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Our family experience of 15 years with all 4 of our children attending Hand In Hand was nothing but exceptional. The staff cared for our children as if they were their own. Communication, professionalism and sincere care for our children was demonstrated in all interactions. I would highly recommend Hand In Hand if you are searching for child care.

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Our family has been a customer of Hand In Hand for over 10 years. Our three children have, or currently are, utilizing Hand In Hand for our childcare needs. Our children have benefited from daycare (starting at 8 weeks old), preschool, Academy, and the school-age program. Our family has valued the care and compassion that each one of our children has received during their time here. I am so grateful to have such a loving environment for my children to be a part of in times that I cannot provide that personally.

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Childcare is a very important decision as a parent! As a person in the Early Childhood Education field, I know what quality is and what is developmentally appropriate. After take my eldest child to Hand In Hand and experiencing the quality of care and education my child was receiving, I decided to apply! It was the best choice for my children and myself!!

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Both my children attended Hand In Hand from 8 weeks to 7 years old. We utilized the daycare, preschool and school age program while they were enrolled at Hand In Hand. The level of education they received at Hand In Hand exceeded my expectations and were very prepared for Kindergarten. I would highly recommend Hand In Hand, not only for the education, but also for the care they receive on a daily basis.

Review №5

This owner/direct is so selfish and incompassionate. I registered my daughter for the summer program in February when registration opened and gave them a check for one week tuition ($175) and an activity fee ($100) so $275 total. Then the Covid-19 pandemic hit in March. My husband and I are both losing 10% of our salary (20% total) and are required to work from home now until there is a vaccine available so we no longer need childcare this summer. When I inquired about unrolling my daughter for the summer, they informed me they would only refund me the $175 for the one week tuition and not the $100 activity fee. I asked what it was going towards if shes not going to be there and the owner/director would never give me a straight answer. She only said We chose to refund the deposit weekly fee, as this would have been applied to 1 week of summer care. Typically both of these fees are non-refundable and non- negotiable. We are simply doing this in good faith, as we ARE still offering a program. Again, I asked what the $100 activity fee was going towards if shes not going to be there and would never give me an answer, just that ALL deposit and activity fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. This is such BS and the owner/director is taking advantage of the situation and stealing peoples money for her own benefit. No one EVER expected this to happen. If I needed childcare, I would be taking my daughter there but due to the extenuating circumstances, you think they would refund the WHOLE deposit. My daughter will NEVER go back to Hand In Hand.

Review №6

I am currently a parent as well as an employee of Hand In Hand and have nothing but positive things to say! As a parent, I know each day that my kids are getting the best care they could be receiving (and they LOVE going to school). We are always greeted each morning with smiles and happy faces! As an employee, this is a company that genuinely cares about the well being of the staff. The directors are understanding and will (and do) go above and beyond to show their appreciation for ALL staff, no matter what their job title is! I would recommend this establishment to anyone in need of childcare, along with anyone in the education field in need of employment!

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BAD... my grandsons have been in the Morning Before-School Program at their school through Hand in Hand. I had inquired about it the year before, & was told the younger one couldnt come because he wasnt 5 yet. I said well, he goes to school here, & the Employee said, he can come after he turns 5. So last year, after turning 5, my daughter signed them up. There were never any issues. Then she signed them up for Summer. We THOUGHT we had everything figured out for daycare, & stopped worrying about it. Then this week, only one week into Summer, after only going to the school for in-house play for 2 days, & then to the pool for 2 days, Hand in Hand basically kicked my younger grandson out, because Hes not potty-trained. This was NOT in the application/contract. And when they were there during the school year, they never questioned it -- AND never had any issues w/it. NOTE: my grandson has an IEP through Grantwood, because of having developmental delays -- so he was able to attend school, wearing a Pull-up. Also Note: they Never had issues. I feel that Hand in Hand is DISCRIMINATING against my grandson! They waited until AFTER cashing my daughters checks to inform her that he can no longer attend. They said they cant refund her money either. If its NOT in the contract, they should NOT be able to do this. She is a single parent on limited income. They pulled the rug out from under her, only ONE WEEK into Summer! And now she doesnt have that NEARLY $500 to get them set up w/an alternate daycare. They are money-hungry, & they DO.NOT.CARE

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Good atmosphere and staff. Well run operation and our son enjoys his class!

Review №9

So, my kids have been attending Hand in Hand at their school for before school care since this past school year. I decided to sign them up for the summer camp program thru Hand in Hand. I had 4 other options for child care during the summer but thought their quality of summer would be better this way. Just to sign them up was close to $500 for activity fees, tuition and pool passes. I also spent $40 on providing sunscreen which is funny because on 6/6 my oldest came home sunburnt and he told me nobody applied sunscreen to him. We are a week into the summer. I made 4 phone calls to discuss everything I needed to about the boys to make sure I was making the right choice since it is a more expensive route. My youngest has physical and cognitive delays. I wrote about his seizures in my application/contract. He wears a pull up for precautionary reasons. They called me yesterday to say that Carter was being kicked out of their program because he has to wear pull ups and the kids that attend their program have to be fully potty trained. And OF COURSE I dont get a refund for any of the fees or the pool pass, and I also dont get the pool pass. And my oldest is still expected to attend because they are not kicking him out even though had they disclosed this information to me, I would have never chosen their center. Nowhere in the contract does it say anything about pottying and they had admitted today that they need to take a second look at their applications. She said they just assume all the kids are fully trained which is STUPID! We were told that they cant take children with disabilities because their center isnt equipped for it. Why didnt they question his seizures then???? This is a number to them. They clearly only care about $$ and not about the kids and their family. They keep apologizing and saying this should have never happened which just tells me they know theyre in the wrong but STILL, no refund. They CLEARLY dont care. I have heard a lot of negatives about this facility from past employees and I have also witnessed negatives. I should have known. I feel my child is being discriminized against and they should be refunding me for everything I paid for both of my kids so I can take them elsewhere. And just in case anyone is wondering, it is way too easy to pick kids up from the daycare. I have picked someones kid up before they knew who I was and I had to confront the girl to tell her who I was because she didnt ask, and my mom picked my kids up and she said nobody asked her who she was and she had to say something to an employee. I have a couple people who cant pick my kids up but how would they even know who they are if they dont even question or monitor? And last summer, 2 kids had left one daycare center and were standing in a ladies driveway who luckily wasnt some crazy person and helped the kids. Nobody even noticed these kids had left the center. I tried it and I am already DONE!

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