Jazeh La Belle
809 Devon Ave, Park Ridge, IL 60068, United States
Jazeh La Belle

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If you want to enjoy your time at the salon or spa and really feel like you are getting pampered, this is the place. If you want to feel like youre a VIP, this is the place. There is this amazing eyebrow technician named Alice. She is professional, prompt, and polite. She does an amazing job. She really dials in and makes you feel as if youre the only person that is getting their eyebrows done, LOL. You can find her by her red hair, and awesome style. She is definitely the work horse of the company and sometimes even stays late to satisfy her clients. I have been coming to see Alice for a year now, and she easily is the best. From her intricate detailing, to the use of the magnifying mirror (sometimes), and even to the use of aftercare like witch hazel. She is epic at making my eyebrows look amazing. Im speechless that I found her. Her eyebrow threading is next level!I must also mention that this place is quite upscale, compared to its counterpart less than half a mile away, its well worth the extra 4-6$. You truly get what you pay for; in the absolute best way possible!

Review №2

I moved 45 minutes away and go out of my way to come to Jazeh La Belle. Great and friendly staff. Favorite is eyebrow treading. I have had amazing lash lifts bit this last time was ok. Still a favorite for eyebrows.

Review №3

I have always loved this salon. I get my eyebrows threaded and tinted here and I always love the end result. They shape my brows so well and have given me great advice on where to let them grow if I happen to pluck myself. Maria always does a great job and I love the way she shapes my eyebrows every time!

Review №4

Alice did an amazing job on my lash lift and tint. Would recommend!

Review №5

Alice did an amazing job I got them threaded and tinted first time doing that here I love them!

Review №6

I really recommend this place. Its very clean and they do great service. Everyone is very nice.

Review №7

I’ve been going to Jazeh La Belle since they were at their old location. I came in about an hour before close tonight and had the most wonderful experience. The owner took great care of me. She is a kind, professional woman who transformed quarantine brows and lashes into beauties. I love them!! Will always be returning to this awesome business.

Review №8

I love my eyebrows! They look amazing! I would definitely recommend coming here to get your eyebrows done! Everyone is so friendly. Can recommend Alice as very good master and nice person. As for the place they make sure to keep it clean and sanitized.

Review №9

Do not do business with this guys, They are really bad in doing Hair Extensions, I have a really bad experience here. Its Too Terrible Services.

Review №10

Ive been going to Jaseh La Belle for a few months now and love my experience there! I get lash lift and have had a brow done a couple of times. Alice is AMAZING - she really cares about her clients, is professional and clean but still so down to earth and personable. I cant recommend her enough! ❤️

Review №11

Im disappointed. I have avoided getting my eyebrows done during the pandemic due to being higher risk. I finally was going to get them done today! I looked up reviews and here on yelp it said they did things safe. I was asked to wash my hands when i entered but after being seated dont know if my lady(owner) washed or sanitized hers. I chose wax to avoid threading to help me feel more safe. My eyes were closed during the process but towarda the end when i opened them she had pulled her mask down! She saw me look and pulled it back up but it was barley fitting properly. I was so upset! Had i known what was happening with my eyes open i would have walked out. This is not okay! I work in dental and if she was my patient i would never even try and work near her face without a mask out of respect for her as a client or patient. We have been doing this for over a year there is no excuse. I wanted to trust this location and the information but now I wish I had went elsewhere to save myself the anxiety I now have to carry.

Review №12

Super nice and clean salon. Very friendly staff.. Unfortunately 3rd time I go in and my eyebrows look really bad. Not worth the $10 to have them worse than they were going in. I dont think Ill be going back again. My rating was strictly on experience with what I went there for.

Review №13

Walked in at closing. The owner took care of me with a threading and also took her time to show me how to use the powder that she used to fill in my brows. This was not rushed and I knew she wanted to go home. A true professional businesswomen. Will recommend to all

Review №14

This location is open, so not sure why it shows its closed but I think this is incorrect as I was just there and it was completely open.

