Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of East Valley
5652 E Baseline Rd, Mesa, AZ 85206, United States
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This facility is phenomenal. From the doctors to the cafeteria staff. Everyone wants to help you. They also have a lot of patience. I was there 2 weeks and there were times I just wanted to stay in bed. Theyll come and just talk if thats what you need. The food was great, I looked forward to my meals. I had had a stroke, Im a fitness instructor and this was very difficult for me. Walking was an ordeal. They taught me not to be so hard on myself. Five months later I am back to teaching. Its still exhausting, but a good exhausting. I just have to say everyone was just so kind

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After being at 4 different facilities before Ecompas, I have to say the staff at Encompass is the best in the biz they are caring and want you to get better as quickly as you so you can continue your recovery at home with your loved ones.I am so happy with Encompass that I will recommend them to everyone I know that needs in patient or out patient help

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Excellent staff on all levels. Very nice facility. Very strict on Covid protocols and all safety procedures for the protection of staff and patients. Pt and OT staff is first-rate. Everyone I dealt with was professional, pleasant and caring. The other patients were very happy with their treatments.

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My Mother was moved from the hospital to Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of East Valley on Monday, 7/19.21. On Tuesday, 7/20/21, my wife and I went to visit her. My wife was checked in first and when I tried to check in, I was tole there is a 2 visitor limit per patient per day, so I could not see her. On Wednesday, 7/21/21, my wife was out shopping and stopped by to check on her. She had no sooner arrived at the room when a doctor came in with only about 20 minutes left of visiting hours and kicked her out. My mother protested, but it did not matter. This facility is not patient or visitor friendly at all and I am considering having my mother move to a more friendly facility. I would not recommend this facility to anyone with family or friends.It is run by IDIOTS in Atlanta, GA. Not local.

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This is the best of the best for care for physical therapy and occupational therapy. The Nurses and Techs are excellent and the food is great. I couldnt walk when I first showed up two weeks later I walked out using a walker. Everybody there is for the patient it was awesome,

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Encompass is by far the best rehab facility I have seen. My Aunt was there for a month and we couldnt be more happy with her care there. All nurses and staff were great,kind, helpful, excellent in communicating about my Aunts care. They are clean. We couldnt be more pleased with the care they provided and also the support and help the case Manager Megan provided. Again a big thank you for the wonderful care you provided. All rehabilitation facilities should take note and follow exactly what encompass does. All Staff had a great & Positive attitude in helping my Aunt cant even express how much it helped in my Aunts recovery. With my Aunt being at a different facility now, makes me appreciate the excellent care encompass provided...Thank You 🥰

Review №7

I went there after my lower back surgery on Feb 5th and all of the nurses, techs, physical therapy and occupational therapist where wonderful! So where the staff from the cafeteria and what I seen was how they all worked together as a team! They wanted to make sure that you where being well taken care off and the Doctors made sure to stay on top of your medications. I would recommend this place for sure! I learned so much while I was there and they made sure I was ready before they sent me home.

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My husband was a patient here after breaking his hip. This is just like a regular hospital in the way it operates with professionalism, courteous people from the housekeepers to the doctors. You get a ton of physical therapy to help you get ready to come home. They have a huge physical therapy area with regular physical therapy equipment as well as an area with a kitchen and laundry so you can work in areas like you would when you come home. You can have occupational, physical and speech therapy. Before Covid, family members could also pay a small fee and pick out their own meal in the cafeteria. The food is pretty good! Once you leave, you can continue with outpatient therapy. We certainly would return here if we needed to in the future. The only draw back is the parking, wish the parking lot was bigger.

Review №9

The Doctors, Nurses, Nurse Assistants, Physical Therapist staff are absolutely professional and care about their patient. They really pushed me to start walking again. Very thankful to all. God Bless.

Review №10

I spent several wonderful days at this facility & from the driver who brought me out of Mercury Gilbert to the entire staff of Administration, Nurses, Nurses Aids, Food Prep & delivery staff, housekeeping & my favorite, Physical & Occupational Therapist who were all marked & showed fantastic KINDNESS, just the same of all listed above!

Review №11

Outstanding facility in every single respect. Could write an essay on every one of those aspects so I will just summarize that Dr Egbo and the rest of the staff are exemplary healthcare workers and providers. This includes the admission process, cleanliness of facilities and pt rooms, physical / occupational /and speech therapy all deserve 5 stars and a 10+ rating. 24/7 top notch care and attention to pt needs.

Review №12

These people mock patients in the break rooms, they mock your bodies and religion. Hopefully things change I pray for their Physical therapy department.

