1439 Buffalo St, Olean, NY 14760, United States

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My 60 year old brother who is physically disabled from a car accident when he was 6 years old, has worked at Intandem for the past 30+ years loves it there!! The staff and their programs are so beneficial. Our family wouldn’t know where our brother would be today if it wasn’t for Intandem ♥️

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Amazing environment for those who truly want to make a difference. Ive worked here for 3 years and have nothing but success. Absolutley wonderful

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Just a bunch of kids that get mad if you ask them to set there cell phone down long enough to help you. 10 months now and no help in any way. Lots of promises but nothing. Even had a lady start laughing at me when I told her about a medical condition. Not a giggle but drawn out laugh. The one good thing is they call once every couple weeks or so to see if youre still alive. Must be they cant get away with helping dead people and get paid tax payer dollars for it. Im not surprised that most of the 5 star reviews are posted by employees. They were probably at work when they posted it. Catt. Co. at its best. Very sad

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Intandem is the greatness it allways has and allways will be.😃

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Best place to work

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This is the place where I work for intandem help people that are disabled so they can get help to find jobs out in the future .right now its hard to do that now with the virus going around.

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The best place I have ever worked.

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During orientation the head nurse (Cobb) explained to us that she receives a large check at the end of the year as a kick back for reducing sick time used by employees. She explained to us, unless we where dying wed have to come into work Ill have you shredding paper if nothing else, because I REALLY like my bonus check . So while employees received minimum wage, the head nurse receives a large bonus to force employees to work when theyre sick ( or they get fired). Maybe they could use her bonus to reward employees for dedicated service instead using it to enforce unethical practices. A revolving door of new employees doesnt seem inline to whats best for program residents.

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Great place to work 👍

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Love love love them so kind and compassionate towards everyone

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Help me to get a great job.

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Rewarding place to work at.

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