Review №15

I have been going to this salon for 6 years, and they are the only people I will let touch my eyebrows! Consistent service no matter which employee you go to. The salon is stunning, it looks like an upscale city salon while being in the suburbs. Their eyelash lifts are also affordable and the best quality, even after trying other places for lash lifts I always end up coming back.

Review №16

Best place to get your brows done, I’ve been going here for years! Highly recommend!

Review №17

JUST KEEP DRIVING!! This was one of the worst waxing experiences ever. We’re still in a pandemic folks so when I’m walking into a place where I’m already vulnerable, you’d think management would care enough to wear a mask. NOPE. The receptionist was constantly off their mask while customers were still in the store. On to the waxing, the technician felt the need to be within touching distance of my face with her own face!! I have had many waxings, none of which require a technician to ever be that close. It just alarmed me within the current state our world is in with the spread of COVID. The woman applied straight ALCOHOL TO MY WAXING AFTER IT WAS DONE. It burned like hell. Again, most places use aloe or a cooling solution. To top it all off, I still had wax left in my face as I left. Wanted to try somewhere new, but I understand why people say stick to what you know.

Review №18

I loved my experience at Jazeh La Belle, I got my eyebrows threaded and it turned out perfect! She is very attentive and gives you her professional opinion. I also got a Lash lift and I loved it. I will definitely be going back.

Review №19

Had my eyebrows waxed and walked away with a scar

Review №20

Tried this place for a quick brow service and they did an amazing job fixing the shape of my brows. I was pleased with the experience and I have been consistently visiting this location for a few months now. Not many places do both threading and waxing and not many places are trained well enough to fix eyebrow shape.

Review №21

Hajra is awesome. This place is always professional, kind and does a wonderful job threading and tinting my eyebrows. My go to place every time!

Review №22

Ive been going to Jazeh la Belle since they were at their old location, and used to love it. More recently they have been hiring inexperienced people who have on two occasions now left me upset with how my eyebrows turned out. I ask for a simple clean up as to not change the shape of my eyebrows, and have been left with uneven and shorten brows. Very upsetting and will most likely be looking for a new place /:

Review №23

Georges place. Amazing costumer service, I have been coming for a while ago and that place have never changed so trustful.. 100% recommend. HAJRA did amazing job for me and my husband, she is so profesional.

Review №24

Very pretty place, friendly staff and reasonable prices! I’m picky on who does my eyebrows but the girl who did my eyebrows was super nice and did an awesome job! This will definitely be the place I come to when I need my eyebrows done! Definitely recommend it!!

Review №25

I am so sad that this is no longer my go to place. I started coming here when they used to be in the other location down the block. They have made many staff changes and the girls that used to do an amazing job on my eyebrows ( Ahbeer and Aruba) are now gone. I came in for eyebrow threading and the girl that took care of me (polish girl) threaded like 4 hairs and went on to pluck my eyebrows out. For that, I couldve plucked them myself and saved myself the money. Very disappointed with the service. Going to have to look for a new place now.

Review №26

Nice salon, update decor. Nice friendly staff, I will definitely return for future serviceHighly recommend.

Review №27

Beautiful inside and great services! Pretty upset that Ive only just found this place. They did a great job on my eyebrows and took their time and this eyelash lift is everything! My new go to place for brows!

Review №28

Excellent service, spotless salon and smiling faces, what more could you ask for!

Review №29

I haven’t realized the amount of quality & care I was missing out on until I came here. As soon as I walked in I was warmly welcomed & I could tell that they were really interested in helping me create the perfect shape for my eyebrows & they made sure it was exactly what I wanted. This is my new spot, & I appreciate the dedication they have to their clientele! Very personal & fun environment. Highly recommend!

