Massage Envy Spa
Marion, IA 52302, United States
Review №1

I’m from out of town and previously gotten a massage somewhere else looking for relaxation during my vacation and they failed. I decided to try here and they did 1000 times better!!! Cassie listened to what I wanted and she did amazing! I feel so much better and honestly wish I lived here to go back again and again

Review №2

This place is great. Everyone is very polite and professional. They do their best to fit you in and call when there are cancelations.

Review №3

Very calm atmosphere with great employees.

Review №4

4 times in 6 months theyve called 20 minutes before apt. I live an hour away and like to be there early so Im pretty much there and they tell me therapist cant come in and cant reschedule me for days. Very frustrating. Time consuming. Gas consuming. Not relaxing at all. Spend the 90min crying in my car instead

Review №5

They have awesome therapist. Great products. And signing up to be a member is the best deal around even if you are just getting started in massage.

Review №6

Everything was fine until I came out from getting my massage. There was a lady at the front desk and another lady that didnt seem to supposed to be taking over everything. Anyway the lady took over everything and kept trying to push me into making another appointment. She then proceeded to tell me that the woman that sold my gift card to my mother in law did it wrong so she had to take my giftcard and my free 60 minute massage card. The massage was fantastic but then the lady stressed me out all over again!

Review №7

I just had an amazing facial with Sally. I have had many facials at different spas, but this by far was the best facial I have ever had. Also, my massage therapist Sharon was excellent. She is very knowledgeable and one of the best. I have been having massages for the past 6 years for over all health management and I would highly recommend her. The over all experience at this massage Envy is a 5. Clean, professional and efficient. Front desk and management is Very friendly. Thank you for a great spa day!

Review №8

So amazing I may have fallen asleep, to relaxed to be sure.

Review №9

I have tried numerous spas in the past and always felt disappointed! Being a business owner I have very high expectations and Massage Envy delivers!! Courteous and friendly staff!I I highly recommend Sharon for a massage she takes my pain away.Also I highly recommend Sally for a facial she makes my skin glow.I always feel like I’m on cloud 9 when I walk out!

Review №10

Don’t work here!

Review №11

I love this place. Ive had several excellent massages here. Its very affordable and they treat me very well as soon as I enter the clinic.

Review №12

I loved working here! There are some really great people that really care about you and your family. The Business Manager is super understanding about schedules and issues when it comes to my job. I love dealing with the clients and fitting them with the best therapist to fit their needs and then furthermore seeing the results of how Massage and Facials can really help a persons life. I would highly recommend Massage Envy Spa as a great place to work but also a great place for relaxation and Skin Care.

Review №13

Was very disappointed with this place. I had a membership for a few years. I had 11 visits build up which was paid for already due not able to go very often and when I had to cancel my membership for a little while to be able to use up all these paid visits since I was only able to go every 3 months they told me I would lose my 11 paid visits. So seems this place is just money hungry and dont care about nothing else. I could paid the same amount and gone every 3 months instead of a membership but for what they did I wont be back and discourage any one else to get a membership because of this.

Review №14

I worked there and loved it and miss it already!! Great place to work, awesome owners who personally showed up to the business everyday. My paychecks were great, enjoyed flexibility in schedules, tips people left and the benefits. Above all the family atmosphere....! I miss it already!

Review №15

I had a very pleasant and comforting experience at this Massage Envy. The moment I walked in, the staff had smiles on their faces. I got to wait for my appointment in the massage chair in the lobby and Lynn offered me diffused or filtered water and some chocolate kisses. When I was back getting my facial, my esthetician, Sally, was so fun to chat and relax with during my appointment. Very highly reccomend getting a facial or massage here.

Review №16

Massage was average. The girl on reception was pushy, trying to sell extra massages, membership and other products. It wasnt worse massage I have had but they can improve easily.As usual, the ambiance was what normally you see at these places. One thing sure that they dont pay enough to their employees as my therapist told me that she/he has her/his own private service too - it was a kind of implication/invitation.

Review №17

Cant believe this place, just awesome !! I have had several massages and all have been great, the membership program is fantastic. Getting massages for just $40 - are you kidding me 😊😊😊. This hands down beats multiple other places I have been to in town. I recommend going in early and relaxing in their quite room. Not sure what others are talking about but I have nothing but great things to say, the owner is very nice and she is always there and smiling😊😊😊

Review №18

Their biggest concern is getting your money. They dont care about the customer, just being able to make recurring charges on your credit card each month. Whether you get the service is not important to them at all and cancelling the membership is a pain!!!

Review №19

They were very nice and professional. However I did not feel relaxed or stretched out. It was very cold in the room as well. Disappointed overall.

Review №20

Went in for massage no appointment time open. They offered to do facial instead. What um no. That is not what I came in for.

Review №21

They put a lot into making the store look nice and inviting. The rooms are very private and the masseuse professional. It was my first time. Not sure the results were worth the money it takes to go on a regular basis.

Review №22

I dont know who thought that it was a good idea to put paper flyers on every car in the parking lot while it was raining. Great way to make people never want to go there.

