a paper with a list of hospitals telling me I could go there, but she does this before anyone even told that I wasn’t able to get the the services at PWC. I guess that was a mistake And on top of that when I called to schedule the appointment I was on hold for about 45 minutes. This place sucks.

Review №20

I must say I had a great experience here I was terrified because of a previous experience I had a few years back at planned parenthood. But the staff was very nice and considerate to the high emotional mind state of all of the women there... I have never saw such compassion for the women who made the choice to terminate pregnancy. I want to give a special thanks to Bruce the anesthesiologist whom I kept calling Aaron in my high state of mind.....Thank you for being so kind and understanding to all of the women there I saw you very gently help women out of the wheelchair and into the recovery sets and you talked to them with care and without judgment or disgust I know your job must be hard but please keep up the good work we need more people like you working with us youre a great guy signed a happy medical patient

Review №21

Very friendly, courteous and compassionate staff. Women should feel comfortable knowing that theres such a judgement-free medical facility like this in Philly.

Review №22

From the women up front , to the advocate, nurses, doctors, and anesthesiologist... Everyone was so helpful and considerate. The wait wasnt as long as I thought and they all helped me to feel so comfortable in making this tough decision.

Review №23

I dont understand why this place schedules a million women in one DAY! Its like you go in there no matter what it is , in the beginning its fast but then you wait and Wait and wait all day to get seen for whatever you went in there for . I dont get it . Build a proper system and build your time accordingly. Schedule less people For the day to get things done . You guys run on your time ,dont you ever get tired. I dont want a stupid responce either from you people because I already told you what exactly you need to fix. Theres no reason people should be sitting in a cold ass sitting area for ever to leave as well .

Review №24

This place suck I had an 7:55 am appointment and its now 2pm and Im still waiting to get my procedure. First time ever have to do this and they made the experience worst.

Review №25

Very polite and helpful. The entire staff. Was very nice and supportive they offered funding and emotional support thank you everyone

Review №26

This skinny woman with black glasses was talking to me like I was a toddler. You wait a LONG, LONG time to be seen and the ultrasound tech was just straight up miserable.Asian chick at the front desk was cool. Nurses were real nice. Ask for black doctor man if you can. He was so nice.But I am giving the office a POOR rating.

Review №27

I am beyond pleased with the care i recieved at the Philadelphia Womens Center. Everyone from the woman i made the appt with, the lobby receptionist, and all the nurses and doctors were all extremely caring and kind. With these types of visits, a long wait is to be expected, so that didnt really bother me. When your health and well being is on the line, they need to make sure nothing is over looked- not rush you through everything because there is long line waiting.Before my procedure, i felt faint and the nurses were so accommodating, making sure i was well enough to go under anesthesia.

Review №28

The desk rep was very nice and explained everything in detail . My ultrasound tech ( AMY ) was GREAT and sensitive to my concerns . There is a Lil wait but the staff are wonderful !

Review №29

Everyone but one person were super nice Im not from the area so when I got there I was already nervous but they were nice even after and took care of me the whole time I also had some complications after the whole thing and the one nurse never left me and stayed with me also the dr came and checked to see how I was doing until I was better and stayed with me even though they had closed I was the only one there they treated me very kind.

Review №30

This was the most horrible event in my life, I have fear of needles and fear of blood, and had a panic attack before the anesthesia was given but they were very nice about it.However I am a carrier of the most expensive blood disease that males can inherited and the embryo was male. I was 11 weeks and I knew it for sure how many weeks am I. I did NIPT test to determine the gender before I came for the procedure but they told it is 13 weeks and kept pressuring about it saying it is because of the arm and legs measurement. Black nurse that sits in the office looked at the ultrasound and called it baby I cant believe it. How inhuman to use such words. Its been awhile but it is still on my mind that she called it baby and ultrasound technician called it arms and legs. I believe they should not use these words.By the way 13 weeks procedure is more complicated and cost more money than 11 weeks.I didnt like the psychologist (or whatever who she is) asking me why I decided to have it. It is not anybodys business really of my family medical history and my personal situation. I didnt need psychological treatment.Although the doctor was very experienced from Jefferson Hospital, she was also very nice and anesthesia was good.I just hate that black nurse that sits in office. And I still dont believe I was 13 weeks. I knew for sure how many weeks am I and when I had my period.

Review №31

I had the worst experience ever. I live 2 hours away and I had spoken with 4 different woman on the phone before going to have the procedure done. I let all of them know that I had given birth via csection 5 months ago. None of them said anything about it but they noted it on my profile. I get the clinic and wait an hour in the waiting room, signed all of the consent forms and everything. I finally get called to do the lab work (ultrasound, iron test, urine test, etc) and pay for my procedure then another hour in the waiting room. I finally get to speak with the nurse/doctor and I am told that they cannot perform my abortion because their doctors are not skilled enough to perform an abortion within 12 months of a previous csection. THEN!!! They refused to give me my money back that I paid!!!! Basically had to create a scene and almost have security called on me because I wouldnt leave until I got my money back. They not only wasted my time and money but I wasted physical energy and emotions. Finally being prepared for such procedure and then being told you cant have it done..... Im beyond upset with this facility. They are not professional and I highly suggest no one goes here. They dont give you any information. You are seen as a dollar sign there.

Review №32

The clerk was rude, the workers were nice. They lied about the abortion. A student profor med the procedure on me, now I still have particles in me. I lost two weeks from work. Had to be rushed to the emergency room with low blood pressure due to blood loss. If I were you go to parent plan hood they will get the job done right and on the first time. Now I have to get a second procedure done.