Review №30

I used to absolutely LOVE the staff and service! Im SO disappointed now that certain staff have left. They are not as welcoming and customer-focused. I cant believe that I purchased-faithfully purchased their eyebrow stencil kits for myself, gifts, etc. However, I inadvertently purchased the wrong color and they STILL have not honored their word which was to call me when supposedly the new color arrived so that I could exchange it. I popped in twice to see if the color was in. I was placated by the staff and send off with ANOTHER FALSE AGREEMENT that theyd be in touch w/me upon arrival. This is the newer staff as of a month ago. I have not returned and will continue to certainly tell others since theyve allowed their noticable discontent of their former staffs customer service to negatively impact their current patrons. CUSTOMER SERVICE AND HONESTY IS EVERYTHING

Review №31

I was a walkin for brow threading and tinting, they were very nice and quick. I love the way my brows turned out! I will definitely be a regular here from now on!

Review №32

I wanted to take my sister to get her eyebrows done for the first time ever! I myself am super picky about who touches my eyes brows so much so that I usually just do them my self but I needed an emergency cleaning! I came here because the reviews looked good but was still skeptical. Lata did both of our eyebrows and were so happy with the result!!! She did wax thread combo. My sisters eyebrows turned out amazing!!!! So happy with the results!

Review №33

Occasionally go here to have my eyebrows threaded. I really like the quality of the service and the facility itself. The cost of eyebrow threading has gone up, but the work that is done is top notch. The inside of the salon is very upscale. I havent used any of their other services but I have been very pleased with their threading service.

Review №34

I’ve never gotten compliments on my eyebrows until I started coming here. I will never go anywhere else. I wish I knew her name, I believe she is the owner, but she is amazing as well as her team. They take their time, ask me questions and listen to the struggles I have with my eyebrows. Thank you guys! Highly recommend :)

Review №35

This store is open it’s a lie. Isn’t closed my wife just got service done.

Review №36

I used their lash lift service for the first time and I am obsessed. My lashes look AMAZING! I am so unbelievably happy with their service. This Salon is very profession and everyone is so nice. I will most definitely be returning here.

Review №37

Ive tried other places and this one is the best. Im so impressed with these girls. I will continue to drive the 20 miles👍🏻😍

Review №38

I’m glad I’ll never have to waste money on extension, now that I discovered the Lift and Tint!

Review №39

Had a full face wax today, in addition to getting my eyebrows done. I barely had redness. Seeba was the sweetest. The salon is incredibly clean. I can’t wait to come back!

Review №40

Have done my eye brows for almost 7 years at this place and must say they do know how to do business! Very very friendly and helpful! Very knowledgeable and flexible! Prices are reasonable! The beautiful Nadah is the best, but any of them will do it well! Eyelash extensions last for over 2 weeks!

Review №41

Came out with a scar

Review №42

Sonia has been giving my face life since 2015. Eyebrow threading, tinting, waxing, lash lift, and facial services are always exceeding expectations. They have even washed and dried my hair before! My go to spot for beauty services. Always invest in yourself!

Review №43

I really loved the way my eyebrow threading and tinting turned out first time going and they were flawless!! Definitely my new go to place from now on. It’s been 4weeks so I’m over!due (I’ll be going today as a matter of fact)

Review №44

You wanna look good? You go here!You wanna feel good? You definitely go here!

Review №45

This place is beautiful, luxurious, well organized and clean. The price $$ is very good. The ladies are wonderful, helpful and they listen and cater to your needs. I have found my new favorite eyebrow place. Thank you!

Review №46

Hi this is Latha ex employee of Jazeh la belle team, here I work for them and this is the worst management I have ever seen they know how to make work with staff but they dont pay the salary in proper way I need to get one more week payment regarding this I mailed to management and sent so many emails with the payment and profs but they didnt respond I i here request the girl working and future employees to make sure about there paychecks everything fraud they can do anything what ever they want to change honestly no employees know what changes happens.Completely this management is disrespectful, dishonest and working for them is worthless.Never they mention the paystubs how much employee get the card tips and commission and even in tips they cutoffs the taxes.I am asking for my right of work wage.Dont trust..........

Review №47

Best place for eyebrow threading. Been a customer for six years now. Very sweet ladies. Quick and beautiful service and the new salon is stunning.