Review №13

I have spent time here and have always had good care. I have spent the last two days being promised a bed. The transport was on its way and they cancelled me

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Con: Transferred my mother to a facility without checking if the new facility was in her insurance network.They did, however, have an awesome caseworker named megan that kept me mostly informed. They also had frequent therapy which was beneficial to recovery. I was also able to see her through the window. The nursing staff seemed to do everything they could to help us.

Review №15

My Mom, 93, was in this facility for 17 days after falling. She had PT, OT and other needed care. In my wildest imagination, I could not image there would be a facility like this. Every single person she encountered, was so professional, so caring, and so positive. It was such an off the charts experience, I can’t imagine anyone having a negative experience there. Everything about it was great - the care was great - it was delivered in such a positive way - all the other staff were so positive - the dining room experience was “food for the spirit.” I sing their praises all the way to North Dakota.

Review №16

My dad was transferred here from Banner Desert after a bicycle accident that resulted in a spinal cord injury and subsequent paralysis in the midst of Covid 19 pandemic. The circumstances couldn’t have been much worse. That being said, I am so grateful that he ended up at Encompass. The case worker, Megan, and I spoke almost daily in some form or another. When she was out of the office, the Director of case management, Natasha, handled things seamlessly. I was able to come from the East coast to do caregiver training which allowed me to attend therapy with him and see first hand how amazing the entire staff is! Jason, the physical therapist, Kenlynne the OC along with all the staff I encountered were professional and took such good care, exercises patience and gave so much encouragement and guidance. They went above and beyond doing things outside of their scope.

Review №17

Everyone was amazing. I use to work at a nice rehab place and was worried when I heard that my granddaughter had to go to one. But this place did everything in their power to make her stay comfortable. Great physical therapists, nurses, caseworkers, and even the chef. Loved this place.

Review №18

My boyfriend was put here onmay 11 2020 as a patient after being hit by a car on his bicycle. He hasnt had help getting up and going to the restroom. He has put me down as hes emergency contact and hes primary contact person. And on Tuesday the 12 was told one of his nurses that she would contact me after rounds and after she had time to read his char toto go through exactly what is all going on and I havent received any call from the nurses yet. And to top it all off Im not even allowed to see him because of this virus do you know how lonely that makes a patient feel its not fair...

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This is an amazing facility! It’s run like a hospital. From the front desk, to the therapists, nurses, aides, physicians... absolutely world class and professional. My 78 yr old father is here for rehab after bilateral sacral fracture surgery. Every staff member that works here is so encouraging... they have made the difference between him being bedridden and being able to walk again. This facility has our eternal gratitude for going over and beyond.An additional note- they are certified for Parkinson’s disease rehab. They run classes Monday and Wednesday mornings $30/ month. That’s a great deal!

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They take wonderful care of the patients!

Review №21

My mother had a stroke and the hospital gave us a list of Rehab centers. I drove to 6 of them and walked the facilities and talked to people. I liked what I heard and saw here however I did not like that fact that you can not stay with your loved one over night. This was almost a deal breaker for me but something about this place felt right. BEST DECISION I COULD HAVE MADE!!! The care she has received is TOP NOTCH! Amie and Don in therapy are just the BEST of the BEST but it didnt end there Linda her case worker was beyond helpful and full of information. The doctors and nurses were good too and her CNAs were AMAZING. My husband got training to get a green band, allowing him to transfer her and walk her, which has been a huge help with speeding up her recovery. My dad is able to come eat in the cafeteria with her for lunch and dinner at an extremely low cost and the food is good. When asked about out patient or in home care it was a no brainer we will be continuing with Encompass. We are a very involved family and someone is usually there 8am - 8pm. The only thing I would say they need to work on is response time to nurse call lights there is definitely no urgency weather they need to hire a few more aids or what the answer is I am not sure but it is an issue BUT seriously the only one we have seen in the last 3 weeks of being here.

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Amazing Staff, Nurses, Doctors and cafeteria was great! They pushed me hard to get better.

Review №23

Kind and encouraging staff. Comfortable and clean facility. Therapists are focused upon getting you back at home and in the game. I spent 6 weeks with them and they made it a positive experience.

Review №24

The best place I have ever worked!

Review №25

The best hospital Ive been to. Excellent service. My professional team of therapists and doctors helped me get back on my feet and strive for independence since my severe brain injury. I would love to come back for out patient therapy if possible. 5 stars

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I had a vehicle accident in May 2016. I was left with a hematoma on my left arm, a very stiff elbow and a case of whip lash. This staff was amazing! They got me in within a week and immediately started me on the PT regimen. The staff is well trained and informative. But for me ya know the most important was that they made a personal connection but maintained a professional approach. I really think this was the best medical provider I have encountered in a very long time. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone. You will be please with the staff and the results.