Review №33

I cant say enough good things about the organization and the staff. Every woman that works here is wonderful. I felt so alone and scared when I found out I was pregnant but once I got there I never felt that way again. Their kindness, patience, and empathy made all the difference. I will never forget when one of the nurses saw how scared I was and grabbed my hand and told me its okay, youre okay, squeeze my hand as hard as you need to. She didnt know me at all, she didnt have to do that, thats not part of her job. It was one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me. The support and help they offer is amazing. lile I said cant thank them enoigh

Review №34

I am confused how you have women in here with children when women are here to abort their fetus. Sounds like a conflict of interest and all about making money. Wouldn’t it just make sense to not allow children in this office if you are going to offer full services the same time other women are here for an abortion? Who wants to hear and see babies when you’re supposed to be in a comfortable atmosphere while making such a difficult choice. I wouldn’t recommend this place if you are emotionally sensitive.NOT TO MENTION I WAS TOLD 4-5 HOURS MAX AND NOW IM BEING TOLD 6-7 HOURS. THIS IS COMPLETE BS. DONT COME HERE. GO TO A NICE NEIGHBORHOOD IN NJ WHERE THEY DONT ALLOW WOMEN TO BRING CHILDREN AND WHERE THEY DONT OVER SCHEDULE. ITS ABOUT MONEY NOT A COMFORTABLE EXPERIENCE HERE.

Review №35

While you dont know what to expect when you go through one, and no one ever wants to go through this, its not something that any woman would excited about. I felt that the interaction with all the staff there was incredibly positive and reassuring. I wasnt sure what route I wanted to take and I spoke with a wonderful woman name Erin, we weighed the pros and cons and I was able to make a decision for myself. It does feel invasive, the whole process, but how could it not? You sit in a waiting room with women who are probably going through exactly what you are going through, you think hmm should I start a conversation to break the awkward silence. But Ill tell you from experience as I have in the past even worked in one, it is like that in every womens clinic. You are directed to room to room, and while you are already in a daze because you have so many thoughts going through your brain on what is going to happen, its easy to get confused but there was always a staff to help assist you. The waiting room had music playing, it was tiny, and you literally all are wearing the hospital gowns, I was fortunate that a conversation did spark, and there was a bond that happened in that room. We discussed literally everything and gave each other hugs. This is not an easy choice. I feel like it has gotten negative reviews people we has humans are quick to only see and remember the negativity, and listen, it is not a positive oh so wonderful rainbow experience. But when you really see how the staff communicated, how you were fully informed the different directions you could take, the kindness and empathy was clear in this facility. The procedure was actually quite quick, I would recommend listening to positive music through head phones and taking advantage of squeezing the nurses hand. It was painless, at least for me it was, it is probably easier for someone who had already given birth fairly recently, but overall I was expecting the worse and it was nothing traumatic. However each individual responds differently, but remember you can control your thought process and see a new chapter is about to unfold if you give it a chance. The doctor was a women, I wished I remembered her name, starts with a P I believe? She had a nose piercing and she was very communicative and reassuring, the procedure didnt feel actually invasive in my perspective (again I made myself expect the worse) From start to end, it is quite a long wait, so please expect that before you come in, but while you are at it, maybe you will get lucky and make some friendships because we are all here together and we need to link hands to be strong. I am so thankful for their services and terrified of what is to come in the future with a huge turn in our government. 5 stars!

Review №36

Going through an abortion is not an easy thing for most women. It was an extremely hard decision for myself. This place effectively manages to make a miserable time in someones life even more miserable by dragging it out the majority of an entire day. First you wait over an hour just to get a blood test and ultrasound then you wait over an hour just to pay, than you wait forever till you see a counselor, then you have to answer a ton of questions, then you see a nurse and answer a ton more questions then you get to wait another couple hours just to see a dr. This is not a coincidence this is how they opperate you spend the entire day in a waiting room seeing the same people doing nothing but going on and out and then waiting some more. I would think there are far better ways to opperate a clinic.

Review №37

Very nice and pleasant till u get to the procedure room. The doctor nd medical assistants talking bout an upcoming party while doing my abortion. then they leave me strapped up on the table so the doctor can show the assistants pics in her phone. Then they leave me completely exposed while they open the door for people in the hall to see all of my vagina bloody and exposed then they tell me oh no ones in the hall I saw someone in the hall and attempted to try to cover myself . Hands down worst most humiliating experience of my life. very unprofessional word to the wise. DONT GO TO THE PHILADELPHIA WOMENS CENTER ON 777 APPLETREE ST.

Review №38

Worst medical experience ever!! If youre looking for a cheap womens health clinic, avoid this place at all costs! I went in for a 11am appt, was called in to pay at 12pm and then not seen again until 1:15pm. When the ultrasound was performed the technician was very rude, abrupt and clearly demonstrated her lack of compassion during the ultrasound. The technician, disregarded the early pregnancy and went for an abdomen ultrasound that only lasted 3 seconds! When asked why this method was used she copped a very unprofessional attitude towards me and said I can see your uterus hut fine! The office staff was nice but for 3 hours and $150 we received a very lackluster grade of medical service and wasted our time. DO NOT GO HERE!!!

Review №39

This place was an horrible experience staff didnt make me feel comfortable at all I felt everything they stated I was suppose to feel alittle tug but I felt everything literally scream so bad for my first experience awake.

Review №40

Never had a procedure here, but any time I need planning or contraceptive services, theyve been helpful, cheap, and non-judgmental. Glad theyre in my city!

Review №41

Dr rude asf

Review №42

They are extremely slow. The staff is rather friendly

Review №43

They Service Is The Worst Been Period

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