Review №48

Been there twice now. Beautiful salon, everyone is so nice. They take their time with you, its not like you sit for 2 min and go. They design your brows to make sure no mistakes are made. I wont go anywhere else.

Review №49

First visit was mid weekday around lunch. Great attention to detail, took the time to show me where I was going wrong with over threading and a plan to grow out more of the hair for a better shape. The location is beautiful and clean. The price is extremely reasonable for the level of service and the atmosphere. The only downside was the shop was busy, and the lovely lady that helped me was distracted with other issues, she did apologize every time she needed to deal with another matter. Her amazing customer service was well worth the inconvenience though! I will certainly go back!

Review №50

My experience... went to the salon and the door was locked at 7:45... there was one person getting brows done and the other woman was sitting at the counter (who told me the store was closed). I wouldnt normally post about something like this as I understand beauty salons close at certain times but to deny services 15 BEFORE closing time is ridiculous. I respect peoples time but I do not feel respected in return because the services that I would have gone for would have taken all of 5 minutes (lip wax). If I walked in at 7:55, I would not be writing this because I understand- but not 15 minutes before close. At least put a sign up that says you actually lock the doors 15 mins prior to your actual closing time...

Review №51

I’ve been coming here for almost 4 years now. I recently moved to the city and I still drive 45 mins just to get here. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Love love the ladies her. Very professional and you feel well taken care of every visit.

Review №52

Every time I go I have to wait forever. I just went in and waited for 15 mins with no one in line in front of me. Ended up leaving because no was was coming out from the back

Review №53

Omg... I don’t know where to start! I’ve been going to Jazeh La Belle since the beginning of the year when I arrived to Chicago and Sonia did my brows, Brazilian and lashes. However, I called in earlier this week to schedule an appointment and found out she was no longer working there. I seriously felt like my life was going to fall apart! I know, I know.. I’m a little dramatic but when my brows and lashes needs to be done and I hadn’t been waxed in a few weeks and the person I relied on was no longer available caused me to freak out a little bit. Anyways, I decided to go in a take a chance and OMG...I’m so glad I did!Latha did my brows(threading), lip and lashes and she did an amazing job! My lashes have never looked so good. The volume and the flair is EVERYTHING! She’s very nice, professional and friendly. Silvia did my Brazilian, and OMG, talk about a person who ensured I was comfortable and made sure the process was as painless as possible, it was her! She was very THOROUGH and definitely took her time! My Brazilian has never looked so good! She was very friendly and professional! We had great conversation and laughs.I highly recommend this place! I know change is scary especially when you’re used to a certain person, but the ladies are amazing! I am so glad that I went in and gave them a chance! I came out feeling like a winner because I didn’t have to change locations. I love the ambiance and the family oriented environment. I now have two new wonderful women to take care of my beauty needs!! Thank you ladies!

Review №54

2020 Update: I am so disappointed. Where did the original technicians go? What happened to management? Im contemplating whether or not I should post a photo of my cheek bone with a burn scar from waxing my sideburns. How did the wax end up on my cheek? Thats a great question. No longer the best eyebrows in town.Best eyebrows in town. All the girls le what theyre doing. I love ther cleanliness and space of the salon.

Review №55

5 All the girls are great. Quick and do a beautiful job. Also very helpful with helping to grow brows in. They make them look good during that awkward phase.

Review №56

The Women There Are So Nice ... I Had My Lashes & Hair Done ... Just Amazing Experience

Review №57

HORRIBLE!!!! Used to be a good salon but is now HORRIBLE SERVICE and decline in skill. I started going to this salon a few years ago because my favorite stylist Meriam moved to that location. Unfortunately she left last year but I continued to use this salon because it is a convenient location. The stylists who are there now are not as highly skilled and rush through everything even when there are no other customers.On multiple occasions stylists have ignored the line of people waiting and allowed the LAST PERSON in line to cut everyone else and sit down. I have witnessed this many times and today it happened to me. I was waiting with one other client behind me in line, a THIRD client walked in, sat down waiting for one minute, then rushed to the stylists chair as soon as it was empty. When I pointed out that I was next and there was one additional client waiting as well the stylist NADA told me I would have to wait an additional 30 minutes waiting while this client was serviced.There are many other salons in the area that do threading now. I have been a customer for 5 years and all employees know me. I referred 7 family members. I WILL NEVER GO BACK HERE!!!! Neither will the 7 other people who follow my salon recommendations.