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My husband was here for 14 days. After a traumatic accident involving his right knee. I cannot sing loud enough praises for this facility. DID NOT see a sad or grumpy face once. Everyone, is so professional and CARING.❤ When I say everyone I mean just that. RN, CNA, Support staff. A GIANT SHOUT OUT to physical therapy. All of you were so wonderful to Bob. The cafeteria staff and the food are great. Again THANK you for the professional staff you have.May God richly bless each one of you!!!

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After 30 days in the hospital I wanted to go home. In that I couldnt walk I made the decision to go to rehab. It was a great decision. Everybody who I came into contact with here really cared right down to the ladies who worked in the cafeteria. Great physical therapists and really good food. Just what I needed.

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My father was a patient at HealthSouth last week. The therapists, nurses, CNAs, and our case manager, were absolutely outstanding. They were compassionate, encouraging, accommodating, and provided exemplary care. My mother and I were so impressed with the personal attention and we give a 5+ for the care my father received. In addition, free beverages in the cafeteria and reasonably priced food and good tasting food in the cafeteria were much appreciated.

Review №30

Good structured rehabilitation for my dad. Well trained and attentive staff. Staff provides good follow up on progress of your loved one.

Review №31

I was in patient here for a month, and it was a very good stay. All t was so kind and sweet. I now am an out patient and the staff are phenomenal they are all very sweet and caring.

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As somebody in the medical field I thought this place would be a good fit for my grandmother. Ill start off by saying that the therapists were grandmother suffered from a stroke and was terrified of being in that place especially at night, when she started saying that she was mistreated and specifically told me by whom, I brought it up to the staff and nothing was done about it. One of my concerns is that they dont allow any family to stay overnight, I thought that was odd. I got a call at 1am from the facility saying that they couldnt get her to calm down..I literally had to come and help out, thank God I did it was very concerning how they just laughed it off. I walked in one morning and overheard the nurses talking badly about my grandmother when she was just in the room across..first off, you dont EVER do that in a professional environment, we all know that. From then on I was skeptical on the care and treatment she was getting because it sure as hell didnt seem like she was being treated properly. I would be very weary of this place. Obviously the nurses need to be more aware of what they say about their patients out in the open. Ill never forget that, very fake and inconsiderate people. Dont work in the healthcare industry if youre going to treat patients so horribly. At times she had to wait a very long time to go to the bathroom or be changed. The CNAs did their best but they are understaffed when it comes to them. Its a good place to get rehab but if you have someone in your life who needs more looking after, find somewhere else!!

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My 18 year old grandson is in this facility for traumatic brain injury. I am so thankful he was able to get this rehab. Everyone has been truly amazing. That goes from Reception, to Drs, Therapist and the Cafeteria staff. I have nothing but positive things to say. Jo Smith

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My fiance was here for 3 weeks after her stroke. With only a few minor problems, I can say that overall the staff was outstanding, with only just a few that we never saw again after I had said something to one of my fiancés therapist. And I will add A GOOD JOB WELL DONE, Thank you health south

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I am so fortunate that my family selected this place for me as a inpatient and now as an outpatient.All the staff from the restaurant to the therapists are golden thank all of you for the wonderful care.

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The rooms are not that big at all from the pictures... the therapy room is cool but one therapist didnt think i was qualified to help my Mom after her stroke after having a 17 year old special needs child with a trach, ventilator, oxygen and gtube... i also took care of a friend in a wheelchair who was diabetic... i help take care of a lot of kids with special needs... just cuz i dont wear a lot of make up like some people doesnt mean I look like i lack the experience to take care of people... lack of communication with therapists and nurse... giving a diabetic person some ice cream with sugar and not apologizing they made a mistake... increasing her blood sugar and giving her insulin which we could of avoided if they would just know what the heck is going on!?! 2 star for the food was good... my Mom speaks another language and they had a couple of people who worked that my Mom could actually communicate with... possible trying to max out insurance by taking advantage of as much as they can... forcing her to have 3 to 4 hrs of therapy for a whole hr... how do you expect anyone to get rest if you over do therapy??? I can understand 30 mins here and there but a whole hr plus 3 to 4 hr vital checks no ones gonna get better til after a month or 2 they try to take from insurance as much as they can... which is probably half the hospitals you go to...

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I do my therapy here they are really good and nice to everyone and you get stronger and my therapist is Ryan is awesomeAnd my sister Kiera works here

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Was the best. I highly recommend this place. Good food, great staff.

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My best friend has only been there a week for treatment for her brain injuries. My initial reaction is that they are unprofessional and liars.

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My father is fair satisfied, with this facility… im pleased they seem very attentive

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Very courteous doctors and staff great rehab therapists

Review №42

Nice facility, good rehab program

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