Review №23

Friendly staff that know what they are doing... It is definitely a splurge or special occasion purchase as non-members pay $60 for a massage. Had a couples massage and it felt that it was just two people side by side... They have great after care...

Review №24

Long story made short.... we first went in for our scheduled appointment after confirming twice and we werent on the schedule. How it was handled I wont even go into.But we finally decided to go in about a month later after we rescheduled. It was our anniversary and we were given a gift card. The massage was great as I usually dont like massages. My wife and I both loved the massages...... BUT unfortunately the girl at the front desk ruined the whole experience. I understand you have to sell to people but this was beyond ridiculous. Before we started we were given some information and thats fine!After the massage was over though I felt so relaxed and peaceful. We walked out to the lobby and the same girl was waiting for us. Starts talking about memberships and pricing and so on. I explained I didnt even like massages on the regular and only get about 1 a year. My wife also politely said, I dont want to waste your time, but it isnt in our budget or a concern of ours right now. So then the girl proceeded to keep pushing and offering different solutions to benefit us. Another long story made short, my relaxation was completely gone and the experience was ruined. First off, the girl didnt listen and just kept interrupting and talking over us. Then she keeps bringing up the financials and if we cant afford it they are flexible. This is when I honestly felt insulted. We were trying to be polite but when you want to assist me so we can budget for it........ unreal. The money wasnt the issue. It was our anniversary and we wanted to relax and not be hassled. Because of this girl we will never go back to a Massage Envy. I wish I could post her name but cant remember it. (it was something very different) I just feel bad for the massage therapists because they were fabulous and people like this girl are losing them business.

Review №25

Very good place to get a massage or facial. I love pampering myself to help with day to day stresses, and body aches.

Review №26

Go see the esthetician Sally; she is quite fabulous. Its a wonderful value as well and a great atmosphere.

Review №27

Very very pushy with upselling. Makes it quite uncomfortable to relax knowing they are going to hit you up for more when you walk out into the lobby. Will never return. Only care about money and how much youre willing to spend. Would not recommend to anyone.

Review №28

I feel like theyre always trying to Nickle and dime me and sell me additional services.

Review №29

Great service and reasonable prices

Review №30

Called and got a last minute appointment. Was having a lot of tension and pain and asked for a firm/deep pressure therapist. Was told I had one and to be there at 1:45. I received a call shortly after from them saying they messed up the schedule and needed me to be there at 2:15 instead and that I would be put with a different therapist who was more medium pressure. Okay fine, no biggy. I get there and was not made to feel comfortable at all. Almost like I was not suppose to be there. Filled out paperwork and was approached by one of the staff to go over my intake form. We were interrupted by a guest who was their for her appointment that they had just given to someone else. That looks bad. THEN I go sit and wait for my therapist. She comes in at 2:35. We go to the room and I tell her I am having a lot of pain in my uppper back. She leaves the room and I felt so uncomfortable laying on the table. It was hard and cold. I felt like I was at the drs office. There was hardly anything in the room and the walls were bare. The massage I received was absolutely horrendous. There was NO pressure. I wasnt even positive if she was touching me most of the time. Fast forward 45 long minutes later, she was done. Not even a full hour like they advertise. I go to the front desk and am asked to step to the side with someone. I was asked/told to buy a membership. She asked me how everything went and I said well I am not happy with the pressure my therapist gave since I specifically asked for someone who does deep tissue but I guess Im kind of relaxed her response to that was at least you got something out of it! I wish I was kidding. The only reason I went to this place was because the other places I normally go were full and I needed something to help with the pain I was having. I will never go back. Waste of money and time!

Review №31

I would NOT recommend this spa. This spa specifically has horrible management, very unprofessional staff, and is not worth spending any money or time at. I’ve witness firsthand the upper management treating their staff poorly. Unorganized and extremely unsanitary.

Review №32

Massage Envy is the worst place. They don’t care about their own employees or their clients. They only care about memberships and their clients are just a number to them.

Review №33

Sent an email, and called, no call back or response to the email. A little dissapointed.

Review №34

Was not impressed at all with my message and neither was my husband. The lady who did my husbands was sneezing and stuffy and breathing heavy. I didnt feel relaxed at all. Very disappointed and wont ever go back.

Review №35

I was there, didnt like it i end up with pain in my nek, wont recomended.

Review №36

Horrible. My wife made appointments earlier in the day, but once we arrived, not only was the staff not helpful and somewhat annoyed at our presence- they didnt have record of our appointment and said we would have to reschedule for another day. They tried to place blame on some Ashley , While they were in a meeting. Once I heard enough of their BS, I decided to leave; THEN they could get us in. In the words of the kids nowadays, I AINT GOIN

Review №37

Received a facial and a massage. Had a GREAT experience!

Review №38

Fantastic service by the staff and therapists!!!

Review №39

Good massage but unhygienicreceptionist should trim nose hairs.....eew!dirty!

Review №40

Very professional staff, great massage, highly recommend

Review №41

Had an AMAZING experience!

Review №42

Always a good experience.

Review №43

Felt like I was floating on a cloud

Review №44

Great service

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  • Address:Marion, IA 52302, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 319-377-9900
  • Beauty salon
  • Massage therapist
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Appointments recommended:Yes
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