Review №58

Clean and sterile. Magnificent eye brow tinting!

Review №59

Thank you for taking care of my wife. Quick. clean. nice people and good price.

Review №60

I love getting my eyebrows done at Jazeh La Belle. The ambiance is nice and they always do a great job. The wait time is minimal.

Review №61

Love this place Ive been coming here for at least 5 years probably a lot longer. They do a fabulous job on your eyebrows & have done my lashes as well. Love it! The girls are all great, they all do a awesome job. My only complaint is they seem to close like 10 mins early. Ive driven 25 mins after work trying desperately to get there before it closes at 8, & several times its been already closed. Not cool 😑 But the quality of their services are unmatched by anywhere else Ive found in the area. And theyre open on Sundays which is awesome, very hard to find somewhere to get your eyebrows done on a Sunday. My favorite eyebrow place by far. I moved out of the area and still drive to go there.

Review №62

I have always received the cut I wanted and the atmosphere and people are fantastic.

Review №63

5! Great service and great company! Everyone really puts in their efforts to please the clients! Wonderful business! Highly recommended!

Review №64

Place was good. Went for full hands waxing... they dont use waxing roller so it took an hour to wax full hands. full hands means only 3/4 hands for them. Waxing was not neat and left lot of patches... not worth it for the price

Review №65

Gorgeous place , clean, friendly staff and amazing service ! My new go to for eyebrow threading!

Review №66

I drive about 20 miles to get my eyebrows done here by these talented ladies, thank you for making me beautiful.

Review №67

I have had nothing but bad experiences here. from the first time I came to the last time. I stopped giving this place a chance after Sera left. My first experience was with another esthetician who no longer works there. She threaded my eyebrows and gave me a brow tint that lasted about 24hrs. Then the person next to me was getting her lashes tinted. I asked about it and Rema I believe is her name told me OH ITS AMAZING! you wont have to wear mascara for the summer with the eyelash tint mind you I have dark brown hair and dark lashes. I payed for the service and saw no difference!! Im so disgusted and offended that someone would lie to that extent to sell a service. I then gave it a couple more chances but I couldnt deal with everyone just lounging around talking and hanging out. The owners husband and their kid there as if I was in theyre home visiting. SO UNPROFESSIONAL! will not be back and do not recommend.

Review №68

Quck. Easy. Love my brows.Took my mom to get hers tinted and she loved the results!

Review №69

Facials and chemical peels are amazing, I look years younger and feel great!

Review №70

Super clean, elegant place. I keep traveling an hour for their service!

Review №71

Took me without appointment. Nice job, followed up with witch hazel to decrease inflammation.

Review №72

Great customer service, will be going back

Review №73

The receptionist is lovely the work is great and its inexpensive what more could you ask for

Review №74

They are amazing! Thank you Abeer!

Review №75

Excellent eye brow design 👍

Review №76

The technicians are patient and detailed when it comes to eyebrows!!!

Review №77

Hatra is the waxing Queen!

Review №78

They will cancel your set appointment if you do not call them the day before your appointment to confirm. When I walked in for my appointment, they told me to sit down. They did my eye brows then showed me the door. I wish they did not do my eye brows if they could not keep their appointment for the full make up.

Review №79

This was my first time here and I had nothing, but positive interactions with every other staff member. My stylist did my hair as I had expected. Thanks!

Review №80

Very Clean....this is the New place for eyebrow threading

Review №81

Best threading in town!

Review №82

5 it was very fast

Review №83

Very professional and kind

Review №84

Incredible quality job

Review №85

Best eyebrows!!!

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