Club For Kiddies, Inc.
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I had my baby in the infant room for about 3 months with no issues. He was moved to the toddler room and issues arised. I sent his food everyday, however, the teacher made a mistake in writing on the daily report, when I went to address the next day they assured me it was an error and he was being fed the food I sent. They also suggested their daycare was not the right place for my son, as he needed assistance to eat his food (he just turned 1) and THEY HAD TOO MANY KIDS .This same issue happened again the next day. Then my son started having some sort of allergic reaction. I sent an email to the Director, Jennifer Owens, her response was to terminate immediate services.Her response towards the situation and lack of accountability for not having clearly marked the report papers (not once but two days in a row), shows lack of care towards the wellbeing of the kids. I hope they take this experience to retraining their teachers to avoid future incidents with other kids/babies. Per owner they have too many kids to take care of them properly. AND Club for Kiddies does not feed nutricious food to the toddlers.

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I LOVED them when my child was in the infant room. However ever since we moved up to the toddler room, everyday there has been an issue. Between lack of supervision, lack of classroom management, lack of consistency in schedule, and lack of communication I could not allow my child to stay. Also, the director is very quick to dismiss any parent concerns as “those things just happen” and “there’s nothing we can do.”

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I had a 4 year old attend for a short period of time.I want to shout out Jennifer, I believe to be the owner, for understanding and accommodating my family situation and creating a schedule that would allow him to attend the program. I also loved how the facility had a code for parents to enter whenever they wanted.I will say I started to worry when he not only cried every morning at drop off, but started crying WORSE as time passed, and acted almost deliriously happy when I would pick him up. A couple of months passed and I noticed he was having accidents a couple times a week, which he is fully potty trained and never has accidents. One day, I dropped him off as usual, and when I got there, one of the “teachers” grabbed him from me, without saying hi or greeting him, and said “let’s go”. He, of course, was screaming. I didn’t feel right about this. I left work early that day and went into the daycare at 2:00, which was when his nap time ended. As I’m walking down the hall, the lights were still off, I heard just about every single child crying (assuming there were around 30 because they didn’t have walls to separate the older classes), and a teacher yelling at them “that if they weren’t quiet they weren’t getting up from nap”. Keep in mind, these are 3-5 year olds. I peek into his classroom, and all children are on their matts/rest spots, crying, and I see my child in the corner with his hand raised, rocking back and forth, saying “I need to go potty”.1. Nap time was over.2. He’s raising his hand.3. Why isn’t there a teacher in the room.4. Toddlers are ready to get up from nap, of course they’re whining and having accidents.I sling the door open, no teacher in the room. I grab my child and his belongings. I stand in the hallway asking him where the potty is and he doesn’t know. No one even knows I’m in the building, OR that I took my child.Needless to say, that was his last day. Didn’t even receive a call. Maybe no one noticed my child was missing while they were yelling at them.

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Just called for some info and possibly request a tour and the girl that answered the phone was incredibly rude .

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We love club 4 kiddies! The girls are amazing and the kids love it!

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